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The Your Stories section is all about you! Please take a minute to tell visitors of the ILGA website about what LGBTI life is like in reality. Please submit your personal story and share your experience!

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This is what people are saying about life for LGBTI people in NEW ZEALAND...
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Ramez (user currently living in LEBANON) posted for gay readers on 17/07/2014 tagged with illegality of male to male relationships
Hello dear friends. I'm a 25 years gay from Syria, living now in Lebanon as a refugee. I'm atheist too. As homosexuality and atheism are not allowed in my country I feel very miserable and hope to leave to a free country like New Zealand or other to start a new life. Please let me know if there is any possibility. My e-mail: rmz76@windowslive.com
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kavin (user currently living in NEW ZEALAND) posted for gay lesbian transgender bisexual readers on 29/04/2014 tagged with sexual orientation
I am from India, I love people in New zealand, supportive and open minded, may be some are not open to gay support, but majority are ok in accepting us, i feel proud to live here. To all my NZ friends , visit justnakedmale.blogspot.com to see Indian boys hotness. Its not extreme good , but provides a flavor of what Indian boys are about.
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Ruth Tidemann (user currently living in NEW ZEALAND) posted for gay lesbian transgender bisexual readers on 03/04/2013 tagged with marriage / civil unions
The NZ government is about to have voted in LGBT marriage. There is 100% chance that this will be passed! Good on you NZ
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steven kasiko (user currently living in NEW ZEALAND) posted for gay lesbian transgender bisexual intersex straight readers on 26/09/2011 tagged with hate crime and violence prevention, human rights

As agay am really worried as crime against gays increase On Saturday i happened to read this story that shocked me in the New Zealand Weekend Herald of saturday 24 sept 2011 about the hate campaign being done by some people even here in New Zealand. it scared me and made me to remember about what 's happening in Africa the problems LGBT communities are facing that have resulted into some of them being harassed, killed ,gangraped and arrested. I feel its high time we should comeout blodly condemne these acts in the strongest terms possible and fight for our rights .As everyone is equal and 's entitled to the same rights and freedoms regardless of his race, colour ,sex

Lindsay Curnow 62 says i didn't find it hard to be gay before this and her partner Juliet Leigh 64 how re victims of ahate campaign in Newzealand This has cost them their business and its forcing them to quit the beach side community that they ve loved and it has caused them to question being openly gay. While they were out , some one tramped around their Mangawhai Heads property armed with afelt- tipped pen and adangerous mix of audacity and homophobia and wrote words "filth" "sluts" "trash" " cars dirt" and dikes" across their
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peter (user currently living in UGANDA) posted for gay readers in response to this story on 25/06/2011 tagged with hate crime and violence prevention
get serious about what you are talking about
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kasiko steven posted for gay lesbian transgender bisexual readers on 04/06/2011 tagged with hate crime and violence prevention
Gay and lesbian individuals in Uganda prefer to stay hidden and secretive in nature; and try as much as they can to avoid directing attention to themselves as a result of contiuned hatred. This reservedness has made them easy and defenseless prey for the leaders of Ugandalike police local council security agents, who have the unabated freedom to dehumanize and demonize them in the public domain; greatly skewing public opinion even now the children ahate them the Lesbians, gays, bisexuals and Transgender individuals and communities living within Uganda face on a daily basis, discrimination, stigma, harassment, exclusion, violence and unlawful imprisonment due to their sexual orientation and preference and some are roting in police cells. Since the introduction of the bill the hatred has increased people are asking who are these gays were do they live let them be left to mob justice passed, Incidences of public humiliation such as; the gathering of the community and its elders to denounce and banish gay and lesbian individuals, disowning them chasing them from the Clans and even from the villages telling them if they come back they will be stoned to death all these things are happening but nothing is being talked about. If anyone trys to talk about they say you support gays leave them to die they have no place in Uganda with other members of the same sex, the public parading and stoning of individuals . These acts are performed by perpetrators who operate with impunity, because they know the victims won’t report the crime to the authorities and even the authorities are less conconerned because you are agay, since there is a likelihood that they might suffer the same fate or worse. Therefore we have no safe place to go to for help.please let us come out and give support
BY Gayslesbiansrightsuganda
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