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A seção de experiência vivida é toda sobre você! Compreendemos que a realidade de um país pode ser muito diferente das leis existentes em tal país e que as pessoas que lá vivem podem dar um retrato melhor disso através de suas próprias experiências. Nesta página você encontrará experiências vividas por leitores e adicionar sua própria.

Compartilhe suas experiências sobre este país ( FIJI ) - Compartilhe como é ser LGBTI em seu país! Caso uma experiência tenha sido importante para você, provavelmente também o será para outros(as). Qualquer que seja a natureza do tópico, boa ou má, sua história é a forma de o mundo saber acerca de seu país e a vida nele para indivíduos LGBTI. Ao selecionar tags / palavras-chave apropriadas para sua história, outros poderão aprender com sua experiência.
Este fórum é público e acessado por todo tipo de pessoas com intenções variadas: aconselhamos evitar a publicação de seu endereço, e-mail ou telefone! Para deixar um testemunho, não é necessário se cadastrar. Sua contribuição permanecerá totalmente anônima.
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Isto é o que as pessoas dizem acerca da realidade de vida para pessoas LGBTI neste país ( FIJI )...
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Lisa (actualmente vive em CAPE VERDE) postado por leitores on 05/03/2014
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Miguel (actualmente vive em MALAYSIA) postado por leitores on 13/10/2013
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Sowjanya (actualmente vive em MONTSERRAT) postado por leitores on 12/10/2013
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I used to eat squirrels <a href="http://oxdnzwkc.com">farily</a> often, hunting them with my Gramps. When I was little, he basically used me like a retriever. As I got old enough to shoot the .22 accurately, we'd go spend a lot of time out in the oak woods.Acorn-fed squirrel was pretty good we'd quarter em, and fry them lightly in some oil. Then simmer in a bath of Campbell's Cream-of-Mushroom soup.You gotta figure one rodent would taste pretty much like another, depending on what they were fed.
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Devin (actualmente vive em MALTA) postado por leitores on 11/10/2013
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Kaneganese,I think Mr. Kim was just listing all the hiaosrictl information he had on Ulleungdo, including the old reference that Usando was to the west of Ulleungdo. I think you have to look at his first sentence to find out where he thought Usando really was. This was the first sentence:鬱陵島在本縣正東海中右于山Here is my translation: "Ulleungdo is in the middle of the sea due east of this Hyeon and to the west of Usan."The character 右 also means "west." http://hzcnies.com [url=http://ktzblopvxwd.com]ktzblopvxwd[/url] [link=http://hejcjtiiacw.com]hejcjtiiacw[/link]
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Arthur (actualmente vive em KUWAIT) postado por leitores on 09/10/2013
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Love your work … what lens you use for famadily & kids phoadtos? do you use addiadtional<a href="http://bzadartqlod.com"> lghits</a> & flash? or just<a href="http://bzadartqlod.com"> lghits</a> or natadural light … sorry fora0ask
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Yousef (actualmente vive em BELARUS) postado por leitores on 09/10/2013
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Good question.And hosnetly...I'm one of those person's who never asks (unless it's been a really long time with a friend and I want the truth.)I stopped asking long ago when I heard my mother rattle off this response: "Fine and you." Like how you say "You're welcome" after thank you. Without much thought. To be polite. But it's really cold in my opinion and not heartfelt at all.For people that are IN my life (close friends, close family members) there is never a reason to ask. They will tell you. I always think that's a real indication of the strength of the relationship. My best friends KNOW how I'm doing because if there's good news I call, if there's bad news I call, and if things are going horribly they haven't talked to me in a while. When people ask (as rude as this sounds) I just smile and ignore the question. Usually it's in passing, right? It doesn't matter what you say..because most people only want to hear, "Fine and you?"When my therapist asks...I used to always respond with "Fine." Now I've moved on to "Okay or Good or Great even." It's just her way of starting up the session I know...but I really HATE that question. Maybe I'll tell her that tomorrow. :)
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