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Cette section vous est consacrée ! Prenez s’il vous plaît quelques instants pour raconter aux visiteurs du site de l’ILGA la réalité de la vie LGBTI dans votre pays. Proposez-nous votre histoire personnelle et partagez vos expériences ! Vous n’avez pas besoin d’être enregistré-e sur ce site, et votre histoire sera complètement anonyme.

Partagez vos expériences en/au ESTONIA - Faites savoir ce qu’est la vie des LGBTI dans votre pays ! Si une expérience est significative pour vous, elle le sera probablement aussi pour quelqu’un d’autre. Sur quelque sujet que ce soit, qu’elle soit positive ou négative, votre histoire permet au monde de savoir ce qu’est la vie des LGBTI dans votre pays. En sélectionnant des mots-clés qui décriront le sujet de votre histoire, vous permettrez à d’autres de mieux consulter et rechercher vos récits.
Ce forum est public et visité par toutes sortes de gens aux intentions diverses: nous vous conseillons d’éviter d’y publier votre adresse, courriel ou téléphone ! Pour laisser un témoignage, vous n’avez pas besoin de vous enregistrer sur le site. Votre contribution restera totalement anonyme.
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Sharleena (vivant actuellement en/au CYPRUS) publié par lecteurs on 05/03/2014
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Sevda (vivant actuellement en/au PHILIPPINES) publié par lecteurs on 11/10/2013
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Chong (vivant actuellement en/au FRANCE) publié par lecteurs on 09/10/2013
Just posted this at JTI's. Makes a <a href="http://mbcppderm.com">faaliimr</a> point, I know, but for the record Jack, they say that greed is the root of all evil. They're wrong: negativity is.Only one side of politics is trash-talking the economy, and it's not the government side. There's no dividend in a government talking down its own economic management.I'm in a canary in the coalmine industry, that attracts high dollars, but discretionary ones. It is tanking at the moment because the punters won't spend. All it takes is 5%-10% of prospective customers to keep their wallets closed and marginal industries begin to suffer. It becomes contagious, infecting other industries that rely on supplying the weaker ones.I have not heard one positive word on the economy out of the Opposition, except when they're overseas spruiking Australia to their Pommy investment mates in London (when they think no-one back home is listening properly). On the way back they seem to undergo a transformation, exiting the departure lounge full of misery and gloom.According to Joe Hockey, its bad for the economy if interest rates go up, if they stay the same or if they go down. If unemployment stays steady, then NEXT month it'll be worse, to make up for the miracle the previous month where it didn't rise at all (or even fell!) anything to make the government's economic management look bad.There is a type of person that seems to relish in this bad news. Just listen in at any time of the day to 2GB. Either the shock jocks there are whingeing and carping, or their callers are, usually both.Gerry Harvey complains that no-one comes to his shops because they're too expensive! Is he retired for this? No, he just continues on talking his own firm down the toilet, and the rest of retail.It's no accident that Coalition voters are officially the world's worst, confidence-wize. Sometimes I think they'd rather rent their garments and gnash their teeth than go out into the sunshine to have a look how bad things really are(n't).Yada-yada low interest rates, low unemployment, our dollar now a world reserve currency, triple triple-A ratings (only just reconfirmed), low nett debt, the world beating a path to our door to invest here and yet still the whingers whinge. You've got to try pretty hard to make something as good as Australia's economy into the pits of despair. But the Coalition and their supporters pull it off.I have to say the media aids and abets. Something about Bad news sells seems to be the guiding light.But when you look at it, bad news does NOT sell. Papers are going broke all over the country. Once huge organizations are posting cumulative billions of dollars in losses while they persist in joing in the trash talk. Why?Negativity affects confidence/Low confidence retards commerce. slow commerce doesn't advertise. Newspapers go broke, or close to it. I can't see why whoever runs these papers (and TV stations) don't resign en masse and allow someone with at least one positive bone in their bodies to take over.It all starts with trash talking, originally so we could get an early election. Oops! Too late for that now!What a shame, that with the original goal now long gone the bad habit of pooping in our own nest has continued, without apparent rhyme or reason.
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Marina (vivant actuellement en/au SOUTH AFRICA) publié par lecteurs on 09/10/2013
and the Canadian Human Rights Tribunal (CHRT) had never delivered an “innocent” vderict. There is a war and rape is the weapon blacklooks.org 09/07/2009 September 7th, 2009SokariLeave a commentGo to comments After
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