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Cette section vous est consacrée ! Prenez s’il vous plaît quelques instants pour raconter aux visiteurs du site de l’ILGA la réalité de la vie LGBTI dans votre pays. Proposez-nous votre histoire personnelle et partagez vos expériences ! Vous n’avez pas besoin d’être enregistré-e sur ce site, et votre histoire sera complètement anonyme.

Partagez vos expériences en/au SAINT KITTS AND NEVIS - Faites savoir ce qu’est la vie des LGBTI dans votre pays ! Si une expérience est significative pour vous, elle le sera probablement aussi pour quelqu’un d’autre. Sur quelque sujet que ce soit, qu’elle soit positive ou négative, votre histoire permet au monde de savoir ce qu’est la vie des LGBTI dans votre pays. En sélectionnant des mots-clés qui décriront le sujet de votre histoire, vous permettrez à d’autres de mieux consulter et rechercher vos récits.
Ce forum est public et visité par toutes sortes de gens aux intentions diverses: nous vous conseillons d’éviter d’y publier votre adresse, courriel ou téléphone ! Pour laisser un témoignage, vous n’avez pas besoin de vous enregistrer sur le site. Votre contribution restera totalement anonyme.
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Eddi (vivant actuellement en/au MOZAMBIQUE) publié par lecteurs on 05/03/2014
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Raja (vivant actuellement en/au BRUNEI DARUSSALAM) publié par lecteurs on 14/10/2013
Andrew, that's certainly what I've been thniikng, Abbott is not only one of the least popular opposition leaders in history, he's also one of the longest serving and least productive. His droning negativity, win-at-all-costs-no-compromise approach, overbearing media management, and patronising demeanor and arrogance have almost (or totally) cut him out of any bargaining position with the Government or the Independents/Greens. He has almost no influence on policy. His strategy to destroy the Government has demonstrably failed, he has no respect from the public and his Crusade has only sured-up the PM's stocks, giving her ample opportunity to completely out-class him, as she knows what he's going to do well before he does himself he's so predictable and empty. I think the negativity from the press and the Opposition is what really gave the PM's speech/response its resonance, it cut through and came at a time that a lot of good policy objectives were being acheived, like the Security Council seat everyone was saying we wouldn't win, and then it was, oh, she didn't mention Rudd , (BTW, this is one on my favourite speeches by her, its so relaxed), which of course she did. http://xkmuylhhk.com [url=http://eytgop.com]eytgop[/url] [link=http://vqycui.com]vqycui[/link]
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Svetlana (vivant actuellement en/au UKRAINE) publié par lecteurs on 14/10/2013
Just back from taking the<a href="http://fjrjnbptua.com"> fialmy</a> to Cotter Dam<a href="http://fjrjnbptua.com"> fialmy</a> area, very nice set-up and cool breeze blowing through the place. If any Canberra locals looking for a pleasant place for a bbq it is a nice on.Speaking of the chooks, I have four of them and regularly get from 2 to 4 per day, they are currently happily munching on prawn heads and skins (they seem to like them). The other thing I have noticed with mine is they do not like warm/hot water and I am continually moving their water around into shady areas. Mine have funny little characters, before I confined them to the rear of the garden they had access everywhere (caused untold damage to OH flower bed and my vegetable gardens hence restricted to rear of garden now) and they would hang around the back door watching through the glass for me wandering into the kitchen and then they would all start pecking the window to catch my attention and keep it up until I went out with something for them to munch on. Now they just listen out for me and when the door slides open they come charging up to the gate and fight to be the one pushed out of the way for me to open it.
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Nate (vivant actuellement en/au PITCAIRN) publié par lecteurs on 12/10/2013
Hey! Esa idea sobre ver una peli me gusta :) Justamente ayer estaba vidneo un corto brasilero (Ne2o quero voltar sozinho) y una peli francesa (Sf3lo una cuestif3n de amor) y me estaba lamentando no poder comentar ninguna de las con nadie, ya que a mi alrededor no tengo amigos a quienes les guste lo mismo que a mi; sereda genial tener con quien hablar de esto a trave9s de la web.Nim, avisa cualquier cosa, que yo me prendo :B http://uqugnmhhro.com [url=http://urdtdbjcai.com]urdtdbjcai[/url] [link=http://vufgupusiiv.com]vufgupusiiv[/link]
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Madan (vivant actuellement en/au GUADELOUPE) publié par lecteurs on 12/10/2013
bushfire bill saysJust heard a turgid 15 <a href="http://wamaqrefwqq.com">miutens</a> between Julie Bishop and Kel Richards (ex ABC) on 2GB. Apparently WHEN the Coalition is elected they will restore optimism and positiveness to politics and the parliament, after the Prime Minister has wrecked it so profoundly .Go figure.BB, you are so right about all the negativity and destructiveness of Tony Abbott and how much more Australia could achieve without his prophesies of doom. His party too could be more productive without his leadership if it his mainly his directive that a serious even anxious demeanour is the only way to go.That was mainly what I found in official photographs I was researching for my pome about him and Perhaps their loss of former ministerial status explained their somewhat gloomy expressions there and not their then status in opinion polls which should have them all smiles. As well every Liberal Party MP’s web page has a standard format dominated in large red print by news of Labor and its latest failures with even bold blue Liberal news invariably about bad things caused by Labor.Julia Gillard keeps smiling, except where the occasion demands otherwise. She and her ministers aren’t shown to be carrying much strain beyond the usual stress of doing their job well. At the photographs seem selected to show they have not a care in the world except getting on with their job.
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Tatyana (vivant actuellement en/au ANGUILLA) publié par lecteurs on 11/10/2013
Pues Pf3rtico sere1! ;D (A med me llamf3 me1s la atencif3n e9ste desde el prinicpio, ased que...)Pero tengo una pregunta. El plazo es para la peledcula, el libro, dos en uno (? (el libro y la peli). De resto, todo okey... ^^ Hasta luego!Dann
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Gstv (vivant actuellement en/au BELIZE) publié par lecteurs on 09/10/2013
Praise G-d for the wonderful work that AJWS is doing for those in need not only in Honduras but other conturies of the world, their compassion shows the love of Adonai.I feel that it is my responsability as a honduran citizen to clarify that some of the things written of this article are far from the truth, also nothing is mention about the real issued that leads the honduran people to the caos that we are still living or who iniciated the mess. The ex-Pres Manuel Zelaya wanted to remain in power in violation of the Honduras Constitucion and not only wanted to remain in power but was leading the country to socialism when Honduras is a DEMOCRAT COUNTRYI hope that AJWS do not endorsed this or any other article that is not grounded on the truth.Baruj Hashem,Maria Gallo
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