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This is what people are saying about life for LGBTI people in TANZANIA, UNITED REPUBLIC OF...
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James Wandera Ouma (user currently living in TANZANIA, UNITED REPUBLIC OF) posted for gay readers on 25/12/2011 tagged with gender identity
WEZESHA urges the Tanzanian Government to act immediately on recommendations made by the British Premier David Cameron to better protect against discrimination and amend Sections 154 to 157 of the Penal Code of Tanzania that makes homosexual acts between men an illegal offense punishable with a maximum of fourteen years' imprisonment (1993, 332), it is a violation of human rights.
The significant limitations in Tanzania’s protection of human rights are the non-compliance with its international human rights obligations and the absence of protection against discrimination on the basis of sexual orientation and gender identity and inability of same-sex couples to marry.
Tanzania must be held accountable for failing to recognize marriage equality rights for all couples regardless of their sex, sexuality or gender identity.� The Government should act immediately on the recommendations made by David Cameron and amend the Marriage Act to ensure all people can marry because Marriage is a civil institution, governed by secular laws.
There must be specific anti-discrimination laws to protect people on the basis of sexual orientation and gender identity. The Tanzanian Government makes commitments that will ensure the existence of anti-discrimination law to benefit all Tanzanians
We also call for further reforms to ensure the legal recognition of children living in same-sex families, because under international law, children are to be afforded legal recognition and protection, regardless of their family structure. As such, all adoption and surrogacy laws should not be permitted to discriminate on the basis of sexual orientation or gender identity.�
WEZESHA strongly encourages bipartisan support for the implementation of the recommendations to ensure effective human rights protection for all sex, sexuality and gender diverse people in Tanzania.
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In Tanzania being LGBT is an offence that one can face up to 35rs in prison, though no one have been jailed so far but the life is not that good.
religious houses and leaders are againist LGBT, this makes the whole community go againist us.
We are not accepted, not recognized, stigmatized and discriminated. We really have no support from NGOs both local and international, not even human rights activists.
We are crying for help from our fellow friend worldwide join us we want our rights in Tanzania.
WEZESHA work to promote and protect the rigbhts of LGBT in Tanzania
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Dear friends all over the world here in Tanzania life is becoming more difficult for LGBTI community.
There is an increase of stigma and discrimination especially to Gays/ MSM. We Gay people now hide our identity due to fear of stigma and rejection.
Religiuos leaders are fueling the stigma and rejection they are actually making things worse. It is evidend that Gays are being mocked when they pass around, are not need in the neibourhood and are not welcome in any religious house.
Our efforts to fight stigma are being tramatized by the laws and poliecies that criminalize LGBTI people.
All HIV/AIDS interventions discrimiante LGBTI comunity, no one is ready to support prevention initiatives among LGBT comunity. Yesterday I was talking to an officer who is incharge oh HIV at CONCERN and She said they can not give their funds to people who do not know God.
It is sad,
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A young man aged 24 was aresited by policemen while in a hotel with his sex partner and he was badly beaten just because of his sex orientation
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