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Lesbians 101

The opposite of ignorance is enlightenment, and we fear what we don't know. Here are 101 things to know. Be informed.\n

Avatar of Alessia Valenza

4th August 2013 08:33

Alessia Valenza

Lesbians are women who love women. We are not replacement men. We’re not trying to be men, even if some of us dress like them. We’re not trying to steal your girlfriend, but that’s no reason to treat her poorly.

We’re not just really good friends or roommates. We do have sex. And we like it. We don’t want to have a penis. Just because there’s no penis involved doesn’t mean it’s not "real sex."

Some lesbians will love this list. Some lesbians will hate this list.

This is just one lesbian’s list, but it echoes all lesbians’ bottom line: We’re your sisters, daughters, aunts, cousins, colleagues and friends. Regardless of whether or not you can see us, we’re all around you. Please be kind. 

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