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Let me die, sex change applicant tells court

Bidhan Barua, 21, on Wednesday, wrote to the chief justice of the Bombay high court seeking permission to kill himself as the court has not yet issued a restraining order against his parents, who are opposing his sex change surgery. Bidhan had run away from his family in Guwahati in March this year and come to Mumbai to get the surgery done. Doctors at Safiee hospital, Charni Road, had agreed to do it on April 2 but hesitated after his father served them a legal notice.

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7th May 2012 05:46

Alessia Valenza

In his letter, Bidhan said he has little money as his parents have blocked his bank account and that even the funds his boyfriend, who he claims is a flight lieutenant with the Indian Air Force, had given him were running out.

Bidhan said he realised early in life that he was a woman trapped in a man’s body; as a child he loved to dress like a girl and still does. Psychiatrists call it gender dysphoria. 

“My father kicked and beat me for almost all my life. The abuse increased after I discussed the sex change surgery when I was 15,” he said. 

Undeterred, Bidhan started saving up money for the operation that costs between Rs.1.5 lakh and Rs.3 lakh.

“Bidhan should come home and discuss this. If everyone is okay with it, then I will allow it. Until last month, I had no idea that he wanted to turn into a woman,” said Bidhan’s father, Supti Barua.

Dr Gurvinder Kalra, a psychiatrist at Sion hospital, said, “Legally, parents can’t get involved as the patient is an adult. The surgery is being performed in the best interest of the patient.”