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Es-tu L,G, B, T, I? Partage tes expériences! Aide-nous à informer les autres visiteurs du site avec tes témoignages sur ce pays. Si la question qui se trouve ci-dessous te concerne, n’hésite pas à y répondre !

En/au WORLD, les gens font-ils des suppositions sur votre statut VIH/SIDA en raison de votre orientation sexuelle ?

La majorité des internautes ont dit Oui, le gouvernement pense que l’orientation sexuelle et le statut VIH

Oui, les gens pensent que j’ai le SIDA en raison de mon orientation sexuelle (0 %) Oui, le gouvernement pense que l’orientation sexuelle et le statut VIH (66%) SIDA sont liés (0 %) Oui (33%) Non (0 %)

Cette section vous est consacrée ! Prenez s’il vous plaît quelques instants pour raconter aux visiteurs du site de l’ILGA la réalité de la vie LGBTI dans votre pays. Proposez-nous votre histoire personnelle et partagez vos expériences ! Vous n’avez pas besoin d’être enregistré-e sur ce site, et votre histoire sera complètement anonyme.

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Voila ce que disent les gens sur la vie pour les LGBTI en/au WORLD...
Kaylee (vivant actuellement en/au BELARUS) publié par lecteurs Vers BRAZIL portrait de pays on 05/03/2014
Notify the authorities. Each Quotes Chimp has its regulations regarding when law enforcement have to be informed after a collision. Moreover, your plan may need you to record an occurrence to the authorities in the event that you attempt to provide a state for an uninsured motorist predicated on popularandoperate driver departing the picture of a misfortune.
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Pedro (vivant actuellement en/au BENIN) publié par lecteurs Vers BRAZIL portrait de pays on 12/10/2013
Most DSG persons of faith have spent years<a href="http://ismpcdqik.com"> angoising</a> over the reconciliation of their faith and sexuality. When you say that someone just doesn't have enough faith to overcome their attraction/'lifestyle choice' and that you are praying for them, it is patently ridiculous. No matter how many minutes/hours you spend deliberating in prayer on their relationship with God, they themself have spent a million times longer in dialogue with their Creator about the very same subject, and they are still themselves, sexuality and all.At one stage of my life it was all I thought about. Every minute for years I would ask God to make me straight, then ask him if I was ok, then ask him if I was loved, then ask if it was ok to love the person I did actually it’s been six years and sometimes I still go back there when things are tough. He has always been consistent in His response I love you. No judgement. I was the one that questioned, not Him. Don't tell me that I have misheard!! +2Was this answer helpful?
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Sumaree (vivant actuellement en/au GABON) publié par lecteurs Vers BRAZIL portrait de pays on 11/10/2013
Ich muss mit meinen Zwangs GEZ Gebfchren diese Preisverleihung mienafinzitren. Ich kf6nnte kotzen, da ruft ein Typ zur Vergasung von Menschen auf und die ARD tut so, als we4re nix.Ja, die Zwangsgebfchren e4rgern mich auch, wenn ich solche Naziparolen mit ff6rdern muss. Dass Organisationen f6ffentlichen Rechts wie die ARD sich dazu versteigen, Hass und Hetze sei auszuzeichnendes Kulturgut, ist befremdend bis widerwe4rtig. Ob da der untote Geist des Reichsrundfunkministers Goebbels noch durch die Mainzer Bfcros weht? Oder will die ARD nur dem Zeitgeist huldigen? GwenDragon http://stkajkbfen.com [url=http://apzfdatb.com]apzfdatb[/url] [link=http://editddqh.com]editddqh[/link]
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Kana (vivant actuellement en/au PHILIPPINES) publié par lecteurs Vers BRAZIL portrait de pays on 09/10/2013
From today's AFR. They have a promotion of free <a href="http://grcrdlnnm.com">acsces</a> till 31Jan which I recommend people take up. The full story which a snapshot appears below is enlightening. The prospect of the current government being returned is being entertained.There is another article by Tony Walker on Abbott basically quoting some handwringing Liberal heavyweights on Abbott's unpopularity.Gillard and the princePAMELA WILLIAMS, EDITOR-AT-LARGEJulia Gillard has confounded critics and opponents both, with an unbroken belief in her own ability, from one day to the next, stretching weeks into months, until somewhat miraculously, a government which came into being in 2010, teetering on one foot in a driving wind, finds itself still standing as it enters the home straight of 2013.All of this is thanks to Gillard’s unshakeable confidence in herself. To critics, and even some supporters, it seemed at first deluded. But Gillard’s brash persistence is the key to her political resilience. She has managed to sustain powerful supporters by leveraging and feeding a mix of toxic hatreds (of her predecessor Kevin Rudd) and a personal office staff of gutter fighters and believers who will swarm anyone in her path – sometimes with charm and logic, often as not with stinging attacks.Deadly public polls showing the government on a trajectory to certain defeat have met the brick wall of Gillard’s self-confidence. She can break a touchstone election promise, she can brush off the embarrassment of being carried horizontally by protective police in Monty Python-esque TV footage, she can trip over on camera overseas, and she can face down months of sleaze allegations. She can find her judgment under fire on any number of crucial decisions. And yet she keeps popping back up. As do those around her.It may not win her another election, but Team Gillard has become the embodiment of how to win when you’re not winning.She has morphed from her early days as party leader when she gained a reputation for not listening to anyone – to building gravitas and grudging public respect. Voters might be waiting on their verandahs with baseball bats – to use the pungent words of former Queensland Labor premier Wayne Goss who lost his majority in the 1996 Mundingburra byelection, followed soon after by Paul Keating’s government – but Gillard and those around her have managed to frame a narrative – a hallucination some might say – where they are in with a chance.Of recent times, the government has launched major policies that can best be described as opaque when it comes to funding, and persisted with a fetish over the budget surplus which has now melted like ice sculpture. But again and again, Gillard has pushed back opponents – whether on the other side of politics, or the other side of her own caucus. Only once in recent times has she succumbed, and even then only at the hands of one of the silkier political henchmen on her team, Bob Carr, a survivalist from the he-who-punches-first school of the NSW Labor Right.
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Maria (vivant actuellement en/au LIBERIA) publié par lecteurs Vers BRAZIL portrait de pays on 09/10/2013
It's a conspiracy toerhy Or maybe the Dutch and the Czechs just love each other sooooooooooo much !No animals were harmed in the answering of this question. Any similarity with any person, living or dead, is purely coincidental and unintended.
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