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The Your Stories section is all about you! Please take a minute to tell visitors of the ILGA website about what LGBTI life is like in reality. Please submit your personal story and share your experience!

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This is what people are saying about life for LGBTI people in PAKISTAN...
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Arshad (user currently living in AUSTRIA) posted for gay readers on 24/11/2013 tagged with teaching lgbt rights in schools, sexual orientation +4
Real happening at 13years of age I joined boarding school in city of Sind at four hours train and bus distance from home. Knew sex as a bad thing and getting fucked was extremely bad. I used to get some erection but had not even masturbated. This was early sixties, when no computers, porn films etc. Homosexuality was known . I joined three other boys in same room, soon heard that senior boys go after junior attractive boys during night fuck them by hook or crook and then that victim is blackmailed and hence has no option but to obey them because the fucker in that society is seen as strong man and the victim gandoo, meaning one who present his ass.We four were afraid of these big boys so always locked our room before sleep. I was bit blackish with attractive features, I realised that some big boys like me and wanted me to become their friend, they even used to offer me presents, this scared me more.

night I felt some one hand on my face and I managed to release myself and shouted,my next roomate was also shouting , they ran away, other two also got up, switched light on, door was wide open, who opened, no one new ( some one must have opened). Only me and the one next to my bed (Rehana) were shivering. We joined our beds and decided to sleep together due to fear of these big boys. Rehana was perhaps a year older, we'll build ,very fair boy. He was son of a land lord , lived only an hour bus ride distance. We never talked about sexing but were afraid of getting faked. At a small noise we would cling each other, my penise started to rise and so was his , soon each other penise and then would make both penises rub and enjoy, I use to measure both erected rods by holding in hand and bringing against, the truth was that Rehans was not only bigger but thicker than mine. Now every night mew use to get nacked and sleep . He was desperate to insert his thic long rod into my small ass and I wanted to fuck him first, we were unable because did not want to make noise because of other two roomates.
During day we would agree that who so ever win toss , he will fuck first but he always won toss (he cheated)and after getting naked and making sure our roommates are asleep , he would turn my back to him, apply some cream on my ass and as prepare to place his lovely rod on my asshole I would turn my face to him and say no first me because your Lund is too big and thick (mota) , Ok but as I place my lovey thin but erect rod on his ass, he would jump and say no, we would pass night like this, one day he said tonight we will try 69, what is it ? He explained me, so far we had not kissed each other, that night he first licked and sucked my rod and slowly did his, this night we both released juices got bit afraid but had some knowledge, this led us to mouth to mouth kissing.
We had not seen each other naked in light until one month holidays arrived, the hostel became empty, we were almost alone waiting for Rehans father who was to pick me and I was to spend few days at his village as he promised me not only to let me fuck him alone but we both will have another boy . It Sunday afternoon, no one in hostel, his father was to come Monday morning , we were having grapes, fan giving cool air , doors and windows closed due to hot weather, both without shirts and in pyjamas, first time I saw his reddish white body and he looked at me, instantly he brought grape to my lips and I to his mouth , his other hand went to my half erect penise and mine to his huge bulge and we locked into kiss , he murmured " please. I beg let us do it now" and he removed my pyjama and then his, Oh my god what a beautiful lady like body ( in Pakistan White colour is sign of beauty) and what a shapely ass, he put his hand around my ass pulled me towards him and said Arshad You are fantastic , I separated my self , looked his big hard rod , brought both rods together , no doubt his was longer thicker and whiter than my blackish one, he felt proud and I felt afraid of his going into my little ass, because even his finger with cream use to cause bit pain where as he used to enjoy my finger into his ass, his every thing was bigger, finger, ass hole, even mouth and tounge . Now we lied on bed totally naked , played, a bit licking rods then he turned me and started kissing my ass, slowly working with tounge. Into and around ass hole, first time I experienced this excellent feeling and first time I started moaning and say , yes Rehana do it , push in , fuck me , after he turned and said now you do it, so I tried to do and he enjoyed but I turned my as sot him begging please doit again, he said ok then I will insert my rod first , I agreed because for that lust I would have agreed to any thing. No he put my ass fully up , spread my legs , and started to work with tounge, what a lust, even today I have not forgotten , as he he was licking and fucking with tounge ! My eyes closed and I was up in heaven when he sat in between my legs and placed his rod on my ass hole, I shouted no , he said you promised, I said ok but please slowly, and pullout if pain ful, Ok, please don't squeeze , just relax , I will do same with tounge, only let me insert a bit , and just we heard a big shout , What is this, we jumped out , saw my cousin infront of us , we garbed our shirt pyjama and tried to hide our selves. Before we speak, he went back, bolted the door and said since how long have you been doing this, we only today, he again said , tell me truth have you been ever fucked any body or got fucked , we said no, he took our clothes , made us sit down naked and said then you must first get training. Shall I teach you. We remained quite. He was more looking at Rehan. He took of hi clothes and said to Rehana put your hands on knees , let teach you first and then Arshad, Rehana obeyed him , he asked me to touch. His rod which was already hard enough, ang longer than Rehans ( he is my distant cousin, married and two sons, he must be 29 year ) as I watched, he took some saliva from his mouth and rubbed on Rehans ass, inserted finger , pulled out placed his rod on ass hole and with one hand hold Rehans rod , started to massage, saying love you have nice Rod , Arshad would like , even if you like you can fuck me after I teach, Rehan seemed relaxed as he was replying you see Arshad your cousin is saying, as they were taking, cousin gave a one big push , Rehana just sighed aha, cousin said no worry my boy now enjoy, the hurdle is gone, you would always love to be fucked, he went on pumping with variable speeds until he garbed Rehang back and filled his ass with his , pulled out cleaned himself with my shirt, Rehana ass was leaking his white stuff, which cousin helped clean him. He said let us go to eat a and come back and you both can enjoy , Now we were friendly with cousin, after he took us for nice treat and also gave some money , me and Rehana asked cousin if he could stay with us for night as Rehana dad was to come in the morning , I think cousin could not wish more, so he said ok if you insist I will. On our way back he bought two bottles of different oil, one he said is oil from wild lizard and other is nice lubricant, he also bought some drinks and food. Fro there he took us to cinema which was nowhere near today's Normal porno but for those days was hot enough, English film. By 8 o'clock were back in our room , there were only 3-4 boys and a watch man , whom we told he is my elder brother has come to take me home and will stay with us, he gave him some money to keep him happy. Room door and windows closed light on, food and drinks opened. He removed his clothes saying , now we are close friends so why shy, do you mind, we said no, ok then you should also become free and started to remove my shirt , we became naked, he began explain body parts , about women breasts, pussy, , have you ever sucked breasts and licked pussy , we said but breasts for baby milk and pussy is dirty to lick, but then I realised we have licked asses, he put his fingers on Rans tits saying your tits are 13 year old girls tits and started to roll , do u like , yes Rehan said , then he rolled over my tits after making finger wet with saliva, It was really lovely, he was telling his sex experiences with various girls, boys and wife, his ongoing affairs, when we asked about his first time sex, he said he was fourteen and used to watch a newly married relatives , his wife saw him once and then when her husband went to his parents for few days and arranged him to stay with her until he returns, she first night asked him do you like what husband wife do, he said yes, she said would you like to be my husband until he he come bak, it started and she made me expert, she also introduced other girls and married and even now we sex . His erotic talk made our rods hard like any thing his rod was shining as he has been oiling with oil and wethreehavebeen massaging randomly all rods , occasionally kissing, and sex playing on his guidance,
Now Rehana wished to fuck me, I objected but cousin said not to worry, we all going to fuck each other. Now I put my hands on knees, cousin opened ass lips,Rehana put his tounge , pull lips apart, open ass , so I can push tounge and fuck his virgin ass, as cousin pulled and I pushed to wide open ass , the tong was rolling inside taking me climax, withdrew his tounge and cousins put lot of oil ang started working oil inside hole with finger and Rehana was slowly masturbating my hard rod, cousin was murmuring dirty sex whic made me erotically relax , noticed when Rehan pushed his thick tool in , I was in pain but great cousin was licking my tits and massaging my erect rod with oily handstand Rehan was pumping ass rythematically, ( I wish I get that fuck now), ah! Rehana just released his juices and pulled his dead pennies out but my penisewas up and shouted please continue don't go away, just that moment I felt a continuity, No it is not Rehana the pumping is so nice and rod is longer, is that you cousin, yes my boy, I can't see you crying, I saw Rehan standing infront of me with his tool hanging down, What a fuck, my fist, but never was again. I later on wondered , I was running away from fuck, sr, boys were so eager to fuck me and now cousin got it so easily and made it memorable. Whole night we fucked , when tired food, drinks, his erotic stories and exciting our sex buds made us ready , night of threesome,, Cousin guided us how we should fuck, he said he had three some with two female, boy and female and this with two virgin boys was a wish come true. While one of us fucking him, he sucked others rod, or ass, it was almost every position. He left early morning, among many his advises Followed one the most " he said remember, every male female loves sex irrespective of age , go for it . Never let go oppurtunity and chance, but to run and force. Just think how I worked on you both,". I went to Rehans village with his dad, they looked after very well. Stayed for one week during from first night sex matters with Rehan and his boy servant were no issue, but following cousin advice I made Rehans mother fuck me and his young sister engage in kissing etc when Rehana had to go to town for. One night with dad, later fucked cousin's wife and son , aunties, cousins , both male and female , sister in law her friends etc can narrate if there is chance, good bye this true story but not names. Exalt: Suzyran@hotmail.co.uk

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