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International Transgender Remembrance Day 2009

The Transgender Day of Remembrance is set aside to memorialize those who were killed due to anti-transgender hatred or prejudice. The remembrance day is held in November in honor of Rita Hester, whose murder on November 28th, 1998 in Boston Massachusetts. Rita Hester’s murder, like most anti-transgender murder cases, has yet to be solved.

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20th November 2009 19:21



Fuente: Gay Activists Alliance

Not all persons represented during the Day of Remembrance self-identify as transgender, but also transsexual, crossdresser, or otherwise gender-variant —but equally, are victims of violence against transgender people.

We honour, and remember the following people:


Katia Otacilio Viela, age 48, Brazil,

Alexa Rojas Castro, age 35, Mexico
Marcela Cairo Sousa, age 22, Brazil
Aline Da Silva Ribeira, age 23, Italy
Caprice Curry, age 31, USA, age 35, Honduras
Cynthia Nicolle" Rovilson" Teixeira, age 18, Brazil
Minja Kochis, age 39, Serbia
"Victor Manuel" Albor Camacho, age 24, Mexico
"Juan Carlos" Guillen Bautista, age 17, Mexico
Dayna Nicole Castillo Garcia, age 31, Peru
Cita Solorzano, age 40, Mexico
Camila Hernandez Nieto, age 18, Colombia
Taysia Elzy, age 34, USA (GLAAD)
* Name witheld, age 28, Ecuador
Noor Azlan Khamis, age 29, Malasia
Will Tiexeira da Silva, age 25, Brazil
"Ailton" Correa Maia, age 31, Brazil
Cristy, age 25, Guatemala
Puttalakshmi’s (Hijra), age 30, India
Camila Pereira, age 20, Brazil
Cris Francisco das Neves, age 31, Brazil
Vicky Londono Chavarria, age unknown, Colombia
Pequena P, age 27, Argentina
Miriam Nunes Lucas, age 41, Brazil
"Moises" Guimaraes de Lima, age 20, Brazil
"Wanderson Wanderley" Teixeira da Rocha, age 20, Brazil
Kirsi Ubri, age 24, Dominican Republic
Ebru Soykan, (Dilan) age 28, Turkey
"Julio" Avila Albarracin, age 32, Argentina
Adriana Sanchez Lopez, age 31, Mexico
Eda Yildirm, age 48, Turkey
Smail L, age 36, Spain
Sasha Estefania, age unknown, Venezuela
Gisela "Ronnie" Galante, age 42, Argentina
Melek D, age 25, Turkey
"Gabriel" Carneiro de Sousa, age, unknown, Brazil
Jeva Pedilla, age 23, Dominican Republic
"Ramon" Martinez, age 26, Dominican Republic
Juliana Martins, age 28, Brazil
Jimmy McCollough, age 34, USA
* Name witheld, age 40, Brazil
" Caio Junior", dos Santos, age 19, Brazil
Fernanda Botelho, age unknown, Brazil
Jennifer, age unknown, Brazil
Diksy Jones, age 64, New Zealand
Tigresa de Souza Reis, age unknown, Brazil
Xiomaran Duras, age 27, Venzuela
Cagla, age unknow, Turkey
Foxy Ivy, age 35, USA
Dara, age unknown, Brazil
* Name witheld, age 26, Brazil
Papucha, age 25, Peru
Kelly (Fredrick) Watson, age23, Mexico
Tanya Ardon, age 17, El-Salvador
Catherine, age 28, El-Salvador
Carla Regina Bento, age 30, Brazil
Rafaele, age not known, Brazil
Anita Fajardo Rios, age unknown, Mexico
Kamilla, age 30, Russia
Luana, age 22, Brazil
Hadise, age unknown, Turkey
* Name witheld, age 15, Brazil
* name and age withheld, Hondorus
Christopher Jermaine Scott, age 36, USA
Terri Benally, age 42, Mexico
Cesar Torres, age 39, USA
Beyonce Lee, age 21, USA
* Name witheld, age 27, Malaysia
Kanan, age 42, Malaysia
Paulina Ibarra, age 24, USA
Tyli A Nana Boo Mack , age 21, USA
Kristina Muca, age 36, Albania
* Name and age witheld, Algiers
Andrea Waddell, age 29, Brighton, UK
* Name and age witheld, USA
Destiny Lauren, age 29, London, UK
Jorge Steven Lopez Mercade, age 19, Peutro Rico
We also honour, and remember:-
* 9 trans people murdered between January 1st and May 31st in Guatemala, no names available (TGEU)
* 18 trans people murdered between January 1st and May 31st in Venezuela, no names available (TGEU)
* 46 trans people murdered between January 1st and November un-reported details (TGEU)
* 175 trans people killed in Iraq since 2003. (Ali Hili, Iraqi LGBT)