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The Your Stories section is all about you! Please take a minute to tell visitors of the ILGA website about what LGBTI life is like in reality. Please submit your personal story and share your experience!

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This is what people are saying about life for LGBTI people in PHILIPPINES...
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Shenylee Ann C. Villavicencio (user currently living in PHILIPPINES) posted for transgender bisexual readers on 03/05/2014 tagged with tourism, sexual orientation +5
I'm a 19 bisexual 3rd yr pharmacy student , i identify my sexuality when i was 13 i was attracted to bithgenders even male or female but mostly i am always engage to gays and transgenders, so i can say that i am pansexual , i refuse to tell that im like this because i always feel that it is wron pg , there are things that usually bothers me like the elders rules that man is for woman because woman was created for man... but all i can say is LOVE is for everyone no matter what you no matter who you are everyone, anyone is free to love the way that they want , there are no such rules in the bible that oh man is just for woman , your a great sinner why would you love someone knowing that is immoral...
I also think that way before but now i realize living in your own way is way much better than living because of what others say. Now im happy that everyone accepts me. Except for my father, well i know sooner he will accept me. Actually i didnt have much troubke revealing who i am , because i already start proving them that people like me are not useless, my entire time revealing my sexuality is way better , i got few descrimination but it is more on acceptance im happy that everyone supports me,

there is one big problem that i am encountering right now, im currently in a relationship with a 32yrs old transgender woman who is living on USA well we all know that US is a liberated country, but there are still places there who keeps on discriminating trannies lesbians are ok gays are ok but not transgenders community doesnt want them to be called woman. And efen job opportunites there specially white people they are totally descriminated, now we are on our sorrowful dilenma of our life, her parents told her to leave me and just go with some guys there and she also think thats the only way to for her to live until i can go there. I dont ever want that kind of relationship, polygamy is a sin for me, i dont want her to use someone to support her because i cant support each other right now.
Now im asking my FELLOW LGBT for help i really wanted to be with her i love her so much and i really wanted to do anything for her its just always financial thing,
its like nowadays its not just our sexuality is a great problem but money also burry us to death
im still hoping that things could work out for both of us.
any suggestion?
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posted for readers on 07/03/2014 tagged with tourism
LGBT Internationale
I'm a human rights Juris Doctor
Philanthropist Advocate
Freelance Writer
I travel worldwide so I am fully aware
Of how each country's perspective approach
And views about LGBT.
Nota Bene' : Marriage is all above Love Not Gender!
LGBT rise for your rights for there is Justice for those
Who are not a Menace to Society. I help to poorest of the
Poor and abused children but there are an awful lot of
Straight people who are a Complete Big Morons and Criminals
Round the World and there are Straight men and Women who
are domestic abusers and with damn dick head they are rich and
Thick. I'm into civil partnership for almost 20 long years! The
straights couplets lost their home life broken bones and legs in
Only span of months. Who are big idiots and morons? It's
Not Gender it's the Personality of a human kind that matters.
email me I'm at your service : pam.pasion@yahoo.com
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Ceriel Dela Pena (user currently living in PHILIPPINES) posted for gay readers on 28/12/2012 tagged with tourism +5
Hi I am Ceriel Dela Pena, you can call me Mari Mar, I've been trying to organized an international pageant for gays. If there is Mr. Gay world. then there should be a need for an international competition of gay beauties called. Miss GAY UNIVERSE. That all who won in the local competition will fight for the crown to become MS. GAY UNIVERSE. I hope the gay association of the world will open this soon. Lets show them that we also have beauty and talents given by GOD. and we need a fare treatment.

If you are intereseted that there will be a Miss Gay Universe and International pageant please like my campaign at FACEBOOK. account name: mari_delmar@yahoo.com
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