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Intersex Rights: The Next Fight

Saturday marks Intersex Awareness Day. In a nod to Stonewall, it commemorates the first public protest by American intersex activists. The event marks a good moment to pause and reflect. In the past year we have achieved the inclusion of “intersex status” in anti-discrimination legislation for the first time, improved access to Medicare and the establishment of federal guidelines for gender recognition.\n

Avatar of Alessia Valenza

27th October 2013 16:19

Alessia Valenza

Federal anti-discrimination legislation authentically recognises intersex as a biological attribute, separate to gender identity and sexual orientation. It recognises that intersex people are born with innate differences of sex characteristics, such as anatomy or chromosomes.

Sex and gender recognition guidelines enable adults to identify gender as F, M or X. This is appropriate. Intersex is not an arbitrary third sex that can be neatly boxed. Intersex people have the same range of sexual orientations and gender identities as non-intersex people.

Sadly, the ACT government’s move to legislate for full marriage equality was scaled back to provide only same sex marriage. Those of us with no sex marker on birth certificates remain ineligible. Personally, I would like to have seen the original ACT Bill’s marriage eligibility criteria tested in the courts.

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