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The Your Stories section is all about you! Please take a minute to tell visitors of the ILGA website about what LGBTI life is like in reality. Please submit your personal story and share your experience!

Share your experiences in RUSSIAN FEDERATION - Let others know what it’s like to be LGBTI in your country! If an experience is meaningful for you, it will probably be meaningful for someone else. On whatever topic, whether good or bad, your story is how the world knows about your country and LGBTI life. By selecting tags that mark the topic your story, others can learn from your experience.
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This is what people are saying about life for LGBTI people in RUSSIAN FEDERATION...
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posted for lesbian readers on 02/12/2009 +25
The First All-Russian Gay Infrastructure to be launched in St.-Petersburg in December 2009

We kindly invite you to the press conference to be held on Friday, the 11th of December 2009 at 12.00 on the occasion of the launch of “Tao Zone” All-Russian LGBT Area. The press-conference will be followed by a buffet.
Where: St.-Petersburg, Russia. Moscovsky prospect, 109 building 3
Map (please print out the map to make sure you will find the place): attached

A brand-new LGBT network “Tao Zone”(«Зона Дао») is to be open in St. Petersburg, Russia in December 2009. It was founded by Marina Inyakina and Maria Faivisovich. They recently were successful executives with ambitious career plans. Something changed at the beginning of 2009 when they met to move from Moscow to St.-Petersburg and start their own project.
Now their ambitious aim is to create a unique infrastructure for gay community as well as comprehensive support for homosexuals from all over Russia.
It’s commonly known, that there are no gay people in Russia. The society is so kind to be blind when they just live “somewhere” and do not “expose” their way of life. Well, that’s ok for an average person to be saved by a gay resuscitation specialist, and the next day he or she will be “tolerant” (that is, pass by and not recognize the savior and his same-sex partner holding hands). It’s fine for the government to be paid taxes by a gay top-manager, but how dares he to apply for the social partnership with his long-term partner or for any rights arising from such a partnership?

A gay person in Russia is suppressed by the society and is subject to guilt, shame and reservedness. These three cornerstones are not the best ones to establish a community. But Marina and Maria made up their mind to sell out almost everything they possessed to change the situation. It is not so unusual to invest money in your own business in case you are 100% sure you will gain, but the owners of “Tao Zone” cannot be so sure. Their audience can be described as “upper-lower to middle class”. There is no trace of luxury in “Tao Zone”, everything is as simple as it could possibly be. Marina and Maria intend to create a gay-oriented infrastructure, which includes a night club, yoga and dance school, English lessons, psychological support, business network (recruitment and socialization in a new business environment for homosexuals) a bookstore, a fitness recreation studio and a mini hotel for queers who are short of money. The two ladies set up their risky project in a 170 sq.m. premises within a walking distance from “Moskovskie Vorota” metro station. The renovation was made completely by themselves with the help of several volunteers. They will launch the nigh club first to proceed with the yoga school and dance school. Marina and Maria are in need of those who share their ideas, but in the end they are ready to make the most difficult job, and like-minded people will join.

Please RSVP to Marina Inyakina dao@daodao.ru, +7 (950) 003-7147, +7 (950) 003-7142
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Никита (user currently living in RUSSIAN FEDERATION) posted for gay lesbian transgender bisexual intersex straight readers on 02/12/2013 +25
Хочу поднять некую тему и привлечь внимание!
В России есть активисты ЛГБТ движения которые преследуют свои личные и корыстные цели, помощи от них ни какой, прямая агрессия с их стороны! У меня много информации о некоторых активистах, которые явно преследуют корыстные цели в свою пользу, помощи они не оказывают только какие то собрания на которых говорят о чем то другом,,, я много раз сталкивался с личным оскорблением одной Активистки Наташи Цимбаловой,,, в её группе "Альянс гетеросексуалов за права ЛГБТ,они и капли уважения не уделяла гею,а порой и осыпала оскорблениями, хотя вроде активистка ЛГБТ движения!!! Я считаю что помощь ЛГБТ людям нужно оказывать на прямую а не через активистов, либо как то координировать их действия и поступки, у меня много информации по поводу этого сайта где дискриминируют СЕКС МЕНЬШИНСТВА, хотя и сайт на ЛГБТ тематику!!! Свои слова могу подтвердить скринами страниц с конфликтами!!! ПОЗОР ТАКИМ АКТИВИСТАМ,,,
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Evgeniy (user currently living in RUSSIAN FEDERATION) posted for gay readers on 10/11/2013 +20
Hello All! We are a couple from Russia, with her boyfriend live fifth year. Officially legalize their marriage in Denmark four months ago! We are haunted by neighbors, a couple of times changed the place of residence, but приследования still go on. I was fired from work when they learned that I was GAY, at the following place of work, a former employer, sends a negative description of my work((( With the adoption of this law, it was hard to live... Left from Moscow, near Moscow , but there is no peace... Help US ... as we move from Russia... Please HELP!!! Our friends went to Germany... have returned after seven months, they have been "NEGATIVE" ... they told all the terrible thing that are going on in a refugee camp. We are quite scary to live in such conditions!
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Taras (user currently living in UNITED STATES) posted for gay lesbian bisexual straight readers on 27/10/2011 tagged with hate crime and violence prevention, human rights +15
I am from Russia and I am gay. My past experience of living there was horrible. Especially last few years. I was beaten, threatened, harassed and abused because of my sexual orientation. Russia is a very homophobic country. Everybody: policemen, officials, common people, orthodox church etc. hate us. They say we are sick, call us freaks, perverts, garbage. All our rights and freedoms violated and nobody cares.
I was beaten by neo-nazies and policemen because I am “not like them… different”. And I got to hospital two times in very grave condition.
Russia hates gays and knows no mercy. I left this country 1 year ago and went to the U.S. hoping to find a new home where people value you for what you can do but not for your personal questions. The country where I have a chance for normal life. Where I don’t have to survive every day.
I am so scared to go back…
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Emi (user currently living in RUSSIAN FEDERATION) posted for gay lesbian readers on 31/07/2014 tagged with at the work place, lgbt families, sexual orientation, illegality of female to female relationships +15
Hello, everyone!

I'm lesbian and, sadly, live in the RF. I'm just a persona, who wants to live in peace, but now, when the USA and EU accused RF and make a sanctions, I have 2 problems - my country hates me because I'm gay and the rest of the World hate me coz' I'm russian.

I just want to say that it's painfull and to me unfair that now I feel like I have no any moral support from anyone. Please don't forget about ordinary people, because, maybe you don't know and even don't understand how is that possible, our government when they have problems rise the pressure on people like me.

My colleagues hate me, my parents hate me, my government hate me, so please, you, make an exception... and be on my side...

You can find me on this page: http://vk.com/mr.mishkin
Sorry for bothering
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elna (user currently living in RUSSIAN FEDERATION) posted for lesbian readers on 22/10/2011 +15
help get out of Russia! We are a couple, we live 13 years! SOS! SOS! write on mail reinael55@bk.ru
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Валентин (user currently living in RUSSIAN FEDERATION) posted for readers on 16/05/2013 +15
Добрый день! Я не гей и никогда им не буду. Но я уважаю выбор другого человека,для меня главное в людях это их доброта и отзывчивость, способность к сопереживанию, их гуманизм то есть все то, что заложено в каждом из нас как искра Божественного дара делающего нас отличными от животных. Поэтому я противник любой формы тоталитаризма и мракобесия. И ещё- я против любых проявлений гомофобии. Но с приходом к власти тирана Путина в нашей стране стала планомерно и безжалостно уничтожаться демократия. Конституция РФ принятая в демократической России давно уже перестала существовать. В стране правят бал всевозможные праворадикальные организации, мракобесы-фанатики из разных тоталитарных сект, фашисты всех мастей, бандиты и экстремисты из всевозможных прокремлевских организаций.Страшно даже подумать в какое болото толкает страну кучка воров узурпировавшая власть в стране, как планомерно и безжалостно зомбируют безумные Кремлевские кукловоды молодежь, каждый день изобретая все новых и новых врагов против которых направляют агрессию молодежи. Так тиран и его клика сбивают градус гражданского протеста ,натравляя людей против тех кто неугоден режиму, или против любого кого диктатору ,просто, не жаль. Было отвратительно видеть кривляние и ложь тирана в Амстердаме ,когда он цинично врал всему миру, что права человека (в том числе и лиц нетрадиционной ориентации) в нашей стране никто не нарушает. Все это гнусная и подлая ложь! В нашей стране за годы Путинской авторитарной диктатуры люди давно забыли о любых правах человека. Тем более те кого правящая в стране автократия и фанатики из религиозных организаций давно приговорили к тотальному уничтожению. Аналог этому может быть только в истории фашисткой Германии ,в те годы когда бесноватый фюрер превратил в прах миллионы человек. Сегодня даже самые легковерные и наивные граждане начинаю понимать, что власти в нашей стране не просто подражают Третьему Рейху ,они копируют его. Так в стране официально возродились ультраправые организации фашистов. Мало этого их курируют и опекают власти нашей страны, их защищают наши «правоохранительные» органы. Обеспечивая им полную безнаказанность и самую широкую свободу действий. А теперь моя история. Я живу в самом сердце Свердловской области в городе Нижний Тагил. Однажды мне попалось на глаза омерзительное видео, унижающее человеческое достоинство с элементами насилия над человеком. Самое потрясающие было, что этот материал был размещен на федеральном областном канале. Там был показаны противоправные действия организации «Оккупай-Педофиляй» города Каменск-Уральский в отношение молодого (18 лет) юноши. При этом его называли то педофилом,то гомосексуалистом. Проводил операцию известный фашист Максим Марцинкевич. Все члены организации так же являются фашистами и экстремистами. Я написал открытое письмо губернатору Свердловской области Куйвашеву.Е.В. и попросил его пресечь преступную деятельность этой организации. Так как её члены устраивают самосуд, занимаются самоуправством, бьют и,видимо,грабят «подозреваемых» в педофилии и гомосексуализме. Разместил письмо на сайте http://open-letter.ru/letter/97129/ сразу после публикации меня стали преследовать члены этой организации http://vk.com/occupykamensk Против меня устроили настоящую охоту .На сайте было объявлено,что любой кто расправится со мной получит значительную денежную награду, опубликованы мои контакты и адрес. Кроме этого начались телефонные звонки с угрозами, попытки напасть на меня на улице и .т.д. При этом все эти общественники ненавидят меня за ту критику ,что я высказал их движению. За мою смелость,за то,что выступил против них с открытым забралом,что в среде этих выродков непринято. Сегодня эта организация полностью переключилась на травлю гомосексуалистов. Их они избивают,грабят,унижают и все это делается при поддержки полиции Свердловской области. Так как я выступаю против любого насилия, за торжество демократии, за главенство закона над самосудом,то мне пришлось обратится в полицию. Однако сотрудники ГУВД по Свердловской области не только не обратили внимание на мои заявления, они принялись яростно защищать уголовников и подонков. Они категорически отказываются проводить любые проверки по фактам нарушений Конституции РФ ,по уголовным преступления против определенной социальной группы. Мне дают понять,что тот кто защищает гомосексуалистов и их права,сам не человек. И он так же находится вне закона. Поэтому преступление против меня оказываются безответными. Уголовное дело так и не возбудили,хотя я постоянно подвергаюсь опасности. Что тогда говорить о мифических правах гомосексуалистов в нашей стране,если даже я не гомосексуалист,а человек просто выступивший в защиту этих людей ,тут же стал вне закона. Сотрудники правоохранительных органов не просто не расследуют эти преступления, они ещё и угрожают мне лично, вынуждая меня отказаться от борьбы за права человека в этой стране, отказаться от защиты прав сексуальных меньшинств. Меня принуждают закрыть все мои сайты и больше никогда не писать подобных обращений. Губернатор Свердловской области мне не ответил. Думаю он так же поддерживает гомофобную истерию в нашей стране. Теперь я каждый день жду когда запылают печи концлагерей, в этой новой стране ,где правит клан олигархов и казнокрадов исповедующих идеологию фашизма. Кто хочет меня поддержать можете пройти на мой сайт http://vk.com/id207956775 И помните,что в стране убивают демократию.Поэтому нельзя им дать сделать всех нас покорными животными! Фашизм в России не пройдет!
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Anzor (user currently living in RUSSIAN FEDERATION) posted for gay readers on 10/01/2012 +10
Hello! I live in The Kabardino-Balkar Republic - it's a federal subject of Russia (a republic) located in the North Caucasus. Our republic includes two major ethnic communities, the Kabardins and the Balkars - both of them are Muslims. I belong to Kabardins and I'm gay. I guess you don't need the explanations how difficult it is for gay person to live in Muslim community...
Anyway, I've spent all my life living in Nalchik (a capital of The Kabardino-Balkar Republic) and all my life I was hoping that one day everything will change.
I was 12 years old when I realized that I'm gay. I had no one with whom I could share my secret. There was no person to help me with any kind of advice. I was bullied by every single person I know, including my own parents... But I did not give up and for over 11 years I was trying to survive my problems. I kept fighting because I was hoping that one day, after graduation I will leave The Kabardino-Balkar Republic. But moving to any other Russian City is not a solution of my problem also, because all my relatives have sworn to find and kill me for being openly gay. I've already told you that my family members are Muslims and when I told them that I'm gay, their religious views did not allow them to accept me the way I am... In 2009 I tried to run away from my family: I moved to Saint Petersburg, which WAS known as being the most Gay-Friendly City in Russia. But two months later my family tracked me down and brought me home by force. Now I understand that even if they didn't find me I couldn't keep living in Saint Petersburg, because last year St. Petersburg became Russia's third city to pass an anti-gay law called “gay propaganda.” Two regions of Russia — Arkhangelsk and Ryazan — have previously passed the same law. 62% of Russians supported the re-criminalization of homosexual acts between consenting adults. I'm in despair... And I don't know what to do... Russia is becoming homophobic country. I can not keep living in Muslim Homophobic Republic - it's dangerous for my life. My father wants me to marry a girl this summer - he thinks that it will change me and who I am. But it won't. Even if it would, I don't want it to... I live in horror and tyranny... My family and my country do not want me to be happy with who I am. But I'm proud I'm gay... Sometimes I want to kill myself (it seems to be the only solution of my problems)... I'm just thinking: If I won't kill myself somebody else will kill me... I beg for help... I just want to live normal life without fear and discrimination...
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Роман (user currently living in RUSSIAN FEDERATION) posted for gay readers on 03/05/2014 tagged with sexual orientation +10
Здраствуйте! Меня зовут Роман! Мне 19 лет. Я живу в России. Я гей. Сейчас я боюсь жить в России. Законы стали жестокие. Сейчас если узнают что ты гей, то могут избить. А дальше что? Начнут убивать. Это плохо. Поэтому мне страшно так жить. Россия никогда не станет хорошо относиться к геям. Дальше будет ещё хуже. Чтобы связаться со мной; roma.pokemon@mail.ru или http://vk.com/madre_tereza
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LGBT Christians international conference summed up in Moscow (user currently living in RUSSIAN FEDERATION) posted for gay lesbian transgender bisexual intersex readers on 12/01/2010 tagged with religion +5
The conference of LGBT Christians of different confessions "Accepting the force" that has been opened for the public since the middle of November summed up today in Moscow.

"Nuntiare et Recreare" internet site reports that 26 people from 10 different states participated in the work of the Int'l conference. Among those twenty six Christians were Orthodox Christians, Catholics, Lutherans, Baptists and others.

The conference opened with a prayer for gays, lesbians, bisexuals and transgender people who are standing on the spiritual crossroads in their lives and for those who is forced to be in isolation... and consisted of three parts. In Part One - "Love each other as I loved you..." (In. 13,34) its participants shared their opinions on understanding the Creed, Christianity in general and Christian love in particular. Part Two - "LGBT Christians from different countries of the world" - informed the audience on LGBT Christianity issues in different countries of the world and in Part Three - "Our stories" delegates told their life stories...

The Conference adopted a Resolution - Appeal to Christian Churches of the world, LGBT Christians and LGBT community that is published in the Internet on the "Nuntiare et Recreare" site.

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(user currently living in UNITED STATES) posted for gay readers on 09/02/2014 tagged with tourism +5
I just brought a butt plug instead of my partner.
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Barbara (user currently living in RUSSIAN FEDERATION) posted for lesbian readers on 19/03/2011 tagged with sexual orientation +5
Hello everyone!
I`m Russian, and I`m lesbian. During all my childhood I wanted to be a boy (since I was 5). I dreamed of friendship with boys, and never of love. At school I falled in love with my math teacher, young woman - but I didn`t understand that. I knew nothing about gays and lesbians. And I think at that time it was good. Then many years have passed. I tried to live with a man when I was 23, but couldn`t do that enough time. That time I realised I should change my life. I met a lesbian girl, rent her room and left my boyfriend. Since then till today I am who I am:)It is two years that I live with a beautiful woman 10 years older. So I don`t wanna be a boy anymore:)
My mother doesn`t know that, but I think she`s suppose; my sister know I`m lesbian. I don`t attend any gay organisation or meetings, but the most of my friends are lesbian. They are also live by themselves. I don`t like any crowd, though it was organized one. I prefer some real persone. You can write me here: veselial@mail.ru
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Marina (user currently living in RUSSIAN FEDERATION) posted for lesbian readers on 31/01/2013 tagged with human rights +5
recently decided to write to you. Situation that is happening in my country is terrible. especially for people like me. My president completely free hand to tens of thousands of stupid and cruel people. In many parts of the country enacted laws "On the promotion of homosexuality" We pretty much have had no rights, and now we have selected last.According to the law, I can not even aloud to talk about my sexual orientation, kissing my girl somewhere outside of our apartment, and even hold her hand. If I break the law at best I'll pay a huge fine, and in the worst case, I'll take the camera up to 15 days. Or I will beat. And maybe even killed.In the town where I live with my girlfriend a lot of bands that specialize in cleaning the city on such as we. We have no rights, we do not normally open living, human rights law is violated at every turn. I want to say to those who can speak openly about themselves. You damn lucky! I would gladly left the country with my girlfriend, but it's very hard. But every day I'm more afraid for his life and the life of my girls
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Alestaro (user currently living in RUSSIAN FEDERATION) posted for gay readers on 20/01/2011 +5
Gays Siberian city of Barnaul live in fear

For six months in this city occurred in April killing of gays. The first victim - known in the town tailor, the second - a university lecturer. Three of them occurred in the last 2 weeks. In the latest tragedy killed the couple. Police to solve crimes. Their perpetrators are homophobes who kill and rob their victims. The latter crime is not solved, it happened several days ago.
Gays living in Barnaul, grieving, being in a depressed and frightened state. In the town before the killings related to sexual orientation. Over the past 10 years, were killed 5 people, not counting what happened in the past six months. Unable to explain this terrible phenomenon. Gay - the community is afraid to lead his normal life, fearing for their future.
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posted for readers on 17/06/2010 +5
Guys, everyone of you knows that there are countries liberal to homosexuality, although in some states the attitude to it is exceptionally awful. Russia is one of them.
Here talking about legal gay or lesbian marriages makes somebody risk to be not even blamed but killed. Homophobia is one of the most important problems thus being an obstacle to LGBTI existence. Anyway. Types of it differ from one individual to another but the most widely spread is that almost everybody here is not straight. Nevertheless the mentality doesn't give an ability to reveal, the majority of them has to hide. No way to come out.
Nowadays the main problem is of students, they don't get any possibility even to meet each other (I mean other belonging to LGBTI), so cases of commiting suicidal action among them increase. Really impossible to live here. As for me, a schoolboy, there is the only way - to immigrate. I suppose everybody of my age here will maintain the same position.
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Ilya (user currently living in RUSSIAN FEDERATION) posted for straight readers on 02/09/2013 +5
I was born and grew up in a fairly large city of Russia, but in spite of this I never really thought about homosexuality. I actually did not know anything about it, except that it's bad. I first encountered this when i left studying in London.
When I was in London, I and my friend from college had fun and spend time in bars and nightclubs, like typical young people. So one of the weekends, we got to the party. Walking around the city, accidentally wandered into a bar in Soho. Besides the fact that Soho is the main shopping and entertainment district of London, it is still considered a quarter for gays and lesbians, but we found out about it later. So, before we go inside, a security guard at the entrance told us that this is a gay bar. We thought for a moment, but something we pushed, or the amount of alcohol consumed, whether banal interest and we decided to go inside. There were a lot of people, and, as I later realized, were not only gays. And I found myself thinking, if the security guard told us that this is a gay bar, then we would never have understood, because it is absolutely no different from an ordinary bar. We looked around, ordered a drink and sat down at a small table near the bar.
Having missed a couple of cocktails, we once again, standing at the bar for a refill and got acquainted with a young man and he invited us to the table. There sat his partner. We sat and talked and drank and had a lot of fun. I want to say that they were nice people, well- educated and mannerly. One of them was a lawyer and the other a financier. We talked on various topics, and no one tried to seduce us. After a while the bar began to close, they left us business cards and said goodbye.
And that's what I want to say about it: they are absolutely no different from people with traditional views, they have no problem to force you to their "homosexual positions" and to win over to their side, and even more drag in bed. They are happy and they do not care about your orientation. This is not a war where there is a constant recruitment and recruitment again the new recruits.. However, for some reason people with traditional views have some problems with this topic.
I was wondering why I have come across this in Russia only with a negative color. I began to read a variety of books on this subject and discovered a lot of interesting things. Homosexuality devided into several types, such as natural which is only 3 - 5% of the total population. Social – it associated with the lack of the opposite sex and is often found in armies and prisons. Psychological - heterosexual intimacy is blocked psychological causes.
Discrimination against homosexuals was particularly strong in the past, but is preserved in the present. Today, the level of homophobia and sexism in Russia is extremely high. You can constantly observe the various videos on the Internet, where young people brutally beat others just for the fact that they are a different sexual orientation.
That’s how was born the script of this film, where the main goal is to show how homophobic, xenophobic, chauvinistic views of the majority scratching the life of people who is "not like others." In my film, I do not give praise; I do not blame anyone and nowhere urge, but only trying to show what I see myself. And the audience will decide what conclusions do.
I would be so gradefull if you help us and support our project. We making a film and using the crowd finding website http://igg.me/p/511210/x/4516979. Please just have a look and make you decisions. Thank you
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Alexander (user currently living in RUSSIAN FEDERATION) posted for gay readers on 14/06/2013 +5
ПОЖАЛУЙСТА РЕПОСТ!Дамы и Господа! 11 июня стал самым позорным днем в истории России в целом и госдумы в частности! Именно в этот день был окончательно одобрен сегрегационный законопроект о запрете гей-пропаганды. Если этот закон не будет аннулирован-он поломает судьбы многим. 7 июня на сайте Белого Дома США мной была создана петиция о внесении в список Магнитского основных лоббистов этого законопроекта. (Мизулиной, Баталиной, Железняка). Пожалуйста, подпишите и помогите стать этому документу более известным!Ladies and Gentlemen! July 11, Russia was finally passed the infamous segregation law against LGBT people. I created a petition on the website of the White House USA with request to add in Magnitsky list main creators of this law.Help this document to become more well-known!http://wh.gov/llJ16
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Alexander Kukharsky (user currently living in RUSSIAN FEDERATION) posted for gay readers on 12/05/2010 tagged with human rights, laws and leadership , sexual orientation +5
In 1980's I was instructing my gay friends, how to avoid imprisonment due to the antisodomy pragraph 121-1 of the Criminal Code of the USSR. At last the City Prosecutor's Office desided to punish me for this sort of activity and tried to fabricate a criminal case, based on absolutly false accusations. The started investigation deprived me of my work in the state university and left unemployed for two years till the very end of the court procedures and my conditional verdict. On June 1990 a group of activists came to my apartment and we founded gay-lesbian "Krilija" Center of St.Petersburg, http://krilija.sp.ru , which is active up to now, being the oldest LGBTI NGO in Russia, officially registered after a year of struggle at the courts of different level.
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Andrey (user currently living in UKRAINE) posted for gay readers on 27/10/2013 tagged with hate crime and violence prevention +4
The group of people to whom the problems, facing LGBT community of Russia, aren't indifferent - addresses to you. Among the members of our group is Russian, the citizens of the United States, Europe and other countries. Unfortunately, for the reasons which will be stated further, we are compelled temporarily, as we hope, to conceal our names and faces. However, we believe, that it will not prevent our work for the benefit of the LGBT communities of Russia and the World.
By this performance we want to draw your attention to the problems of the LGBT community in Russia. Today, Russian law, applicable to the members of this community, in its cruelty, matched only by the laws of Nazi Germany, acting against the Jews. Today, as well as at the time of Hitler, when people could be punished or even are killed only that were Jews, in Putin's Russia, a person may be subjected to criminal punishment for the fact that it belongs to the LGBT community, especially if he does not hide.
There have already been cases of physical violence, including murder, carried out with extreme brutality. Moreover, these crimes are carried out by not only "ordinary citizens" - but law enforcement officials. Murder and torture have taken place in Volgograd, Novosibirsk, Kazan, Kamchatka. In the Russian city of Rostov, in many parts of the city, have already appeared leaflets, pasted on the walls of buildings, containing calls to "identify gay men and punish them." Authorities declared the event a "provocation," but, in fact, made no effort to investigate the incident. According to the "official" statistics, every seventh member of LGBT-community in Russia - was exposed to physical and sexual abuse from outside "citizens with normal sexual orientation". And how many such cases aren't considered by "official" statistics? Imprisonment of "Pussy Riot" - is a prelude and an evident illustration to the future, which expects progressive part of inhabitants of Russia.
In nazi Germany in the same way all also began - with "separate" acts of violence from outside "the indignant citizens". Proceeded - concentration camps, gas chambers and six million dead Jews ... and not just the Jews: more than 50 million people became, as a result, victims of the war, which has begun with "separate acts of violence" and "laws against defective".
50 million victims!
Yes, you say, but then there was no Internet, mobile communication, social networking, and the victims of the Nazis could not tell what was going on around the world, to warn each other of danger. Now, you say, the rights of the LGBT community in Russia to protect Barack Obama, Angela Merkel, Stephen Fry, Lady Gaga, and thousands of other personalities. Yes, it is - but the Russian government, like Hitler, does not pay any attention to the protests, arguing that no LGBT issues in Russia does not exist!
Today the question is not: "Will we see a Russian concentration camps for LGBT citizens?" - Question is: "How soon we will see these Russian concentration camp?" And not just for LGBT people, but also for all dissenters at all.
You hope for the international human rights organizations? But at the first hint on communication with the foreign organizations, with human rights activists, at the first cent of donations from abroad - any human rights organization working in Russia, will be declared by "the foreign agent", bank accounts will be blocked, and her employees will be interrogated by security service! Yes, in Russia such laws today work!
You're looking at the Internet, e-mail, Skype, etc.? You hope on "Tor" project? And you know, what this project for 60% is financed by NSA of the USA? And other 40% - FSB of Russia? Edward Joseph Snowden proved, that the all governments controls all open channels of communication. In the U.S. it is called PRISM, in Russia - "SORM-2." But the point of the name is independent: if necessary, all communication channels are closed, and there will be no way to draw the world's attention to the trouble, no way to call for help...
In Russia already have laws, that allow close access to arbitrary segments of the Internet at the request of the police, the Federal Security Service or the courts.
And what do you do? After all, the situation is "how soon?" - Requires immediate action!
Our group of activists works in several directions:
1. Creation of the protected network intended for exchange of information between dissidents in Russia (in that specific case - the people identifying as members of LGBT-community), a network allowing them not to depend on actions of the government of Russia, allowing, in case of any repressive actions, at least, to report about danger to adherents, both in Russia, and behind its borders, allowing to transfer truthful information on a situation, passing official channels of the state. The description of this project being now for us priority, is given below.
2. Support (financing of receiving the higher education) the young people identifying as members of LGBT-community and people of old age, not having worthy pension and earnings. Unfortunately, in this area we have no special successes as training of one person costs, at least, $10.000,00, and our financing is based only donations of individuals and small firms.
3. We offer the help in planning and financing of joint trips on the states of Europe and Asia for the people identifying with LGBT-community. As of a present situation we already achieved that LGBT-rounds ceased to be exotic not only in Russia, but already and in Ukraine.
4. We offer the help in search of partners for cohabitation and/or creations of matrimonies, in all directions, in Russia, Europe, Asia.
So, now we will tell you about our project of the protected network of exchange of information by means of which we want to protect LGBT-community of Russia:
The network will operate on the basis of the Internet, but to go beyond the Russian segment will be used by the mobile station disguised space communications. Oddly enough, but it and other necessary equipment can be purchased from corrupt Russian military! And that's good - we will beat the enemy with his own weapon!
Thus, even if the Russian government and the Russian segment of the Internet isolates from the rest of the world, such as China did, the proposed network will continue to have open channels of communication with the outside world.
Traffic network, comprising voice, text and any other information will be encrypted and disguised as ordinary traffic exchange HTTP-content service under network traffic, etc. (Of course, we do not disclose further details.) Server that will be used to route traffic - will also be mobile and disguised as transport and other vehicles delivery services, service, etc. (Of course, we do not disclose further details.) Thus, due to masking and mobility, as well as the use of satellite communications to maintain channels of communication, the government cannot control the network (used for this and other measures, which we do not speak openly).
You only need to install on your computer, smartphone or tablet is a small program - and the authorities will not be able to control you, even if they themselves and connect to the network.
In the end, we get a secure, self-organizing network for exchanging information, not controlled by the government. To disrupt the authorities will have to shut down the Internet and telephone (mobile and wired) across Russia, which in any case is unbelievable.
Today, the network is in the process of testing and trial operation in micro-scale. But for the completion of the project - we need the money. Now for us - it hurts the most. Yes, we know where we can buy the necessary equipment, and we know the people who are willing to sell it to us. We have an existing piece of software, but does not have all the necessary set of equipment, required almost no cars on the basis of which we plan to expand the network of communication stations and routing traffic.
Part of the necessary funds already collected by activists of our group, but, unfortunately, it is not enough to start the project in operation. Still needed relatively little money: about $150.000,00-$200.000,00. We therefore ask you to take part in it, sacrificing its completion any amount of money that you think it is possible to allocate to such a thing. Let it be a few dollars or euros - it does not matter.
And so we turn to you for help. We ask you to give us any help: moral, financial, or ... well, just tell us who it may help to provide us with this. We ask you to help spread our message to all people, who are not indifferent to the concepts of freedom, tolerance and equality for all people, regardless of what the signs are distinguished from each other.
We ask that you use your world-recognized authority in order to attract the attention of all free people to the threat to all members of the LGBT community in Russia.
We ask for your advice: please indicate who else can we turn to the world's attention to the fact that, today, the threat hangs over not only the LGBT community in Russia, but over all its residents who do not agree with the government Russia, the government, leading to the country on the path of Hitler's Germany.
Yes, it is - a non-profit project, and you will not get from any benefits of its implementation.
No catch, but gratitude from the Russian people, from the Russian LGBT community. And knowing, that you have helped prevent a second Holocaust.
Few can say to yourself: "Yes, I saved thousands of lives!"
But You - can!
Our E-mail: lgbt.fight @ gmail.com
If you have an opportunity to make a financial donation for our project, please, visit our site http://lgbt-fight.org/
If you consider necessary, please, specify to us for what from listed before the directions of our activity you would like to spend your donation. In case you, for any reasons, don't want to use the payment systems transferred on our site, write to us (an E-mail: lgbt.fight@gmail.com), and we will send at once you the documents necessary for a bank transfer of money.
Facebook: http://www.facebook.com/lgbt.fight
YouTube: LGBT.Fight
Thank you!
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Brenna (user currently living in UNITED STATES) posted for readers in response to this story on 06/08/2013 +0
Hi Anzor!

My name is Brenna Ehrlich and I work for MTV News. I'm working on a story about LGBT issues in Russia and would love to chat. Email me here? Brenna.Ehrlich@MTVstaff.com
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