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More men than women seek sex change: study

Taipei Veterans General Hospital (TVGH) yesterday published the first brain research that targeted transsexualism in the world as well as statistics that showed that more men want to undergo sex reassignment surgery than women do.\n

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21st October 2013 16:27

Alessia Valenza

The TVGH, the first hospital in Taiwan to perform sex reassignment surgery, worked with National Yang-ming University’s Institute of Brain Science to study transsexualism based on research into brain science. The research has been published on PLoS One, an open access peer-reviewed scientific journal.

According to the TVGH’s research, people who have transsexual tendencies do have a different mechanism of brain nerves compared to those who don’t have.

Lee Yi-chiao, the chief of the TVGH’s Psychiatric Rehabilitation Department, said transsexual individuals represent a special group in human society and people should treat them with respect.

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