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New Publication: Creating Space

New Publication: Creating Space; Common issues, lessons learnt and ways forward for people involved in the development of LGBTI organisations

Avatar of Alessia Valenza

24th July 2012 13:26

Alessia Valenza

"In any meeting with five other people at an LGBTI organisation, one is your new best friend, one is your former best friend, one is your last lover, one is your current lover, one is your future lover."

This is just an old joke, of course, and there are many other stereotypes like this one of how our movement and our organisations work, live, fight, build, suffer, develop, grow, close, lobby and celebrate. But how do our organisations develop in actual practice? What kind of environment are we working in? What are the common issues and what are our lessons learnt? How can we move forward?

This publication was created with input from practitioners in the LGBTI movement and in organisational development. It aims to provide answers and insights that will be useful and relevant to anyone involved in LGBTI organisations.

Creating Space focuses on six areas of organising identified as key to the development of LGBTI organisations:
1) Making a difference: Developing and resourcing our organisational strategies
2) LGBTI leadership
3) LGBTI identity and group mechanisms
4) Dynamics of LGBTI organising
5) Alliances and their dynamics: LGBTI organisations working together for tangible changes
6) LGBTI people and organisations in a hostile environment

This publication can be downloaded in English, Spanish and Portuguese from: