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The Your Stories section is all about you! Please take a minute to tell visitors of the ILGA website about what LGBTI life is like in reality. Please submit your personal story and share your experience!

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This is what people are saying about life for LGBTI people in YEMEN...
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hi i mohammed from yemen age 24 i gay and i want to be part of lgbt nation and go to united state To represent the Yemenis gays in the United States mobile phone 739466123 thanks, tlg6380@gmail.com
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I am a gay I am 25 years
from yemen

i cant walk or talk with any one ,
In my community and my family want me sanish
I can not get any chance to work .. I can not walk in the street
my community treats me racist
My family want to get rid of me
Dealing with the community and my family is very difficult
I was working Internet Marketing But my brother made them package me He does not want me get the money
Two years ago, I went to another city , I worked in a hotel receptionist , the work was good .
Two months later, a man from my city ,He told them about me.
I can not continue because of harassment from employees and management.
I Quit
if i want go to the market , everyone look up and down at me ,, i can not stay 5 minutes in the market or Any public place.
,Always thinking Run away to anywhere no one knows me
They want me to commit suicide .. But I do not want .. Also I can not live
in the home They do not let me sleep and They tortured me psychological torture
In fact, I do not feel I am a human ,They look to me as a metamorphosis or a freak
my family treat me As a person stinking and some time as a slave
I'm scared to death , from my family , every day i thinking what they will do in the next day.
they torment me
I suffer from psychological problems.
i want runaway
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I'm really sorry to ear that things from a human.
Not because you're gay, but because your family is really egoist and stupid, ignorant in front of the fact that you love someone of your same-sex. I know (if I don't know wrong) in YEMEN it's illegal and it's punish with the death to have an "act against nature".

Really, I don't know what you're feeling in this moment, but don't realize the dream of your family. Don't kill yourself. You're beatiful and law, family or parents can't make you worst. You are a person, a beatiful persone like anyone else. Move to another country and fight for yours, because in YEMEN I think it's impossibile to... fight, or something else. I don't know, but don' kill yourself, continue to hope, and think positive. You can make the difference. You can move foward in all of these negative thing. YOU ARE BETTER THAN THEM. Don't do they're crazy suggesting crap.

Bye, It gets Better,
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Maher (user currently living in YEMEN) posted for gay readers on 27/04/2010 tagged with at the work place, health, gender identity, sexual orientation, illegality of male to male relationships +5
Dear Sir

my name is Maher , I'm Yemeni boy 19 old years i live in Yemen-Sana'a

I lost my family and friends and community when they hear that I'm Gay .i left home year ago when father tried to kill me

, currently I come out from prison i have been jailed from Sept last time till 13th of Jan really i have been raped and hited and

i was sick at prison without no care not medicine. anyway i was patient

I went to many originations in here Yemen and when i told them about
my case they're jeering at me and tell me go home and let your father forgive you
.now I'm following about by Yemeni tribes trying to kill me and searching about me and I'm escaping from city to city ,

also there is a press following my case and put about me in news paper and they don't get photo of me yet

if they go photo of me and put it on press it will be my end of my life everybody will follow me and trying to get wage as you know I'm a Muslim and i live in Muslim country and they don't accept like this

I hate this life and I don't want to live like this again i lost my future and my childhood and everyone in my age has it

I'm trying to make my decision .

many thanks for your attention and your time

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