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The Your Stories section is all about you! Please take a minute to tell visitors of the ILGA website about what LGBTI life is like in reality. Please submit your personal story and share your experience!

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SITGES, DIVERSIDAD Y CALIDAD HUMANA (user currently living in SPAIN) posted for gay lesbian transgender bisexual intersex straight readers to the SPAIN country page on 08/08/2014 tagged with tourism, lgbt families, health, human rights, sexual orientation
Desde Sitges, lanzamos un reto .... ACCIÓ en BLAU. (Acción en Azul)

SVS invita a los ciudadanos residentes y visitantes de la zona del Garraf a sentirse parte de nuestro proyecto. También agradecemos todo apoyo de los que como nosotros, creen en la acción social, a prestarnos su ayuda.

Sitges es un crisol de culturas y razas, y también de preferencias sexuales. Ayúdanos a difundir este concepto de igualdad de trato y oportunidades sin discriminación por ser distinto. ¡Viva la diversidad!

¿Quieres recibir más información sobre Sitges y su calidad de vida en diversidad y sin discriminación?

Si vas a viajar a España, no dejes de visitar Sitges y Cataluña, dónde el respeto a la diversidad es su sello de garantía. Contacta con nosotros y haremos que vivas una experiencia singular en relaciones humanas y convivencia plural.

Trabajamos para el colectivo LGBT y las minorías, así como para la familia en toda su extensión desde los niños a los mayores, sin olvidar la población activa y desempleada en nuestro capítulo de economía social.

¡Trabajamos para ti!

Síguenos en :-

Facebook - https://www.facebook.com/svsitges?fref=ts

Twitter - @SitgesSVS

Webpage - www.accioblau.org
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Let me introduce myself, I am Julien Mbiada , I am 29 years, I partly grew up in Yaounde and I am representing Proudly Cameroon in Mr Gay World 2014. The competition takes place in Rome, Italy, 24 – 31 August, and I will be competing against 31 other delegates from all over the world.

The reason why I chose to take part in Mr Gay World is bring my support to all organizations fighting to get Cameroon to remove the law criminalizing male to male relations and make a Cameroon where one if free to love whoever he wants without the fear of being prosecuted. Who are we to just someone's feelings ? A life not able to truly express your love is already a life in a prison. I am not after gold, I am not after a tittle, all I wish thru my entering to Mr world is to make my government, African government to understand that we are not bad, we are actually the good the world could every thanks enough. We bring happiness, fun and prosperity. And just as the color of the rainbow, we make a nation colorful, bright and open to the world. We never been against a religion, we never corrupt, we are part of everyone's life but maintain out low profile and focus on perfectioning our duties. We pay out taxes, we adopt orphans and give them a future, we invest and support our nation, our nature... We respect our traditions. ALL WE ASK IN RETURN IS FREEDOM. Is that hard to give ? I am really honoured to get this possibility to represent my country and be able to promote my cause.

The Mr Gay Worl preparation wasn't easy I must say, as I didn't have any sponsor from my Dear country but I wasn't expecting anything in fact, I have support from friends around the world sponsors in Australia -Philippines and so and seeing and reading what everyone is doing to bring peace and love in Cameroon gave me the spirit of patriotism. I am doing what is right for Cameroon and one day I wish to celebrate with all a free an open minded African Country. Why not organizing one of the biggest and extravagan African Mardi gras We ever seen ? :)

As a Gay man in Cameroon, I was lucky to have a wonderful mother that understood me from the young age. I remember I used to find myself different @12yrs old asking mum why ain't I like my friends or other kids, I was feeling like something was either missing or different, by that I mean I was calm, reserve, hated violence , fascinate by culture, art, music and very very caring for others which made me spend most of my time in doors or looking after my grand grand mother during my school holidays I I was not traveling around the globe. Mum told me "I feels different because I am Special." That was all I needed to feel free about myself. Growing up, that sentence helped me a lot to go thru any kinda of discriminations "because I am special she said" and that was enough to make me feel like a free man. I can't say free man when other like me aren't that's why am using "feeling".
As a grown up gay men in Cameroon, it's sad to see how things have changed, people are using the fct that the colonial law still exist to hurt and abuse each either, which makes it hard to be openly gay. I have hurt many died and those in prison to being gay which is also another misuse of the current law. So far we still stand. A work needs to be done, the population need education and that needs to be introduce to the Africans, Camerionians with the help of our leaders. We are the children of this Nation, we feel because of our emotions orientation but we not different that anyone. We eat the same, we dance,drink,study, pray, believe to God or Hallah ... We are part of the society. We deserve what any men an women out there wish to find "Love". And that should not just come from aboard. We deserve to be looked at Cameroonians not as a Menace because we far from being one.

I hope my message can be send via this new paper, and help the world to Undertand that Cameroon is on the way to a beautiful future. That's part of develpment and I challenge our President Electer by Us all to bring du Change.
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Important Blog post on internet entrapment in Saudi Arabia: http://paper-bird.net/2013/12/19/jeddah-prison-cell-18-entrapped-in-saudi-arabia/
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hi i mohammed from yemen age 24 i gay and i want to be part of lgbt nation and go to united state To represent the Yemenis gays in the United States mobile phone 739466123 thanks, tlg6380@gmail.com
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A short documentary about gay Ugandan refugees in The Netherlands, who fled their home country due to anti gay laws in Uganda. I hereby send you the link of the video on Vimeo.

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Stephen (user currently living in CANADA) posted for bisexual readers to the CANADA country page on 05/05/2014 tagged with tourism, gender identity, human rights, sexual orientation
The FLUID Kickstarter campaign is down to its last 3 days - don't miss your chance to support bisexual art in a first of its kind exhibition. If you are able, please donate, and if you can't, please share the link. http://kck.st/1fqR9Cg -- every little bit helps. FLUID is a part of the upcoming WorldPride 2014 Toronto celebrations.

For more information you can check out http://fluid2014.wordpress.com.
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Shenylee Ann C. Villavicencio (user currently living in PHILIPPINES) posted for transgender bisexual readers to the PHILIPPINES country page on 03/05/2014 tagged with tourism, sexual orientation +5
I'm a 19 bisexual 3rd yr pharmacy student , i identify my sexuality when i was 13 i was attracted to bithgenders even male or female but mostly i am always engage to gays and transgenders, so i can say that i am pansexual , i refuse to tell that im like this because i always feel that it is wron pg , there are things that usually bothers me like the elders rules that man is for woman because woman was created for man... but all i can say is LOVE is for everyone no matter what you no matter who you are everyone, anyone is free to love the way that they want , there are no such rules in the bible that oh man is just for woman , your a great sinner why would you love someone knowing that is immoral...
I also think that way before but now i realize living in your own way is way much better than living because of what others say. Now im happy that everyone accepts me. Except for my father, well i know sooner he will accept me. Actually i didnt have much troubke revealing who i am , because i already start proving them that people like me are not useless, my entire time revealing my sexuality is way better , i got few descrimination but it is more on acceptance im happy that everyone supports me,

there is one big problem that i am encountering right now, im currently in a relationship with a 32yrs old transgender woman who is living on USA well we all know that US is a liberated country, but there are still places there who keeps on discriminating trannies lesbians are ok gays are ok but not transgenders community doesnt want them to be called woman. And efen job opportunites there specially white people they are totally descriminated, now we are on our sorrowful dilenma of our life, her parents told her to leave me and just go with some guys there and she also think thats the only way to for her to live until i can go there. I dont ever want that kind of relationship, polygamy is a sin for me, i dont want her to use someone to support her because i cant support each other right now.
Now im asking my FELLOW LGBT for help i really wanted to be with her i love her so much and i really wanted to do anything for her its just always financial thing,
its like nowadays its not just our sexuality is a great problem but money also burry us to death
im still hoping that things could work out for both of us.
any suggestion?
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Stephen (user currently living in CANADA) posted for bisexual readers to the CANADA country page on 17/04/2014 tagged with tourism, sexual orientation
FLUID is an exhibition of bisexual photographers that will be taking place during Toronto's upcoming WorldPride celebrations. Currently there is a Kickstarter campaign which is at 42% of its fundraising target after only nine days. FLUID has until May 8th to reach our target. Each and every donation is very much appreciated and helps towards our final goal. FLUID actually takes place from June 5th to July 2nd at Project Gallery in Toronto.
Feel free to share this with your friends and your social networks. Tweet it! Tumblr it! Post about it on Facebook! Bisexual visibility has never been more important. You can go to http://kck.st/1jpnzvz to donate.

For more information:
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To my Nigerian Brothers snd Sisters:

This is a forum to tell our stories to the world. Instead of poignant posts, you add the typical, and well known, "Nigerian Scams" to this special forum.

Shame on you! Shame on all who posted messages on this forum in an attempt to elicit money through illegitimate means.


And know that we now have the technological means of tracing you back to the computer terminal you used when posting. Yes, we have found Government officials in Nigeria, those willing to cooperate with our group.

Who are we? We are an International Group dedicated to stopping Internet Traffic that violates the Sun/Trent/Obama/Putin Internet Accords of 2012. This was a joint accord signed by Leaders of China, Europe, the Americas, and Russia. Its goal is to stop Internet Scams, Email Flooding, and intentional disruption of websites.

In situations such as Scamming, we are working with local Internet Providers, setting up cameras in their cafes so the Scammers can be identified, and then when known, they are followed so other members of their gang can be identified.

The team has been successful - it recently identified, and then apprehended, an eight member gang working in Idogwari, a town just outside the Nigerian capital of Abuja.
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posted for readers to the PHILIPPINES country page on 07/03/2014 tagged with tourism
LGBT Internationale
I'm a human rights Juris Doctor
Philanthropist Advocate
Freelance Writer
I travel worldwide so I am fully aware
Of how each country's perspective approach
And views about LGBT.
Nota Bene' : Marriage is all above Love Not Gender!
LGBT rise for your rights for there is Justice for those
Who are not a Menace to Society. I help to poorest of the
Poor and abused children but there are an awful lot of
Straight people who are a Complete Big Morons and Criminals
Round the World and there are Straight men and Women who
are domestic abusers and with damn dick head they are rich and
Thick. I'm into civil partnership for almost 20 long years! The
straights couplets lost their home life broken bones and legs in
Only span of months. Who are big idiots and morons? It's
Not Gender it's the Personality of a human kind that matters.
email me I'm at your service : pam.pasion@yahoo.com
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Adele (user currently living in UNITED KINGDOM) posted for gay lesbian bisexual readers to the BULGARIA country page on 17/02/2014 tagged with tourism, gender identity +5
Whilst visiting Bulgaria with my Bulgarian girlfriend I discovered that it definitely isn't England. However - we did hold hands sometimes in Sofia, and although we got some looks that was it. In her small home town we didn't, but this was more for personal reasons. However there, even though we weren't showing any public affection my girlfriend was stared at for how she looks, not outlandish just a bit boyish. Over there the gender identities are very traditional. We know some younger friends over there who have come out, and the parents, although not happy haven't rejected them. However another Bulgarian friend living in England who just came out to his sister back in Bulgaria got told he should go to the doctor. There is much work to be done, but it's not as bad as Russia....yet.
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(user currently living in INDIA) posted for gay readers to the INDIA country page on 13/02/2014 tagged with tourism, hate crime and violence prevention
i was travelling in bus from Dehradun to Delhi. a guy seated next to me wss looking at me, i thought he is gay, i kept hand on his thighs for almost 5 hours and he did not say anything, when Delhi was just to arrive, he started thrashing me in the bus and broke my specs, when i got down from teh bus he took me to the police station and complained that i was trying to touch his provate parts. The hawaldar told me to sit in a cock posostion for 30 minutes and then left me after taking my contact dteailos in his register and charging me rs 500 fine without giving any receipt
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(user currently living in UNITED STATES) posted for gay readers to the RUSSIAN FEDERATION country page on 09/02/2014 tagged with tourism +5
I just brought a butt plug instead of my partner.
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Gayan (user currently living in SRI LANKA) posted for lesbian bisexual intersex straight readers to the SRI LANKA country page on 03/02/2014 tagged with tourism, intersex, at the work place, health, sexual orientation +4
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Dubai Dames (user currently living in UNITED ARAB EMIRATES) posted for straight readers to the UNITED ARAB EMIRATES country page on 28/01/2014 tagged with tourism, health, sexual orientation
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salisou mamadou (user currently living in GERMANY) posted for gay readers to the TOGO country page on 11/01/2014 tagged with tourism
Yeah mr no name why i dont wont t tell my name but now am in germay i have problem in togo because am gay while they send me to prison for 18 month and pays 500 dollas i thik there is no point for sub sahara africa to stop human been felings they put us in danger now i cant even live my country now so pls i need advice
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I have lived in South Korea for 3 years, I have loved every moment of my time.. so far!

I think this is a very Gay friendly country behind the scenes .

Legally the system is dated and the role of the Church dominates.

Change is needed and it is needed quickly because the world we live in HAS CHANGED and the Koreans need to get with the times..

Please sign my petition http://chn.ge/15MLc7k

As a Gay guy, I am concerned about the shame that society places on homosexuality. In Korea you have the proud Gay and the closet... who often gets married to a woman, under a joke of a situtation bogged down with contracts or a guy who will leave the country or take their own life.. the latter is my biggest concern... as it the situtation of parents throwing their kids out..

Please help SEOUL to wake up!

I find it ironic that Adjushis (old men) are allowed to rape freely in Saunas without problem or to feel men or women up and down in public without issue. I was on a Metro when an Old man touched my backside and then penis, I shouted at him, not one person did anything and the Korean Police simply took notes and said it happened an awful lot but because it is a Gay issue, it doesn't matter.

This country is awesome but THERE are problems.

Gays in the Army are asked hundreds of question to prove Gayness.

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In the U.S context, prominent domestic organizations sought to establish LGBT normalcy and inclusion as a means of assimilating into the heterosexual mainstream in order to change the minds and hearts of heterosexuals, pressuring local LBGT communities and individuals to give up their own sense of self and experience. I think its important to remember that stressing that " LGBTI people" are as normal as heterosexuals and deserve acceptance precisely because we are like every one else (aka straight people) was a political strategy. We need to remember what is normal and natural in society is constructed, our understandings of these categories are made up by mainstream society and politics. We should take pride in our difference and our queerness, we should not feel that we must make ourselves normal for others in order to feel good or enough or deserving of rights. there is no normal
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Giorgio (user currently living in ITALY) posted for gay readers to the ITALY country page on 16/12/2013 tagged with tourism, hate crime and violence prevention, health, human rights, laws and leadership , illegality of female to female relationships, illegality of male to male relationships +5
Hi everyone!

Today I'm not here for review the situation of LGBTQI law in Italy, or prejudice, or discrimination. I'm here only for give you some information about the crap of the actual law process.

At the Governament, we approved a racist and homophic law, when we discuss about an anti-homopobhic law! That's crazy! Only for tutelate an ipotetic "opinion", for our 21 code of the Costitution.
Anyway, nobody want this law, because it's eterophobic too, so that will never pass to the next step of the organization of the law in Italy. I'm sure of that.

I'm 15 and I fight every day for our rights. Human rights. I think that's important a law, but it's important to change the human minds. The human rights it's not an opinion and it isn't an expression or something. It's a crime. A human crime. A crime about the entire world. Because I'm impressed to see about the country with the "mortal law". WHAT?! You kill someone because it's different to you and because he love someone? You are juest crazy!

So, I hope India won't come back to up 148 years. And I hope Russia will improve the intelligence of it's Premier (Putin) and will be a better place for every human in this planet.

I hope. I hope everything. I wish one day, in the world, there will not be enough ignorant and racist people to construct a culture around hate and dicrimination. I wish, one day, the entire world will be just more human, and less criminal.

Giorgio, Turin; Italy
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esam (user currently living in YEMEN) posted for gay readers to the YEMEN country page in response to this story on 16/12/2013 tagged with tourism, at the work place, adoption, hate crime and violence prevention, human rights
I am a gay I am 25 years

i cant walk or talk with any one ,
In my community and my family want me sanish
I can not get any chance to work .. I can not walk in the street
my community treats me racist
My family want to get rid of me
Dealing with the community and my family is very difficult
I was working Internet Marketing But my brother made them package me He does not want me get the money
Two years ago, I went to another city , I worked in a hotel receptionist , the work was good .
Two months later, a man from my city ,He told them about me.
I can not continue because of harassment from employees and management.
I Quit
if i want go to the market , everyone look up and down at me ,, i can not stay 5 minutes in the market or Any public place.
,Always thinking Run away to anywhere no one knows me
They want me to commit suicide .. But I do not want .. Also I can not live
in the home They do not let me sleep and They tortured me psychological torture
In fact, I do not feel I am a human ,They look to me as a metamorphosis or a freak
my family treat me As a person stinking and some time as a slave
I'm scared to death , from my family , every day i thinking what they will do in the next day.
they torment me
I suffer from psychological problems.
? I do not no what i can do
my email anyo848@gmail.com
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john (user currently living in NIGERIA) posted for gay readers to the NIGERIA country page on 15/12/2013 tagged with tourism +5
14 years jail in u are cought
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Born Between (user currently living in UNITED STATES) posted for readers to the UNITED ARAB EMIRATES country page on 30/11/2013 tagged with tourism, intersex, teaching lgbt rights in schools, hate crime and violence prevention, gender identity, human rights, laws and leadership
I have been living in the Middle East for the past two years. We have been working on a film around the world on intersex. The web site is bornbetween.com. I have been reading some of the stories here and for those in countries that suppress human dignity, please DON'T GIVE UP!

Right now we are trying to raise funds for a documentary film. But if you are intersex and living in the Middle East or a country that suppresses your natural biological body you were born with, please email us your story at info@bornbetween.com We want to hear from voices in countries where we do not hear from because of religious or cultural suppression.

The link to the film funding campaign is:

<a href="http://www.indiegogo.com/projects/born-between-the-gender-spectrum/x/2374173">Born Between Web Campaign</a>
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Romy VVodka (user currently living in BELGIUM) posted for gay readers to the BELGIUM country page on 25/11/2013 tagged with tourism, at the work place
I was walking on de street and I saw a gay man kissing another, I said "It's not possible" because I never learned about this. In my country, everyone hides because everyone kills eachother. They say "I'm gonna kill you". We love men though, but we are not "gay".We are army.
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Please read this article:


Do something about it because they have been killing a lot of children out there out of accusations. Ask some international authority to put pressure on the country to change it's laws. Look at how the people there responded to the event; they were justifying what was done with biblical scriptures that's no longer accepted. I'm sure more children are going to die out there so please do something.
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Ozz (user currently living in UNITED STATES) posted for gay lesbian bisexual readers to the UNITED ARAB EMIRATES country page on 03/11/2013 tagged with tourism, gender identity, human rights, sexual orientation, armed forces
I am a 34 yr old Lesbian who is currently deployed and serving onboard one of our US Navy vessels. On my recent port visit to the U.A.E, I experienced no signs of harassment while touring the city of Dubai as part of a scheduled port call. Am a proud butch and LGBT member who wears baggy clothing and a short military fade haircut, but other than a curious Bangladeshi man who knew not what a lesbian was about, had a great time. Dubai is a bustling metropolis which brings in millions who come in for sun, fun and a touch of the exotic every year, and Dubai delivers.
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Lee (user currently living in SOUTH AFRICA) posted for lesbian bisexual readers to the SOUTH AFRICA country page on 04/10/2013 tagged with tourism, intersex, at the work place, adoption, illegality of female to female relationships
Hi all!! I have been fighting a lonely battle for quite some time!! I always thought I was just going through a jolling faze and just exploring and then to discover I'm 100%!! Bisexual!! I can not choose between male or female but to just follow my heart, feelings and attraction to another!! I met the love of my life at age 22!! And royally messed that up cuz was too young to know how to deal with it all properly! Moved to jhb from durbs for this girl! It's about 2 years later and I'm still dwelling in the past as I don't have a reason to move forward! I don't hang out with any people that are like me so I do not get to meet new people! I am at a point where I am quite depressed about this as I am dying to fall in love again and give it my all in a relationship again and do things right! Please can someone give me some advice or point me in the right direction!?
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TeK (user currently living in GEORGIA) posted for lesbian readers to the GEORGIA country page on 28/09/2013 tagged with tourism
I really need help here. I can not say that I'm lesbian to anyone, cause if they even think that I'm like that, they will try to humiliate or kill me. please watch 17 may demonstration in Tbilisi, Georgia.

I tried to kill myself once, I don't wanna die... please help
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arno ralf kneisel - osce/ksze-missionsleiter der StadtCOLOUR (user currently living in SWITZERLAND) posted for gay readers to the UNITED STATES country page on 21/09/2013 tagged with tourism, at the work place, gender identity, human rights, religion
we have reorganisation in our project StadtCOLOUR and new contacts for the worldwide gay-community:

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Gabor Kale (user currently living in HUNGARY) posted for gay lesbian transgender bisexual intersex straight readers to the RUSSIAN FEDERATION country page on 13/09/2013 tagged with tourism, hate crime and violence prevention, laws and leadership , sexual orientation
Open letter to Thomas Bach, the new president of IOC
... In the event of non compliance with the Olympic Charter the IOC is entitled to withdraw, at any time and with immediate effect, the organisation of the Olympic Games from the host city" (Olympic Charter 36 ยง 2.)
The IOC is entitled to withdraw the right to host Winter Olympic Games from Russia.
Please find the whole letter on Kaleidoscope website: http://kaleidoscope.blog.hu/2013/09/13/open_letter_to_thomas_bach_the_new_president_of_ioc
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(user currently living in SAUDI ARABIA) posted for gay readers to the JORDAN country page on 02/08/2013 tagged with tourism, at the work place +4
The law in Jordan is an Islamic law, It's not allowed for LGBT and the punishment is the Death.
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Kellie Cheer (user currently living in UNITED STATES) posted for gay lesbian bisexual straight readers to the UNITED STATES country page on 10/07/2013 tagged with tourism, hate crime and violence prevention, human rights, laws and leadership , sexual orientation, armed forces +5
I was visiting Cedar Point, which is in Ohio, USA. It is a rather large roller coaster park.
I went on an all day trip with my girlfriend Liz, and her foreign exchange student from Germany that Summer. We were all 16.
We were standing in line for about 2 full hours when we were just getting to the front of the line for the newest ride. All of a sudden, a cop taps on my shoulder and tells me that "all three of us ladies need to step out of line."
Liz, the German girl and I looked around us in utter disbelief as to why we were being escorted out of line by the police.. I mean we were just a few 16 year old girls from a small town in Michigan.
While we looked around, one of the women in front of me in line started to scream at me and laugh about how "it was ridiculous" that I was "basically having sex" with my girlfriend while in line for the ride. She had called the park police on us for Public Display of Affection. And I swear on my life, that is NOT what I do in public. She completely made up the story.

The police took us to the front of the park and took our names and addresses down as well as a statement. Our German friend was basically in hysterics. She was screaming at the cop saying things like, "this country is ridiculous, they didn't do anything!" and "why are you doing this to them?"

We were escorted out of the front gate 4 hours before we were expected to leave for home.
I've not been back to the park since.

Cedar Point in Sandusky, Ohio is discriminatory and there are no laws against it. Because they are a privately owned business, Cedar Point can remove anyone they want from the park with no questions asked.

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As a lesbian, having spent almost a year in Namibia, was simply fantastic. Not everyone is open, but, its all changing. Namibians are very kind people and once understanding something - they accept. However, even if they dont accept it, they will let you be. There was a case a while back about Mr Gay Namibia being abused, but since then. Things have changed, one thing that needs to be improved on is the police's reaction to same sex harassment. Namibias gay community is growing and improving. I cant wait to return :)
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Serhat (user currently living in TURKEY) posted for readers to the TURKEY country page on 01/07/2013 tagged with tourism
Hello Everyone
1980 Events-agency Blue Cruise and Yacht hire a consulting firm that. There are a lot of gay and lesbian client abroad. Holiday wishes and organizations expect their gullets on the azure seas. Each of the individual and the working people who need a variety of vacation and relaxation whether a sufficient number of opportunities for you in the know. So it would be great pleasure to serve your members with my gulets., Please do not hesitate to contact me for further information. serhat@tumtour.com.tr
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(user currently living in NETHERLANDS) posted for readers on 20/04/2013 tagged with tourism
Tourism company from Nepal is looking to create Gay& Lesbian tourism activities. Individuals or groups
from round the world.
www.persijs.wordpress.com more information; see - Encounters
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posted for readers to the SWEDEN country page on 14/04/2013 tagged with tourism +10
Sweden is THE MOST GAY FRIENDLY COUNTRY IN THE WORLD. I'm a Norwegian,but in THIS connection- I LOVE SWEDEN !
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the following is my friend Tom's story, in his own words

I committed statutory rape with a 15-year old male when I was 51. He was my student. I loved and love him whole-heartedly and completely, and promised him unconditional love, long before any sex took place. Human behavior is complicated and has many varieties. This is an unusual story. The government told a cartoon story with broad strokes of black and white.

I was imprisoned without bond, and had my freedom of speech taken away before I had been convicted of any crime. Newspapers printed government press releases without any checking of any facts. If necessary, I will submit to a polygraph on any statement I make, from any independent administrator. Ask those who contradict my statements if they will do the same. If a statement was proved by evidence or the victim's statements, I will put (P). I have discovered that the police falsify information, and distort and manipulate facts and testimony. My belief in the United States has been shaken.

The young man, a South American adopted into an Orthodox Jewish family, was cutting himself in September of 2009 when we met. He told me it was from the frustration with his home life, and not being allowed to be Latino or social, and being forced to observe a religion he found oppressive. He said one sister attacked him physically several times. He is a remarkable, bright, witty, and kind human being, with a fierce urge for freedom. I found him to be extraordinary. He came to see me most days, even more often after he was warned by his parents that I was homosexual, I found out later.(P) He brought a chess board in for lunches when he found out I played chess. We talked about history, religion, politics, psychology. He eventually he told me about the cutting.

I called his father, talked to the rabbis, called a psychologist, put him in touch with a former student with whom I thought he might click (heterosexual), gave him a copy of The Road Less Travelled, the best book I thought on how one gets happy. He kept cutting. I was frantic to help. I promised to love him unconditionally, forever. We loved talking, and I hoped I could make up whatever he lacked. I promised to do anything in my power to help him be happy. I sent him affirmation texts. (Know you are loved, you are great as you are, say "I am a wonderful person," etc.)

Some months later, on the phone, he said we should have sex. I told him that was a "really bad idea."

Some time later, he said he was playing tennis next to my building, and he would come by to work on a project. He came up, and said he was not there to work on the project, but to have sex. I tried to talk him out of it. (P) I said I could love him without sex. (P) He said I didn't have to. I said he did not owe me sex for love. He said he knew he did not owe, he wanted it, and he said I did too. I said sex was not that important, that he should not ask such a thing just for sex. He said it was for true love, that we were soul mates, we would be together forever. I said if we were soul mates then, we would be so in a few years. He said, true, but since we were we did not have to wait. Many times, he said he needed it to live. He confirmed at trial that he believed that. (P) He believed he loved me and that I loved him. (P) I said he should be with someone his age. He said he was attracted to older men. (P) I said everyone would assume it was my fault when it came out (even years later if we were together). He said he would tell them he picked me, and besides, we would be together. He said he had known what he wanted for a long time. He said such things happened all the time. Nothing happened that day (Feb,. 13 2010) We agreed to work it out. The conversation continued the next day with many more reasons for no on my part. He finally said if it was not me, it would be some other older white guy. (P) I agreed on February 14.

I have tried to be a good person my whole life. I try not to manipulate people. I love people without sex; sex and love are not the same thing. I do not even like to have sex with someone drunk, even a boyfriend because of the consent issue. I have always tried to tell the truth. Even in teaching, I would tell students the reason I was doing something (quizzes are designed to force you to read, etc.) I have tried to help the outcasts, with chess and theater. Many students said I saved lives, saved souls.

No combination of things could have made me give in like those. I had to save the life of someone I loved, a soul mate with love so true that 35 years made no difference, and if I didn't do it he would go do it somewhere else. I justified it by saving his life, not denying true love, and protecting him from those who did not love him. It was clearly wrong, but has anyone been subject to such arguments in such a situation? He said, trust me, believe me.

I thought that rejection just might kill him. I thought he wanted to be trusted and believed. I rationalized that the release of sex with someone he loved might stop the cutting. I let myself believe. He said in a statement later he did it for power and control. (P) The cutting stopped for four months until another fight with his sister.

Once I agreed I did whatever I could to make him happy. He was very advanced sexually. He claimed that I was the first, but close examination of his statement excluded from trial makes that claim dubious. He wanted to try light bondage and spanking. I always did what he asked. The prosecutor loved to say "penetrated with objects." I was the far more often penetrated. Everything done was done mutually. He was very happy, almost giddy. Only he could arrange meeting times. I came when he called, and did what he asked. He estimated 50 to 60 times in 5 months. The frequency with which he chose should have been proof of a loving if wrong relationship; I had no ability to arrange to see him. The schedule was his. He repeatedly texted and told me "You saved my life."

I had to move to Virginia to make more money. He said he wanted us to be together, so I remained faithful. I saw him that Christmas break, once, and it was clear he was no longer interested. He had been sleeping with a number of other older men. (P This is factual from his statements, not speculation.) I did not know that until my arrest. He called me to officially end the relationship in January. I was heart-broken, but I never raised his vow of eternal love. I tried to continue loving him as a friend. We soon emailed, and I never asked to renew the sexual relationship. I offered to be a best friend (my choice) or never talk to him if that was what he needed. (P) His emails say things like "Thank you...for everything," and "Not worry about you? Not possible." The emails are available.

He broke contact in early June of 2011. I heard by email from someone claiming to be him in October of that year, but it was not him. I denied the sex, thinking it was his family. I promised to do anything to help him if HE asked, and ended contact with the impostor. It was a Florida law enforcement agent. That was my first offer to turn myself in.

He got in trouble for his sexual contact with men. He refused to cooperate with police. (P) He was locked in psychological facilities for a year. He was brainwashed into changing the facts of what happened, (P) and his attitude was reversed. As far as I can tell, he was locked up for being actively gay. He was 17 for most of that time. In May 2012 he cooperated with police, and contacted me. When he called, I said I was ready to come tell the truth if that was what he needed. My second offer. He said he wanted me to come see him (reversed by police) and that he could not wait until he was 18. (P) I was confused by his previous rejection and now reversal. The policeman, as the young man, sent me sexually suggestive texts and emails, begging for me to renew the relationship, and made me promise to say something on the phone. It was the young man on the phone. I promised, and the young man initiated phone sex at the behest of the police. (P) I tried to decline; he said he had "needs." (P) I came to Florida and was arrested, after telling him twice more on the phone I would come and tell the truth. He was three months away from his 18th birthday at this point. The federal age of consent is 16, but they charged me under the Florida age of 18, but using a federal charge that carried a sentence of 10 to life.

The young man's police statement on which the indictment was based was largely disproved at trial. (P) The federal government charged me under an internet predator law, convinced that there were other victims. The police directed or suggested the false testimony. (P) They said I showed him child porn, which makes no sense. This was dismissed on sentencing, but they used it twice in trial to disgust the jury. They kept hinting at trial and sentencing about other victims, who do not exist, in spite of running a hotline number that was carried in the US and England. I find men from the age of maturity to 30ish more attractive sexually than older men, though not exclusively. Do heterosexuals do this as well? Does a 50 year old heterosexual fantasize about 50 year-ld women? I tried NOT to see students outside of school. I would never seduce anyone; the greatest attraction for me is someone's desire for me.

When the other victims did not appear, they brought in the FBI grooming expert to say I groomed him, since the evidence of persuading, enticing, inducing or coercing was slim. No grooming scenario exists in which the "groomer" waits for the "victim" to ask for sex, and then tries to dissuade the "victim." As unlikely as my story sounds, at trial he admitted that he, not I, proposed sex, that I tried to talk him out of it (and thus he talked me into it), that he BELIEVED he needed it to live, that I said I could love him without sex, and that he said he would find another older white guy if I said no. He AFFIRMED these at trial.

The interpretation of the law for induce as "cause" is to "allow to happen," when it should mean force. Under this absurd reading, this law has a LOWER threshold of guilt than statutory rape; a text message saying "OK, I will pick you up," would convict, without any contact. If every gay teen who texted an older lover were to be found in South Florida, there would be an army in prison. Statutory rape under federal guidelines carries a 41-51 month sentence. I was given 200 months under the persuasion statute. I had offered to plead guilty to statutory rape and it was rejected; they blamed me at sentencing for putting him through the trial.

Most heterosexual women in the same situation are sentenced to probation to two years. The application of this statute was arbitrary and unequal. The prosecutor announced to the jury that he granted that the "sex was consensual." The age of consent in Israel is 15, so in that civilized a country I would not even have committed a crime at all. The rich are sued for this. Where is the moral fairness?

Why was I prosecuted this way? Conservative politics and homosexuality. The family is Orthodox Jewish, the investigator who fashioned the testimony is Catholic, the prosecutor is Republican, and the judge voted for Rick Santorum.

I believed saving his life, or both of us believing it, would mitigate the statutory rape charge. I believed telling the truth and offering to turn myself in would mitigate. Telling the truth was the worst thing I could have done. Had I denied him when he called, and lied, nothing would have happened. I tried to be honest; rejecting him seemed to violate my vow of love.

I do not "blame" him for sleeping with other men. I do not love him less. I would have done anything for his happiness. I would have gladly NOT slept with him. I rationalized that I was being courageous to save his life and risk my own. I felt he was testing to see if my vow of eternal, unconditional love was real. He convinced me we were breaking convention for our mutual happiness. I thought I could serve some years to save him. If it truly saved his life, I wish I could say that knowing what I do now, I would still have been loyal enough to say yes. I would not have had the courage. I am sorry it happened either way.

Does love matter? Does fairness matter? Does the truth matter? When does a person have sexual and religious freedom? Can a conservative family change those by locking someone in psychological units, to change attitudes and alter facts? Does gay sex justify any level of charges, and any lying by the government?

I hope the young will save my life some day.

Please tell my story.

Thomas Patrick Keelan 98219-004
FDC Miami
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John (user currently living in TURKEY) posted for gay lesbian transgender bisexual intersex straight readers to the UNITED KINGDOM country page on 28/03/2013 tagged with tourism, lgbt families, hate crime and violence prevention, sexual orientation, marriage / civil unions +5
I left the UK in 2011, to travel around the world with my civil partner, we are still on the road and there is no end to our journey. I must say we have not experienced any hate crimes or homophobia on our trip so far. You can see the countries we visited and follow our journey around the world at our travel blog http://flashpackatforty.com/
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ILGA is an education in homofascism. ILGA discriminates against people based on sexual orientation - the ultimate hypocrisy. ILGA sucks.
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Ceriel Dela Pena (user currently living in PHILIPPINES) posted for gay readers to the PHILIPPINES country page on 28/12/2012 tagged with tourism +5
Hi I am Ceriel Dela Pena, you can call me Mari Mar, I've been trying to organized an international pageant for gays. If there is Mr. Gay world. then there should be a need for an international competition of gay beauties called. Miss GAY UNIVERSE. That all who won in the local competition will fight for the crown to become MS. GAY UNIVERSE. I hope the gay association of the world will open this soon. Lets show them that we also have beauty and talents given by GOD. and we need a fare treatment.

If you are intereseted that there will be a Miss Gay Universe and International pageant please like my campaign at FACEBOOK. account name: mari_delmar@yahoo.com
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Everyone has the right to happiness and to be free to live their own lives. But for every moment of happiness there is a price to be paid. We are Anna and Anya, a gay couple, one of us was born in the UK + the other from Russia. In July of this year, we fell deeply in love, when we met in Athens, Greece. We decided from that moment we will always be together, but we were not prepared for what lies ahead. Since one of our nationalities is British, we decided we would apply for a UK visa and go back together to England to start a family. But the UK visa was denied. It was a terrible blow and shock to us. In ordet to make a new application for a UK visa, we have to wait after 6 months from date of refusal. In Greece, we could not stay because Anyas visa in Greece was due to expire. Since Anna ( who'd from UK) has dual citizenship by birth and family is Greek Cypriot from Cyprus, we decided to go there. In Cyprus, we are faced with new challenges related to the fact that only one of us is European. Cyprus is in a very homophobic Country where Gays face persecution beatings and being killed. Also the Global crisis has hit badly here and the Cypriots are losing their jobs every day, shops offices and factories closing every minute. We tried many different ways past few months, but in vain asthere is no work here for locals let alone foreigners. According to the law of Cyprus, to have a job you need to have a work permit. A work permit can only be obtained from the employer, another vicious circle. However, if we were a heterosexual couple, or had gay rights marraige and equality here then this problem, would not have arisen for us. We could get married, and Anna and I would have the opportunity to live and work in Cyprus. To date, we morally, psychologically and financially exhausted. Because of the inequality of rights, to be together, we are forced to move from country to country, as if we are outcasts. We now have only 6 days left in Cyprus. After 6 days, the visa expires (for Russians visa-free entry is for 3 months). We are now desperate and an urgently need to leave this country. We cannot go to England, because Anya didn't get a UK visa. We cannot go to Russia, because there is the terrible laws for gays and human rights there, which are viruslly non-existent. We recently learned that Argentina is the only country where marriages between foreigners and Gays are allowed. This is our only chance now! So we decided to go to Brazil as it's next door and we have friend there and then to marry in Argentina, to increase our chances for a UK visa in March as they cannot refuse us if we are married as they do have some equal rights there. If we don't leave Cyprus on 20th December, Anya will be blacklisted and this will affect all future European visa applications especially the one we need to eventually live in the UK! But sadly we now have no funds to leave this country, as we have 2 Euros left. Friends and family have helped as much as they could, but we are not out to everyone we know being Russian and Greek Orthodox being Gay is the worst sin against our religion! We have tried everything we can to raise funds to leave here and have now realized it is time to tell the world and the public about our situation. As we desperately need help! We have both helped so many people in our past and are owed monies we cannot collect, we wanted to borrow it but have been let down, so now we are on our knees and need all the help we can get! We really need money to buy tickets to Brazil and the means of life for the first time. This is not such a big amount, but it affects our future. As Christmas is the season of good we are praying for an act or acts of kindness and a miracle so we can spend this Christmas and the rest of our lives together! We hope that in this big wide world there is someone for whom the two people, (women) who love each other and want to be together mean something. It's time to find out if anyone really cares and if anyone is prepared to help us!!! Please... Please... please... Support us!
We are grateful for any help and support!!!
contact us
Tel:00357 96491327
Email: annamkyr@gmail.com
Facebook: http://www.facebook.com/sosgayrights
Twitter: https://twitter.com/SOSGayRights
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Piet (user currently living in BELGIUM) posted for gay lesbian bisexual readers to the SOUTH AFRICA country page on 10/12/2012 tagged with tourism, sexual orientation, religion
I've been to South-Africa, it was an exchange program,
and I was pretty scared because I didn't know how homosexuality was in South-Africa.
Well, the area where I went (Pretoria) , was totally okay with it. Even their religion accepted gay people. (I felt really good about the religion-part, it's something catholicism has to work on...)
I have to admit I had a feeling it must not be easy for a South-African to come out. I think a lot of gay South-Africans struggle to come out.

Also, I've only been 'integrated' within the 'whites', so I don't know about homosexuality for 'blacks'.

I felt accepted and even normal in South-Africa as (obviously) gay.

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moon (user currently living in IRAQ) posted for lesbian readers to the IRAQ country page on 20/11/2012 tagged with tourism
yet I declare any things still afraid
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Mark Simpson (user currently living in FRANCE) posted for gay lesbian straight readers to the MOROCCO country page on 30/10/2012 tagged with tourism, at the work place, hate crime and violence prevention, human rights, laws and leadership , sexual orientation +20
My name is Dr. Mark S. Simpson. I am a living example that homophobia is alive and well. I was a career educator at some of the finest institutions in the United States, including Director of the Upper School at Windward in Los Angeles and Trinity in New York. A very sad event occurred in 2008. The head of Trinity School, a friend, mentor and amazing leader passed away. I decided to ease my pain by moving on. I was offered a job as the headmaster at a school in Morocco. It seemed like destiny – to serve a school in an area of the world where so many were denied education. To lead an institution towards that most honorable goal – educating the young and giving them hope for a better future. This choice would ultimately lead to the devastation of my stunning career, the shattering of my personal well being and the destruction of my life.

When I arrived at the school, it was instantly apparent that it was infiltrated with shady, dishonest and criminal characters. Not a safe environment for children, and come to find out, not a safe environment for a person like me (while I had a genius IQ), unfortunately, I went through life without ever learning (what my partner calls) street smarts. So many horrible things happened; I did not even survive the first year. The major event that occurred; and for which I had no participation - a dual national (American and Moroccan) person was fired by the Board of Directors. Sadly for me, this religious fanatic and true homophobe, decided to focus his intense revenge on me - for three years now. He sent communications to schools I applied to; contacted the agency that represented me and put out terrible lies; most notably that I was a pedophile. Needless to say, in the world of education, even a lie about that issue ends your career. He didn’t stop there. He stalked me on email, Facebook and my blogs; he had infiltrated my computer in Morocco and obtained my contact lists and has also written 30 page diatribes about me; or in some cases pretended to be me – writing to former students saying I was sexually interested in them. I have continuously relocated around the world, concerned about my personal safety.

All of this has more than devastated me. I am being treated for PTSD, and in my mental state, I am unable even to search for or hold a basic (non-education) job. As if destroying my professional career and my personal life is not sufficient, he has now taken to filing suit against me for slandering him (what a joke that is).

Homophobia is alive and well. The one thing I have remaining is my ability to write. Truth be told, I am a good writer and it brings me some semblance of satisfaction. I write this story, not because I am looking for empathy but to tell gays and lesbians that not only is homophobia alive and well, but that it takes on many different faces. I have a strong and loving partner who gets me through each day. However, by sharing this story I hope I can give some support to others who share life altering experiences because of who they are.

I invite anyone that wants to read my blog (http://www.whitmanandrimbaudkissing.com/) and to join me as I continue to battle this deep rooted hatred and bigotry because of who I love.
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