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Laws can’t stop lovers marrying

Cambodian law prohibits same-sex marriage, but that did not stop Ros Ravuth from marrying her long-time partner, Sinuon. Ravuth, 52, has lived with Sinuon*, 38, in Kandal province’s Khsach Kandal district for 20 years, ever since the couple obtained the permission – if not the blessing – of local authorities to marry.

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21st May 2013 11:14

Alessia Valenza | ILGA Asia

Ravuth said that when she made the request, the commune and village chiefs pressed her about whether she really wanted to get married and if she and her wife would live with and care for each other forever.

“I replied to them that I was sure, that I love my partner. We will live with each other forever, even though we are the same sex.”

A month later, authorities granted her a marriage permission letter, and the couple soon celebrated their wedding, despite objections from some relatives.

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