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The Your Stories section is all about you! Please take a minute to tell visitors of the ILGA website about what LGBTI life is like in reality. Please submit your personal story and share your experience!

Share your experiences in PALESTINIAN TERRITORY, OCCUPIED - Let others know what it’s like to be LGBTI in your country! If an experience is meaningful for you, it will probably be meaningful for someone else. On whatever topic, whether good or bad, your story is how the world knows about your country and LGBTI life. By selecting tags that mark the topic your story, others can learn from your experience.
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This is what people are saying about life for LGBTI people in PALESTINIAN TERRITORY, OCCUPIED...
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Hi, we are Paco and Pasquale. We are researchers from Goldsmiths University of London. We are currently preparing a project about Palestinian LGBT stories in Palestine, Israel and all over the world.

If you have sought refuge or you have a story to suggest, please write us at co301pa@gold.ac.uk

Thank you
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(user currently living in PALESTINIAN TERRITORY, OCCUPIED) posted for gay readers on 06/08/2012 tagged with hate crime and violence prevention, human rights, laws and leadership , armed forces +10
The first time I talked to him was November. He had a nice profile on a dating website called tagged, I saw his picture and I liked him, I sent him a message, so he replied back that he wants to know me more.

We exchanged emails then we had a chat on msn messenger; he told me he is 32 yrs old , he works for one of the NGO's based in Ramallah and he lives alone, he said wants to meet me and he interested in a relation. So we exchanged mobile numbers, I gave him a number that I use only for dating men, then we started to talk daily, and he stripped for me once on cam to show me that he wants me.

Until he insisted on seeing me in real, we agreed on meeting that was mid December. I finished work in Ramallah. He called a couple of times to make sure I dint forget, then we met in the center of Ramallah , we shaken hands , he looked so regular , and he invited me to his place that was few minutes walking from the city center.

We walked to his place and he was telling me that he has been waiting for this day and he is so happy he saw me, and that he likes me a lot.
We arrived at his place, it was an apartment in a big building in Ramallah down town, it was semi empty so he told me he has just moved to this place that's why it wasn't furnished. I heard sounds of people in one of the rooms; but he told me it’s his flat mate.

His room was second room to the right we walked into it, and he had a bedroom and a closet, I sat on his bed, he told me "welcome to my place, am not gay am a straight guy, and am from General Intelligence”, it turned out that it was a trap.

He said he is going to prepare tea and asked if I want to drink anything, I said nothing, he went out of the room, closed the door, I heard him asking the guys in the other room to leave the flat, it took him three minutes to come back to the room, but I felt them like three hours, there was no exit to the room except for the window and the flat was on fifth floor, and I was so close to kill my myself by jumping of the window.

He came back and he sat on a chair opposite to me, he showed me his ID from PGI (Palestine General Intelligence). He asked me to take everything out of my pockets and put them on bed, I had my mobile my wallet and keys on his bed beside me. He took my wallet and looked in everything inside it; he saw my ID and my business card.
He started to talk and telling that he works for the PGI to catch gay men cause it’s now a phenomena in Ramallah and they want to stop it, he told me that now I work for them directly or indirectly I have to help them, I said “do u think I can help you to catch more people “, he said “not exactly but you should know that once we want you, then you have to attend.”

We had a long conversation that lasted for two hours, he asked me why I am gay, and why I date men, and he wanted me to give him names of men I dated so he can contact them and recruit them.

I was so afraid but I had to stay calm, and I couldn't leave cause he threatened me that he can give me a scandal at work and my family. Then I will lose my family and my job.

I went back home, stopped my email and closed my cellular, the ones am using for dating. He tried to call me on my business cellular, but he couldn't reach me because I blocked his number, I got some sms's saying that he tried to call me in January.

Promptly I started to look for a job outside the country, And I was lucky I found one. I left the country on February.
Since then, I dont feel safe in my own city Ramallah.
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posted for readers in response to this story on 23/07/2011
i wort the piece about israel and that you should look at it from a complacs poine.
just wanted to say that my name is itay and you can reach me at
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(user currently living in ISRAEL) posted for readers on 23/07/2011 +5
I had a hard time reading this article, i think you have been misled and you should learn the facts,
I am an israeli, i locate myself in the left side of the political map. I support the founding of a palestinian country, I support the returning of the left bank, the gaza strip and east jerusalem, i think israeli-arabs suffer from discrimination by law, i work to change it an so on. BUT YOU NEED TO LEARN THE FECTS.
1. zionism, the way i practic it and the way our fathers ment it to be, is a peacfull movment, and not everything that is commited by israel is a zionist action. accusing the zionizm is saying that we dont deserv a state.
2. we hhave had several wars with the arabs, every war ended diffrently and the issues it created should be dealt differently.
in the 67 war we started the war, we conquerd, so it is our reasponsibility. but the refuges and the refuge camps are a diffrent story and we sould realize it. they are the aftermath of the 48 war, in which we agreed a peacfull establishment of an arab and an israelien states in this area (according to the resolution the israeli state was smaller), and the arabs didnt so the arab countries attacked us. the refuges are the aftermath of thos actions, so the reasponsibility of the refuge problem and were they would live is oures, but is also the reasponsibility of jorden, egypt, suria, lebanon etc.
the situation is complicated, we are doing a lot of awful things, terrible things, and it is very bad. we to reasponsible for the failure of the peace process here, but we SHOULD NOT SIN IN SHALOWNESS AND CHEAP DEMAGOUGIE. we should learn the fact and seperate between the different troubls.
for exemple: we reasponsible for the humaniterian crises in gaza, but so does the hamas and the gaza population who elected hamas in a democratic process,
We are reasponsible for a lot of bad things, but it is truly a complex situation, there is more then one dimantion,
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muhannad and ahmed (user currently living in PALESTINIAN TERRITORY, OCCUPIED) posted for gay readers on 17/02/2011
hi my name is muhannad and my freind name is ahmed we are from palestine i awant to tell my srory : i have alot of things to tell am gay man and am out the people in my country treat me so bad and insult me by words and when am walking in the street thay track me and try to harm me i have degree from birzeit university and my freind too we cant find job cuz we are gays espesialy me cuz my shape is out and over i do not make my shap over its my shap.
am going to be 30 years old also my freind he is 25 years old we dont have any chance to get job imagin the person with out job and with out pease and with out freedom.do you think we are happy? i can answer this .of curs no we will becom old our agees are running with out any progreess. we dont want money we want to live like every one in the world we are seeking for safe place to live in and to find job to buld our lives we dont want any thing els thats simple rights . we are insulted and we are really suffering from people in our country i can proov that we need help not money ther are alot of bad things happened to us every day.
(insulted,hopless,desperd,tired,bored,suffering,we cant go out every day espesially at night its tooo dangerous thay throw the stones and kednaping us.so we stay at home all the time all that cuz we are gays and out not like the other gays hidden.
ther are alot of stories for us .am talking in jenaral of things that happened and still happen.
muhannad_4you@hotmail.com my freind e mail ameer_manasara@yahoo.com
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Wahid Amin (user currently living in PALESTINIAN TERRITORY, OCCUPIED) posted for straight readers on 03/05/2010 tagged with asylum and immigration, palestine, homophobia, lgbt persecution
What about the persecution of the Kurdish resident's of the west bank the Arab's persecute us on a daily basis because we are not Arabs and we have been here for hundreds of years?I plan on asking for asylum in Israel real soom if it gets any worse.I can be reached at princewahid@kurdland.com.
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