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Cris Gi (vivant actuellement en/au ITALY) publié par gay lesbiennes transgenres bisexuels intersexuels hétéro lecteurs on 06/02/2010 tagged with droits humains, partnership (recognition), domestic partnerships +10


by Cris Gi

a human, spiritual and lesbian contribute

about my 17days hunger strike in solidarity with
Francesco and Manuel

On the 14th January , Francesco and Manuel had been on a hunger strike for ten days .That night Manuel felt sick and was consequently obliged to suspend his hunger strike . That very night Francesco made a plea on Facebook for some help. He was feeling very upset and was about to give up his own hunger strike .
It was late at night as I was going through Francesco’s words and a few minutes later I made a decision that was to influence my life in the days to come . I was deeply moved by Francesco’s words and I thought I would show him my solidarity .The righteous protest carried out by Francesco and Manuel could not disapper into thin air. I did not know about the solidarity campaigns that were being held throughout Italy to support Francesco’s and Manuel’s protest .

On the other hand I had been informed about the media’s conspiracy of silence on this topic. This act of censorship was accompanied by the indifference of Italy’s main LGBTQ organizations . The conspiracy of silence lasted for days , in the meantime Valentina Vandilli in Rome was utterly turning Facebook upside –down , with press releases and exhortations to join Francesco’s and Manuel’s protest by publicly demonstrating so as tho fill that unbearable void. I tried to help her in my own small way by sensitising and informing the members of the Lesbian organization (based in Bari - Italy) I am part of .

The overall silence on such topic mirrored the national political situation … an odd paralysis, an unusual calm.
I felt as if everyone was afraid of making the first move for fear of doing something wrong, of disrupting that hypocritical and precarious balance … but still a balance .
In this “deafening” silence Francesco’s and Manuel’s protest was standing out and little by little the voices of the LGBTQ community as well as those of heterosexuals started to be heard. There emerged a wave that was going to sweep away that suspicious and unbearable silence .

The rifts of solidarity started to be felt around a human and righteous request :
Equal civil rights for all citizens (as stated by the third section of the Italian Constitution, which is still operative, thank God ! )
In this background of personal scorn towards the quiescent nature of my country I spontaneously and instantaneously decided to join in Francesco’s plea which was not addressed to anyone in particular and hit the net on Facebook’s colourful pages .
I felt it was my duty to support Francesco who had been upset by his boyfriend’s downfall.
I took a little time to reflect : my health and personal conditions allowed me to undertake such a great exploit . My soul was ready to cope with deprivation , and to renounce one of the greatest pleasures: eating.
To be honest, I feel the duty to say that my hunger strike implies the administration of a slight quantity of nourishing energy each day: generally one apple with the aid of mineral salts and vitamines by drinking orange and carrot juices , herbal and bancha tea so as to keep my body healthy and avoid side-effects .
Losing weight is gradual and inevitable .
I'm listening to my body and soul : I feel like carrying on .

The aim is not martyrdom but the transformation of my conscience into a state of quasi-total purification of the body through rest and inner calm to have access to new plans of existence, communication and interaction with the world .
Obviously the very message of the hunger strike is that of renounce, one of the basic principles in the Hinduist religion which produces an enormous impact on people and is also a good opportunity to reflect on humanity and society .
I' ve practised Yoga for 23 years, now I'm 50 and I realize how important it was to start this practise as I'm really benefiting from it. And when your body grows old, you realize how yoga may help you. Since life in its progress requires a gradual detachment from matter to highlight the importance of the invisible, inner truths of the soul.

The principles of Yoga are the same as those of the Hinduist metaphysics employed by Gandhi in his lifetime. I have been reading something about him to freshen my memory: his hunger strikes and his struggles led to significant conquests for his people oppressed by English Colonialism.
Gandhi's principles are a source of inspiration for many today and many are going back over his ideal path, Francesco and Manuel being an evidence of it.
The word "hunger strike" is usually associated to a Sanskrit word “satyagraha", which is one of the main principles in Indic culture , Hinduism , Yoga and Veda . "Satyagraha" means "the Strength of Truth" leading to give evidence .
I felt like supporting Francesco in that very moment, because he had chosen a non-violent struggle (another principle of Hinduism, employed by Gandhi himself) by giving evidence of his love for Manuel , hoping to awaken people's minds which are generally asleep at the present time in Italy .

Yoga teaches "endurance" and "detachment" and one gradually learns to exploit other sources of inner energy . The body and the soul start to work on different plans of perception, without the despotism of the material aspect of life. In these circumstances the hunger strike (besides being a non-violent mean of expression) becomes an opportunity to stimulate subtle, invisible and spiritual forces which may attain any purpose envisaged, in this case the hearts of receptive and attentive people. That 's why on the night when Francesco made his plea I thought I was ready and had the duty to join in.

This is what is left : here, where I'm standing now, I'm going through a spiritual path which aims at awakening our people's minds from a slumber, which has lasted for too long, hoping to involve our country in a wave of solidarity and love which is silently and inevitably affecting people's hearts so that they may realize that the good of one part of society is the common good .
In this circumstance it is striking to think of how many "straight" people are showing their solidarity by approaching to issues that are conventionally considered as "marginal", because we are the outcast and we do not exist for many and,, as a consequence we do not exist in legal terms .

I have faith in the Strength of Love and in Spiritual Strength, beyond any tipically human religious classifications .
Francesco and Manuel are struggling to defend their true and profound love .

This is the reason of my choice .

Thank you Francesco and Manuel for giving me such an opportunity.

Cris Gi

Sunday, 24th January 2010

I thank Manuela Menolascina for her English translation.

Italian original version available on this link:

Progetto Naussa – Laboratorio Lesbico di Spiritualità

Gruppo Naussa – Forum Lesbico di Spiritualità e Attualità
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