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The Your Stories section is all about you! Please take a minute to tell visitors of the ILGA website about what LGBTI life is like in reality. Please submit your personal story and share your experience!

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This is what people are saying about life for LGBTI people in RUSSIAN FEDERATION...
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Никита (user currently living in RUSSIAN FEDERATION) posted for gay lesbian transgender bisexual intersex straight readers on 02/12/2013 +25
Хочу поднять некую тему и привлечь внимание!
В России есть активисты ЛГБТ движения которые преследуют свои личные и корыстные цели, помощи от них ни какой, прямая агрессия с их стороны! У меня много информации о некоторых активистах, которые явно преследуют корыстные цели в свою пользу, помощи они не оказывают только какие то собрания на которых говорят о чем то другом,,, я много раз сталкивался с личным оскорблением одной Активистки Наташи Цимбаловой,,, в её группе "Альянс гетеросексуалов за права ЛГБТ,они и капли уважения не уделяла гею,а порой и осыпала оскорблениями, хотя вроде активистка ЛГБТ движения!!! Я считаю что помощь ЛГБТ людям нужно оказывать на прямую а не через активистов, либо как то координировать их действия и поступки, у меня много информации по поводу этого сайта где дискриминируют СЕКС МЕНЬШИНСТВА, хотя и сайт на ЛГБТ тематику!!! Свои слова могу подтвердить скринами страниц с конфликтами!!! ПОЗОР ТАКИМ АКТИВИСТАМ,,,
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Gabor Kale (user currently living in HUNGARY) posted for gay lesbian transgender bisexual intersex straight readers on 13/09/2013 tagged with tourism, hate crime and violence prevention, laws and leadership , sexual orientation
Open letter to Thomas Bach, the new president of IOC
... In the event of non compliance with the Olympic Charter the IOC is entitled to withdraw, at any time and with immediate effect, the organisation of the Olympic Games from the host city" (Olympic Charter 36 ยง 2.)
The IOC is entitled to withdraw the right to host Winter Olympic Games from Russia.
Please find the whole letter on Kaleidoscope website: http://kaleidoscope.blog.hu/2013/09/13/open_letter_to_thomas_bach_the_new_president_of_ioc
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Taras (user currently living in UNITED STATES) posted for gay lesbian transgender bisexual intersex straight readers on 03/01/2012 tagged with hate crime and violence prevention, human rights, sexual orientation
Happy New Year! Wish everybody to have better life in new year and good changes in homofobic countries
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LGBT Christians international conference summed up in Moscow (user currently living in RUSSIAN FEDERATION) posted for gay lesbian transgender bisexual intersex readers on 12/01/2010 tagged with religion +5
The conference of LGBT Christians of different confessions "Accepting the force" that has been opened for the public since the middle of November summed up today in Moscow.

"Nuntiare et Recreare" internet site reports that 26 people from 10 different states participated in the work of the Int'l conference. Among those twenty six Christians were Orthodox Christians, Catholics, Lutherans, Baptists and others.

The conference opened with a prayer for gays, lesbians, bisexuals and transgender people who are standing on the spiritual crossroads in their lives and for those who is forced to be in isolation... and consisted of three parts. In Part One - "Love each other as I loved you..." (In. 13,34) its participants shared their opinions on understanding the Creed, Christianity in general and Christian love in particular. Part Two - "LGBT Christians from different countries of the world" - informed the audience on LGBT Christianity issues in different countries of the world and in Part Three - "Our stories" delegates told their life stories...

The Conference adopted a Resolution - Appeal to Christian Churches of the world, LGBT Christians and LGBT community that is published in the Internet on the "Nuntiare et Recreare" site.

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