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The Your Stories section is all about you! Please take a minute to tell visitors of the ILGA website about what LGBTI life is like in reality. Please submit your personal story and share your experience!

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This is what people are saying about life for LGBTI people in UGANDA...
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we are facing alot of challeges here in Uganda now that the anti homosextuality was passed the people in the communities we leave are using it to harrass us more recently the day Museveni enacted the bill into law one of our own was killed through mob justice in a kampala surburb we appeal to the international community of the LGBT to give a helping and support the gay community in Uganda
many people would think leaving the country is a good option but i beleive in freedom in my our land
reach me by telephone +256754892440 or by email ssentongoherbert@gmail.com
together we will win
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fortune edrine (user currently living in UGANDA) posted for gay lesbian transgender bisexual intersex straight readers on 17/02/2014 tagged with teaching lgbt rights in schools, human rights
UGANDA MY MOTHERLAND DON’T KILL THE GAY PEOPLE –save them for the last dance on earth!!!
‘’People demand for freedom of speech to make up with
freedom of thought but rarely exercise this freedom
when granted… to me I will not waste it until death
knocks on my door’’!!!!!!!!!!!
Uganda is a British colony in the East of AFRICA and is believed to have over 31 number of people in its population out of it 500,000 people are gay who came out openly to declare but many more still out there …..!! this means the issue of GAY RIGHTS isnt a small issue but a bigger issue which need bigger brains but not senior six leavers’ to debate on it as parliamentarians other than contributing on the highest elite people (remember to qualify for a parliamentary seat you need to be a senior six leaver not even a diploma holder and these are the people planning for the whole Uganda comprising of professors, degree holders name it )
Gay activism is believed to have originated from the European countries call it the west but I entirely disagree with this !! gay activities are as old as human kind even JESUS OR PHB . MUHAMMED found it on earth though never tempered with it, they were among us before the Europeans started invading the ounce called DARK CONTINENT (AFRICA) so this is not imported behavior because among the African kingdoms very strong men were encouraged to serve in the king’s palace as security guards and these were either castrated or refused to marry or engage in sexual activities but only to remain royal to the king as getting married would divert their minds to their families than the king’s security so as a result since you can not tame the body’s desires men could engage into anal sex which was more accessible to them with fellow men than vaginal sex which was scarce!!!! Some of the kingdoms included Buganda, Bunyoro, Dahome, Zulu , Wanga to mention but a few!! Now do not say gay behaviors are foreign!!

I strongly believe that gay people to some extent are born not made….and so am a Ugandan and God fearing am not a gay person but I will not sleep when am seeing the minority being discriminated upon, given inhumane treatment , their properties being vandalized, physical abuse exercised on them because they are gay !!!! NO WAY I strongly believe that they have aright to living a peaceful life so fellow Muslims and Christians in Uganda don’t kill the gay people!!

Same sex is more rampant in single sex schools because they are tightly guarded and students cannot run to get the different sex when their bodies demand for sexual intercourse many students from single schools prophesize this that same sex is available 24/7;
“ You can avoid reality but you can not avoid the consequences of avoiding reality
that’s why however, much you avoid your children from sex they get the same sex
activities to satisfy their body desires in single sex schools!!”
so if all this act has been happening then why bring such a bill …”KILL THE GAY PEOPLE” … I REALLY OPPOSE IT IN THE STRONGEST TERMS that its totally inhumane, degrading treatment, sign of backwardness, a disrespect to human rights principles, lack of proper civilization and hypocrisy of the highest order ever thought about before being exercised by religious leaders and others.

“ opposite sex is superior to same sex”
Fine and very good however, the majority shouldn’t oppress the minority and shouldn’t be a yardstick to judge the gay people who are the minority and it sounds silly and unfair to propose a vote on such a gender based sensitive issue!!! Knowing that the gay people are the minority..if so why is it that opposition always opposes voting on some political issues in some issues …? Simple answer because they know that they are the minority in parliament but now why do you want to vote on another issue knowing your brothers and sisters are the minority in society ?.. Uganda be fair to your children!!!.
To test a country’s civilization need only to visit its prisons so;
“ the degree of civilization in a society can be judged by entering its prisons”
The poorer being few in number here I mean the minority compared to the majority or rich the more likely that the minority will rot in prisons hence filling them to capacity than the rich or majority who can bribe their way out.!

“ lack of well researched information on gay activities in Uganda”
Uganda lacks enough whys, hows, whats, whichs,whos, wheres whens,whoses as I may say on this issues most people who have tried to carry out research on the gay issues are mostly religious leaders who are already biased with perverted minds so what do you expect from such research results ..when doing social research at Makerere law school my lecturer advised me that to get a good research paper on any topic you have to avoid using people who are already biased or are NAÏVE and should you do it you will never get the best that’s why…
“ When am working on a problem , I never think about reality. I only
think about how to solve the problem but when I have finished
it and I feel the solution is not beautiful I know its wrong”
and it’s the reason why those clients of mine who have always come to me and accepted my words and abstained from interrupting me have enjoyed the best services ever and keep on coming back to me and referring me to greater businesses!!!
Uganda you are not smarter than some of the prominent people living or ever lived on this earth before; you are just 52 years old let your grands advise you on this In America, France, Cuba and else where leading statesmen like OBAMA, PUTTIN, FIDEL CASTRO have been put on pressure one time to give their opinions about the punishing of gay people but up to now they kept silent on the issue not because they do not know what to say but because it’s a serious gender based issue which you can not just wake up and talk about it so Uganda if you can not talk without injuring the minority gay people just find away of dodging the issue or pretend that you are busy with other more important issues like how acted; Carl (1777) was called to help when his beloved wife was dying but because he couldn’t help he pretended and said:
“Ask her to wait a moment…..am almost done!”
So Uganda my motherland you have a lot on your mind to avoid passing this outdated law, its barbaric, inhumane law etc.

AN APPEAL TO PRESIDENT YOWERI MUSEVENI KAGUTTA OF UGANDA-its not the right time for you to make enemies ssebo mzee!!!:
Mr. president the head of my motherland Uganda..you can say together with others that its too late for me to talk the parliament has already passed and approved the law only waiting for your signature to come into force but am saying its not too late to cry for mercy to save our brothers and sisters like the way Sodom and gomola were saved at the last minute by one prophet who thought and felt that destruction of the entire societies was a mistake so its not yet late because…..
” three o’clock is always too late or too early for anything you want to do”
You have won many battles right from luwero triangle bush war which brought you to power, fought the so called un believed existing LORD’S RESISTANCE ARMY (LRA) to Congo from northern Uganda upto central republic, fought the Alshababu, defended the highest openly seen corrupt civil servants of this country till they got justice then why be mind off set by a mere “kill the gay bill..?!!” ..kill the bill itself I know you are capable and really you can do it don’t be fooled I think by this time since 1985 you have been in power and its time to say good bye to our motherland as a states man but not to make enemies after being off set by the hypocrisies of religious leaders and others who want to fulfill their personal needs behave the way Voltaire(1694-1778) one of the greatest thinkers said that time when a church priest came to his sick bed and saw that the intelligent man was going to die and appealed to him to get to God and leave satan he humbly as he died said to him :
“now, now my good man , I think this is not the time for making enemies”
So president Museveni the way you have become old and secretly planning for your resignation do you feel its time for you to make enemies? Remember gay people are 500,000 yet you have other enemies in place!! Am just asking….!!

I DONOT FEEL OBLIGED TO BELIEVE THAT THE SAME God who has endowed us with sense, reason and intellect has intended us to forego their use like thinking to kill his people because they are gay or do you think you want to say or assure me and the entire world that the gay people were not created by God but Satan?
“ you are not so holly Uganda as divine judgment can only be exercised but the supreme creator since he reserved the power of life and death to himself none else.
In the past Islam and Christianity believed that the crippled or lame were the cursed one and when born could be thrown away in bushes or killed but as levels of literacy raised they realized their mistakes and changed their ways that these are not cursed people but only need our love , care, protection and find away to make them fit in society!1
The above is not too far from the 1970s incident Iddi Amin Dada ounce the president of Uganda brought this into play:
Him being a Muslim and felt that the lame or crippled people are the cursed ones and being beggars on city streets were spreading their curses on the blessed business men who were coming to kampala so he organized government trucks lied to thinking they were cursed the crippled people that he had a good meal /party for them in jinja so they all felt happy, started singing praising songs to president iddi amnin dada as their godfather who has showed them love….. sorry for them little they knew were being taken to be off loaded in one of Uganda’s water falls in jinja which was well blessed with crocodiles, hippos and at the end it was the crocs and hippos singing jubilation songs to amin as they angrily fed on the crippled!! But up to now beggers are many on kampala streets!! And even people hate AMIN MORE than before!! So my question is ;
Uganda do you think killing the gay people is the best solution to this issue?

Secondly if gay people were born with different features on their bodies would you as an individual not a group kill that innocent gay baby because you feel its born a sinner? (No answer me …..as an individual using your senses not as a group !!) because even the lame or crippled were killed by your grand grand parents at birth in ancient African societies thinking they were cursed!!

“gay people are wasting the seed”.
Just know;

“great people talk about ideas, average people about things & small people talk about wines”
The bible does not directly talk about gay people the old testament often refers to any action that wastes the seed as wrong so even using condoms its a wastage of the seed or any other contraceptives if am to add emphasis …so you are not such holly to accuse the gay for wasting the seed..remember this world is as old as you may think, about 3-4000 years ago there were too few people in this universe and procreation was needed but now the world has over 7billion people who even need more land for settlement meaning we do not need to try and make any more use of the seed so I don’t think any act which does not coz pregnancy can still be condemned in this modern era!! What we need is now to see how we can live in peace harmony and love with each other even God said LOVE ONE ANOTHER some men find love in women and women find klove in men but this is not always the way to go things change and men or women are finding love in the same sex!!! the idea of KILL THE GAY should stop because they have found true love in their fellow sex mates after all many same sex marriages are rarely heard to break rapidly like different sex marriages.
Though in Deuteronomy the bible tells us GO TO THE WORLD …AND HAVE DOMINION.. those are old testament sayings which no longer work and finding aman with more than 10childrens makes news in this era!!
PLANING ..dont kill the gay people .
We all believe that sex is the best gift ever given to us by our supreme creator but sorry that he didn’t openly tell us the best sex or even ever sent us a blue movie to watch on how to know which kind of sex to play either anal or vaginal!! Your sexual nature can not be changed by the thoughts in your mind many have tried to forge different sex marriages but still been caught in gay activities where they find pleasure when sex is used badly it calls for punishment the body does not lie and every one should look for the best sex which suits him or her why suffer in this world yet we live ounce!!!

I strongly support love, peace and harmony among people am not aroused by sex or sexually interested in other men as some of you might or may think but I can understand some people out there find love in fellow sex partners I do not judge any one the way he or she loves because judging others its God’s work not our work I rejoice when I see humans living in peace , caring for each other.
Uganda you are entitled to your opinion but don’t be like your former son KABAKA MWANGA king of Buganda who thought spreading the Christian gospel will make him lose royalty from his subjects and started setting the religious preaches on fire which event is still being looked at as a curse to Uganda in that every 3rd June people from allover the world gather to pray and end this curse!!! Yet the religion now stands and the kabaka /king still gets his royalty from his subjects …..!! So do you want to add on another curse on our calendar and the people who will live after us will be remembering the day when Gay people were put under death!!! Or you think different sex marriages can not stand when same sex marriages are existing?... I think God is the giver of life and death and its not any man’s business to end another’s life.

It’s a pity that religious leaders who have been strongly advocating for ending the death penalty are again out supporting the “kill the gay bill” we we all vote to kill the gay people in Uganda or put them in prison for ever just imagine if we succeed and get all the 500,000 gay people who are likely to include our brothers, sisters, teachers, pastors, fathers, mothers, grandparents etc then after start looking for their supporters, friends for not telling us in time!!! How will you feel because….
“the law is like a young lion you can feed it on the best fresh when
still young but when it grows and starts to hunt for fresh you may
not survive being eaten by it as its best fresh at that time
yet you ounce fed it to grow!!!”

So Uganda when we kill the gay people calling them our enemies for having played same sex not different sex like we do at the end we will not remember our success in killing them but only our ignorance for having exercised it in a silly way to kill the innocent ones which will haunt us till we all die because death is awaiting every body.
According to holly books teaching “SIN IS SIN EITHER SMALL OR BIG”- all fetch the same punishment in heaven that’s is fire so why put the gay people to death yet we have those who have killed many , raped, defiled , robbed etc and are set free or given light punishments .
I think gay people are two consenting adults if people have swindled billions of money from Uganda’s ministries of Health being inclusive but only given only 10years in prison then why kill the gay whose acts do not affect any one?
“ do you want to mean that or assure the entire world including me that gay people who engage in their acts freely as two consenting adults their acts are more dangerous to society than rapists, robbers, defilers, corrupt public servants who cause pain and grief to many Ugandans, or giving a former rebel amnesty with a posh car, fancy house etc sounds great and nice who ounce killed masses of people whose relatives you didn’t even compensate for the loss suffered !!!?
What Uganda should know my motherland NATURAL LAW school of thought which calls for total observance to morality provides that a law without moral authority is not law and a law providing death for an offender its not law!!! Respect is under morality so under Positivism law school of thought it says law and morality will never enjoy the same meal on the same table without a quarrel or fight and it says break the silence forget morality...meaning under natural law incase your father rapes you yes true its immoral but just know that you owe your father moral authority and respect do not report or a shame him bear with the pain he is your father!!!... But as you stand in an open court the positivist are whispering in your ears …. forget that morality bit of law your father has offended you break the silence, report him to police give evidence against him for having raped you we want him to be judged and punished!!

From the above if we can not respect the Gay people, get rid of their ways morally, spiritually in a friendly way but only to behave like the positivists it would be wrong if in every wrong thing others do we feel punishment is the best its better we love them, care for them and make them fit in society than only thinking inside the box …”kill the gay people”.. One wise saying is that:
“if we can not get rid of skeletons (gay people) in our closets(society) lets just teach them how to dance”
Like the way we did to different sex lovers otherthan passing” kill the gay people bill” but only to make law reforms like below:

What did the earliest law makers do to make different sex lovers fit in society yet catholic brothers and sisters who were in society existed ?
Ans: it was by putting laws to control divine sex or different sex in place among its lovers like:
No sex until marriage and marriage age is 18years and above below it its an offence, no sex in public places otherwise that’s corrupting public morals, no sex without consent or else its indecent assault or rape and will call for punishment and those who have observed the laws on divine sex have enjoyed it with great love and pleasure so why put the same laws for same sex marriages where only there is divine sex or different sex you put same sex than killing the gay people !!!!
Those who want it can openly declare their intentions to the entire public that they are ready for divine sex after all:
“marriage let it be traditional or religious its all about showing
the intention of two people that we are ready, willing and
assuring you that we are now time bad to play sex”
so that’s what the people celebrates about eat food, dance and sing because Jane is going to have divine sex and is ready to do it with Tom so Uganda it costs nothing to give the gay their rights to enjoy the same rights though they are the minority compared to you the majority.

Uganda you are not so such holly that you should wish death to your beloved children for being gay people you also have dirty panties we do not want to expose now hope you remember when you stole timber and gold from congo around the 60s and again you did it just recently in 2000s did we kill you …No we didn’t so now why kill the gay who have never killed or injured any ones life? Or you think KENYA, SOUTHERN SUDAN, SOMALI your relatives are very happy for having tempered with their domestic issues yet they are independent states!!!? but have they ever come out to propose that you should be killed ?...No okay now why do you want to kill the Gay people if death is not what you wish yourself? Is it because gay people are the minority, poor who are being discriminated upon by the majority who play different sex to the extent that you are enacting a law to have them killed let it be those outside the country to be brought back home for punishment, even ready to punish and imprison all the individuals, companies, media, organizations including me who are against the “KILL THE GAY PEOPLE BILL”

Gay people may be the minority in number but when they can cause the whole Uganda and the world to shake when handled badly!!
“ an elephant can step ounce on an insect and it dies but the
same small insect can enter its ears and make it dance
pain till its death”
The major problem is that the gay issue is being handled by people who lack special knowledge on social research even do not know the number of people they are fighting yet it would have been discussed by academicians who know what they are doing many elites out there know that Uganda you have taken a wrong route but fear to come out publically to give their personal opinions as they fear to receive public judgment as being called gay supporters so leaving it to the low educated people to shout about pass the kill the gay bill even termed as a Christmas gift for Christians !!
I don’t think the minority gay people should suffer enough for them is enough many have lost their lives and properties for being gay and police has not bothered to give reports on that so why should they continue suffering like this!!!

“ Uganda don’t be so humble –you are not such
great to fight reality and though you can fight
it you can not avoid its consequences!!”
Religious leader if you have decided to betray God’s people by wishing them death penalty kindly;
“your religious beliefs are your business they are not and should not
be the basis for law , if you use them as justification to discriminate
against others , don’t be upset when others decide you’re an ass hole”
(jim.c. hines on reacting to those who wanted to use the bible and
discriminate women).
Social scientists, workers, lawyers, psychologists its time to help the minority get their freedom other than keeping silent , otherwise many equate this to religion but sex and religion are closer to each other but either might prefer.
Why should you raise a finger at a gay person to be killed is that what the lord’s messenger taught you? Religious leaders make your own judgment but do not hide under the holly books because even the lord’s prophets none even Jesus ever called for the gay people to be killed so where in the holly books do you get such saying that kill the gay it’s a right idea I stand to be corrected or challenged may be the Quran or bible I read it’s a fake one I dump them before its too late!!!

I think religious leaders should have distanced themselves from this cheap show off of those that me am very clean and holly so the gay should be killed or if they want to fight what they call wrong to see how best the idea can be handled but not kill the gay people because okay if gay people are enemies of Islam or Christianity then what do the two teach us about our enemies..?
“that love your enemies or..kill your enemies …..”
just beg your pardon on this!! Otherwise someone is here saying;
“never interrupt your enemy when he or she is making a mistake “
(Napoleon Bonaparte (1769-1821).
Even if different sex lovers we are the majority and many religious leaders might try had to fake the truth by twisting holly books teachings that killing gay people its justifiable under the eyes of our supreme creator GOD to have “kill the gay bill “made law then I guess when accused of an offence its all based on evidence even the gay when accused might fake evidence to accept the offence then say even so and so is part we were doing it together because the law has limitation periods meaning those who repent before religious leaders are supposed to be handled over to police to be prosecuted though they have abandoned gay activities then those religious leaders who keep quite can be charged with the offence of being an accessory before or after the offence was committed and also be put to punishment.
So as you faker the law for the minority just know they are not sleeping but also in their beds thinking because being the majority does not make you smarter otherwise :
“ women are the majority in the world they can fake orgasm during sex to please
the men who are the minority but men can also fake the whole relationship and
make women go crazy!!!”
so you majority go slow on the minority gay people as………..

This issue needs scientific research and this could be the reason why the president before signing the bill to make it law had to first send it to the scientists for their opinion if these people are born or made or just total madness in them otherwise I believe these people are normal and live within us so complain sparingly as the next person could be one of them this reminds me one tv program me when two Ugandan pastors were invited in studio to give their opinions that was pastor martin & sserwadda against one gay person Juliet victor sserwadda bitterly said that even I blame the families you come from for your parents to hae failed to bring you upright including the churches you go to….!!! Some of us who were watching the programe and who know victor and talked to him before we kept a watch on his lips as the two pastors looked at him Juliet frankly said he grew up from a Christian family whereby the parents could not let them watch any tv show save UTV NEW, HABARI, DIDDIS SHOW AND KALINIMI SHOW, MIND YOUR LABNGUAGE!! I myself I remember these tv programmes on utv, so he told them its his choice to be gay and feels satisfaction when is having sexual intercourse with a same sex partner and that however, much he tried it with different sex it couldn’t work , also told the pastor that his church is kireka victory Christian church where he prays a musical instrument called an accordion which makes sweet sound played by a gay and whenever the senior pastor of victory churches that is sserwadda!!!! Enters or visits dances sweetly to this music pastor sserwadda looked at victor and couldn’t believe that he is one of his sheep in the church but a gay!!! Pastor became speechless so if the law was in place would the pastor have survived punishment being an associate with a gay because ignorance of the law is no defence and knowledge or mensrea may not be an element of the offence!!

Also many videos have been posted about one of the prominent Ugandan richest pastor victims saying he bum shafted them meaning he engages in homosexuality as they claim so assuming its found out to be true and brought under the law and suffers death just imagine how many people are going to miss his sweet Christian gospel teachings, his fashion designs, financial support to different organizations which will be affected by his arrest and killing!!! So from this point am saying my beloved UGANDA do not kill the gay people but give them their rights and restrict them as you did to different sex lovers in order for them to enjoy their sex like:
-make it divine and legal they go to church and wed be blessed, like in south Africa, Sweden and just restrict the illegal gay sexual acts like forceful sex, sex with under aged, let them get married when they are 18years below that its an offence, let them have their sexual activities in privacy like the different sex lovers, give them their rights and those who infringe on their rights commits an offence of infringing on someone’s privacy!!!

Lets not accuse, discriminate , physically or in anyway abuse, vandalize their property or even think about killing them that we are fighting a wrong out of society because it’s a well-known saying that:..
“Two wrongs do not make a right”
To get rid of sin as you say does not necessarily call another to commit a sin of killing because we were all created by one God, whose ways are very tough to understand because he creates a crippled person and you find him or her laugh at him or her then Our God becomes annoyed with you yet he is the one who created ..so before you propose the gay people to be killed just know that…….
“our supreme GOD is a comedian playing to an audience filled with
young and old people, educated and uneducated, pastors and pagans,
politicians etc who are enjoying his comedy show but very very afraid
to laugh as they might annoy him and get punishment”.
God created us in his own image saints, thieves, short, tall, whites, blacks, straight, gay, etc and this does not take it away from us that we come from one God otherwise do you want to say that gay people were created by Satan and we need to kill and get rid of them!!! Am saying know God tell us to love one another so that this world becomes a peaceful world to live in.

Lets use all our senses and logical examples than hiding under personal frustrations, holly books misinterpretations to have the gay killed so lets take this logical example:

How are you affected if you see X an adult lady entering their matrimonial house with Y a male well knowing that at night they are going to have sex? … I think you feel nothing and normal unless you really also love one of them then you can feel pain!!! So if you see the same X entering the house with another same sex Y and do enjoy their anal sex privately how are you affected ..You may claim that anal sex is very painful..STOP IT you are not a gay for them no problem with it and don’t imagine what you do not know or do you want to assure us that you are so much affected by another’s bum pain when being shafted by another in that you should come in to defend him or her before he or she calls for your help!!! And how many out there enjoy your sex scream on top of your voices to even wake your neighbors but none has ever come to accuse you is it because your sex is taken to be holly than same sex?

I do not buy the research made against gay people because most of the researchers are already biased, naïve so what do you expect from such people’s research?
So if you think different sex is sweeter that’s to you but to gay people same sex is the sweetest and that’s what life is since many think:
“ life is pleasant but to others death is peaceful”
So do not make the gay people may be think that this world is another planet Hell!!.
To me as per now I believe gay people don’t deserve death but just want protection from being discriminated upon
“ many people are suffering in this world and even if you bring them God they do not need him unless he appears to them as bread than they will accept him, so now the gay people do not need your religious believes but only to be reorganized in society as humans too!!”
Even many out there saying Uganda kill your gay people yet many of you have them there too, so why want to kill someone else’s children and spare yours, this issue has clearly showed that pastors and other religious leaders are just preaching but their hearts are filled with merciless behaviors ! Why say kill the gay people yet holly books say do not kill are you too holly to move on water or can we ask for church or mosque accountability for money given in to help the needy ever since you joined and we see how you start pleading to the soil to swallow you in the almighty’s name!!!?
Lets not make gay people change their prayersd to the almighty they have been saying befor and start praying to our and their God;
“Our father in heaven save us from your followers”
Because should God hear their prayers!! Do not say he cant he is a complicated GOD as he hears for robbers to succeed in robbing us and actually do…!! It means 500.000 gay Ugandan people will leave the church open up theirs, build their own hotels, schools, etc I know what it means when some one does something after your……!!

“If you have got nothing good to say about gay people come sit next to me”
Otherwise we have to be careful fellow Ugandans when discussing something and we do not know where we are ending because we can end up there alive, dead or crippled!!
After reading all this many are going to say no may be Edirne has gone insane please am not okay if lam every one is insane but the degree of insanity varies otherwise:
This time now you may say kill the gay but one day these people will have their rights and write books about you oppressing them, like the way the blacks were oppressed by the whites in America but its now OBAMA( hee hee O.B.A.M.A; Original Black African Managing Americans) a black African leading them.
So lets not be forced that religion is a hypothesis by seeing our religious leaders who would have showed us what to do supporting…”kill the gay people” killing has never been good to Godly people!!
You will accuse me , wish me death, call me any sorts of names, broke me as others will send me more requests for having supported the gay minority rights, but I will remain fortune edrine!! I do not mind what you say because am an independent human rights activist for the minority, a corporate legal consultant and legal researcher ,so you are entitled to your opinion about me, hate love me and those who want to share more with me wats up me on 0705815279, tweeter: fortune edrine, email: fortuneedrine@gmail.com
have a blessed moment and SHARE this to your member of parliament, your pastor, your friend abroad, your politician, your boss, etc if you feel like …..otherwise my humble appeal is that my motherland : “
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BACKGROUND: A systematic review of responses from 30,000 spaces was carried out in 10 regions of Uganda.
OBJECTIVE: A systematic review of responses from 30,000 spaces where inquiry into who MARPs are, what MARPs need, who provides services, what is demanded, what are the behavioural characteristics unique to MARPs and other contexts influencing issues of MARPs that was conducted between July 2010-August 2011.
DESIGN: Conduct Review of literature, Interviews, structured conversation and focus group discussions. Respondents were drawn from; 150 farmer groups, 220 hair salons, 27 landing sites, 27 police posts, 110 cattle/village markets/social spaces, 225 major RH/FP/MH/CS/Health Services organisations, with leaders and members of 100 FBOs/2200 CBOs/CSOs/Community Groups, 2,550 lower level governments and communities, with members of 3,000 men/Women groups/settings, in 19,174 trading and urban spaces (Artisanry marts, car dealerships, repair garages, washing bays, food vending kiosks, video kiosks, shopping malls, recreational spaces) along 6 major trunk roads and 25 other roads leading to rural districts, 250 educational institutes (higher institutions of learning, colleges, senior/primary schools), 100 minorities’ spaces, 72 fresh foods markets, 200 hotels/lodges, 25 housing estate areas ( e.g. Jinja industrial area, Kampala, Gulu, Mbarara, Kasese, Tororo, Mbale), 170 ludo/snooker points, 1,700 storage and parking bays/car-park/boda/lorry/bus-parks in urban settings.
SETTING: Uganda was divided into operational regions: Central, Northern, Eastern, North Eastern, Mid-Western and south-Western where 30,000 were identified and these included: Lower level governments, urban centers, municipalities, towns, market areas, boarder points, social-meeting places, recreational spaces, food vending areas, film kiosks, shopping malls, parks, washing bays, road stop spots, educational institutions and CSOs. 5 lakes were visited to generate understanding of fisher folk communities.
RESPONDENTS: We used groups and individual key informants that way 30,000 Key informants were mobilised to include; leaders, community members, PLHIV, MSM, Substance users, sex-workers, fisher folk, key persons at road stop spot, bar-owners, informal sector, car-parks, bus-parks, work-place-exit points, school leaders, out-door games’ organizers, and uniformed services.
INTERVENTIONS: The police and criminal justice system are points for violence redress. Other forms of Violence/stigma counselling centers exist in major towns/municipals; public and private health facilities provide treatment and management of HIV/STIs; CSOs and government social services’ departments have planned programmes targeting MARPs.
MAIN OUTCOME MEASUREMENT: MARPs character and vulnerability spectrum in Uganda.
RESULTS: At community of residence level right through the Criminal justice system, substance users, MSM, Sex-workers and PLHIV still face stigma and violence. Sex-work (female, male and child sex-work) is rampant along all major road trunks and in major destination towns towards Uganda’s boarders. Education and housing areas have high prevalence of male/female sex-work, same sex practices and substance use. Violence/stigma counselling centers exist in major towns/municipals; public and private health facilities provide treatment and management of HIV/STIs; CSOs and government social services’ departments have planned programmes targeting MARPs. Key affected populations such as MSM and substance users being criminalized still lack focused programmes targeting them. Communities still do discriminate and stigmatize Key affected populations such as PLHIV, MSM and substance users. There is a tendency to box MARPs issues into HIV Programmes and this has influenced the approach to most programming. Messaging to eradicate risks to HIV should factor in fact that substance use, unprotected anal sex, female sex-work, male sex-work, child sex-work are interconnections in sexual networks
CENTRAL REGION: These included; Buganda, Busoga sub-region, Bugwere and Bugisu. The MARPs characteristics range from substance use, child sex-work, fisher folk, MSM, LGBTIQQ, male/female sex-work, PLHIV, young people who are sexually active, long distance drivers, and uniformed services. Vulnerability was around; quick mobility, fear of consequences of visibility, stigma, sexual practices, gendered sexual beliefs and the gap between haves and have nots.
NORTH-EASTERN REGION: These included; Karamoja sub-region. The MARPs characteristics range from substance use, child sex-work, PLHIV, young people who are sexually active. Vulnerability was around; quick mobility, displacements arising from searching for pasture and child neglect
MID-WESTERN REGION: These included; Kasese, Hoima, Buliisa and Fort Portal. The MARPs characteristics range from substance use, child sex-work, fisher folk, MSM, Indigenous Tribes, male/female sex-work around mining and cement industry, PLHIV, young people who are sexually active, long distance drivers, and uniformed services. Vulnerability was around; perceptions of men about mid-Western Uganda females, quick mobility, fear of consequences of visibility, stigma, gap between haves and have nots.
SOUTH-WESTERN REGION: These included; Kabale and Ankole Sub-region. The MARPs characteristics range from substance use, child sex-work, fisher folk, MSM, LGBTIQQ, male/female sex-work, PLHIV, young people who are sexually active, long distance drivers, and uniformed services. Vulnerability was around; quick mobility, fear of consequences of visibility, stigma, cultural perceptions around sexuality and sexual intercourse acts.
WEST-NILE REGION: These included; Arua and Madi Sub-region. The MARPs characteristics range from substance use, child sex-work, fisher folk, male/female sex-work, PLHIV, young people who are sexually active, long distance drivers, and uniformed services. Vulnerability was around; quick mobility, fear of consequences of visibility, stigma, cultural perceptions around sexuality and sexual intercourse acts, and inter-cultural social experiences.
NORTHERN SUB REGION: These included; Acholi and Lango Sub-region. The MARPs characteristics range from substance use, child sex-work, fisher folk, MSM, male/female sex-work, PLHIV, young people who are sexually active, long distance drivers, and uniformed services. Vulnerability was around; quick mobility, fear of consequences of visibility, stigma, cultural perceptions around sexuality and sexual intercourse acts.
“As a town dweller, I do know of substance use, anal sex, female sex-work, male sex-work and child sex-work in this town and many others. The clients include professional persons, odd-jobs workers, artisans, students and non-school young people”. Ashraf (Wandegeya), Florence (Nansana), Grace (Kawempe), Jerome (Migyeera), Cosma (Nimule) and Rashid (Mbale).
“Am a male sex-worker since 2007, my kind of clients have my phone contacts and book in different hotels in different towns of Uganda. They send me a text message and we meet for sex. Most times they also ask me to bring other friends when they are many. Some of our clients do use substances, especially they smoke marijuana”. Crystal (Kampala).
“We want to be trained in skills to start up alternative businesses besides depending on Fishing”. Bukenya (Kyamuswa, Mazinga, Kalangala Islands of Lake Victoria), Arthur (Lake Albert), Ogwer (Lake Kioga).
“Yes, there are programmes on HIV and Human Rights as part of the prison services, hopefully this will be a big step in improving prevention practices”. (Key informant).
“Am interested in two things now that we have met. How your organisation can help us “handle” MARPs since we are increasingly working in that area” . (Key informant from a leading health organisation).
“ What is that nonsense? Every one is a MARP!” ( Key informant and district official).
“ The issues such as stigma, dialogue around discrimination and their relation to HIV are points to start with in starting and driving conversation around MARPs issues”. (Key informant and Community Development Officer).
“Am a trans-woman and I feel so insecure. I have to keep in-doors and only get out at night or make sure I put on long coats and a cap if am to conduct outreach services for other trans-women in Uganda”. (Leader of Trans-Women Bureau Uganda).
“ I am a transgendered male to female person and my parents are aware of my sexuality and gender identity. I wonder why we do not have seminars targeting parents and families. Our families are the first points of insecurity for many of the gay people.” (Leader of Young MSM Club in Uganda).
“ We are ready to conduct community campaigns against “mob-justice” as this is one very unjust way communities deal with what they disagree with. Communities should learn to use the justice system and believe in it. Other reported complaints are evictions, black-mail, extortion and deliberate hostility actions”. (Key informant from law and order section).
LIMITATION: This exercise was conducted to generate vulnerability before testing and it explored issues around visibility of various MARPs.
CONCLUSION: Contexts ranging from Policy, programmes, public and private settings form and influence actions targeting MARPs issues. HIV risk is one major issue most organisations target. However, before testing or accessing an HCT service MARPs need to be looked at as vulnerable and that vulnerability is disproportionate. Criminalization, Stigma and violence form a barrier that silences MSM, Sex-workers and substance users and it may cause them to go underground. This may not be the case for fisher folk, Long distance truckers or uniformed services. MARPs issues include demand for skills training to access anti-poverty programmes such as social grants. Public and private settings have all the basics in place to provide redress to all issues of MARPs. However, they are also points of violence to some MARPs.
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