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The Your Stories section is all about you! Please take a minute to tell visitors of the ILGA website about what LGBTI life is like in reality. Please submit your personal story and share your experience!

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This is what people are saying about life for LGBTI people in SAUDI ARABIA...
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Sam (user currently living in SAUDI ARABIA) posted for gay readers on 15/11/2012 tagged with teaching lgbt rights in schools +10
As a gay person that lived in Canada for about 7 years I can see why lots of gay people in Saudi are lost you never know what to do people keep asking when are you going to get married and have kids it just makes me feel that getting married is going to solve all the problems which is not true at all
I have tried to get back to Canada with no help at all not even from the Canadian embassy
Everything has to be a secret finding someone that you can talk to or even someone that you can share good moments and feelings with is totally hard
Not knowing what to do or what to say keeping everything inside is just not the answer
I am still trying to find way to be able to leave this country and live in a place where I can be free and be judged by my options or even the way I look and express myself
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