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The Your Stories section is all about you! Please take a minute to tell visitors of the ILGA website about what LGBTI life is like in reality. Please submit your personal story and share your experience!

Share your experiences in SPAIN - Let others know what it’s like to be LGBTI in your country! If an experience is meaningful for you, it will probably be meaningful for someone else. On whatever topic, whether good or bad, your story is how the world knows about your country and LGBTI life. By selecting tags that mark the topic your story, others can learn from your experience.
Note this is a public forum so take care when attaching any e-mail addresses or phone numbers. Nasty people may be viewing this site as well as friends! There is no need to be registered on the website, and your story will be completely anonymous.
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This is what people are saying about life for LGBTI people in SPAIN...
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Silvia (user currently living in SPAIN) posted for readers on 21/12/2013 tagged with at the work place
En mi puesto de trabajo se insultan diciendo "putos maricones de mierda" o "puto marica" y mis jefes no hacen nada, a pesar de mis quejas. Y cuando me quejĂŠ me dijeron que la mente cerrada soy yo! que tengo que respetar lo que piensa cada uno!
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Jesucristo Redentor (user currently living in COLOMBIA) posted for gay lesbian transgender bisexual intersex straight readers on 21/03/2013
Denuncia Fundacion Remar Colombia y Remar Internacional por Corrupcion, Percurio, Fraude, Evasion de Capital, Contrabando Internacional y HOMOFOBIA.
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(user currently living in SPAIN) posted for readers on 04/09/2012
Para todos los chicos y chicas que entendéis!!

He encontrado una nueva red social exclusiva para gays!! donde se puede conocer a gente del ambiente e intercambiar experiencias!!

Además, tienen también página en Facebook.

Os dejo los siguientes enlaces para que os podáis unir:




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La Biznaga (user currently living in SPAIN) posted for readers on 14/06/2012 tagged with tourism +4

May I introduce myself, my name is Lara and I am sending this e-mail to let you know that we opened, few months ago, a new project in Marbella. It is a concept that it is succeeding in cities like New York, London or Paris. It is a gay friendly house, in one of the most exclusive areas of Marbella, where you can meet with your friends or clients to organize an event or to have lunch/dinner in a exclusive and private ambiance with ONE table only.

This is our aim the exclusivity and the privacy.

Will it be possible that you take a look of our web? maybe it will be interesting for you if you need to organize a meeting/event with your clients/friends with a very private ambiance, late in the afternoon, from 8-12 pm with some tapas and a DJ's. We consider that it will be a great experience for your company/association and all your clients.

If you need some more information do not hesitate to contact us.

Looking forward to hearing from you.

Many thanks in advance


Lara :)

0034 670 818 726
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DAVID H J BURGESS (deaf) (user currently living in UNITED KINGDOM) posted for gay readers on 06/11/2011
they means Spain is best for gay lives really because of gay health'll beautiful health is good foe gay people why gay can change different life than any of world so I think really but what happen future will be better for gay own health in world, anyway hope I wish have relocate to Spain in future but I'm 71 year old but look good health better that now
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Karol posted for gay readers on 14/07/2011
Hello. I am a boy of 40 years, living in Spain and 2 years ago I met a boy from a Muslim country. I tried several times to bring up here, but so far we have no positive result. I've already spent all my savings and now ask for your help everyone, to all who understand nis. We are not asking much. Thus, the individual can we serve to pay the lawyers, taxes etc cunsulares. Well, who wants to help us, please esribir this email: ayudar_nos@yahoo.es
Thank you.
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Regarding gay marriage/civil unions, I do not believe in Almost Equal Substitute, at least not from any democratic country that practices rule by law and strives to ensure separation of Church and State. Either give same-sex couple full marriage rights or stop calling yourself a free-world democracy and start being truthful and saying you are a theocratic democracy, because that is the real problem - church and presonal religions beliefs completely divorced from any objective view or analysis on human rights and equality which keeps some countries from being able to make the legislative leap into the 21st century of a REALITY of human and equal rights in their democratic countries. Fortunately, Spain is not one of those countries as it has given FULL marriage rights to same-sex couples.

Maybe the true issue is terminology? Maybe if all of the democratic countries of the free world did the following, it wouldn't be so hard for "conservatives" to accept the idea of same-sex partnerships.
1. Make a true separation between Church and State. Pass a law that converts the word "marriage" for any and all into "civil union" across the board even for all those who are currently married.
2. Clarify legislation that the word "marriage" can only be used as a term for any sort of intsitutionalised personal relationship among culturual and/or religious groups.
3. Then the State extends "civil union" rights which married couples have to any and all couples that choose to engange in a "civil union" without worrying about having to create an almost equal substitue and leave marriage to be something done in religious groups along with baptisms and first communions and bar mitzvahs.

The solution is simple once one finds a way to truly get religious convictions out of the democratic government picture.
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