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The Your Stories section is all about you! Please take a minute to tell visitors of the ILGA website about what LGBTI life is like in reality. Please submit your personal story and share your experience!

Share your experiences in POLAND - Let others know what it’s like to be LGBTI in your country! If an experience is meaningful for you, it will probably be meaningful for someone else. On whatever topic, whether good or bad, your story is how the world knows about your country and LGBTI life. By selecting tags that mark the topic your story, others can learn from your experience.
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To whom it may concern.
We, aware people of Polish society are writing to you, looking for help with our national issue. Last few days have shown us that Polish government and some politicians cannot see all of public needs, which especially nowadays become very necessary. On Thursday and then on Friday, January 25 and 26 in our Seym took place a reading and also voting about Civil Partnership Act. To our surprise, the law made ​​by the ruling party have not only been implemented, but also denied even the right to be the subject of the debate. This prompted us to take matters into our own hands and seek help from LGBT organizations in the world and among the foreign media.
From the beginning - it was the first time in Poland, when this kind of social problem was analyzed in the parliament. To the Polish Seym were given three projects of acts, which could change life of thousands LGBT people in this country, but it would be helpful for lots of heterosexual people, living in partnerships as well. But all projects had to face themselves as rejected. Why? Because of personal opinions, poor knowledge, biases, and hate of our politicians, what they have been showing since anyone had the audacity to say something about homosexual people law. One day before voting took place a debate, which was straight signal how our representatives of the authorities (do not) care about society.
The main argument to reject all of the three acts was that, it is allegedly inconsistent with polish constitution, especially 18th article, which exactly says: Marriage as relationship of one man, and one woman, family, maternity and parenthood are protected by Poland. But why Civil Partnership is disobeying this act? Answer for this question was given by Krytyna Pawłowicz (one of our politicians, party: Prawo I Sprawiedliwość): ‘From homosexual relationships we cannot expect prolongation of existence, because they are not geared to procreation. Homosexuals are completely useless, because they do not any procreation.’ What does it mean? We should not allow infertile people to get married, because they bring no procreation, and should be canceled from society. What is scary that politicians can say such things as these without any trouble during debates about law important for many people in our country. Mrs. Pawłowicz was asked by one reporter that, what would she do, if her son had told her, he is gay. She said, she would bring him for the therapy, because psychiatrists can cure it, and such a trouble must be cured! (in fact, there is no doctor after medical studies, who would try to cure homosexuals). And it was told to Mrs. Pawłowicz, that The World Health Organization stopped regarding homosexuality as a disease many years ago, but she replied, they are against people, and they lie, so she will never listen to them. In the day of voting she said again that the projects are the attack on the family, marriage and the Constitution.
However, article 2nd says that Poland is democratic country, existing with all rules of the social justice. So where is the justice here? Article 32nd : ‘All the people in Poland are equal’. So why some of them cannot legalized their relationship? In this case the lack of Civil Partnership Law is disobeying the Constitution!
‘Homoerotic relationships (whatever it means) in all their unnaturalness are just the expression of hedonism, and they are nothing good for Poland’ said Tadeusz Woźniak (party: Solidarna Polska). And he said such thing straight before voting.
Next politician voting for leaving all the acts before works have been started was Tomasz Latos. He said that being gay is only about to pray for changing that “awful situation”, and if someone has no faith in God, should just keep himself in hope, that it is going to change. In fact, there is no scientifically confirmed episode of changing sexual orientation. Politicians can lie, and talk whatever they want, without any consequences!
And people as them, with no knowledge, with no competences to talk about homosexual people, and full of biases (religion, society, upbringing, and manners) are allowed to decide about people for whom Civil Partnership is only way to have better life. Without it two people after twenty years of being together are totally strangers to each other in law. So they have no possibility to get information about the partner in hospital, in the case of death, they cannot decide about funeral of the partner, inheritance is like for strangers so partner will get his part of property, but with the biggest tax. There is also no possibility to get life annuity after partner’s death, and no chance to have common property(if they live together, the house belongs to only one of them. So when owner-in-law dies, his partner is forced to pay for this house if his partner gave it to him in his testament. If not his family(parents for example), can tell him to move out, and he has no chance to stay there because in law it is not his house.).
But it is not the only problem for Homosexuals. There are many Heterosexual pairs for which Civil Partnership would be helpful. For example when two people are in love but they do not want to get married and also want to live together with protection in many cases. This can also bring some help for friends, when they live together (in the other side of country, far away from hometown), and take care of each other. They could use this law to have easier life. To pay taxes for home together, get information in the hospitals, as close first contact.
This is a great solution for all the people who live together, but cannot, or just don’t want to get married.
We decided to write to you because we cannot stand this horrible way of treating our social problems as ‘way of hiding things that have a real matter’, how it was said in parliament three days ago. Talking in our country is going to change nothing. Please publicize this fact in your country. We are full of hope, that you might help just a bit or at least will not let members of the Government talk something unreal, wrongful, and prejudicial things without any consequences.
Your faithfully,
Konrad Kwiecień
Krzysztof Piszczek
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