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Male to Male relationships: Not Legal
Punishments for male to male relationships: Imprisonment of 10 years or more
Female to Female Relationships: Not Legal
Marriage and Substitutes for Marriage: No law
Gay or lesbian able to serve in the armed forces: No

Your Views

Are you LGBTI? We want to hear from you! Help us inform other users of the site with your views on this country. Below is a random question about this country. If it is relevant to you please answer it.

Does UGANDA recognize your same-sex marriage from another country?

The majority of people visiting this site have said No

No (80%) Yes, but as an unequal civil union (0 %) Yes, but as an equal civil union (0 %) Yes (20%)

The UGANDA country survey is populated by LGBTI groups who have acted as liaisons with ILGA to identify issues affecting the LGBTI community.

Organizations were asked to discuss 4 broad subjects: the law, the mood (the social climate), the LGBTI movement as well as what would be, according to them, the most pressing campaign in their country.

Please write to countryreport@ilga.org if you have comments regarding this page.

How structured and active is the LGBTI movement in your country?
How structured and active is the LGBTI movement in your country?
Fractured, fragmented, contentious, fighting amongst each other. Activity is mainly in the capital, Kampala.
How many groups operate?
I know of about 8.
How long have they existed?
About 5-6 years.
How do they interact with the LGBTI community?
Most are from the LGBTI community. They are part of it.
How do they interact with other civil movements?
Before Nov 2009, the civil rights movements shunned the LGBTI groups. At the moment, they have embraced them.
How do they interact with the media?
The media shuns the gay rights movement.
How do they interact with the government?
Government does not interact with people who are illegal. Period.
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