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Relações entre homens: Ilegal
Punição para relações entre homens: Prisão de menos de 10 anos
Relações entre mulheres: Ilegal
Casamento civil e substitutos de casamento: Não há nenhuma lei

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Você é LGBTI? Queremos sua(s) opiniões! Ajude-nos a informar outros usuários com sua opinião acerca deste país. Segue abaixo uma pergunta aleatória sobre este país. Caso a considere relevante, por favor, responda.

Grupos de estudantes lésbicas, gays e/ou transexuais permitidos em / no / na CAMEROON?

A maioria dos visitantes deste site disseram Não

Não (75%) Sim (0 %) Sim, mas os estudantes não os tem (0 %) Não faço idéia (25%)

A seção de experiência vivida é toda sobre você! Compreendemos que a realidade de um país pode ser muito diferente das leis existentes em tal país e que as pessoas que lá vivem podem dar um retrato melhor disso através de suas próprias experiências. Nesta página você encontrará experiências vividas por leitores e adicionar sua própria.

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Experiências do Leitores

Isto é o que as pessoas dizem acerca da realidade de vida para pessoas LGBTI neste país ( CAMEROON )...
Gatsy (actualmente vive em CUBA) postado por leitores on 05/03/2014
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Gibran (actualmente vive em NICARAGUA) postado por leitores on 13/10/2013
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I agree generally, evoeyrne is struggling with something. And you don't know what it is or to what magnitude, but chances are, every single person you pass on the street has something they're worrying about. I thought that trend of people putting Things I'm Afraid to Tell You on their blogs was good because it was a reminder that no one has a perfect life. For me, I prefer to keep my struggles to myself, either to protect those around me who don't want to be part of my public airing of dirty laundry or because it really is something I need to work through on my own and don't feel comfortable hearing from the peanut gallery. But that's not to say my life is perfect because it definitely isn't. And that's how it is for most people. http://ismrcbo.com [url=http://lndwezp.com]lndwezp[/url] [link=http://ivxfss.com]ivxfss[/link]
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Joseph (actualmente vive em CANADA) postado por leitores on 12/10/2013
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Basically the Bible says it is PROHIBITED to add, or take away from the word of God. The Bible is NOT an editable<a href="http://rocslyg.com"> deuomcnt</a>! The Book of Mormon does just that, it adds to the word of god, done by a known con-man 130 years ago. Mixture of fairy tale, and science fiction. +10Was this answer helpful?
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Ellen (actualmente vive em DOMINICA) postado por leitores on 11/10/2013
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OK. Mormons have pat answer sppourting polygamy but, it's ONLY for benefit for MEN. Why does polygamy NOT allow women to have many husbands? Comes down to same thing. SEX! Man gets all the action he can stand. Why can't the women? It's only fair! And, think about this, that one woman would be very well supported in comparison to her sisters in the one man, many women polygamous marriage where those poor women have to usually live poorly on public assistance with no help with their many progeny. +14Was this answer helpful? http://ihnyjivgxf.com [url=http://ibuios.com]ibuios[/url] [link=http://itsedtowkk.com]itsedtowkk[/link]
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Isis (actualmente vive em SAINT LUCIA) postado por leitores on 10/10/2013
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WOW! Congrats! This is a HUGE step and I totally<a href="http://przkcx.com"> armide</a> you taking on the new challenge. Can't wait to hear how it goes!! I know your clients will love you for it and I hope to implement the same changes some day down the road (it's all so intimidating, though!)
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Jem (actualmente vive em AMERICAN SAMOA) postado por leitores on 09/10/2013
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Awesome!!!!! You look like you could loose 5lbs if not more in 30 days . Beacause in the pic you have it looks like your in good shape and healthy!!! so i hope you be happy with who evers or what ever seetclion you choose for your challenge (Ive read some REALLY good options from others) so Good Luck to you And thanx for being so kind on commenting on my options July 18, 2011
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