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Cette section vous est consacrée ! Prenez s’il vous plaît quelques instants pour raconter aux visiteurs du site de l’ILGA la réalité de la vie LGBTI dans votre pays. Proposez-nous votre histoire personnelle et partagez vos expériences ! Vous n’avez pas besoin d’être enregistré-e sur ce site, et votre histoire sera complètement anonyme.

Partagez vos expériences en/au GUATEMALA - Faites savoir ce qu’est la vie des LGBTI dans votre pays ! Si une expérience est significative pour vous, elle le sera probablement aussi pour quelqu’un d’autre. Sur quelque sujet que ce soit, qu’elle soit positive ou négative, votre histoire permet au monde de savoir ce qu’est la vie des LGBTI dans votre pays. En sélectionnant des mots-clés qui décriront le sujet de votre histoire, vous permettrez à d’autres de mieux consulter et rechercher vos récits.
Ce forum est public et visité par toutes sortes de gens aux intentions diverses: nous vous conseillons d’éviter d’y publier votre adresse, courriel ou téléphone ! Pour laisser un témoignage, vous n’avez pas besoin de vous enregistrer sur le site. Votre contribution restera totalement anonyme.
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Mena (vivant actuellement en/au MEXICO) publié par lecteurs on 05/03/2014
Although an offender won't have to cover the QuotesChimp, in case you are charged you should really be positively mixed up in situation. A bad opinion or resolution could possibly trigger your policy contract being call off or your rates increased.
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Pandya (vivant actuellement en/au VATICAN CITY STATE) publié par lecteurs on 12/10/2013
Uganda for LGBT Ugandan citizens,<a href="http://ktbcckdeeqi.com"> fwloloed</a> closely by College Professor Warren Throckmorton's coverage (Throckmorton is an evangelical Christian who does not approve of homosexuality but but opposes the
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Manoj (vivant actuellement en/au TOKELAU) publié par lecteurs on 11/10/2013
Hi Gordo it is indeed great that drisvee sexuality and gender is more out in the open and these reforms are a big step in protecting people from discrimination.In terms of how people identify, I agree that there needs to be genuine sensitivity about not labeling people and that includes not asuming everyone is heretosexual, in the same way as not assuming you can pick' someone who is lesbian, gay, bisexual, transgender or intersex.Sexuality or transgender or intersex status are much more than sexual expression or sexual behaviours: it's how someone is' in the world, in the same way that being heterosexual is much more than sexual behaviour, etc.So I think the same caution applies to all people with cognitive changes, heterosexual or LGBTI: there can be unusual or uncharacteristic sexual behaviours that might seem linked to dementia and these don't necessarily define that person, and this is different to someone's own ongoing sexuality or gender.Creating a culture in aged care where people can be themselves is a fundamental step and I agree, it's not about labeling people' based on what you think or see but is about connecting enough that people can share who they are, including their sexuality etc.For LGBTI people, this is not likely to be as easy as for heterosexual or non-intersex people.There's a Youtube clip where the simple question is asked as a vox pop: when did you decide to be heterosexual? This question took many people by surprise: most hadn't ever considered it because it's so integrated into their being and unlike lgbt people, heterosexual people rarely had to think about naming their sexuality, maybe because it is affirmed and assumed pretty much everywhere What's water, asked the fish .Anyway, I found it interesting as it reminded me why a sort of affirmative action is needed for LGBTI older peole, who might have lived much of their lives in secrecy or being criminalised or marginalised.It's great that more legal protection is in place, and training, and that more open discusison is happening! http://wbwqvoje.com [url=http://gxybeoh.com]gxybeoh[/url] [link=http://jclrtchyz.com]jclrtchyz[/link]
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Dmitriy (vivant actuellement en/au CAYMAN ISLANDS) publié par lecteurs on 10/10/2013
It's interesting to look at the <a href="http://vpofaad.com">prrgoam</a> for Marxism 2013 lots of RSP-aligned speakers, guests from a number of overseas countries but not from Cuba or Venezuela, and sessions on several international issues but none on developments in Cuba or Venezuela. A far cry from the time when Kim Bullimore (now of the RSP, then of the DSP) upbraided me in Workers Online over my criticism of Cuba's one-party regime. It smacks of a desperate and dateless and ageing RSP seeking salvation in an influx of young SAlt students, and being prepared to burn what they cherished in order to achieve this.
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Rikke (vivant actuellement en/au MEXICO) publié par lecteurs on 09/10/2013
jaycee, Happy New Year! I run into a flat bed truck once. I was probably about the same age as the young lady in qutoiesn in your story when one day I was driving my little Holden Torana, which I had received as my 18th birthday present and for getting my Driver's Licence on the first go, up and over Pyrmont Bridge in Sydney. I used to like going up, up, up the hill, like the Little Train That Could, except I was in the Little 4 Cylinder Torana That Could, and then, once I had reached the top, whizzing down the other side on to Pyrmont Bridge Road in Ultimo.Well, little did I know that the Fish Markets and the Container Terminal were on a road perpendicular to Pyrmont Bridge at the bottom of the hill. So, this particular day, I came over the hill, all total Whee!!', only to be confronted by a flat bed truck which had probably dropped off a container, crossing from one side of the road to the other, but not able to get over to the other side successfully. All I could see was table top going to connect with Torana very soon.Luckily, he saw me coming and started to try and drive away somewhere, anywhere! I saw him in time enough to put my foot on the brakes, and luckily I only ended up clipping his rear edge with the car. But it sure was a close run thing, and just proves why you should always be able to pull a car up with the gears and the brakes, if you need to. Which I knew how to do because my parents had the foresight to have me taught how to drive by a friend of Peter Wherrett.
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