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The Your Stories section is all about you! Please take a minute to tell visitors of the ILGA website about what LGBTI life is like in reality. Please submit your personal story and share your experience!

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This is what people are saying about life for LGBTI people in NIGERIA...
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I was in Nigeria in Summer of 2009. I had a fantastic time there. The social life of lesbians was mostly visible in Abuja and Lagos. I was moving in circles of upper and middle class individuals so I cannot speak wider than this. The reactions I got from men were of a highly sexualized nature. Some of them found it arousing in the sense that they say lesbians as sexually adventurous and had high hopes for a threesome. This, I found offensive. Even more offensive was a discussion I had with a guy who told me of how he attended a party with many lesbians in Abuja. He was particularly hostile when he spoke of butch lesbians or girls who chose butch lesbians as sexual partners. He insinuated that he would support anyone who took the liberty of "correcting their sexual practices" i.e. rape or coerced sex.

Aside from that, I could not hold hands with my girlfriend in public or even dare to sneak a kiss but in the elitist clubs it was all well and good and no one batted an eyelid.
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Akudo O. (user currently living in NIGERIA) posted for lesbian readers on 21/08/2010 tagged with at the work place, hate crime and violence prevention, sexual orientation, illegality of female to female relationships +28
I started work with my present organization in February 2007, i was their first employee and was placed on a very little salary because at that point the company had not started generating money. When we got our first contract, i worked weekends alone with the Managing Director, sometimes, when i close, i get called out again to work at night.

Later that Year, two tech guys that were so nice to me till date and a lady was employed under me, and then another two ladies, till we became 20 in the office. We worked amicably until the Managers started being intimate with the female employees. I didn't care because i always wear my engagement ring from my partner which they all guessed must be a man.

At a point, they started rumoring that my friends on Facebook are mostly girls and that i chat with only girls, i did not bother. When they talk about their boyfriends, i move away because i dont want anybody to want to hear my story.

The MD called me one evening after close of work that he wanted to visit my house. I lied that i was living with my sister, and there he promised to give me rent to move out of my sisters house so that he will be coming to eat our native soup in my house.

I kept hiding from him, until he shocked me with questions about my sexuality. I lied, (because of the rate of discrimination and stigmatization in my country)yet he demoted me and always make reference of me in meetings although without mentioning my name, yet everyone knows who he is always referring to.

Right now, i have been given a dress code, for only me and also warned that i should never be in contact with any female agent working under me and the most painful part is that the people i employed are now my bosses.

I have learnt a lot my self and i have vowed to embrace being an activist to make sure nobody ever experiences what i have. I working towards making my name while still here so that they will know that the stone that was rejected can become the chief corner stone.
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