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Leari’s story: transgendered in the mining industry

Having a job in the coal industry is nothing out of the ordinary around these parts, but can you imagine what your work life would be like working that industry as a transgendered person? It gets a pretty bad wrap for things like workplace bulling, violence and alcohol abuse; something the industry has been trying to fix. But Leari worked in the Central Queensland coal mines and has just started a blog, writing about the industry and being a transgendered person.\n

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14th July 2012 04:09

Alessia Valenza

ABC’s Elly Bradfield caught up with Leari and started by asking about the blog. 

Download the audio file (Part 1)–learie-part-1-1.mp3Part 2

Download the audio file (Part 2)–learie-part-2.mp3.