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The Your Stories section is all about you! Please take a minute to tell visitors of the ILGA website about what LGBTI life is like in reality. Please submit your personal story and share your experience!

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This is what people are saying about life for LGBTI people in TANZANIA, UNITED REPUBLIC OF...
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Bible! (user currently living in TANZANIA, UNITED REPUBLIC OF) posted for gay lesbian transgender bisexual intersex readers on 19/02/2014 +3
Know that what you're doing is against the rights of humanity! This website and whoever is behind this site is absolutely shameless to support and protect crimes like homosexuality.

Educate yourselves and identify your sickness, look for a cure and live your lives like normal people. Don't you feel disgusted acting like animals? Stupid people like yourselves are making fool out of your religions and societies.

Homosexuality should definitely be banned and strict measures should be taken to stop the spreading of this disease, polluting the coming generation.

Useless idiots! Your hands are full of innocent blood!
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Hi. Am going to use the name *ANNA* am 30 years old woman, working and living the life am expected to live by society.Am i lesbian woman who is married in order not to bring, what my father calls shame to the family. i even have a child.

My country bans and makes it unlawful to be gay and it saddens me that am in the legal sector and i watch as this law that affects me operate.

I live in a closet, afraid of each day that someone somewhere will report me and if am caught. I have refrained from having any relations with other women for fear of what repercussion maybe involved.

Am thinking of living my marriage and relocating because i do not want to live this fake life anymore, my husband has no clue as to my sexual orientation and my father made me swear never to ever reveal it. My mother pretends like she does not know yet she does.

i live a life of solitude, praying each day that my day will come when i will live free to love who i want and how i want. I teach my child every day not to judge people yet i live a lie.

My life,my story, my everyday routine.
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James Wandera Ouma (user currently living in TANZANIA, UNITED REPUBLIC OF) posted for gay readers on 25/12/2011 tagged with gender identity
WEZESHA urges the Tanzanian Government to act immediately on recommendations made by the British Premier David Cameron to better protect against discrimination and amend Sections 154 to 157 of the Penal Code of Tanzania that makes homosexual acts between men an illegal offense punishable with a maximum of fourteen years' imprisonment (1993, 332), it is a violation of human rights.
The significant limitations in Tanzania’s protection of human rights are the non-compliance with its international human rights obligations and the absence of protection against discrimination on the basis of sexual orientation and gender identity and inability of same-sex couples to marry.
Tanzania must be held accountable for failing to recognize marriage equality rights for all couples regardless of their sex, sexuality or gender identity.� The Government should act immediately on the recommendations made by David Cameron and amend the Marriage Act to ensure all people can marry because Marriage is a civil institution, governed by secular laws.
There must be specific anti-discrimination laws to protect people on the basis of sexual orientation and gender identity. The Tanzanian Government makes commitments that will ensure the existence of anti-discrimination law to benefit all Tanzanians
We also call for further reforms to ensure the legal recognition of children living in same-sex families, because under international law, children are to be afforded legal recognition and protection, regardless of their family structure. As such, all adoption and surrogacy laws should not be permitted to discriminate on the basis of sexual orientation or gender identity.�
WEZESHA strongly encourages bipartisan support for the implementation of the recommendations to ensure effective human rights protection for all sex, sexuality and gender diverse people in Tanzania.
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James Wandera Ouma (user currently living in TANZANIA, UNITED REPUBLIC OF) posted for gay readers in response to this story on 25/12/2011 tagged with human rights
Dear Ally
I`m James Wandera the founder of WEZESHA an LGBT organization in Tanzania just send me an email, wandera@wezeshatz.org or vist our website you will get all our contacts there. www.wezeshatz.org.
We are here to help you live a better life as Gay.
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steven kasiko (user currently living in NEW ZEALAND) posted for gay lesbian bisexual intersex readers in response to this story on 15/08/2011 tagged with at the work place, teaching lgbt rights in schools, hate crime and violence prevention
Its better you try to get help from some LGBT communities in Tanzania.I understand the situation you are going through its unfair for you to work and then pay someone how is taking advantage because of you being a homosexual and i know our situation in Africa concerning with homosexuality.Let us come out and condemne such acts.We should request to decriminilse homosexuality in East Africa like in Rwanda
Steven kasiko
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ali (user currently living in TANZANIA, UNITED REPUBLIC OF) posted for gay readers on 06/08/2011 +5
hi my name is ali, am arab gay guy born in tanzania and am very discreet about it, i have seen people writting there stories here i dont know if they get help but i will give it a try coz i came here online looking for help, am 31yrs old now and like 5 years ago i meet one guy online and he lied to me that he was gay so i trusted him and i introduced him personally to my family as a friend and i even showed him our house and that was a big mistake on my part becouse after that he asked me to give him money or else he will tell my family and the police that am gay, and am very scared of him everytime he will come to collect money from me, so now am just working to give him money i cant save any thing and am very scared please help me or advice me please what to do thanks my email is manadimo@hotmail.com
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In Tanzania being LGBT is an offence that one can face up to 35rs in prison, though no one have been jailed so far but the life is not that good.
religious houses and leaders are againist LGBT, this makes the whole community go againist us.
We are not accepted, not recognized, stigmatized and discriminated. We really have no support from NGOs both local and international, not even human rights activists.
We are crying for help from our fellow friend worldwide join us we want our rights in Tanzania.
WEZESHA work to promote and protect the rigbhts of LGBT in Tanzania
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Dear friends all over the world here in Tanzania life is becoming more difficult for LGBTI community.
There is an increase of stigma and discrimination especially to Gays/ MSM. We Gay people now hide our identity due to fear of stigma and rejection.
Religiuos leaders are fueling the stigma and rejection they are actually making things worse. It is evidend that Gays are being mocked when they pass around, are not need in the neibourhood and are not welcome in any religious house.
Our efforts to fight stigma are being tramatized by the laws and poliecies that criminalize LGBTI people.
All HIV/AIDS interventions discrimiante LGBTI comunity, no one is ready to support prevention initiatives among LGBT comunity. Yesterday I was talking to an officer who is incharge oh HIV at CONCERN and She said they can not give their funds to people who do not know God.
It is sad,
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Zungu (user currently living in TANZANIA, UNITED REPUBLIC OF) posted for gay readers on 09/04/2011 +5
I was arested by police officers taken to Mabatini Police Station and was told to suck the dicks of three policemen.
Because of fear I tried my best but it was very terible.
Tanzania is very worse, LGBT experience alot of problems, including names like kaka poa, Shoga, Msenge and many abusive names.
There is stigma in the families.
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James (user currently living in TANZANIA, UNITED REPUBLIC OF) posted for gay readers on 24/02/2011
I am an LGBT in Tanzania who face high level of stigma and discrimination, I`m not accepted in my family,community and the entire society.
I can not buy my needs in the neighbourhood because I am a gay, I have no friends in the neighbourhood.
Some times the police aresst me but they have never charged but waste my time and release me.
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A young man aged 24 was aresited by policemen while in a hotel with his sex partner and he was badly beaten just because of his sex orientation
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