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The Your Stories section is all about you! Please take a minute to tell visitors of the ILGA website about what LGBTI life is like in reality. Please submit your personal story and share your experience!

Share your experiences in NEPAL - Let others know what it’s like to be LGBTI in your country! If an experience is meaningful for you, it will probably be meaningful for someone else. On whatever topic, whether good or bad, your story is how the world knows about your country and LGBTI life. By selecting tags that mark the topic your story, others can learn from your experience.
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This is what people are saying about life for LGBTI people in NEPAL...
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binod lama (user currently living in NEPAL) posted for gay readers on 26/06/2014 tagged with human rights
Binod Lama
Gay and Lesbian Sexual Minority Network Nepal
Jorpati-3, Kathmandu, Nepal
Mobile: +9779841780256, +9779808308350
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(user currently living in NEPAL) posted for readers on 04/06/2014 +35
Government of Nepal,
Prime Minister
Mr.Sushil Koirala,

Sub:Requesting to proclaim IDAHOBT Day as a public holiday

Dear Prime Minister,
As Nepal's interim constitution 2063, in the Section 3 there is fundamental rights of the citizens and in the Section 4 there is responsibility of the state as well as management of the principles of polity.As we, the sexual and gender minorities are also citizens of this country, we have rights to utilize and claim all fundamental as well as human rights. However,we,the sexual and gender minorities, have been suffering from various kinds of discrimination in our home, society, neighbors and even from government itself. To eradicate all types of these discrimination, globally the international organizations and associations like International Gay and Lesbian Human Rights Commission(IGLHRC) and International Lesbian and Gay Association(ILGA) are standing together and making their local level NGOs and INGOs active to overcome all sorts of discrimination and violence against sexual minority communities and empower them with all human rights and their security.With regards to it,an international committee IDAHO,formed and this committee has been observing International Day Against Homophobia to mark the discrimination and violence against homosexuals, bisexual, transsexual on 17th May every year. Tally this day with our Nepali Bikram Sambat era, we would like to request to you to declare this day public holiday in Nepal too. So that we can make people aware of LGBTTI community and change their opinions about them through this day. We are presenting this letter to you including some problems and issues of this community.

Dear Prime minister, only a few member of our sexual and gender minorities whom can be counted on our finger tips have received citizenship cards in the name of 'Thirdsex' or 'Othersex' which were issued by Government of Nepal on saying to do so by some non-government organization. However, member of our community are not satisfied with it. They take it as the government itself is discriminating on them by using such offensive words like 'thirdsex' 'thirdgender' 'othersex'. Similarly, these are some NGOs in the country which propose a lot of tempting activities in the name of doing welfare of this community just to attract the foreign donor agents. Embezzle the amount that they received as foreign aids, they do nothing towards the welfare of this community. Thus, few people are turning affluent overnight. So the government of Nepal should pay attention and case towards the activities of NGOs and take legal actions against those found guilty. Have a detailed study about this community before issuing citizenship cards to its members because we are neither any thirdgender nor any third-nature dramatical persons, we are naturally normal persons.

We would also like to put forward some of our demands, they are as follows:-
1. Identity cards should be issued based on sex-orientation of an individual.
2. Legalize the Same-Sex marriage.
3. Mention sexual minorities in the new building up constitution.
4. The final verdict of the Supreme Court made in the year 2064(B.S) should be made to follow strictly.
5. Proclaim IDAHOBT Day as a public holiday.

For your information, we would like to tell you something about the International Day Against Homophobia, Biphobia and transphobia(IDAHOBT). This day aims to co-ordinate international events that raise awareness of LGBTTI rights work worldwide. The date of May 17 was chose to commemorate the decision to remove homosexuality from the international classification of diseases of The World Health Organization (WHO) in 1990.
Requesting you to grant the 17th May as Public Holiday in Nepal. We have prepared this letter representing more then 3 lakh Nepalese sexual minorities. At last, hearing our demands and putting them into practice, give justice to all victimized Nepalese sexual and gender minorities.
Thank you.
Binod Lama
Gay and Lesbian Sexual Minority Network Nepal
Jorpati-3, Kathmandu, Nepal
Mobile: +9779841780256, +9779808308350
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blue diamond society (user currently living in NEPAL) posted for gay lesbian transgender bisexual intersex readers on 21/08/2013 tagged with hiv/aids , human rights
Press Release
Blue Diamond Society strongly condemns and expresses disappointment over participation of three non-homosexual and trans gender people in the Asian Regional Level Conference on HIV/AIDS which actually was meant for MSM/TG people starting today in Bangkok Thailand, with malafied intension of WHO and ministry of Health Nepal. It is known and proven fact that homosexual and Trans-gender people are one of the prone and vulnerable communities to HIV/AIDS risk. Even Nepal Government has identified MSM/TG as high risk groups towards HIV/AIDS and has been running special programs for reducing risk of this group. Due to social, economic and legal constrains and lack of access to health the risk towards HIV/AIDS is increasing day by day.
As the conference was focusing on reducing risk of HIV/AIDS of MSM/TG community it was expected that experts working in this communities in Nepal would be participating in the conference. But with WHO and Ministry of Health with some vested interest without even informing anyone from communities, secretly send participants who are not familiar with MSM/TG issues /Non Community.
Since some funds are certain to be allocated for MSM/TG some people with malafied intensions are playing on this regards and non-homosexual and Trans gender people are attending conference with personal interest of bringing the fund which is to be granted for actual homosexual and transgender of Nepal. It is clear that people attending conference are neither from community nor working on this area or neither have expertise in this issue. This is not first learnt case where responsible government agency and international organization sending wrong persons to these kinds of conferences.
It is clear that WHO and ministry of Health by sending wrong person are eager to minimize this community issue, these two agencies should take responsibility for this kind of reckless and wrong act. We want to know how and why this serious decision was taken in errors’ way. We demand in future that WHO and ministry of Health won’t repeat this kind of serious mistake and we also demand to monitor this issue. And finally we demand to end these kinds of mistakes where non community people take benefits in the name of the community.
August 21, 2013
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Bibek (user currently living in NEPAL) posted for gay readers in response to this story on 06/01/2013 +0
I also belongs to LGBTI community of Nepal.The things i can see written here i am not disagree,just because of the Blue Diamond Society now we can at least have a life with dignity and pride.So guys please stop writing all this things which create misunderstanding.And if something wrong is going on at the organisation then law should take it course,we dont have to mention the same thing all the time.
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Bibek Bhandari (user currently living in UNITED KINGDOM) posted for gay lesbian transgender readers on 17/07/2012
Hi, I just wanted to share my multimedia project on what it means to be gay in modern Nepal. www.livinggaynepal.info
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ram rai (user currently living in NEPAL) posted for transgender readers on 24/06/2012 tagged with lgbt families, gender identity +12
Awareness changed in practice

A person named Ishwor, the resident of Biratnagar-5 came to know that he belonged to the third gender community .But his family members were unaware. So, he was afraid and hesitated to disclose his sexuality among his family members. The main problem was there was no appropriate environment to disclose his sexuality. Later he became regular clients of Pariwartanshil Samaj and finally he decided to get help from Pariwartanshil Samaj, the organization working for LGBTI to disclose his sexuality with his family members and community as well. After that Pariwartanshil Samaj sent 1 outreach and 1 counsellor along with him in his home. At home, staff briefed on his sexuality and his human rights and at the end, the counselling part played a great role to accept him and his sexuality.

Now he is living freely without any hesitation of being third gender and also he has been supported by his family members and treated like the others members.
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Nepal Tour (user currently living in NEPAL) posted for bisexual readers on 03/01/2012 tagged with tourism
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Chals (user currently living in NAURU) posted for gay readers on 10/02/2011 tagged with gender identity
Once when i was 13 yrs old, one of my neighbor he was abt 17 yrs he rabed me and he did black mail to me. He forced me to have sex with him, ont only him but also his friend come and had sex abuse. its run up to 6yrs.At that i did not know about my sexuality. i was in depretation. i couldn't take attentation to my study.
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