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A seção de experiência vivida é toda sobre você! Compreendemos que a realidade de um país pode ser muito diferente das leis existentes em tal país e que as pessoas que lá vivem podem dar um retrato melhor disso através de suas próprias experiências. Nesta página você encontrará experiências vividas por leitores e adicionar sua própria.

Compartilhe suas experiências sobre este país ( CHILE ) - Compartilhe como é ser LGBTI em seu país! Caso uma experiência tenha sido importante para você, provavelmente também o será para outros(as). Qualquer que seja a natureza do tópico, boa ou má, sua história é a forma de o mundo saber acerca de seu país e a vida nele para indivíduos LGBTI. Ao selecionar tags / palavras-chave apropriadas para sua história, outros poderão aprender com sua experiência.
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Histórias: 1-50

Skip (actualmente vive em MICRONESIA, FEDERATED STATES OF) postado por leitores Respondendo a história on 05/03/2014
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Marital status. Married drivers are statistically less likely to have accidents than single drivers�proving, if nothing else, that two can live more cheaply than QuotesChimp, at least when it comes to auto insurance pre�miums.
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Dina (actualmente vive em SWEDEN) postado por leitores Respondendo a história on 14/10/2013
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Whining about solipsism is like trnyig to stop a car by stomping on the gas:a) It is unmanly and therefore unattractive. All it does is focus her solipsistic lens on your whining (His objective but whiny "solipsism is too hard" sounds like "oh, he's PMSing about ME, again..")b) It is a strategic misfire: if you want a woman to be happy with what you are doing, it is fairly easy to help her to see how your success or objective is about her because she's already prone to assume it is! Instead, trnyig to iron out her solipsism is just a disruption to that opportunity. You are basically saying, "Yeah, this is what I'm going to do, it'll be great, and I think you have nothing to do with it" every time you try to separate her self from the objective.c) It is useless: she's going to see things through the lens of the self, no matter what, and her self is not static. Much better to:1) Do what needs to be done.2) Acknowledge her for her contribution to the success.3) Ignore her take on it, because it is only really relevant to her.4) As long as she is happy and you are doing what you want, what do you care what she's thinking? It's like the weather - its going to change anyway, and there's not much you can do in the meantime.Well put, SD. http://jzvxqncw.com [url=http://qfmvawtqjh.com]qfmvawtqjh[/url] [link=http://hprxecqwl.com]hprxecqwl[/link]
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Jhun (actualmente vive em DENMARK) postado por leitores Respondendo a história on 14/10/2013
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I must say I'm impressed by your<a href="http://leaajjtuahu.com"> atrcile</a>, really. I'm interested in queer theory and always find it exciting to find it being applied in new and meaningful ways. It's resisting, being in constant change, disrupting normalcy. There's always something to do!
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Livia (actualmente vive em BERMUDA) postado por leitores Respondendo a história on 12/10/2013
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Husbands love your wives as Christ loves the Church. Wives, submit to your hudasnbs. Within the confines of marriage, or when a man is looking to build a relationship leading to marriage, that is the gold standard. Man is to lead and to love, the woman is to submit to her husband, and implicitly to return his love. There's nothing in scripture about how you get there - scripture contains a lot of standards, end states, goals, but it doesn't give a long list of action steps needed to achieve the goals. It's up to us to figure out how to apply the principles in daily life. I suppose you can get to that model relationship through straight up religious observance. I have a number of friends going back to childhood who have very good, lasting marriages that fit this model. They are very traditional, highly faithful, and overall solid people. They are also the sort of folks ridiculed by the media and much of society, and probably more than a few folks in the big megachurches, as fundamentalists. If you aren't taking that route to get there - and believe me the route of simple, solid piety isn't walkable by all people, I will be the first to admit that I am incapable of it - then you need to figure out another way to get there in order to build that quality relationship. Game is another way to get there, to achieve the proper sort of relationship we are told to have. It is consistent with Christianity because it is taking what is natural, men's and women's biological reactions to each other, and harnessing them. Game isn't an road map any more than Paul's words in 1 Corinthians are a road map; Game is just a means to an end, a skill, and nobody has the market cornered on good advice. Read around, figure out which bloggers speak to your situation, and go from there. Be discerning... http://bshbdup.com [url=http://lfrhfecd.com]lfrhfecd[/url] [link=http://zwjlgwrs.com]zwjlgwrs[/link]
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Ikhsan (actualmente vive em CENTRAL AFRICAN REPUBLIC) postado por leitores Respondendo a história on 12/10/2013
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Thanks! The article will be <a href="http://pswbkpg.com">poetsd</a> on the Urban Farm Hub site (www.urbanfarmhub.org) this thursday. I'm excited! And, stay tuned to a follow up next week after I attend the Queer Farmer Film Project fundraiser and see what I learn!
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Austin (actualmente vive em EUROPE) postado por leitores Respondendo a história on 11/10/2013
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Thank you so much for posting this bit of htriosy, Vox.The above is EXACTLY what I was taught by every authority figure that I can think of up through high school. Between the errant teaching and the fact that I am naturally a nice guy, I had little or no success with women for years, and ended up with a number of needy wenches as a result. As time passed, I began to observe that my more disreputable friends (ex-jocks, scruddy womanizers, A-holes, etc) seemed to have more women than they could handle. And surprise, surprise, among those women were a significant number of 'nice girls' from 'good homes' who just couldn't seem to get enough of the abuse and neglect dished out by my buddies.Being a thoughtful individual, those observations started a long and convoluted process by which I finally realized that cads finish first (and most often) while nice guys rarely get started. Unfortunately, it took over a decade and one miserable marriage to finally cement this concept into my perspective.However, the struggle was well worth it. I tend toward being a sigma type that seriously avoids anything even close to a formal social scene. In the past, this limited my access to the dating world. Now, armed with the right approach, I am rarely lacking for female company when I am so inclined. Understanding the game has given me the impetus to simply flirt/chat/approach anyone I find attractive regardless of time and place. I have gone from hanging out with peer aged 3-5's with issues to randomly approaching 7-9's of any age just for the fun of seeing where it goes. I am constantly amazed by how many are receptive to such attention. Personally, I prefer long term relationships, but the last time I seriously dated I had to rein myself in due to time constraints and too many offers. Mind boggling what a simple change in attitude will accomplish. In retrospect, I should have figured the truth out much earlier. But wisdom later, is better than wisdom never. In response to your question, my eldest son is 15, and I am passing all of these tidbits on to him and his friends. They will be well prepared as they move forward into the dating world.- WS
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Allan (actualmente vive em ARMENIA) postado por leitores Respondendo a história on 09/10/2013
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"So, seriously, what gives? Does it go agsnait the whole nice guy expectation to allow a woman to serve them?"Oh yes, indeed it does. We are taught from wee tyke-hood to defer to girls/women, to cater to them, to indulge them, to be wary of offending them and otherwise bend over backward to please them. It has a lot to do with something else we were taught; basically, woman good/man bad. A perfect example is Deti's points on sex. For instance, we were taught that the only kind of sex women like is sex within a committed relationship (ideally marriage) and that any other' sex would be absolutely offensive and revolting to them. Being guys, even if we eschewed pre-marital sex, we knew that we still wanted it and that was bad' and wrong' and proof that we were pigs. Women, being free of such filthy desires, were superior by default. In other words, we were taught that the silly old nursery rhyme is true: Boys are made of snakes and snails and puppy dog tails, and girls are made of sugar and spice and everything nice.This leads a lot of guys to suppress their sexuality/masculinity, especially around women for fear of offending them [I cringe when I think of the times I did this in the past and I still struggle with it). This makes some guys gunshy about expressing interest in a woman (especially boldly) because there's the unavoidable undercurrent of sexual attraction/desire involved with stuff like flirting. And since we are taught that women would be mortally offended by anything sexual, we err on the side of safety. After all, how can I get a girlfriend if I offend her right off the bat? It would be one thing if we were taught how to properly handle/control and express our masculinity, but we're not. We are basically told that it is bad so we suppress it. Then there's also that whole if you expect a woman to do woman's work', you're a patriarchal sexist pig' angle going on. (And, of course, it would be ungentlemanly' of you to expect her to do men's work).Your little vignette reminds me of something I heard from a another sibling shortly after my little brother got married. The newlyweds were in the living room watching TV and she got up to go get some [whatever it was] and asked him what he would like. He replied, Never mind, I'll get it' and made a move to get up. She told him to stay there and that she would be happy to get it for him. He didn't know what to say and no doubt sat there with a bewildered look on his face. I would have reacted the same way before taking the red pill.
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sillvio luccio (actualmente vive em BRAZIL) postado por gay lésbica transgénero bissexual intersexual heterossexual leitores on 17/07/2010 tagged with direitos humanos
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Ser igual com oportunidades desiguais, como é dificil ser percebido, notado ou ouvido quando se tem no corpo a marca do preconceito por
ser um homem trans.
Conviver com a exclusão familiar,escolar, e social em uma vida inteira, carregar nas costas e no olhar o peso da recriminação da
chacota e ate mesmo da agressão fisica.
Mas resistir , vencendo o preconceito a cada minuto a cada dia rompendo tudo e todos prA SER FELIZ !
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SILLVIO (actualmente vive em BRAZIL) postado por gay lésbica transgénero bissexual intersexual heterossexual leitores on 06/07/2010 tagged with direitos humanos +10
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Eu sou um anonimo homem trans q luta por direitos humanos, me chamo Sillvio luccio e venho travando lutas e tentando derrubar barreiras para conseguir minha cirugia de redeaquação , moro em uma cidade simples do interior, ocupo cargo publico e defendo cidadania LGBT.
" sou um homem trans cidadão Brasileiro ".
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