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Lesbian Health: Myths and Realities

Stereotypes and misconceptions linked to sexual orientation and gender can have adverse consequences on the health of lesbians. The aim of this project is to demystify "myths and realities" on three aspects of lesbians’ health; Breast and Cervical cancers, HIV and Sexually Transmitted Infections, and Well-being.

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5th July 2013 16:18

Alessia Valenza

ILGA developed this resource after conducting a study of what ILGA should focus on in regards to women’s issues. Given the general lack of focus on lesbian health issues, and the results of this survey, ILGA created this project to raise awareness of some misconceptions on lesbian’s health and sexual behavior that could have life-threatening consequences.

Three double-sided sheets, that can also be used individually, focus on the myths and realities surrounding lesbian’s health, including a fun and informative quiz. They are available in French, Dutch, English, Spanish, Bahasi, Filipino, Italian, Georgian, and now Burmese! The themes tackled are Breast and Cervical cancers, HIV and Sexually Transmitted Infections, and Well-Being. The illustrations on the back of each sheet will help to easily understand what are the “myths” and the “realities” of lesbians’ health on each of the topics. For example, did you know that lesbians are not at ALL immune from sexual transmitted infections (STIs) and HIV? (Take this quiz to see what else is true or false about lesbians’ health).

While we have already had this document translated into many different languages, translating it further would provide organizations with the opportunity to adapt this resource to their own community. We provide the opportunity for anyone to translate this resource into their own language free of charge – just credit us in your language version and let us know so we can include it among our other versions! Many groups have already participated – that is how we are able to offer this resource to you in so many languages already!

This project was financially supported by the Belgian Foundation against Cancer in 2011 which also approved the texts. The initial project in French and Dutch was coordinated by ILGA with the help of the following Belgian associations: Maison arc-en-ciel, Plan F, Tels Quels, Merhaba, Fédération des Centres de Planning Familial, Fédération laïque des Planning Familiaux, Wish, Cavaria, Casa Rosa.

For more information about the history of this project, click here.

Click here to download all the language versions of Lesbians’ Health: Myths and Realities.

Patricia Curzi
Project coordinator