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The Your Stories section is all about you! Please take a minute to tell visitors of the ILGA website about what LGBTI life is like in reality. Please submit your personal story and share your experience!

Share your experiences in WORLD - Let others know what it’s like to be LGBTI in your country! If an experience is meaningful for you, it will probably be meaningful for someone else. On whatever topic, whether good or bad, your story is how the world knows about your country and LGBTI life. By selecting tags that mark the topic your story, others can learn from your experience.
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People, raise your voices. Create a huge group. As a western law student, we learn that power come from people. Machiavelli says in his book, the Prince, that religion shall be used to create love and fear in his population. Sure, everybody has the right to have your own religion, but this should be a choice, not imposed by Sharia law. Fight for human rights, doesn't matter what is your religion or how conservative your country is. You, together, will make a difference. You all could interact in here, then, add a larger number of people, go to the streets, make a noise. Don't stop until you make it. Go for international aids, spread the world. Easterns are brave, challenge the biggest power if needed to fight for their believes. Read about LGBT families, I am part of one and there's nothing wrong with it. GO FOR IT, LEAVE THE PAST BEHIND, PLANT A SEED IN THE PRESENT AND CHANGE THE FUTURE! God loves you all
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Chalani (user currently living in SRI LANKA) posted for lesbian readers to the SRI LANKA country page on 17/08/2013 +65
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Mani Shah (user currently living in PAKISTAN) posted for gay readers to the PAKISTAN country page on 25/03/2010 tagged with leadership, lgbti movement (community organizing +52
I am a homosexual .I and two of my friends have done a Gay Parade in Karachi,Pakistan, after that we have also given an interview to BBC regarding Gay rights in Pakistan, we have actively involved in activities and protests against the discrimination on the basis of sexual orientation but since the interview has been released on the BBC website we have been threatened by some agencies and extremists and our lives are at stake. we have also contacted the Human Rights Commission of Pakistan but they promptly refused to be any part of it. My question is, is there anyway your organization can help us or guide us in dealing this situation, kindly reply me as soon as possible we are in desperate need of help?

Mani Shah

The link to the video BBC has released is given below:


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Arsham Parsi (user currently living in CANADA) posted for gay readers to the IRAN, ISLAMIC REPUBLIC OF country page on 25/01/2010 tagged with human rights, laws and leadership , sexual orientation, illegality of male to male relationships +50
My name is Arsham Parsi and I am the founder and Executive Director of Iranian Railroad for Queer Refugees. IRQR is an international queer human rights organization based in Canada. We help Iranian gay, lesbian, bisexual and transgendered refugees all over the world. We help when Iranian queers are threatened with deportation back to Iran. We also assist Iranian queers in obtaining asylum in friendly countries. IRQR helps these refugees through the process and, whenever possible, provides funds for safe houses through donations, because most of queer people are not physically safe in their transit country either.
Today, IRQR is the only active NGO that works on behalf of the Iranian queer (Lesbian, Gay, Bisexual and Transgender) population around the world. It documents human rights violations, Iranian queer persecution on the basis of their sexual orientation, provides letters of support for Iranian queer asylum seekers and refugees, and supports anti-homophobia/anti-persecution efforts. Its documentation is widely respected for its accuracy and credibility.

Also, I am co-ordinator and cultural ambassador for the Stockholm-based International Lesbian and Gay Cultural Network (ILGCN), official member of the Brussels-based International Lesbian and Gay Association (ILGA), the Toronto-based Rainbow Railroad group, and the Berlin-based Advisory Committee of the Hirschfeld-Eddy Foundation for LGBT Human Rights. In April, IRanian Queer Organization (IRQO), which was our former organization, was awarded Felipa De Souza Human Rights Award in2008 by the New York-based International Gay and Lesbian Human Rights Commission (IGLHRC). In June, I was recognized the Toronto Pride Award for Excellence in Human Rights.

I was born on 20 September, 1980, in Shiraz, Iran. After completing my basic education, I wanted to continue studying veterinary medicine at university; however, financial pressures forced me to stop my studies. While living in Shiraz and after coming to terms with my sexual identity, I began to do what I could, in a careful, discrete way, to help other gay people. Part of this work consisted of helping a doctor and doing research for a study on HIV among local gay and bisexual men. My advocacy work earned me the attention of the Iranian authorities, and I was forced to flee Iran on March 5, 2005, due to well-known fear of persecution for being gay. My train took me first to Turkey, where I was able to register as a refugee at the office of the United Nations High Commissioner for Refugees in Ankara. I was one of the fortunate few whose case was actually accepted by the Commissioner. Three months after arriving in Turkey my case was accepted, and two months later I was invited to the Canadian Embassy in Ankara. Eight months later, I arrived in Canada.
I began secretly working for the advancement of civil rights for lesbians and gays in 2001. In 2003, I helped organize a clandestine Yahoo chat group for gay Iranians. We called it Voice Celebration. In total there were 50 participants, making contact with each other and exchanging views on how best to achieve civil rights. What was most striking about these exchanges is that while people were emailing contact information, they were typing under false names, and nobody dared to actually speak out in public under their real names. We all feared arrest, torture and even execution if we were discovered. I am still amazed that, less than three years later, I was asked to speak publicly in Geneva, Switzerland, at the second session of United Nations Human Rights Council, and on the fourth anniversary all international media published articles about Iranian queers.

Though now living safely in a safe country, I still consider myself Iranian and never forget that I am in exile due to my sexual orientation. I consider this a big responsibility. I want to return to a democratic, open Iran, and am working actively to make that dream a reality. As I passed the border out of Iran, I promised myself and my country that I would one day return to a free, open country and until that time would work to achieve that goal. I consider the work I am doing today, as part of IRQR, to be an investment in a brighter tomorrow for all Iranians.

In August 2008, I travelled to Turkey to meet with Iranian LGBT refugees and plead their case with the office of the United Nations High Commissioner for Human Rights located there. As a result of that trip, I concluded that a new organization dedicated exclusively to helping sexual dissidents flee persecution in Iran was necessary. The Underground Railroad was an informal network of secret routes and safe houses used by 19th century black slaves in the United States to escape to free states and mainly to Canada with the aid of abolitionists who were sympathetic to their cause. In Canada, they had their freedom. In the past few years, one of our major activities was with asylum seekers who must escape Iran due to their sexual orientation, and we will continue this work under the Iranian Railroad for Queer Refugees (IRQR). We are working to create a simple structure and focus upon supporting Iranian queers to be safe on their journey and to arrive in a new country to live and be free.

I and my organization are now in contact with about 200 queer Iranian refugees currently in limbo and seeking permanent asylum. Many of them are in Turkey, which shares a lengthy border with Iran and where cultural and political homophobia is rampant, while the rest are scattered throughout Europe, including in the Netherlands, Sweden, Germany, Switzerland, and Norway. Many of them are in the United Kingdom, which has been extremely reluctant to grant permanent asylum to queer Iranian refugees, and where in the last several years two Iranians (Hussein Nasseri and Israfil Shiri) have committed suicide after receiving deportation orders back to certain torture and possible death in Iran. But there are many, many more queer refugees from Iran who haven't yet been in contact with us and who also desperately need help.

One of our goals with the Iranian Queer Organization was to increase the level of awareness about the Iranian queer situation and the horrible persecution that goes on daily in Iran, and to provide a steady stream of information about homosexuality and the transgendered via the Internet into Iran, and I think we've had great success in doing that. But after several years of working with PGLO and IRQO, I had a lot more experience, and it was clear to me we needed a new organization with fresh blood and a structure dedicated solely to helping queer refugees, to help them flee Iran, to support them while they are still in transit countries like Turkey, to assist them in finding their way through the harrowing bureaucratic maze they face in order to gain asylum, and to help them get settled and cope with setting up a new life in gay-friendly countries.

Since being granted asylum in Canada, I have been able to make several international trips to help queer refugees and have built a relationship with other international organizations. I'm so happy I've been able to build a strong relationship with the UNHCR, which is now aware of the Iranian queer situation, and of our organization, and on each of my trips I've been able to secure international refugee protection status for more and more Iranian queer asylum seekers.

I spent many hours listening to Iranian queers’ stories that I am so concerned about their situation and future. My dedication to these refugees is fuelled by my own experience as an exile in Turkey. It was the hardest experience in my life to suddenly find myself in an unexpected situation in a hostile country without money, with no personal safety or security for 13 months. I cannot forget the day in Turkey when I was walking with Amir, another gay refugee who had been tortured and flogged in Iran. We were chased in the street by a homophobic crowd, which beat us hard and tried to kill us. Nobody helped. There were no police who came to our assistance and people were just standing around watching as we were beaten simply for being gay refugees in their country. I'll never forget my refugee life in Turkey, and that's why I've decided to dedicate myself exclusively to making queer refugees' process as short as possible and to help them get to freedom in gay-friendly countries.

Martin Luther King, in one of his historic speeches in 1963, said “I have a dream”. On the 17th of May, the International Day against Homophobia, in Chicago, I, Arsham Parsi, a queer activist who must live in exile said “I have a dream, too.” My dream is that one day the rights of all queers will be recognized and respected. That one day no one will be executed, tortured, arrested, imprisoned, isolated by society or disowned by their family and community for being queer, a day when our sexual orientation will not deprive us of our rights. That is my wish for me for all those who can not speak for themselves. Although they have not chosen me as their voice, I declare this dream of mine, and I will repeat it and I’ll hope to one day achieve this dream of mine.
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ГЛБТ „ИДЕА-БГ”, съдебна регистрация: № 1/18.03.2010-СГС – ФО,
Седалище и адрес на управление: гр. София, кв. „Суха река”, бл. 41, ап. 3
представлявано от Христо Петров Христов - Председател на УС
телефон +359885975963, E-mail: ideаpress@abv.bg

Злонамерени действия на служители от Министерство на образованието, младежта и науката в Република България, на Регионален инспекторат по образованието София – град и Министерство на вътрешните работи на Република България по време на управлението на партия ГЕРБ 2010-2013 г.


Сдружение ГЛБТ „ИДЕЯ-БГ” е организация имаща за цел да защитава правата на хора с различна сексуална ориентация, да спазва и опазва демократичните процеси в Република България. Да извършва контрол и информира властите за извършени нарушения.
За съжаление от 2010 г. насам се забелязва сериозно увеличаване на нарушения спрямо правата на хора с различна сексуална ориентация. Такива действия има и срещу граждани, които подкрепят тези членове или групи от обществото ни.
В доклад на международната неправителствена организация за защита на човешките права „Амнести Интернешънъл” се сочи, че България се възприема като страна с висок процент на дискриминация на малцинства, лош стандарт в затворите и хомофобия. Нашата организация е убедена в истинността на тези факти (можем да ги подкрепим с конкретни случаи).
Най-фрапиращ е случая срещу член на нашата организация и защитаващ го директор – работодател на потърпевшия, започнал от началото на 2010 год. и продължаващ до този момент. През месец юли 2010 год. Министерство на образованието, младежта и науката провежда конкурс за директори. За едно от столичните училища участват Христо Светославов Птухин и Верка Николова Русинова. От този момент нататък започват и техните проблеми. Председателят на комисията по конкурса г-н Лазар Додев след събеседването с Христо Птухин пред цялата комисия му задава въпроса дали го познава. Птухин в момента не успява да се досети за какво му се задава този въпрос. В последствие разбира, че някой се е опитал да го дискредитира, като му е приписал интимни отношения с г-н Додев. След спечелването на конкурса от г-жа Верка Русинова, която е назначена за директор на Първо помощно
училище – София, г-жа Латинка Борисова Ковачева тогава експерт „Интегрирано обучение и специални училища в Регионалния инспекторат по образование София – град, я кани на разговор при началника на РИО София - град Ваня Фердинандова Кастрева. Същата уведомява директор Верка Русинова, че нейния служител, старши учител Христо Птухин е хомосексуалист и има досие в СДВР. Г-жа Кастрева изисква от директор Верка Русинова да уволни незабавно старши учителя Христо Птухин. Русинова отказва с претекста, че няма законово основание за такова действие. Ваня Кастрева и отговаря, че ако Птухин не си отиде то Русинова ще си отиде.
В началото на 2011 г. се засилват атаките срещу директор Верка Русинова. От нея се изисква да отстрани от работа нашият член. Провеждани са събирания в МОМН, на които директорката е канена. На тези срещи са присъствали още представители на Синдиката на българските учители към КНСБ, тогава зам. министър Милена Дамянова, Пенка Иванова – директор на Дирекция „Достъп до образование и подкрепа на развитието” от МОМН, както и представител на СДВР от дирекция „Детска престъпност”. Полицаят най-обстойно е представил всички данни за старши учителя Христо Птухин, които били съхранявани в СДВР, независимо от факта, че сме изискали от министър Цветан Цветанов след лична среща с него и с писмо да бъдат унищожени досиетата на хората с различна сексуална ориентация от масивите на полицията. Представителя на СДВР е настоявал члена на нашата организация г-н Христо Птухин да бъде уволнен, защото бил „опасен”. След като директора на Първо помощно училище г-жа Верка Русинова на една от поредните срещи отказва да го уволни е заплашена, че ще бъде отстранена, като я уволнят дисциплинарно и на нейно място ще бъде назначен друг директор, който да извърши този акт. Тъй като не помагат заплахите, през месец септември се изпраща проверка от МОМН и на базата на същата се иска дисциплинарно уволнение на директорката г-жа Верка Русинова. Тя се разболява и излиза в отпуск по болест. На нейно място е назначена за временно изпълняващ длъжността директор Латинка Борисова Ковачева. На 20 февруари 2012г. същата вика полиция от СДВР дирекция „Детска престъпност”. Девет човека начело с Виолета Аланджийска (директор на дирекция „Детска престъпност“ - СДВР) нахлуват в часа по география воден от старши учителя г-н Птухин, без да представят заповед и без да присъства временно изпълняващия длъжността директор на училището Латинка Ковачева. Учителя е отстранен от бюрото, на което има настолен служебен компютър, и една жена от полицаите започва да търси в компютъра, без да даде обяснение какво. Това действие трае около час и половина. През това време учениците, които са с умствени увреждания, предимно момчета, са разпитвани от полицаите - без присъствие на педагог, психолог или родител. На разпитите не е присъствала и временно изпълняващия длъжността директор на училището г-жа Латинка Ковачева, което е грубо нарушение на законовите разпоредби. Учениците са разпитвани дали г-н Птухин им прожектирал порно, пускал ли им е такова на компютъра, знаят ли къде живее, идвали ли са му на гости, опипвал ли ги е, дали ги е бил или заплашвал. На всички въпроси децата са отговорили отрицателно. Докато трае проверката на полицията на нашият член г-н Христо Птухин му е прилошало и сам е извикал „Бърза помощ“ на тел. 112. След идването на „Бърза помощ“ го откарват в УМБАЛ „Царица Йоана”. По същото време временно изпълняващия длъжността директор Латинка Ковачева провежда неправомерно Общо събрание, на което предлага мястото, на което е назначен старши учителя Христо Птухин, да бъде преобразувано на такова за бременни или за инвалиди. За това той не е и уведомен. През следващите дни в медиите се пускат заглавия и статии, в които г-н Птухин е представен като гей и педофил, уронват му авторитета и достойнството. Училището се посещава от журналисти от в. „Телеграф” и „Монитор”. Временно изпълняващата длъжността директор Латинка Ковачева вместо да се погрижи да успокои децата и да ги закриля, дава с охота интервюта. Многократно е молена от г-н Христо Птухин да спре допускането на журналисти в сградата и да обърне внимание върху провеждането на учебния процес, но отговорите и са били: да си влиза в час, да не се занимава с неща, които не са негова работа. По телевизиите ТВ7 в Новините и предаването „Бодилник”, по БТВ Action и БТВ Новините са излъчени репортажи с участието на директора на дирекция „Детска престъпност” Виолета Аланджийска, която го нарича гей, педофил и престъпник.
Г-н Министър-Председател, от всички тези действия срещу старши учителя Христо Птухин достигаме до извода, че през цялото време се е се целяло неговото дискредитиране, оклеветяване и унижаване пред обществото. Набеждават го за да бъде отстранен от работа и в бъдеще същият да не може да бъде преподавател в системата на образование.
Същевременно здравословното състояние на г-н Птухин се влошава и той излиза в болнични от 27 февруари 2012г. В деня на неговото излизане в отпуск по болест временно изпълняващия длъжността директор Латинка Ковачева обявява мястото му в сайта на РИО за свободно и при завръщането му на работа пред всички колеги връчва заповед за освобождаването му. Неговото място е заето от студент по това време, който е с 100% инвалидност. Този човек е неправоспособен съгласно Инструкция № 2 от 29.07.1994 г. за изискванията за заемане на длъжността “учител” или “възпитател” съобразно придобитото образование, професионална квалификация и правоспособност.
С тези действия, ние членовете на ГЛБТ „ИДЕЯ-БГ” се убедихме, че старши учителя Христо Птухин е преследван и дискриминиран от служителите на МОМН - зам. министър Милена Дамянова, Пенка Иванова - директор на дирекция „Достъп до образование и подкрепа на развитието” - МОМН, Ваня Фердинандова Кастрева - началник на РИО София-град, временно изпълняващ длъжността директор Латинка Борисова Ковачева и от Виолета Тодорова Аланджийска - директор на дирекция „Детска престъпност” при СДВР.
Дами и господа, за съжаление сговористите от МОМН и РИО подкрепящи политиката на партия ГЕРБ не спират до тук. След отстраняването на нашия член Христо Птухин е издадена заповед за дисциплинарно уволнение на човека, който е защитавал законно от преследване старшия учител, директора на Първо помощно училище „Проф. дпн Георги Ангушев” – гр. София, Верка Николова Русинова. Един честен и достоен човек попада под ударите на хора, узурпирали властта в образованието, смятащи се за незаменими и извършващи „лов на вещици”. Ето защо, се обръщаме към Вас с искрена молба за следното:
1. Изискваме от новия министър на образованието на Република България г-жа Анелия Клисарска да анулира заповедта за дисциплинарно уволнение на директор Верка Николова Русинова и да я възстанови на предишната и длъжност в Първо помощно училище „Проф. дпн Георги Ангушев” – гр. София.
2. Да бъде отменена заповедта за отстраняване от работа, като Старши учител и и да се възстанови на работа г-н Христо Светославов Птухин.
3. Поради хомофобско отношение и омраза към учители с различна полова ориентация и подкрепящите ги хора преследвани заради това ние изискваме отстраняването от длъжност на началник на РИО Сфия-град, Ваня Фердинандова Кастрева.
4. Настояваме министър Цветелин Йовчев да отстрани от длъжност директор на дирекция „Детска престъпност” при СДВР Виолета Аланджийска за хомофобия и злоупотреба със служебна информация.
5. Изискваме да се предприемат действия, с които да се прекрати дискриминирането на хора с различна сексуална ориентация или с различна партийна принадлежност, както и преследването на техните поддръжници в Република България. Настояваме Народното събрание да внесе промени в НК, с които да се инкриминира хомофобията и действията и последствията свързани с нея, като бъде налагано наказание подобно за престъпление срещу личността.
6. Ако държавните органи не изпълнят нашите искания ще бъдем принудени с всички законни средства да изразим своя протест включително сезиране на международни организации в ЕС и ООН за правата на човека и изискване спрямо Република България да бъдат наложени санкции.

12.06.2013г. Председател на ЛГБТ „ИДЕЯ-БГ”
София / Христо Петров /
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JORGE PEREZ (user currently living in BRAZIL) posted for gay lesbian readers to the BRAZIL country page on 02/08/2011 +42
Hello my name is jorge perez novoa, i am from spain, i am in brazil right now hided from them, they tried to kill me twice. They invite gays and lesbians from all over the world, mainly americans, they take all the money from them, and then kill them on a satanic ritual with ayahusca. This religion also deals with cocaine, they send cocaine all over the world to their churches wirhin the ayahuasca they send, they have churches in new york, miami, texas, hawaii. the ones that have discovered it were killed, reseach on how many gay americans or gays from all over the world have dissapeared on the amazonas area, mainly rio branco, cobija, boca do acre.The ones that start to know a lot, they diagnose them HIV positive, and give them 3 times the usuall dosis, to kill them as quick as possible, it was my case, i never hide to any of them that i am gay, even my own parents tried to kill me because of that with those pills, untill i discovered that i am HIV negative, and i told them, then they tried to kill me with sulfamide on my food, querosene on my water. I am sending you two documents, one i sent to the spanish embassy in manaos brazil, with no answer, and the denunce i made on the federal police of rio branco.
Please Help me They are killing our people, i have proff of everything
jorge perez novoa rio branco acre brazil i have proof of evrything help me
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Ravi (user currently living in SRI LANKA) posted for gay readers to the SRI LANKA country page on 30/03/2012 tagged with intersex +40
I am a gay. My age is 41 y. I am searching a pertner. But in our country it is very difficult to find a partner. So please, help me to find a pertner in the world.
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Akiko (user currently living in JAPAN) posted for straight readers to the JAPAN country page on 04/01/2011 tagged with hate crime and violence prevention +40
I’m a student in Japan. I’m not good at use English. So there must be many mistakes in my E-mail. But please lead all this mail. I would like to tell you about a matter in Japan. The Governor of Tokyo whose name is Shintaro Ishihara made inappropriate remarks that discriminate gays and lesbians. That was last December. Last December a expression control question happened in Tokyo. The Governor in Tokyo made a municipal ordinance that control sexual expressions in publications and met with strong opposition from residents because the control was too tyrannical and the freedom of expression is guaranteed constitutionally in Japan. So Shintaro Ishihara gave an interview about the question. Then he made the inappropriate remarks. He said “There are many gay and lesbian entertainers in TV shows. We shouldn’t let this rampancy run.” And he said “Gays and lesbians run short for something.” I got angry at what he said. But Japanese mass media didn’t take up these inappropriate remarks big.
Then I have a favor to ask of you. Would you announce an official statement that criticize what the Governor of Tokyo said to Japanese mass media and tell all Japanese how discriminative and hateful what he said was.
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Abdullah (user currently living in SAUDI ARABIA) posted for gay readers to the SAUDI ARABIA country page on 09/07/2012 +35
I am a 24 yr old male in Saudi Arabia and I have been very very unhappy since i was about 19. I am too afraid to come out. Keeping this to myself my whole life has taken its toll on me, the last 5 years especially. I am getting to a point where I don't even want to be around anyone at all anymore, I hate my life, I hate myself, and most of all I hate being so lonely ALL THE TIME. I know I am still young but ever sense I found out I was gay I had to hide it, which in the long run has turned me into a meaningless empty shell, I feel dead inside. It's just getting to be too much......I don't know what to do.
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Eragon Shadeslayer (user currently living in SRI LANKA) posted for gay readers to the SRI LANKA country page on 27/11/2011 tagged with gender identity, human rights, laws and leadership , religion +35
Im still a student in SL... about 1 year ago (when i ws doing my A/Ls) i discovered that I'm a Gay.... I have had some small experiences with few boys in my school. But I thought it as just a kind of fun...
However now I know That I'm gay... I don't what to change it because its a part of my identity... BEING GAY IS THE PICTURE OF ME... IT TELLS "WHO I AM"...
I'm a buddhist. I knw 100% tht my parents won't accept me as a gay... I knw they hate the word GAY even.. But i have to make my future...
Im not fond of having sex... i'm looking into a long relationship... umm.... not like "being boyfreinds". but being good buddies...

Disable people call them selves "Differently abled"..
being Gay is just like that.... People can't treat us bad, just because WE ARE GAY... V are a part of this world...
Any1 can't change it...

If u are willing to write to me, don't hesitate.. write ur ideas...
I'll reply them when ever i have tym...
my email address is= um8knwme@hotmail.com
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L (user currently living in INDIA) posted for lesbian readers to the INDIA country page on 09/03/2011 +35
hello everyone , I have a story to share with you. I am in my late 20s now. My life in India as a young woman was full of confusions and unanswered questions when it came to my personal life. I always knew I liked girls but I had no idea what that makes me. And I couldn't dare to ask anyone coz I instinctively knew no one would say that it was OK . When I was 22-23, I told myself that I wasn't going to force myself to try to like guys , even if I ended up as a bitter old lonely woman. I wrapped up my feelings and moved on .When I was 25, I met a woman with whom I fell in love. This was when I found all my answers and all the confusions simply melted away. I believe every now and then God sends an angel to give you a hand if you are true to yourself. This woman was my angel. When she came to know how I really felt about her, she said that it was OK, there's nothing for me to feel guilty of! with those words she brought me back to life. She couldn't be with me and when we mutually decided to go in different directions, it left me in an nasty emmotional mess. I picked myself up and suddenly my life was brand new ! I don't have to marry any man ! I can choose , I have options and I can live the life that is normal to me ! Indian soceity is unforgiving and I know it would only make it harder for me to tell everybody who I really am. So I told only one trustworthy friend and she was really supportive. I have plans for my future which I wouldn't elaborate here. I don't know if they will work , I might still end up as a bitter lonely old woman but the important thing is I have found my true self and I am happy about it. I just want to tell to those of you who are still in the process of finding yourself, don't be afraid , don't feel guilty . You are beautiful just the way that you are, don't let anyone tell you otherwise. Educate yourself, keep looking for answers , work hard , be a good human being and help those who needs help. Remember that you also have options and you too can choose . Good luck.
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(user currently living in NEPAL) posted for readers to the NEPAL country page on 04/06/2014 +35
Government of Nepal,
Prime Minister
Mr.Sushil Koirala,

Sub:Requesting to proclaim IDAHOBT Day as a public holiday

Dear Prime Minister,
As Nepal's interim constitution 2063, in the Section 3 there is fundamental rights of the citizens and in the Section 4 there is responsibility of the state as well as management of the principles of polity.As we, the sexual and gender minorities are also citizens of this country, we have rights to utilize and claim all fundamental as well as human rights. However,we,the sexual and gender minorities, have been suffering from various kinds of discrimination in our home, society, neighbors and even from government itself. To eradicate all types of these discrimination, globally the international organizations and associations like International Gay and Lesbian Human Rights Commission(IGLHRC) and International Lesbian and Gay Association(ILGA) are standing together and making their local level NGOs and INGOs active to overcome all sorts of discrimination and violence against sexual minority communities and empower them with all human rights and their security.With regards to it,an international committee IDAHO,formed and this committee has been observing International Day Against Homophobia to mark the discrimination and violence against homosexuals, bisexual, transsexual on 17th May every year. Tally this day with our Nepali Bikram Sambat era, we would like to request to you to declare this day public holiday in Nepal too. So that we can make people aware of LGBTTI community and change their opinions about them through this day. We are presenting this letter to you including some problems and issues of this community.

Dear Prime minister, only a few member of our sexual and gender minorities whom can be counted on our finger tips have received citizenship cards in the name of 'Thirdsex' or 'Othersex' which were issued by Government of Nepal on saying to do so by some non-government organization. However, member of our community are not satisfied with it. They take it as the government itself is discriminating on them by using such offensive words like 'thirdsex' 'thirdgender' 'othersex'. Similarly, these are some NGOs in the country which propose a lot of tempting activities in the name of doing welfare of this community just to attract the foreign donor agents. Embezzle the amount that they received as foreign aids, they do nothing towards the welfare of this community. Thus, few people are turning affluent overnight. So the government of Nepal should pay attention and case towards the activities of NGOs and take legal actions against those found guilty. Have a detailed study about this community before issuing citizenship cards to its members because we are neither any thirdgender nor any third-nature dramatical persons, we are naturally normal persons.

We would also like to put forward some of our demands, they are as follows:-
1. Identity cards should be issued based on sex-orientation of an individual.
2. Legalize the Same-Sex marriage.
3. Mention sexual minorities in the new building up constitution.
4. The final verdict of the Supreme Court made in the year 2064(B.S) should be made to follow strictly.
5. Proclaim IDAHOBT Day as a public holiday.

For your information, we would like to tell you something about the International Day Against Homophobia, Biphobia and transphobia(IDAHOBT). This day aims to co-ordinate international events that raise awareness of LGBTTI rights work worldwide. The date of May 17 was chose to commemorate the decision to remove homosexuality from the international classification of diseases of The World Health Organization (WHO) in 1990.
Requesting you to grant the 17th May as Public Holiday in Nepal. We have prepared this letter representing more then 3 lakh Nepalese sexual minorities. At last, hearing our demands and putting them into practice, give justice to all victimized Nepalese sexual and gender minorities.
Thank you.
Binod Lama
Gay and Lesbian Sexual Minority Network Nepal
Jorpati-3, Kathmandu, Nepal
Mobile: +9779841780256, +9779808308350
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(user currently living in SRI LANKA) posted for transgender straight readers to the SRI LANKA country page on 28/11/2013 tagged with gender identity +32
mama 26 girl kenek mama kamathi girls lata.mata danatamath kellek innawa adare karanna but lankawe idan eka karnna be.mata ona trans wenna,ftm female to male,katada puluwan mata help karnna,
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Jn (user currently living in GREECE) posted for gay bisexual readers to the GREECE country page on 24/08/2011 tagged with at the work place, laws and leadership , sexual orientation +32
I live in Athens-Greece.To be gay/bisexual in Athens and generally in big cities and famous islands in Greece is not unusual,but in the Greek countryside is somekind unusual..At my work everyone knows about my sexual orientation and i have never been a discrimination victim.Co-workers accept it normally.Also,my friends who are straight guys and girls dont have any problem.The same thing in my university.Young Greeks accept it normally in the most of cases.Also,in the public areas when i talk about my boyfriend with a friend on my phone,noone cares about it.I think that this situation is completely different in the Greek countryside.Church causes troubles(church is accepted only by old people and very conservative people)in lgbt community but government tries to recognise same sex couples with a law which is gonna be voted in the next months.
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(user currently living in UNITED STATES) posted for transgender readers to the BRAZIL country page on 25/08/2010 +30
I am a trasgender woman from Brazil, I left Brazil 20 years ago and I became American citizen, in US I got married and even after I became US citizen as female on my american passaport, Brazil does not reconize my new reality, to visit Brazil with my husband I am not allowed to use my American passsaport or have my marriege reconized, and if I ever want to go back to Brazil I will have to use my brazilian passaport. Because I am a brasilian native my American citizenshp has no vality in Brazil and my husband would have no say if anything happened to my wile in Brazil.
Yes, I could change my name and gender in Brazil, but in order to do that, I will have to stabilsh a residence in Brazil for at least 12 month before I began any process, and wait for God knows how long and after all sayed and done I will have to go to a Gynecologist to make sure I have a functional vigina, and after all that humiliation, go in front a Judge to decide if I can or can not have my name/gender changed. If after all that I am lucky and I get a nice Judge, fine but if I get someone who hates anything to do with trasgender, he or she can say no.
I have called several institutions, I have written several letters and I got no satisfactory letter back, if anyone knows anything about Brazilian law, please help.
Thank you very much
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Cevat SOGUT (user currently living in TURKEY) posted for gay lesbian transgender bisexual intersex readers to the TURKEY country page on 24/10/2011 tagged with at the work place, hate crime and violence prevention, gender identity, human rights, laws and leadership , sexual orientation, religion +30
My name is Cevat SOGUT, but I am better known to LGBT People in Turkey as Nikopol "Founder of Turk Gay Club"
I was fired from my job at a bank's cultural center being as a gay
and an gay activist at 2009
i hadn't worked for more then 15 months.
it's too difficult to be a gay "lgbt" in a islamic country.
there is some changes but
life is not getting better then yesterday in Turkey.
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bandara (user currently living in SRI LANKA) posted for gay lesbian transgender bisexual intersex straight readers to the SRI LANKA country page on 30/08/2013 +30
mata 50 yrs venawa.mama kamathiy gay transgender or cd kenek sathutu wenna hamuwenna.katawath karadaryak nowena widihata pirisidu awabodayen rahsigatha asurakata kamathiy mail karanna.(b.mudiyanselage@yahoo.com)
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(user currently living in ALGERIA) posted for gay readers to the ALGERIA country page on 12/01/2010 tagged with illegality of male to male relationships +30
I AM PERSECUTED I SEEK REFUGE TO THE FREE WORLD. I AM 35 YEARS OLD MAN,i feel a big pressure on me,i am forced to get married,humiliated,segregation,homophobia,please help me .i think seriously to commit suicide.
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shah (user currently living in PAKISTAN) posted for gay lesbian transgender bisexual readers to the PAKISTAN country page on 16/07/2012 +30
hi..how are you.iam a gay from pakistan age 22..at the age of 16 i know that iam a gay.i did,nt tell anyone about that iam gay.because it very hard in pakistan that people accept any one as gay.and could case life prision or death if any body know about you .and its hard to find any relationship.i live as single and its too hard for me live in pakistan as gay.please any one give me response hos i managed my self as gay. my email idd is handsum_boy20@yahoo.com
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asad (user currently living in PAKISTAN) posted for gay readers to the PAKISTAN country page on 08/11/2013 tagged with gender identity, sexual orientation +30
I want to share my story here. I am 23 now. Since my childhood, I have been comparing myself with girls. I have been considering myself a girl. I always walked like girls, talked like girls. My family has been abusing me verbally since I was a three years old kid. They insulted me like anything. I was even sexually abused when I was a child. At school, lots of boys, even teachers harassed me and made fun of me. Lots of so called straight boys have been making sexual advancements on me since I was a child. I say thanks to GOD that I have never ever been raped. God has always protected me. I belong to a poor family. Luckily I was very good at studies and got lots of scholarships. So as my family got free of my responsibility, their mouth shut automatically. Now I am a student at LUMS. Even at LUMS lots of people have been making fun of me or trying to force me into sex. I have been very ashamed of myself since my childhood. I never knew what I was, always confused. Recently an Instructor at LUMS told me that it was not my fault. It was from God. I never needed to be ashamed of it. It was my identity, my reality. And the moment he told me that it was not my fault, I felt like I'm free. I'm free. I'm free. All my questions have been answered. I got happy like anything. You can't even imagine my life has changed. I feel free, confident, strong enough to shut world's mouth. I am happy like anything. The instructor has changed my life. I am happy, I am happy, I am happy. I am not ashamed of my self. I am an effeminate GAY. I am an effeminate GAY. I wanna tell it to every one, every one in this world. I am proud of myself. I am very happy with what I am and I don't want to change it. I say thanks to GOD that he has made me like this. I love GOD. Even if God puts two options to me know: 1. Be a straight boy 2. Be an effeminate gay. I would choose to be an effeminate gay. I would love to be an effeminate gay. I am proud of myself. I have recently discovered myself. Now I know what I am and I am strong enough to fight the whole world. Thanks God for making me what I am.
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What if different LGBT organisations and groups began working cooperatively on different communications campaigns:

1. Targeting LGBT that helps define and promote a positive identity for LGBT people that has a useful, positive, productive role in their local communities, societies, countries, the world, etc...

2. Targeting Mainstream audiences that communicates the positive, productive roles that LGBT people fill in society:
2.1 What % of GNP can be attributed to the professional activities of LGBT people? (Could include amount of company revenue attributable to LGBT people who are managers, CEOs, business owners too...)
2.2 What % or amount of money that funds government and/or social services within any given country is thanks to the contribution of LGBT people? (Could include amount of company tax attributable to the revenus generated by LGBT people who are managers, CEOs, business owners too...)
2.2.1 How much or what % of public education funding is thanks to tax money paid by LGBT people?
2.2.2 How much or what % of funding for security/defense is thanks to tax money paid by LGBT people?
2.2.3 How much or what % of funding for healthcare? etc...
2.3 What % of consumer economic activity/growth in any given country is thanks to the spending by LGBT people? (Could include amount of company revenue attributable to LGBT people who are managers, CEOs, business owners too...)
2.4 What is the overall contribution to academia/culture within any given country which can be attributed to output, artistic creations, publications, teaching, etc...thanks to LGBT people whether openly out or not about their LBGT lifestyle or identity?

Where this line of thinking is going is that in order to improve acceptance and integration of LGBT people within greater society, the above 2 things need to happen:
1. Work on building, reinforcing, and promoting positive identities for LGBT people
2. Work on the perception greater society(-ies) has/have of LGBT people -- if they are confronted with cold hard $ figures of what LGBT people do for society, if those numbers are non-negligible, this could help people view LGBT people differently.
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Lash posted for gay readers to the PAKISTAN country page in response to this story on 05/11/2012 +30
I am a gay boy from Pakistan... Here i am really very tensed because i can't live my life with my own lifestyle... Pakistani society is strict society for gays... I wanna get rid of all these issues which are making hurdles in my own gay life... Kindly, guide me to leave this society.... I am an educated and intelligent guy wanna some sort of help to leave Pakistan and to have job in the other countries, where gays can live free and have the right for same sex marriage....
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Akudo O. (user currently living in NIGERIA) posted for lesbian readers to the NIGERIA country page on 21/08/2010 tagged with at the work place, hate crime and violence prevention, sexual orientation, illegality of female to female relationships +28
I started work with my present organization in February 2007, i was their first employee and was placed on a very little salary because at that point the company had not started generating money. When we got our first contract, i worked weekends alone with the Managing Director, sometimes, when i close, i get called out again to work at night.

Later that Year, two tech guys that were so nice to me till date and a lady was employed under me, and then another two ladies, till we became 20 in the office. We worked amicably until the Managers started being intimate with the female employees. I didn't care because i always wear my engagement ring from my partner which they all guessed must be a man.

At a point, they started rumoring that my friends on Facebook are mostly girls and that i chat with only girls, i did not bother. When they talk about their boyfriends, i move away because i dont want anybody to want to hear my story.

The MD called me one evening after close of work that he wanted to visit my house. I lied that i was living with my sister, and there he promised to give me rent to move out of my sisters house so that he will be coming to eat our native soup in my house.

I kept hiding from him, until he shocked me with questions about my sexuality. I lied, (because of the rate of discrimination and stigmatization in my country)yet he demoted me and always make reference of me in meetings although without mentioning my name, yet everyone knows who he is always referring to.

Right now, i have been given a dress code, for only me and also warned that i should never be in contact with any female agent working under me and the most painful part is that the people i employed are now my bosses.

I have learnt a lot my self and i have vowed to embrace being an activist to make sure nobody ever experiences what i have. I working towards making my name while still here so that they will know that the stone that was rejected can become the chief corner stone.
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azib (user currently living in PAKISTAN) posted for straight readers to the PAKISTAN country page on 03/11/2012 tagged with at the work place, human rights +28

Hello I am a girl from Pakistan. I need help for myself. I want to change my sex and I want to become a boy. I know my need is unusual and there are many problems and needs to fulfill in this world. But I cannot stay any more in this life as girl. I am fed to live as a girl please considers my request as soon as possible. I am very small more than a particle but how is it possible to live with that body which I cannot accept at heart and soul inside me there is no wish to live any more as girl. I wish any one would help me and support me in all the way I have sent mails to white house and secretary of Helery Clinton but no one is responding me please do something don't let me down I will be thankful to you.Every one read my mail and delete it or they send it to dustbin I am surprised from all those to whom i sent mails because if they are human being they will obviously help me they only make excuses that its not their department or they only help group of people not individual. Please don't ignore my wish, also give orders to help me to the concerned authority am alone without power without money without support I am a Muslim girl so that’s why I can't ask to anyone in my country everyone say that I am mad but a I am not mad I am in my conscious I just want to become a boy I can't sleep I hate myself thank you so much. Can you help me waiting for your positive response’s don't have money I am help less but I am not fake please don't ignore my message. The basic reason for all this is I am not satisfied with this life I cannot do anything no further study no emotions no thoughts no hope except this because I always lost, when I want something it became possible because I am selfless because of this body, I want to die that’s all . I cannot do anything for my self because i am helpless just like a toad in a well.
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ByronBritten (user currently living in PORTUGAL) posted for gay readers to the PORTUGAL country page on 17/05/2012 tagged with human rights, illegality of male to male relationships +28
Dear ILGA:

The history of male homosexuality is intertwined with pederasty, age disparity in relationships, and the artistic and literary appreciation of younger males, from the Ancient Greeks to the Cinequecento italians, to the Uranian Poets - none of which have any connection with abuse. The early LGBT rights activists, like Harry Hay Jr. and author Larry Kramer - men who arguably made the ILGA coalition possible - had no qualms about accepting organizations like NAMBLA in their movement, despite their differences. Meanwhile, you account only for the comparison of heterosexual and homosexual ages of consent, while completely disregarding their intrinsic value. You have responded to conservatives' ridiculous accusations of homosexuality as a hotbed of pedophilia by pandering to them and joining in the chorus of their moralist rhetoric, and making it one of your political pillars (I'm guessing this was politically expedient). Just as heteronormativity exists, there is in the 'gay rights' movement that you sponsor the normativity of androphilia. A whole rich past and a relevant present have been swept under the rug.

As a 19 year old - someone who, according you, has barely left childhood - I feel I am patronized, not defended, by you, when you claim that youth rights amount to protection from abuse, then say nothing about the sexual freedom of post-pubescent legal minors, which, as anyone with real life amd knowledge of LGBT people knows, is often expressed with adults to the harm of no party involved.

I'd like to know why it is I should consider you to be defenders of my rights, when you are selective in the tolerance you preach. I am irked by hypocrisy.
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first night (user currently living in PAKISTAN) posted for gay readers to the PAKISTAN country page on 23/03/2012 +28
i,m had a friend he was very pretty and very sexy. he would never talk and nor lifts anyone except me. one day we r go for outing on the murree hills very cold and beutiful place in pakistan.
when we r go there snow falling is begin. i ask him for delay our trip and go in a hotel for night sleep. when we get an room tehre was only one bed for sleep. i,m ask him that u sleep on bed and i"ll on the floor he accept my sugestion.
so i,m laying down on floor and he was on bed.
at nights half passed i feel he was not sleep like me even he was on the bed with worm blanket.
then i hear something.
he ask me slowly asif r u awaking? he ask me two times.
then i see to them smile and say"no".
he asks" why"?
i says there is very cold i feel on the floor.
he think a while and ask"realy ?"
yes it is.

he smiles and say come on the bed with me.
r u kidding me at 1am?
no i,m serious!
so then i,m walk and put my body on the worm bed. he put his blanket on me. thank u i say.
its ok.
i,m ask him why not u sleep even u r on the worm bed.

he smiles and put his hand on my thaghies.
i need u r worm body?
i ask him this is not right we r good friends?
he smiles and says everything is possible in friendship.
he put his hand on my cock.
ohhhh it was unforgetable experience for me.
then i,m take him with all night kissing and fucking.
that was my first experience now he was in canada.
but i,m trying to forget that night but it is impossible.
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ADEYINKA CARTWAK (user currently living in NIGERIA) posted for gay lesbian bisexual readers to the NIGERIA country page on 05/05/2011 tagged with lgbt families, hate crime and violence prevention, human rights, laws and leadership , sexual orientation, illegality of male to male relationships +28
On the 12th of jan 2011, a day before the PDP Primaries, PUNCH newspaper published an interview with the Gay Association of Nigeria {the interview was done on the 11th at a hotel in Abuja}. The interview in question, was done by some executive members of the Association but a whole lot of members turned up for support.... During the interview, Vikky labbele stated when he was asked who 'GAN' will support for primaries and said ALHAJI ATIKU. He said the association will support Atiku because he is father/businessman and an understanding person who they believe can make Nigeria better. He never said Atiku was gay. He further stated that GAN, like any other association has rights to declare support for who ever they want like its done in developed countries around the world. That said interview generated a lot of controversy and was believed to be cause of Atiku's downfall during the presidential primaries because he lost the primaries woefully. The issue at hand now is that Atiku loyalist have vowed to seek every member of GAN out dispose them....... As i write this report now, The SSS are on the tail of the members of GAN who are already on the run from Atiku's loyalist {the loyalist have murdered 2 members as at the 29th}. All the executive and most members of GAN are on the run for their lives.
The question now is that, How long will we keep running, What will happen to our jobs and houses since we are in no position to trust anybody? The said interview can be checked online on http://www.punchng.com/Archive.aspx?datex=01%2F12%2F2011 . This is an SOS call. On easter monday, three houses in three different locations belonging to some members was burnt down. How long do we have to endure this torture? Adeyinka is currently the project director for Gay Association of Nigeria and he is creator of 'Nigerian gay lesbian bisexual lovers and friends on facebook. https://www.facebook.com/group.php?gid=154681804546033. Adeyinka can be reached on adeyinkacartwak@yahoo.com
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Mara (user currently living in SAUDI ARABIA) posted for gay straight readers to the SAUDI ARABIA country page on 28/11/2013 tagged with hate crime and violence prevention, human rights, religion +27
Hello everybody!
I am a 25 year old Saudi straight girl and my family is trying to force me to get married to a Saudi man. I do not believe in religions and I do not want to marry a religious man that I do not know. I feel bad for gays in Saudi and I would like to help a gay guy and also have him help me. My plan is getting married to a secretly gay guy that my family accepts so we both can live our lives and be good friends and make our families happy. reply to this if you like my proposal.
Thanks x
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The life of LGBT sudanese posted for gay lesbian transgender bisexual intersex readers to the SUDAN country page on 05/06/2011 +25
Am writing now in the most horrible day of my life, things got worse and it feels that my life reached a dead end, I have nowhere to go, and no place to run to, all the doors are shut in my face, and no one would even look at me cause of the way I am? It?s an unfair country? Unfair community? Homosexual behaviour is illegal in Sudan. For homosexual men and women, lashes are death penalty? Just hear my story: ????
It started as a normal day, actually it was a happy day because we finished our final exams and I graduated. Steven was one of my close friends, his parents left the country so he made a party at his place for this good occasion and he invited our entire group to it (Freedom LGBT group), we were group of people and good friends who shared the same interest and believes, we understood each other cause we all face the same problems with our community, we were 12 friends (10 guys and 2 girls) who hoped that one day we will be FREE to be who we are, and the community and our families will accept us the way we are too.
Everyone in the group showed to the party and that was the best thing, it was an amazing party we were all chatting, laughing, and Steven got us a lot of food, drinks, and some alcohol too, because he was Christian it was easy for him to get them in our country. The party started and it was amazing, hot music was playing, good food, and everyone was dancing.
I was dancing with my boy Sami, he is a great guy and we love each other. He is the most one who understood me. Late at the same night when the party cooled down, Steven and his boy Omer went to one of the house?s rooms to have sex with each other and after a bit me and Sami went to the other room to have our moment and have sex with each other too? But the nightmare began and we didn?t know what was coming.
While we were in the middle of having sex, a group of people from Al mukhabarat ?The Sudanese Intelligence Agency? opened the room door and started to hit both of us tell we fell from the bed, and then they dragged us from our legs like animals outside the room and I found out that they caught everyone too. The worst part is that they caught me and Sami, Steven and Omer red handed.
I can?t describe how scared I was at that moment because I knew what awaits me and it?s only death according to the law of this country to our kind of people as they say.
They dragged us outside after they took out phones, watches, n anything we owned, just left us our clothes. There were a big car outside with a big box at the back with no windows, so they throwed us all at the back of the car and locked the door, after that they started driving, I didn?t know where we were going but it was a long ride and I was scared to death and I didn?t know what to do.
The car stopped moving and when the door opened the first thing I saw is the guy?s stick flying toward my face and it hitted me so hard I couldn?t stand after it and I started bleeding, they hitted us more tell they took us inside their place through stairs to an underground floor and there they throwed each one of us in a separate dark jail, 1.5 Meter long each wall and I was left there all alone.
I was scared to death, weak, and it was so dark no single light was coming in my jail room, rats were all over, and there were a box at the corner where it suppose to be the bathroom, it felt like only ghosts lives her and I believed that I won?t be able to survive for a long time in this place.
I was left there for 2 days with no water and food, al these days I didn?t sleep. After 2 days they took me to interrogation room. They stripped me naked and they started to interrogate me. They asked me about everything, if I?m a gay, friends, family, political and LGBT association activities? They started to hit me. Some one of them he put a pistol to my head and said? I wish I can kill you right now? They dragged me from my legs and they tied me upside down, and they started hitting me with a metal stick all over my body, they grabbed my organ and hit me there too, and they sticked that stick in my ass and they were laughing out loud about it and asked me? Do you like it, do you want more? I was screaming from pain and I was bleeding from everywhere, urine came out. They kept doing that tell I lost my consciousness.
I woke up after that shivering so hard and my blood was all over the floor, I felt so week, and I lost feeling in my fingers in my lift hand. They left me some food that smelled like shit and there were bugs all over it but I ate it anyways cause I felt like am going to die if I didn?t, and drank some dirty water for my thirst.
That kept happening to me almost every day, and sometimes I used to hear some of my friends voices screaming from pain too. After 4 weeks they transferred us to a present. And they told me that I?ll stay here till the court? So I started feeling that my end is closer now.
I stayed there for three and half months and I?ve been waiting when I?ll be stoned to death? Until one day...
Late time at night in that day, a weird man that I?ve never seen him in my life took me out of there, he paid the police man loads of money and he looked like one of them, and he took me out of there to a farm house (about 20 minutes outside Khartoum). Where I?m staying now alone and there's no way for this to change?
I found here this computer with net, I tried to see the news in the internet to see what happened to my friends but they did bring one word about that, and the next morning my mother came and she told me that she was the one who paid the guy to do that and she told me that I can?t come home cause my father and my family wants to kill me with their own hands?
I am scared to leave the place cause if someone saw me I will be died and I can?t run to my family because they all want to kill me? I have nowhere to run to? So I wanted to share my pain and my story with everyone? Maybe someone will understand? Someone will feel my pain too? Is this my end??
join for support..
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Maksim (user currently living in RUSSIAN FEDERATION) posted for gay lesbian transgender bisexual intersex straight readers to the GERMANY country page in response to this story on 03/12/2013 +25
Hello all.
Asking for your help.
I live in the Russian Federation,two months ago I was fired because I'm gay. At work I no longer take. A month ago, I was beaten much because I'm gay. I came out of the club, where I met the guys and was beaten up,took the documents and threatened that they would find and kill. I had to leave my village, I live in a small town, no documents do not take to restore the passport you need to pay a fine, but almost no money left...
I really want to leave Russia appealed to the German lawyer and he told me that helps but for the money,and my money and no. Helps me my friend from Russia, but not all the problems can, and he himself solve it. He has a guy and they want to leave Russia. It helps,but not everything can solve it.
The other day I want to move in with him to Moscow. They will help with obtaining a passport and passport for moving from Russia. Live here anymore, I'm afraid completely kill, the parents want to move to another city, they constantly afraid.
Please help. I'm afraid that can't manage. I please help us collect the money to pay the lawyer and his work. I don't want to seem like a beggar, I have no other chance to save yourself. Pay a lawyer and the extra money I will not take, I will post back. I don't want to use their profits from the money, I ask for a little help for me.
Please do not leave in trouble.
I can give the card number of a friend, I don't have this, it helps me. In future I want to be useful to people, learn and help the Russian gays as I do.
Thanks to all who are not indifferent to the problem...
e-mail me Abba2587@yandex.ru I'll give the card number of a friend for money, Thanks to everyone who will help me.
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Никита (user currently living in RUSSIAN FEDERATION) posted for gay lesbian transgender bisexual intersex straight readers to the RUSSIAN FEDERATION country page on 02/12/2013 +25
Хочу поднять некую тему и привлечь внимание!
В России есть активисты ЛГБТ движения которые преследуют свои личные и корыстные цели, помощи от них ни какой, прямая агрессия с их стороны! У меня много информации о некоторых активистах, которые явно преследуют корыстные цели в свою пользу, помощи они не оказывают только какие то собрания на которых говорят о чем то другом,,, я много раз сталкивался с личным оскорблением одной Активистки Наташи Цимбаловой,,, в её группе "Альянс гетеросексуалов за права ЛГБТ,они и капли уважения не уделяла гею,а порой и осыпала оскорблениями, хотя вроде активистка ЛГБТ движения!!! Я считаю что помощь ЛГБТ людям нужно оказывать на прямую а не через активистов, либо как то координировать их действия и поступки, у меня много информации по поводу этого сайта где дискриминируют СЕКС МЕНЬШИНСТВА, хотя и сайт на ЛГБТ тематику!!! Свои слова могу подтвердить скринами страниц с конфликтами!!! ПОЗОР ТАКИМ АКТИВИСТАМ,,,
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Inspired by the article I read today about Karel De Gucht being slammed by EJC for "anti-Semitic" comments made in radio interview, I've decided to post this. If you think about it, the word "anti-Semitic" is a particularly powerful word when you consider the amazing damage it can do to the public, professional, and/or political images of anyone accused or perceived as being "anti-Semitic" - a word that reminds people of WWII, Hitler, and the many atrocious crimes that were committed by "anti-Semitic" people.

It would be wonderful if there were a word just as powerful that the LGBTI community could use as a weapon to defend themselves and attack as well in the same way to get the same powerful results as were achieved by EJC in getting Karel De Gucht to publicly apologize once he had been successfully accused publicly by different parties as being "anti-Semitic". Unfortunately "anti-gay" or "anti-LGBTI" don't have that effect.

Maybe it's time to coin a new word, one that would get attention, be acceptable to the main stream world and obtain the kind of naming and shaming that the term "anti-Semitic" achieves.

One detail that should never be forgotten and which I personally feel gets completely overlooked or forgotten my most is that during WWII, LGBTI people were rounded up, put in concentration camps, tortured, abused, and killed just as cruelly as were the Jews, although, granted, not in nearly the same numbers.

1. Develop and promote positive role models and archetypes within the LGBTI communities - we are people and we bring positive value to the societies we are born into, live among, and/or work with.
2. Develop sound arguments to promote a positive image of LGBTI individuals somehow in main stream media and communications.
3. Get more laws passed to protect LBGTI from being targetted in any jokes or dialogues in mainstream media - even better make it a crime punishable by fines or imprisonment.

Just some ideas.
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shakil (user currently living in PAKISTAN) posted for gay bisexual readers to the PAKISTAN country page on 30/05/2013 +25
Hi, I am Shakil, 27 years old, but i still could not shared with what i am what i want because i belong to muslim family and i know i am Muslim, belong to country where its not allowed to man can Love man.. But here in Pakistan gays are just used for sex needs..

But i feel i don't know why i do love man. i want to live my life i have right to live because i feel what i want.
how i am writhing nobody knows so why i follow them.???
i want to break all the rule just i need a life partner.

I love and like guys who are elder than me, who like old things, old music, old but good ideas. I don't believe in figure and dicks or such type of things, i just like who loves me and cares me whoever is he.

if you have seen Syed's and Chris (Gay) Love Story same like that i need boyfriend or Lover, well he is not financially well but i will compromise and try to fulfill my and his needs.
i have downloaded Movie Beautiful Thing which is gay movie but still i could not have watched, well its story is about two boys who are disappointed from their lives but when they meet together they change their lives....
so i am waiting for an angel who comes and change my life forever.

I am Social Worker, working with Non Governmental Organization NGO, i love to work for Child Protection so i am working with Child Protection NGO as Project Coordinator. WE have established two Functional Literacy and Life Skills Centers for Child Labor where 200 hundred workers 07 to 13 years old are being facilitated... even i am sick of our Chairman but still for children i work.. before working here i had worked with International Rescue Committee IRC as Protection Officer since 08 December 2010 to 31 December 2011, and my previous experience is working with Save the Children as Community Mobilizer..

If you will understand this Poem you will realized how i am suffering and what i feel...

If My Suffering Found a Tongue

My suffering is a song unsung
My soul a speck without a seal

If my surfing found a tongue
My name and sign it would reveal

If of my soul I found the sign
I would perceive the world’s design

If this secret were in my reach
My silence would acquire speech

Sway over all created things
And the empire of both worlds be mine
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2boy (user currently living in JAPAN) posted for straight readers to the JAPAN country page on 14/12/2010 tagged with human rights +25






毎日新聞 2010年12月8日 東京朝刊

I would like you to know the article below.
I translated by google translation.

Ishihara: gay, "too bad"

Tokyo Governor Shintaro Ishihara is 07 for homosexuals "have the feeling that somewhere still missing. Like it because of genetics.'m In the minority, I feel sorry," he said.

Ishihara February 3 PTA when the lobby for tighter regulation of cartoon sex organizations, "You do not hesitate to come out a bunch of homosexuals in something television. Japan is be too recklessly," he said has responded to a reporter's question to determine the real intention.

Ishihara 7 days, as memories of the past when it visited San Francisco, "I saw a gay parade, I thought it look really sorry. A pair of men, but a pair of women still missing somewhere you feel, "he said.

TV appearance for homosexual, "and particularly for selling it to Shoappu, and that I Dounokouno of the TV, I'll no cases of foreign" and again mentioned. [Work] Mano Mori

Tokyo on December 08, 2010 Morning Mainitishinbun
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Syed Ali Murad (user currently living in PAKISTAN) posted for bisexual readers to the PAKISTAN country page on 05/11/2012 +25
I am 18 years old.And i Lives in Pakistan.I am Bisexual.There is no rights for us in Pakistan.I want a job in Europe,specially in Spain,in any gay sex network companny.Plzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzz HELP ME.And sorry for my Bad English because i know only Urdu language.0331-5878214 contac with me and give me a job plzzzzzzz.On Face Book my ID is sillentkiller007@hotmail.com.And if you call me between 11am t0 1pm(At Pakistan Time).And plzzzzzzzzzz Dont inform to my parents that i like gay sex because they are Muslims.
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(user currently living in INDIA) posted for lesbian readers to the INDIA country page on 09/03/2014 +25
i am fed up of behaving fake because Indian Society doesn't accept Lesbians/Gays n m desperately waiting for a female partner in India who want to be in Serious Relation. if ur lesbian and living in Mumbai in India please feel to contact me. Not for Time pass...
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posted for lesbian readers to the RUSSIAN FEDERATION country page on 02/12/2009 +25
The First All-Russian Gay Infrastructure to be launched in St.-Petersburg in December 2009

We kindly invite you to the press conference to be held on Friday, the 11th of December 2009 at 12.00 on the occasion of the launch of “Tao Zone” All-Russian LGBT Area. The press-conference will be followed by a buffet.
Where: St.-Petersburg, Russia. Moscovsky prospect, 109 building 3
Map (please print out the map to make sure you will find the place): attached

A brand-new LGBT network “Tao Zone”(«Зона Дао») is to be open in St. Petersburg, Russia in December 2009. It was founded by Marina Inyakina and Maria Faivisovich. They recently were successful executives with ambitious career plans. Something changed at the beginning of 2009 when they met to move from Moscow to St.-Petersburg and start their own project.
Now their ambitious aim is to create a unique infrastructure for gay community as well as comprehensive support for homosexuals from all over Russia.
It’s commonly known, that there are no gay people in Russia. The society is so kind to be blind when they just live “somewhere” and do not “expose” their way of life. Well, that’s ok for an average person to be saved by a gay resuscitation specialist, and the next day he or she will be “tolerant” (that is, pass by and not recognize the savior and his same-sex partner holding hands). It’s fine for the government to be paid taxes by a gay top-manager, but how dares he to apply for the social partnership with his long-term partner or for any rights arising from such a partnership?

A gay person in Russia is suppressed by the society and is subject to guilt, shame and reservedness. These three cornerstones are not the best ones to establish a community. But Marina and Maria made up their mind to sell out almost everything they possessed to change the situation. It is not so unusual to invest money in your own business in case you are 100% sure you will gain, but the owners of “Tao Zone” cannot be so sure. Their audience can be described as “upper-lower to middle class”. There is no trace of luxury in “Tao Zone”, everything is as simple as it could possibly be. Marina and Maria intend to create a gay-oriented infrastructure, which includes a night club, yoga and dance school, English lessons, psychological support, business network (recruitment and socialization in a new business environment for homosexuals) a bookstore, a fitness recreation studio and a mini hotel for queers who are short of money. The two ladies set up their risky project in a 170 sq.m. premises within a walking distance from “Moskovskie Vorota” metro station. The renovation was made completely by themselves with the help of several volunteers. They will launch the nigh club first to proceed with the yoga school and dance school. Marina and Maria are in need of those who share their ideas, but in the end they are ready to make the most difficult job, and like-minded people will join.

Please RSVP to Marina Inyakina dao@daodao.ru, +7 (950) 003-7147, +7 (950) 003-7142
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MJ (user currently living in PHILIPPINES) posted for lesbian readers to the PHILIPPINES country page on 01/10/2012 +25
My first Confession

Life is harder when you’re a homosexual. Those words hurt me much. Yes I’ am a lesbian and this homosexuality kills me everyday. The world is not yet ready to accept us, our culture as a Filipino is still preventing us to integrate totally in the mainstream of our society, although some gays and lesbians have been accepted already because of their efforts, acceptance is not as whole as GENUINE recognition to us. I don’t know of laws recognizing us, like for example the same sex marriage is not yet mandated or legalized by our government at the present time, in my own family culture as well, where my family labeled homosexuals as abnormal and evils. And it hurts me that it frightened me to speak up my homosexuality.

I was a child when I felt that there is something wrong with me, I was 5 years old I guess, I remember when I don’t want to wear girl’s dress like “palda or bistida” and I am more of shorts or pants, I also had crushes with my females teachers then. I indentified myself as insane that time (because I’ am different), though I was a child then, everything was really different to me. My poor age didn’t obstruct me to think that there’s something wrong with me.

Years passed by and my homosexuality became part of my system, I learned to embrace it though it pains me so much then, It made me inferior about myself. That was the time when my inferiority complex started to ruin my life. I was very ashamed of myself, I had few friends, I didn’t participate in class, and I was very quiet with a very tiny voice in the class, I couldn’t speak up any stronger because of my inferiority complex. I thought my lesbianism would express and people would avoid me. I was like a dust, a figurine, or any displayed photos/pictures attached around classrooms. I never acknowledged because I didn’t want to because I feared that people would learn my identity. And I had been so much careful to hide it that time to avoid any rejections.

My high school days were one of the most hurtful moments through out my existence. I had my first love and my first heart break. I almost tried to take a suicide then. It broke my spirituality I felt that my life had no meaning at all. She’s the most lovely and intelligent student in our class that time. She loves to mingle with everyone. I fell in love with her because we became one of the closest friends in the class, and most of the time we were together. I didn’t expect much from her that time, I never disclosed my sexuality up to this time, I had my limitation, I never took advantage of her, however sometimes I got jealous and I expressed it through avoiding her. Why everything turned such way? The first time I saw her, I thought she was the same girl I had crush with. Until we became close friends because of her skills in making friends with everybody, that’s why everyone in the class loved her. I had good sense of humor then, the reason why she liked me. I was in 4th year high school when we became classmates and friends. Her friendly attitude killed me, though I never expected everything from her as I said earlier, because I know she could not love me back since she’s not a lesbian too, until one time, she said to me that she loves me and I was like her girlfriend, and the most striking words she said was “I would never ever find a boyfriend, you’re my girlfriend and I’ am a lesbian” she laughed after those words had expressed. And because I didn’t expect anything to her, I laughed too and I took those words as jokes; however deep inside I was very happy that time. Since then, my mind said “never expects” while my heart said “you have a chance” and I followed the second.

Everything turned well after that day, we texted some nights and we exchanged sweet messages, like” I love you” and were always together in every class, I think that situation last after months when she became close with our other classmates. I never get her attention anymore then. And that made us separate most of the times. Her new friends were also the friends of her suitor, and that made him had his easy contact to her, I was so jealous to the both of them every time I found her together. Since then, I realized that everything we had was only a joke, but that joke was never a funny joke nor an entertaining one but the most hurtful joke I could ever received in my life.
Though her suitor basted by her, I tried to give up my feelings, because I followed what my mind said to me (never expects) I analyzed every single thing we had, I concluded that she’s not a lesbian but she’s just a friendly girl who loves to get into a serious relationship with a BOY by the time she is ready to commit. That conclusion was very suicidal on my part but I tried to move on because I know my dream is impossible and it won’t ever happen. Until we graduated and years passed by, we saw each other again. This is through the use of facebook and I was second Year College then I guess. We chatted and greeted each other; I once or twice visited her in their house, my love for her started to bloom again, because of sweet messages to me, that’s my vulnerability, “sweet message from a sweet girl is my vulnerability”. When I asked her if she had a boyfriend, she said none, and she would wait for the perfect time, she never had one since high school, I asked her just to challenge her. Although I had crushes and I once in love again with other girls, my love for her bloomed once more but not for long and this was because I fell in love with other girls during my college days.

My college days were another suicidal days in my life, I fell in love with my girl classmate. But these were more painful that the prior experience. I had many crushes, but I will focus more on the people I fell in love with. I took (secret) course, the course that changes my life. Anyhow I fell in love with 2 girls. The one when I was 2nd year college, the second when I was 3rd up to 4th year college. The former was painful, and I fell for her for just months only, it was not that remarkable for me, I am moved on this time, but for the purpose of remembering I will tell it all on this writing. The girl was not that pretty and not that intelligent, (the opposite of my first love). I fell in love with her because she’s so friendly to me; my sense of humor was once again the cause of my attachment with her. As I remembered, only month when I we were attached to each other, again it was just a friendship attachment, and I was just paranoid again. It was in the middle of loving her when I learned that she’s in a relationship with a guy “a baduy guy” from that I tried my best to forget but it was so hurtful that my school performance was affected by that situation.

But the pain in my heart had lost easily when I met the second girl. She was different from the other girls. I enjoyed loving her, though she was the most insensitive girl among others. We fought most of the time. My sense of humor for another time was the reason why she liked me. But because of our opposite personalities we fought most of times then. Similar to my prior experiences, I was the one who expecting for her love back, she’s from a broken relationship with our classmate and because I ‘am cute and huggable (my sense of humor too) she enjoyed my company and perhaps I was her way of moving on from her broken relationship. But again, it was another friendship attachment. Though sometimes our sweetness is extraordinary, I bleed because of her. In the middle of my attachment with her, she fell in love again with her ex-boyfriend. I got jealous so I tried my best to separate myself with her, (so I won’t hurt that much) and since we always fighting, It motivated me to move away. I received hurt words from her, not so good treatment as well. That time, my sexuality is not only the problem but my preferences in terms of hobbies, styles, and point of views became the reasons why I bleed and tried my best to move on. Fortunately, I was able to let go of her, and now I confidently say that I am moved on with her memories. And the good thing is that we are all good friends presently.

The experience with the third girl made me more pessimistic about love. I tried my best to compensate my time to something that will make me happy and successful instead. Love is not a love for me, Love is just a word, but its definition doesn’t contain the feeling or the meaning when you’re in love” I became more serious about my work. After college, I volunteered myself as a community organizer in an agency. My sexuality was still the issue, but it was not that my major problem then. I focused more on my existential purpose in this world. I tried to do my best to be a good person and hard working one.

One year later, I fell in love with my first love again (high school); she invited me for a date on Feb 14, 2011. That was my happiest valentines through out my existence. I thought I gave up her. But she was the one who approached me for a date and she’s still kind and lovely to me then. (As I said earlier that’s my vulnerability). Since then, my hope for her love became powerful. However, after all, I found out that she’s in love with our high school classmate, the boy is currently active on church same as her, I think the reason why she’s in love with the guy is because of his (the guy)passion in doing church activities. I almost dead when I learned that, but since I bleed many times before, I was able to handle my depression, however one thing I worried of is my behavior towards love. I feel that everyday my pessimistic point of view about love gets stronger and most of the time I cannot control my anger which affects my work and my relation with other people and my family as well. Most of the time I prefer to be alone, I avoid any of emotional attachment, until I took my board exam.

I took my board exam this year and fortunately I passed the exam, this could be my biggest accomplishment this year, but in terms of love life, I ‘am still hopeless again. Until I met one of my closest friend in college, we took the board exam and board review together, it was almost 3 months and within that time, I fell in love with her, It was weird because during my college days I didn’t have care for her, although we are good friends ever since, but she was really kind and sweet to me, I remember when the time we ate together and she said that she had a crush on me, however since I had fallen in love with my other classmate that time, I ignored her and I took not seriously every thing she had said to me that time, anyway, if I took her seriously, that could be another false interpretation of love again, (perhaps I was just insanely thinking that she’s really in love with me when everything was a just a friendship thing) that’s why I ignored her BUT, my vulnerability prevailed again. After we passed the exam I fall in love again my feeling for her became stronger when I slept over in their house during the days of examination. She is more beautiful than before and she is still so sweet to me, the reason why I fell in love with her. After the board exam I was not able to see her everyday, however, I always see her on twitter, before I ignored her on twitter but since I have fallen in love with her right now, I always poke her with messages in twitter, and she’s tweet me back too with sweet messages like “I love you” a friendship thing but I look at it more than that. She invited me for a date last week only, I also slept over in their house. I was so happy to see her again; we talked, ate and laughed. She also loves me because of my sense of humor. BUT, another reason why I accepted her invitation was to validate if she loves me too, through silent investigation I found out that she’s not in love with me, she’s from a broken relationship two years ago, the reason why she loves to mingle with other people including me is to move on with her traumatic experience wit her former failed relationship. And it hurts like hell.

Until now, I’ am bleeding with my sexuality, I don’t know how to start, though I have plans separate from love live, I am still unhappy with my life, loving is the happiest experience in a man/woman life. But, knowing I could get the love the way I want to it to be felt, it keeps me thinking that I would never ever had I best moment in my life. Everything would be boring. I’ am depressed right now. I want to disclose my sexuality but for what? My family, my friends are not that supportive, I don’t know how is it going to be if I disclosed it now?

I feel my sexuality affect my whole individuality. And I am not happy with it, I had this inferiority complex because of this sexuality, and living with inferiority complex could increase the chances of failing. My profession is very different to what I supposed to portray myself. I should be stronger and I should accept myself. But regardless of professional background and knowledge I have right know if I’ am not happy with my life and that society is not that supportive to our sexuality everything then, would be USELESS. Where can I get the best motivation to speak up the real me?

I ‘am now working in an agency where I supposed to be strong. And I supposed to be stronger enough to handle and to solve my problem (my homosexuality). BUT I can’t. I want every one in this world would be supportive to homosexuals. I don’t want to be rejected, the world we are living right now has full of discriminating laws, policies, and structure. And I want to be heard by someone/somebody who will understand me genuinely, without judgment and rejections.

I ‘am sorry if I wrote so long. My experiences with whom I fell in love with were the saddest moments in my life. For me, loving is the most difficult moment for a homosexuals. Loving should be as sweet as heaven, but it became bitter as hell for us. I don’t want to compensate my broken hope about love to work. I ‘am not the kind of person who will work the rest of my life instead of doing things I preferred the most. But, the problem is the impossibility of my wants.

I want to be loved the way I want, I don’t want to be forever alone, or to devote much of my time in working. I want to be like other people, I want to have what I want to have. Life is temporary and I don’t want to live like an invisible homosexual whose real happiness is so far to achieve.

I want a help from you guys, I want to change my life, I want strength, a person to lean on, and a person to talk with without any pre-judgment impression on whatever I will disclose of. I want a loving responds from what I have been through. This is the first time I wrote to disclose my sexuality after more than 20 years of existence. I WANT A HELP FROM YOU L
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March (user currently living in PAKISTAN) posted for gay bisexual readers to the PAKISTAN country page on 05/07/2013 tagged with human rights, religion, illegality of male to male relationships +25
Hello readers.
Well my name is March (as I don't want to expose it here). The story goes like this that I'm a good looking young guy. Who is really creative and innovative by thoughts. Who really wants to go abroad and prove himself in any field of life. But unfortunately life has been too tough on me. I'd been in lahore for like 8 months and I through a gay networking website, met ample people and dated them. Yet I finally concluded after my experiences that lahore has completely transformed into an HUB OF GAYS. Guys have now started to cross dress and they call each other BAJI (SISTER). I mean what the hell is going on! Well if this is a bitter truth then why we are not ready to accept it? It must be accepted by hook or by crook. Now the problem is that my family got to know by some means that I'm gay too. But I'm not completely gay I'm a bisexual. Im in a relationship with a female. But I enjoy being with guys too. My family wants me to quit all this creep. But I want to quit my family. But as a student I'm not financially sound to be on my own. I've completed my graduation, but I guess there are no much jobs unless you have masters in some program. I feel myself so lonely. I want to quit everything and want to fly abroad. I want someone to help me...
Somebody who can save me... :(
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MD & KK 4 LIFE (user currently living in GUYANA) posted for lesbian readers to the GUYANA country page on 17/01/2010 tagged with sexual orientation, illegality of female to female relationships +25
I am a lesbian, living in Guyana but find it hard to be with the one i love because of what people think about it. I have had it with what people think, this is about me and my happiness so i will be with her and i will prove that it is not about SEX but rather matters of the HEART. I am truly in LOVE with her and i will have her dispite what people think because at the end of the day they dont care about me or my happiness. I choose to be happy and this is what makes me happy.
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(user currently living in PAKISTAN) posted for gay lesbian transgender bisexual intersex straight readers to the PAKISTAN country page in response to this story on 08/01/2013 +24
to all LGBT friends plz contact me as i will help you out.

seema khan
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Jose (user currently living in GERMANY) posted for gay lesbian transgender bisexual intersex straight readers to the GERMANY country page on 14/05/2012 tagged with marriage / civil unions +24
My story is very simple: now we have for the first time in our lifes a president in the USA that speaks openly and personally accept gay marriage. Thousands of conservative people including the religious are moving against him in order to destroy him and his courage. What are we doing? What are we all gays and lesbians and bisexuals and transgenders are doing to support him? what? Why not take the chance! Gays of the world, please stand UP!
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(user currently living in PAKISTAN) posted for readers to the PAKISTAN country page on 24/11/2012 tagged with health +24

My Sexuality Dilema: Your Opinion And Advice Sought!!

I'm 34 years old. Since the age of 11 or 12, I have had a rather peculiar condition as regards my sexuality:

Instead of feeling sexually attracted toward the women, I feel attraction toward men aged a lot higher than myself. My desire is always to feel and explore their body--bosom and genitalia --, exchanging hugs and kisses and sharing their bed, BUT I NEVER FEEL ANY URGE FOR ANAL SEX -- whether be acting as top or bottom, nor do I have any lust for nudity. All I seek is a close contact with an aged person of my erotic liking, and that causes me to ejaculate.

In almost all of my sexual fantacies and dreams, I find myself enjoying an expereince of this sort or being wishful of being such and such a person's wife, or female sexual partner.

I once even had sex with a women so as to give myself the taste of the feeling so I could get my sexuality straightened. but the condition still remains despite that and the fact that I don't have -- and haven't had -- any male companion to cater to my desire.

I'm nowadays studying at a university, in an open and free co-education environment, where the males and the females freely intermingle, but, while I do enjoy talking to my female peers here, the only sexual urge I have ever felt during my three year stay here has been toward the male aged people that I have come into contact with -- among them three faculty members (with ages nearly 63, 66, and 77, respectively), the directors of hostels and of messing (both aged around 60), and a hostel caretaker (aged 61), for instance.

Last year in May, I had my first-ever free encounter with an aged person, a 63-year-old New Yorker gay, which I really enjoyed, but have never had any such opportunity despite many attempts on my part.

Since then, I've been visiting the most senior and aged professor of mine, who lives on campus all alone, his family being settled in Australia. I've tried many times to tacitly invite him to indulge in erotic acts and have noticed that he although he's taken the hints and perhaps would even like to accept the offer, but for fear of his repute!!

In the past, I've tried with several other aged people to entice them into the amorous activity, but have had very little success. The other person would sometimes not take the hint at all; sometimes tacitly ignore or even indulge; and once or twice even explicitly rebuke me.

In the above paragraph I've tried my best to describe accurately and to the point my actual situation. Please feel free, however, to ask any questions to enable you to get to the heart of the matter. I hope you could give me some good and well-thought-out advice on how best I can cope with my condition.

I would be really grateful if you can help me overcome this condition and be able to lead a normal sexually straight life.


Saaqib Mahmood


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Muhamad (user currently living in SAUDI ARABIA) posted for gay readers to the SAUDI ARABIA country page on 06/12/2013 tagged with lgbt families, human rights, illegality of male to male relationships +24
Im a 17 gay boy from Dammam and i get bullied in school and streets on the daily because i cant really hide my sexuality i knew that i was gay since i was like 13 and ever since it's been living hell
On a bright note a while back i came out to my best friend and even tho he's straight he's been very supportive and understanding and i feel better know
I plan to go to the us for college and hopefully live the rest of my queer life there and just say FUCK YOU to my homophobic parents.
Thank for reading xx
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(user currently living in LEBANON) posted for lesbian readers to the LEBANON country page on 14/11/2009 tagged with myths , homophobia +24
Once upon a time, I dedided to visit a psychologist, having the feeling I am lesbian but I never admited or at least accept it personally.So here I went expressing my self to my brave psychotherapist, she actually knew I am lesbian,once she told me, I refused the idea becuase of my religion view point.After a while I was struglling with my friend that I fell in love with her. Expressing my feelings to my sister, I came out,here she surprised me by saying I accept you as you are.My sister than gave me a push to admite to my psychologist that yes I believe I am a lesbian. My psychologist immediatly replied by it's NOT a sin,a sickness, or smoething wrong. I began to work on my slef to acccpet the idea, but couldn't solve my religious view point. So here comes my smart psychologist by saying:" I asked an open minded prest and he said it's not a sin." I started anylizing things in my mind, and asking my self is it really not a sin according to my religion?I decided to go to an open minded preset, so i aksed him:"Is homosexuality a sin?" He replied by NO it's NOT.The church used to believe homosexuality is victims, now they think it's normal, but according to the churh the pupose between starights is to produce a baby, so they are still asking themselves what is the purpose between homosexuals? So here I need to find the answer until they find there too.The problem in christins is, people used to say that homosexuality accroding to christianity is a sin, because everything people believe in, they through it into religion and say Christianity say it's a sin eventhough Christianity NEVER said this, but TRADITION say this.Finally, I accept it the idea more, and believed more that yes homosexuality IS NOT A SIN ACCRODING TO CHRISTIANITY. I am very proud to be who I am whether I am a lesbian or whatever I am.
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Selma (user currently living in TURKEY) posted for gay readers to the TURKEY country page on 21/07/2011 tagged with lgbt families +20
I was really concerned about my kids. I dedicated my life to them. They were everything to me in life. If anything were happen to them, i could not imagine my life afterwards, it would be pitch dark for me.
Tolga, my son, was my second child. I was planning to bring him up according to general social values in life and expectations. I made myself believe that i was playing my role perfect as an ideal mother figure. Like most of the mothers, i was observing them constantly, trying to help them out with the troubles they face and clear the path so that they can walk through in life with confidence. When i look at it now, i see that i was completely dependent to them. Now i realise it was more of a controlling than helping them out. My son was quite stressed out and anxious in his puberty years. I was aware that something was different about him. After having long conversations with him and observing his behaviours, i was suspecting that he could be gay or he could think that he was gay. I became anxious and was stressed out as well. When these thoughts battle in my mind, i was cheating myself saying that it was not possible since we were the parents who were bringing him up. This confusion could not go on like that.
One day, i nearly interrogated him, asking many questions, after 5 hours he came out to me, saying that he was gay. I witnessed how he was relaxed after that moment of coming out. He stopped crying and calmed down. Certainly, as he calmed down, my world was upside down and my anxiety was at top. I felt sorrow just like the day i had lost my father years ago…Lost…I lost my son after 17 years. I, identifying myself with him, lost myself as well. I could not recognise him anymore. Homosexuality was completely strange to the ideals that i had for him… How does he feel? What does he think of? In brief, what is homosexuality? My son whom i had known for years, did not exist anymore. He was a stranger. For a while we had got help from a psychologue. The psychologue made me realise about many things. In the meantime, i started to read books and articles about homosexuality. As i gained knowledge, i started to lose my fear. I began to understand why the society was afraid of gays. Ignorance or resistance to a new input in knowledge is the most horrible disease of all i reckon. I started to get acquinted him again from the beginning. In this hetic period, i always asked to myself ‘where could i end up other than loving a person?’. Forcing him to change or trying to make him fit into commonly accepted frame was meaningless. He was my son and meant more than my life to me. What was i afraid of? Was it that he would become someone i would not like him to be? Was it that he was completely different than what i had dreamed of? I realised that mine was a conditional love. Conditional love feeds expectations. When your expectations are met, you think that you love…I wanted to feel the unconditional love. So i started with loving myself first. Consequently, i began to love my children more.
I was born for the second time with him. I got to know myself better. My life and the way i look at life completely changed. When i met with his friends, his lovers, his close circle, i learned so many new things and i enjoyed that. Though it was late, I found the courage to ask myself ‘who am i?’. That is why he is my teacher. I am glad that our son found the courage to come out. Now, i have a completely different view about life and people. I would like to call out to all moms who have homosexual sons or daughters; please listen to your children by heart and try to be in contact as much as possible. Please be kind not to scare them with your prejudices and do not try to change them. Perhaps, you are the ones who should change. Just think for a moment that this system of moral and social values that condemn the other could be perfectly wrong. Read about it in order to gain knowledge first. It is a fact that being gay is not a disease and by rejecting this fact, we prepare an unhealty and unhappy future for them. The real love accepts it all. Just ask yourselves when you deal with your kids: What would love do in this situation?
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Greg (user currently living in UNITED STATES) posted for gay readers to the UNITED STATES country page on 28/10/2011 tagged with human rights, laws and leadership +20

Marion U.S. Penitentiary
P.O. Box 1000
Marion, Illinois 62959


To Whom It Should Concern:

I am a former physician and Lt. Commander in the United States Navy who is fighting for his freedom in the U.S. District Court, Northern District of Georgia. Although my criminal case is complicated and the charges naturally contemptible (illegal pornography found on my computers), I am an honest, God-fearing, American citizen who deserves the benefit of an impartial judge who does not believe that increased prison time can be assessed based on legal, private, homosexual conduct in one's past.

Yet my judge, Judge Charles A. Pannell, Jr., believes just that, and he substantially enhanced my prison sentence based on legal gay sex which took place three-years prior to arrest and had nothing to do with the counts of conviction. And, although I realize there is not a fundamental constitutional right to engage in legal, private, gay sex, the Supreme Court has clearly held that (1) it is a substantive due process violation to sentence a man to as much as a fine for such conduct (see Lawrence v. Texas (2003)), and (2) it is "a due process violation of a basic sort" to punish a person simply because he has “done something that the law plainly allows him to do" (see Bordenkircher v. Hayes (1978)).

To be sure, history teaches that there once lived a horrible man who managed to convince thousands of his minions to help him execute a bigoted agenda against millions of Jews, homosexuals and persons of "color" in the 1930's and 1940's in order to create a "perfect" race. The agenda was wrong then, and it is wrong now! What Judge Pannell has done to me is not merely unconstitutional; it is unlawful according to the Hate Crimes legislation codified by Congress in 2008. I need your help to see to it that Judge Pannell's agenda does not gain traction under cover.

Make no mistake; judges are, for the most part, honest, decent people who strive to do what is right when wrestling with a large number of complex, inflammatory situations. Indeed, judges do a tremendous job when they remain loyal to the law, the Constitution, and their Oath of Office (which mandates impartiality as to persons). However, the moment they cross the line and abuse their power to execute a hateful, bigoted agenda, they must be checked. In my case, Judge Brill has refused (see her Order, which is attached) to hold Judge Pannell accountable, choosing instead to excuse his actions under the umbrella of "judicial decisions" which are somehow sacrosanct. She is wrong in her endeavor, and a "government of laws" will surely morph into a "government of men" if her ruling is allowed to stand.

I urge you to read Judge Brill's order and my appeal of that order. I hope that you are in a position to generate public awareness, because I fear that without pressure to do what is right, Judge Pannell (the person to whom the appeal was presented) will simply ignore what he has done.
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Mark Simpson (user currently living in FRANCE) posted for gay lesbian straight readers to the MOROCCO country page on 30/10/2012 tagged with tourism, at the work place, hate crime and violence prevention, human rights, laws and leadership , sexual orientation +20
My name is Dr. Mark S. Simpson. I am a living example that homophobia is alive and well. I was a career educator at some of the finest institutions in the United States, including Director of the Upper School at Windward in Los Angeles and Trinity in New York. A very sad event occurred in 2008. The head of Trinity School, a friend, mentor and amazing leader passed away. I decided to ease my pain by moving on. I was offered a job as the headmaster at a school in Morocco. It seemed like destiny – to serve a school in an area of the world where so many were denied education. To lead an institution towards that most honorable goal – educating the young and giving them hope for a better future. This choice would ultimately lead to the devastation of my stunning career, the shattering of my personal well being and the destruction of my life.

When I arrived at the school, it was instantly apparent that it was infiltrated with shady, dishonest and criminal characters. Not a safe environment for children, and come to find out, not a safe environment for a person like me (while I had a genius IQ), unfortunately, I went through life without ever learning (what my partner calls) street smarts. So many horrible things happened; I did not even survive the first year. The major event that occurred; and for which I had no participation - a dual national (American and Moroccan) person was fired by the Board of Directors. Sadly for me, this religious fanatic and true homophobe, decided to focus his intense revenge on me - for three years now. He sent communications to schools I applied to; contacted the agency that represented me and put out terrible lies; most notably that I was a pedophile. Needless to say, in the world of education, even a lie about that issue ends your career. He didn’t stop there. He stalked me on email, Facebook and my blogs; he had infiltrated my computer in Morocco and obtained my contact lists and has also written 30 page diatribes about me; or in some cases pretended to be me – writing to former students saying I was sexually interested in them. I have continuously relocated around the world, concerned about my personal safety.

All of this has more than devastated me. I am being treated for PTSD, and in my mental state, I am unable even to search for or hold a basic (non-education) job. As if destroying my professional career and my personal life is not sufficient, he has now taken to filing suit against me for slandering him (what a joke that is).

Homophobia is alive and well. The one thing I have remaining is my ability to write. Truth be told, I am a good writer and it brings me some semblance of satisfaction. I write this story, not because I am looking for empathy but to tell gays and lesbians that not only is homophobia alive and well, but that it takes on many different faces. I have a strong and loving partner who gets me through each day. However, by sharing this story I hope I can give some support to others who share life altering experiences because of who they are.

I invite anyone that wants to read my blog (http://www.whitmanandrimbaudkissing.com/) and to join me as I continue to battle this deep rooted hatred and bigotry because of who I love.
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(user currently living in NETHERLANDS) posted for gay readers to the MEXICO country page on 06/01/2010 tagged with families /parenting, tourism +20
When we (male-male couple, plus two boys, whom we have been co-parenting since their birth - at that time they were in secondary school) visited México, we thought that arrangements in hotels might be more difficult than we had experienced in Europe on previous holidays. Two adult men, two boys, four different family names.
But probably because it was so obvious that we were a family, no-one ever asked any question. Thanks for non-discriminating hospitality, Mexicans!
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(user currently living in NIGERIA) posted for gay lesbian bisexual readers to the NIGERIA country page on 05/05/2011 tagged with human rights, sexual orientation, illegality of male to male relationships +20
On the 12th of jan 2011, a day before the PDP Primaries, PUNCH newspaper published an interview with the Gay Association of Nigeria {the interview was done on the 11th at a hotel in Abuja}. The interview in question, was done by some executive members of the Association but a whole lot of members turned up for support.... During the interview, Vikky labbele stated when he was asked who 'GAN' will support for primaries and said ATIKU. He said the association will support Atiku because he is father/businessman and understanding person who they believe can make Nigeria better. He never said Atiku was gay. He further stated that GAN can like any other association has rights to declare support for who ever they want like its done in developed countries around the world. That said interview generated a lot of controversy and was believed to be cause of Atiku's downfall because he lost the primaries woefully. The issue at hand now is that Atiku loyalist have vowed to seek every member of GAN out dispose them....... As i write report now, The SSS are on the tail of the members who are already on the run from Atiku's loyalist {they have murdered 2 members as at the 29th}. All the executive and most members of GAN are on the run for their lives.
The question now is that, How long will we keep running, What will happen to our jobs and houses since we are in no position to trust anybody? The said interview can be checked online on http://www.punchng.com/Archive.aspx?datex=01%2F12%2F2011 . Thhis write up is written by Adeyinka Cartwak. Adeyinka is currently the project director for Gay Association of Nigeria and he is creator of 'Nigerian gay lesbian bisexual lovers and friends on facebook. https://www.facebook.com/group.php?gid=154681804546033. Adeyinka can be reached on adeyinkacartwak@yahoo.com
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