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In spite of ‘transsexual’ status, tourism firm didn’t dither hiring her

Suma Mohan, 28, clearly mentioned her gender in the job application form. Equations not only called her for an interview, but also offered her the job. Suma joined the company as a program associate four months ago.\n

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28th December 2012 09:47

Alessia Valenza

Stigmatised, misunderstood and discriminated against is usually the lot of someone born into the ‘wrong body’. But Suma Mohan, who turned 28 only a few days ago, bravely wears her gender on her sleeve. When filling out a job application form for a vacancy in a tourism company, Suma, a BBM graduate with distinction, did not hesitate to fill the gender field with the word transsexual.
Kudos are in place for her employer, Equations, for not only calling her for an interview but also placing her. Suma joined Equations as a program associate four months ago, becoming the first transsexual to have joined a mainstream company in the capacity of a professional and only the third from the transgender community to have bagged a good job (of the other two, one works for Rajya Sabha member B Jayashree and the other works in the High Court of Karnataka).
Transsexual people are those born with typical male or female anatomies, but identify with a gender different from the one they are born in. Suma was born a male, but with feminine features. She faced the typical discrimination associated with transsexuals. She was scoffed at by her friends and kin, but when she expressed her desire to undergo a surgical sex change, her family was not for it. 

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