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National’s new lesbian MP

Claudette Hauiti has replaced the disgraced Aaron Gilmore in Parliament, becoming the National Party’s first-ever openly-lesbian (rather than outed by the media) candidate to enter Parliament.* While she’s not talking yet, we already know a little about the broadcaster-turned-politician, who was sworn in today.\n

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31st May 2013 01:17

Alessia Valenza | ILGA Oceania

A Mt Albert mum of three, civil union partner, businesswoman, TV producer and Anglican of Ng?ti Porou and Ng? Puhi descent, Hauiti is best known for her broadcasting and production roles in Maori and Pasifika media, and established Front of the Box Productions, which includes the Takataapui programme in its honour roll.

She hosts Tuesday Night Talkback on Radio Waatea, is deputy chair of MOTAT, and is a former primary school teacher. She stood unsuccessfully as National Party Candidate for Mangere at the 2011 General Election, after a failed bid in the Auckland local body elections.

Hauiti has worked with many in the GLBT community through the years and has won admirers for her ballsy ‘get things done’ style. Some who have worked with her say she was a tough boss, and not somebody you would want to cross.

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