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The Your Stories section is all about you! Please take a minute to tell visitors of the ILGA website about what LGBTI life is like in reality. Please submit your personal story and share your experience!

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This is what people are saying about life for LGBTI people in SAUDI ARABIA...
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Important Blog post on internet entrapment in Saudi Arabia: http://paper-bird.net/2013/12/19/jeddah-prison-cell-18-entrapped-in-saudi-arabia/
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Hi I'm a gay guy living in saudi arabia and so far me and my boyfriend have been hiding from the public staying low and it was hard for us but we managed to do it till a week ago where my boyfriend was arrested for being gay they found pics of us kissing in his phones and they arrested him they kept him in jail for 5 days till they sent him to court where they beat him into confessing everything and they made him sign the confession and i been stuck trying to explain to his family what exactly happened they finally let him out two days ago on house arrest till his court date now i know my story isnt as big as some of the people on here but they took away my everything and they did all those horrible things even the officers at the station harassed and tried to rape him and all of that while i had my hands tied and couldnt do anything i just had to watch him go thru all that and he might doing some jail time or even worse and right im seeking refugee anywhere or anyone that can provide us with protection and help us get outta this country and get to safety plz let me know i miss him so much and i am willing to anything for him so if anyone has any information on how to seek refugee plz let me know asap just contact on this email Seth2241@hotmail.com plz help us we are desperate and dont know what to do any info would be helpful plz i am beggin u any info just contact me and this is just what happened to us recently we've been dealing with this for too long we just wanna be together in peace so plz help us
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People, raise your voices. Create a huge group. As a western law student, we learn that power come from people. Machiavelli says in his book, the Prince, that religion shall be used to create love and fear in his population. Sure, everybody has the right to have your own religion, but this should be a choice, not imposed by Sharia law. Fight for human rights, doesn't matter what is your religion or how conservative your country is. You, together, will make a difference. You all could interact in here, then, add a larger number of people, go to the streets, make a noise. Don't stop until you make it. Go for international aids, spread the world. Easterns are brave, challenge the biggest power if needed to fight for their believes. Read about LGBT families, I am part of one and there's nothing wrong with it. GO FOR IT, LEAVE THE PAST BEHIND, PLANT A SEED IN THE PRESENT AND CHANGE THE FUTURE! God loves you all
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