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Cette section vous est consacrée ! Prenez s’il vous plaît quelques instants pour raconter aux visiteurs du site de l’ILGA la réalité de la vie LGBTI dans votre pays. Proposez-nous votre histoire personnelle et partagez vos expériences ! Vous n’avez pas besoin d’être enregistré-e sur ce site, et votre histoire sera complètement anonyme.

Partagez vos expériences en/au GAMBIA - Faites savoir ce qu’est la vie des LGBTI dans votre pays ! Si une expérience est significative pour vous, elle le sera probablement aussi pour quelqu’un d’autre. Sur quelque sujet que ce soit, qu’elle soit positive ou négative, votre histoire permet au monde de savoir ce qu’est la vie des LGBTI dans votre pays. En sélectionnant des mots-clés qui décriront le sujet de votre histoire, vous permettrez à d’autres de mieux consulter et rechercher vos récits.
Ce forum est public et visité par toutes sortes de gens aux intentions diverses: nous vous conseillons d’éviter d’y publier votre adresse, courriel ou téléphone ! Pour laisser un témoignage, vous n’avez pas besoin de vous enregistrer sur le site. Votre contribution restera totalement anonyme.
Dis-nous en un peu plus sur toi en cliquant, si tu le souhaites, sur les tags suivants…
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A quoi votre expérience se rapporte t’elle?
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Voila ce que disent les gens sur la vie pour les LGBTI en/au GAMBIA...
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Javed (vivant actuellement en/au NETHERLANDS) publié par lecteurs on 13/10/2013
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Jerrie (vivant actuellement en/au SIERRA LEONE) publié par lecteurs on 12/10/2013
Wow I've always been a<a href="http://hyrugpgaacs.com"> sptporuer</a> of the "call-them-civil-unions" compromise because I thought it was the best solution. This, however, has opened up an angle I never thought of before: it's similar to the "separate but equal" philosophy during racial segregation.And we all know how that turned out.Thanks for the eye-opener.
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Canciulescu (vivant actuellement en/au TUNISIA) publié par lecteurs on 11/10/2013
lets look forward berofe thinking of Gay people's right, For those who want to legalize Gay people's right have their fathers. Our fathers respected men dignity and thats why we are chidren of theirs. what we loose if we come together and criminalize Gay marriage? http://omtfjfspkwe.com [url=http://yggmaaf.com]yggmaaf[/url] [link=http://wdnabe.com]wdnabe[/link]
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Mayck (vivant actuellement en/au EUROPE) publié par lecteurs on 10/10/2013
I only became <a href="http://siziczruq.com">faiaimlr</a> w RET in March; at the time there were two. I didn't know RET went TP. But that's hardly oblivion: Committee for a Revolutionary Communist Party in Australia / Communist Left Discussion Circle / Communist Party Advocate(s) / Marxist Initiative / National Preparatory Committee of the Marxist-Leninist Communist Party of Australia / New Era Communist Party of Australia / October Seventh Socialist Movement / Revo Australia (Revo) / Socialist Appeal / Socialist Democracy / Socialist Labor Party of Australia / Workers’ League / Workers’ Power / Internationalist Communist Affiliate Network / Sydney Anarchist Communist Trajectory that's oblivion.
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Murat (vivant actuellement en/au RWANDA) publié par lecteurs on 09/10/2013
FionaYou may be disappointed but here goes.I found blogs in 2006, ehetir Matt Price of Lavartus Prodeo (sp), then found Brians poll blog, didn't comment just read. Tim Dunlop's got me addicted, and I was pleased to find many people felt like I did, in regards Howard. It was a relief. Then William's Poll Bludger appeared and I was in seventh heaven. Still didn't comment. Knew I was addicted when his site kept going down due to quota limits. Like a few here, donated money to keep his bandwidth up. In 2008 Ad Astra started his blog, The Political Sword, as a box in Poll Bludger. It was the first blog I felt comfortable commenting on, not that I have much to say.I have many times wanted to comment, mainly in support of some people, to congratulate or commiserate. I look at PB most days to get BK's links and cartoons, especially after I gave up newspapers online.I read this blog for a couple of days and felt comfortable putting my 2/- worth in. I just want everyone here to know that I am a full on lurker and follow your thoughts and lives and well, I will miss not commenting, but rest assured I will be quietly supporting you all. As most of you have said, the rancor is just too much some times at PB. I am no good with conflict of a personal nature and know exactly who to read and who to scroll. Oh, one last thing, I was one of those dumb ignoramuses that didn't care about politics until Howard won in 2004, I was shocked that people could vote for them after all they had done. I could then see what sort of a future he had set out for Australia, and I didn't like it. Found blogs, knew I wasn't alone, and have felt included ever since.Hope that all made sense.
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