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The Your Stories section is all about you! Please take a minute to tell visitors of the ILGA website about what LGBTI life is like in reality. Please submit your personal story and share your experience!

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This is what people are saying about life for LGBTI people in VENEZUELA...
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jose (user currently living in VENEZUELA) posted for gay readers on 28/07/2011 tagged with sexual orientation, religion
Hi! i am a guy of 21 years old, i am gay by the way, or maybe not, the thing is that i have a wonderful and lovely boyfriend, that tell me everyday that if i want the moon, he will go there for take it and give it to me, but, my parents are a total issue for me at this moment, the idea that i have about be straight come from they, because they are always remind me, that they will enjoy just if i'll be with a girl, so this situation make me feel so confuse, so hard confuse that i had to take a brake with my boyfriend, because i feel that i need have my mind more clear, so, what kind of love you choose? the inconditional one or the conditional? is a very easy choise if you just think in this, but feel it, being in the middle of the situation is other thing.
And the things that they tell me are so stupid, so inssensitive that make me wanna do something about it, about us, about our childrens, about our future. I am ending my career of Environmental Engineer, and the jobs in this country are not so easy to find, but at the minimal instant that i will have, i promise that i gonna be an activist, and i gonna make it for all of us!
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LGBT life in Venezuela is complex but relatively free and evolving in a positive way. Nowadays National Ombudsperson Office, lead by a female former congressperson and political ally to President Hugo Chavez, Gabriela Ramírez, has been working since five years ago on lgbt issues. Today, Feb, 23th, GR has publicly announced the possibility of creating within the institutional structure of her Office of a national instance devoted to lgbt human rights protection.
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Soy Miembra Fundadora de la Asociación Civil sin fines de Lucro: DIVAS DE VENEZUELA, su actual Directora Ejecutiva y Presidenta.

Nuestro grupo fue creado el 03 de Marzo de 2004 debido a la falta de organizaciones específicas que defendieran la igualdad de derechos para la comunidad Trans venezolana y mundial. En este sentido nos sentíamos igualmente desprotegidas/os en todos sentidoS, sin una estructura organizada para la reivindicación de nuestros derechos al estado venezolano. Inicialmente participan en este proceso Desiree Pérez (Trans fem) Albertina Angulo (Trans), Y Yul Sarria (Homosexual).

TRABAJAMOS Básicamente en:

• Incidencia Política
• Proyectos de Ley en beneficio a nuestra comunidad
• Contracultura a través de las artes (danza, pintura, fotografía, etc.), asambleas públicas, foros itinerantes.
• Campañas de educación y concienciación sobre las personas sexo-género diversas (Trans, Lesbianas, Homosexuales, Bisexuales, Intersexuales…)
• Realización del primer programa radial (DIVERSIDAD HOY desde el año 2007) de corte informativo, opinión y variedades de la comunidad sexo-género diversa nacional e internacional, efectuado en una radio comunitaria denominada RADIO 23 en frecuencia modulada.

Si deseas comunicarte con nosotras/os hazlo a través del coreo:

y visítanos en la web: http://ascdivasdevenezuela.spaces.live.com


I'm a founding member of the Civil Association Nonprofit: DIVAS DE VENEZUELA, its current CEO and President.

Our group was created on March 03 2004 due to lack of specific organizations that defend equal rights for Trans Venezuelan and world community. In this sense we were equally unprotected / you in every way, without an organized structure for the vindication of our rights by the Venezuelan state. Initially involved in this process Desiree Perez (Trans fem) Albertina Angulo (Trans), and Yul Sarria (Gay).

Basic work in:

• Advocacy
• Bills to benefit our community
• Counterculture through the arts (dance, painting, photography, etc..) Public meetings, forums Travelers.
• education and awareness campaigns on various sex-gender people (Trans, Lesbian, Gay, Bisexual, Intersex ...)
• Completion of the first radio program (DIVERSITY TODAY since 2007) of court information, opinion and varieties of sex / gender diverse community nationally and internationally, conducted in a community radio station called Radio 23 on FM.

If you want to communicate with us / you do it through the core:
asc.divasdevenezuela @ gmail.com

and visit us on the web: http://ascdivasdevenezuela.spaces.live.com
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