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The Your Stories section is all about you! Please take a minute to tell visitors of the ILGA website about what LGBTI life is like in reality. Please submit your personal story and share your experience!

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This is what people are saying about life for LGBTI people in SINGAPORE...
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Samantha (user currently living in PHILIPPINES) posted for lesbian readers on 17/11/2013 tagged with hate crime and violence prevention
Hi there, I just want to share what i'm going through now and maybe someone could help me ease the pain. I am 33 now.
when I was 23, I know I am straight since this woman came to the picture.
We've been together for ten years. less the three years when she broke our vow. 2003 we started everything. She was my first in everything. Until she met butch in 2006 until middle of 2009. According to Gay (her name) butch leave her because gay is just like a high school partner. immature. last quarter of 2009, our road crossed again. We talked and God! I still love her so much and decided to be with each other again. for years we continue building the family that we've wanted before butch. She promise me everything. She's been a good provider as what she promised and take good care of me. I became the best wife I can be in return even If I have a very busy schedule at work. I became her partner, perfect partner can anyone imagined. Until she decided to go to Singapore for our future. The reason why I am in pain now. She's with another butch now. I am dying inside. I was a wreck. It was so painful that I cant take it anymore, that I just want to end my life. I am asking this Ekin Kasban to let go of her. This will not happened if she did not come to the picture. I am just a wife who wants to save my family. Gay is my life, my family. To LGBT, can you help me for this? I want the whole world to know that, I love Gay so much, that my family is waiting for her specially me. Gay told me that I have to hold on to our love but things are not falling into place right now since I am here in the Philippines and shes with Ekin. Ekin knew that Gay is committed then why pursue? A real Lesbian knows how to respect. Then why she's doing this? why not respect the a happy and beautiful couple as what gay and I have. I know she has a beautiful heart though I haven't met her, I know she understand the pain I have now. But she cant let her go. Ekin, I want you to know that because you want to be happy, you are hurting somebody...
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My name is Yangfa, & I've put together a collection of real-life stories from LGBT people in Singapore.

It's called "I Will Survive: Personal gay, lesbian, bisexual & transgender stories in Singapore".

I'd like to invite you to know a bit more about Singapore and the stories of some of the LGBT communities here, through the website:


Take care,
LEOW Yangfa
Editor, I Will Survive
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