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The Your Stories section is all about you! Please take a minute to tell visitors of the ILGA website about what LGBTI life is like in reality. Please submit your personal story and share your experience!

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This is what people are saying about life for LGBTI people in PAKISTAN...
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This is not my story but my research about homosexuality in Pakistan and factors that cause it. Homosexuality is catching fire in Pakistan these days. However, this isn't something related to the preference of sexes here but an outcome of ill minds. See how people in Pakistan satisfy their lust in the name of homosexuality which eventually leads to child molest and abuse in some cases of the rural community. Click on the link to read complete article: http://bit.ly/1gFtfQK
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Aileen (user currently living in PAKISTAN) posted for gay lesbian readers on 10/12/2013 tagged with sexual orientation, religion +9
SALAM EVERY ONE.. i m girl. i m intrested in girls. i blong to a religious family who will not accept my sexuality.... they presurize me to get marry with man,, it is imposible for me because in not intrested in boys.and i love a girl she loves me too.we are happy and spend whole life with each other. and i cant ruin a life of boy.. so plzzz help me .. if any gay has same problem so tell me we can help each other.. its urgent.i m so mch worried. plzzz mail me at faimakhan535@hotmail.com
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Virgo (user currently living in PAKISTAN) posted for gay readers in response to this story on 13/10/2013 tagged with religion +20
Well My Story is a same like other fellas ! A gay guy who is living in a closet and seeking Freedom which far away somewhere i don't know where ! What will you do when your parents pressurize you to get married to their choice of Girl ?
It is now 6th year and the pressure is on ! i would like to attempt suicide rather then ruin other straight Girl's life !!

Can anyone Help me ? Seriously please ?
Is Asylum the way i can go for ?
or what to do ?
Have any of you ever had this ? what you did ?
Please share Please !!!
asiastock2006@yahoo.com !! Thank you
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March (user currently living in PAKISTAN) posted for gay bisexual readers on 05/07/2013 tagged with human rights, religion, illegality of male to male relationships +25
Hello readers.
Well my name is March (as I don't want to expose it here). The story goes like this that I'm a good looking young guy. Who is really creative and innovative by thoughts. Who really wants to go abroad and prove himself in any field of life. But unfortunately life has been too tough on me. I'd been in lahore for like 8 months and I through a gay networking website, met ample people and dated them. Yet I finally concluded after my experiences that lahore has completely transformed into an HUB OF GAYS. Guys have now started to cross dress and they call each other BAJI (SISTER). I mean what the hell is going on! Well if this is a bitter truth then why we are not ready to accept it? It must be accepted by hook or by crook. Now the problem is that my family got to know by some means that I'm gay too. But I'm not completely gay I'm a bisexual. Im in a relationship with a female. But I enjoy being with guys too. My family wants me to quit all this creep. But I want to quit my family. But as a student I'm not financially sound to be on my own. I've completed my graduation, but I guess there are no much jobs unless you have masters in some program. I feel myself so lonely. I want to quit everything and want to fly abroad. I want someone to help me...
Somebody who can save me... :(
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Being a homosexual in Pakistan means being a criminal, a person who is in complete violation of laws and culture. Gay people get killed just by being gay, our friends abandon us, families disown us, all because we choose to like a certain person. People wouldn't even talk about this topic. This is how bad we are considered in our own country. I wish i could have a way to change this. I wish i could give people hope and freedom. I wish i could save people from hiding their identities and their love for someone. The situation in Pakistan is especially sad because of the religious extremism. Islam is a beautiful religion and people are corrupting it by saying it forbids homosexuality. There is no such thing like that and i want people to know. We need a change and its time we started working on it.
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Naseer Ahmed Khan (user currently living in PAKISTAN) posted for gay readers on 21/11/2011 tagged with laws and leadership , religion, illegality of male to male relationships +8
...Hi My name is Naseer Ahmed Khan...I am gay and want a same sex marriage...but very unfortunately here in my country...its never allowed and its considered like a huge sin...If i will take any step in front of all..I may be killed by relatives or religious people....somebody please give me an advice...I shall be very thankful to you for this act of kindness..

Best Regards,
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