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The Your Stories section is all about you! Please take a minute to tell visitors of the ILGA website about what LGBTI life is like in reality. Please submit your personal story and share your experience!

Share your experiences in MOROCCO - Let others know what it’s like to be LGBTI in your country! If an experience is meaningful for you, it will probably be meaningful for someone else. On whatever topic, whether good or bad, your story is how the world knows about your country and LGBTI life. By selecting tags that mark the topic your story, others can learn from your experience.
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This is what people are saying about life for LGBTI people in MOROCCO...
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yassmina (user currently living in MOROCCO) posted for transgender readers on 26/05/2014 tagged with gender identity +0
my english is not so good but if you read , you can understund it.
since i was yung i felt like a girl i always fight with kids because im not normal and because i was androgynous boy , my parents they didnt understund why im verry feminine so they start to treat me verry bad because they want me to be more masculine they beat me evry kind of violance but iv never changed always the same me,also i fighted during all my year school with students because im normal , i was looking in the internet what i am? i dont feel as a boy but i have a penis what i am ?so tnx the internet i saw poeple like me on youtube i knew i have gender idendity desorder , so i was looking for hormones and i start the transition and because im androgynous hormones changed my body so fast and i become like a girl i finelly feel happy now i lift my parents and live by my own that was verry hard i felt selfish because i leave my parents i feel so bad i lift my two little brothers it hurts me in my heart only because if i didnt start my transition i will kill my self i cauldnt stay like thes way i need to be happy , i need to be me .
20 years of sadness then i start to change the hair start to grow fast i have chick bones alll the stracture of my body is changed buuuuuuuuut the problem is on my idendity its illegal to be trans in my contry i cant work i cant go out because last time the police catch me for 48hours because they find that im a genetic male they didnt believe it so they took me to a jail with a criminals i didnt do anything rwong so now i feel like im not a moroccan because im scared of the police like a criminal i honestly need help i dont know what my supose to do i cant work sometimes i dont even have money for my own food lucky me i have my ex boyfriend who help me with a little bet of money but its not enaugh i honestly need help im waiting a miracle .
thes is my email tsyassmina@gmail.com
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paulakey (user currently living in CANADA) posted for lesbian readers on 21/05/2014 tagged with lgbt families
Paula Key shared a link.
11 hours ago

Great site: http://stories4hotbloodedlesbians.com/ to over 46,000 visitors in just a year.
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LT. DEE: ARMY NURSE: Vietnam. Set in the year 1968, twenty-two year old Dee is thrown into a war zone

You can get my ebooks at:
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nabil (user currently living in MOROCCO) posted for gay readers on 11/03/2014 +0
hi, im from Morocco I was born in 1990 I am physically handicape, and-because of this I find more concern about studying with professor and director of the college now I have 23 years i have no degree or certificate tray as the director, it made ​​me stop in 2006, he told me that you are a handicap, you can not continue with us and you can not work, frankly, I'm tired, I do not see any future for me in my country and on top of that I'm gay in a country that does not accept homosexuals, please help me to keep my future please

contacte me in : ahmed-adnane@hotmail.fr
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I'm.Morocco lesbian women I live Saudi Arabia..I need help
If anyone gay would help by married me and I'll pay for him just so I can be free and travel away to usa I'm seeking for asylum please contact me if you can help in any way reemtures@gmail.com
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Noori posted for gay readers on 06/12/2013 tagged with at the work place
i need help +212601985486
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Real Othmane (user currently living in MOROCCO) posted for readers on 20/10/2013 tagged with teaching lgbt rights in schools +10
In addition to all those who want to get others to worship them, they have to appreciate that they must love their selves’ first then start thinking about getting others to love them. Don’t be feeling shame of what you are and hide your right to be heard, let everyone here your voice, be overconfident of yourself and keep your head up to the blue. Do more of what will make you blissful, and don’t let people’s unawareness of the particulars destroy your life. Realize that life is a rough journey, but God’s attendance is constantly there in every pace you acquire; present to assist you and let you identify that life can be unsophisticated when you keen on God.
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Real Othmane (user currently living in MOROCCO) posted for gay readers on 20/10/2013 tagged with teaching lgbt rights in schools +15
God is the compassionate of them all; every instance you’ll find yourself along, descending to the edging, and heart broking, comeback to your maker and you will discover cheerfulness and supersensible soothe while doing so. Life can literally be ugly, but that’s why God is there, to make it good-looking for us. God is love, thus don’t you ever say that he abhorrence you because of what you are. God compose differences so we can be able to know how to reside all collectively in a nonviolent world, not to loathe and annihilate each other. Get to know people first then judge them because of what they perform not because of what they meant to be. After all it’s no more than my view, you always have the right to choose what to do, it’s your life not mine. Your crossroad at this juncture is to opt between liking people even with the subtractive differences or not, I expect you’ll take the correct pick.
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(user currently living in MOROCCO) posted for gay readers on 20/10/2013 tagged with teaching lgbt rights in schools +20
“Erase Hate”, two expressions that did caught my notice for an extended time. The connotation of the verdict is not just about people erasing their abhorrence to others, but also regarding how to. I’ll tell you how; however would you have the bravery to concern that? Don’t judge people that you don’t know it doesn’t matter who they are. Don’t judge people because of what they are. Don’t like people if you don’t desire to, but respect the fact that they are humans just like you are. Don’t hate anyone until he hates you or disrespect you. Keep in mind only these four lessons and pertain them; and you’ll be erasing hate. You have here a crossroad: Choosing between expunging hate and erasing yourself; you don’t have to be mastermind to know what to select.
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Sam (user currently living in MOROCCO) posted for gay lesbian transgender bisexual intersex straight readers on 03/04/2013
well I am a young Moroccan gay, I die of loneliness, I try my solmate, here in my country gays are not acceptable, I hide my truth, I want to find my travel solmate, I give all my life to study and work, and now I'm organizing my life, and I do not know how? help me,? I want a real relationship with a love sex do not have essential by that when you talk to someone, automatically, the sex talk, but most love, I do not like relationships in the Vertuel, ,

my email: secteur.pro@gmail.com
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i'm from Morocco & i need a help (user currently living in MOROCCO) posted for gay lesbian transgender bisexual intersex straight readers on 05/02/2013 tagged with at the work place, lgbt families, laws and leadership , sexual orientation, religion, illegality of male to male relationships
Hi everybody, i dont know how to explain da situation here ,day after day i feel losing hope in life and feeling really destroyed.
I present myself, my name is EMy "nickname", born in 1985 and I live in Morocco, a Muslim country where there is no gay rights at all, we are now in 2012 and there is any homosexual law reform expected !!
Since i was teenager i always felt that my choices and my way of thinking is like a girl, I dressed as a woman (in privacy) and so far I shaved all my body parts regularly .. in recent years I did my eyebrows and I tried to wear feminine clothes .. but i was firmly confronted by my family and entourage and I lost my job and all my friends just because i tryed to be me.
I avoided having homosexual relationship just because the law is not tolerant;
My life is wasted; prisoner in men clothes I find no taste to continue this life, get outside my room and see the world, nobody understands me, it's taboo to talk about homosexuality here coz of religion beliefs !! I lost hope to live and I swear i start to think about suicide.
I tryed several times to contact many gay rights comitee in several countries but in vain, they all told me that i have to be in that country in ordre to deal with me, i was seeking for a humain asylum.
My relationship with my surroundings have become worse especially with my family, and one day I'll leave home without knowing where to go.
i need some one to help me to live my life in a country where there is gay rights, I want to live and work in peace, get dressed with respect and freely.
my email: bi.cool@live.com -sincerly-
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Mark Simpson (user currently living in FRANCE) posted for gay lesbian straight readers on 30/10/2012 tagged with tourism, at the work place, hate crime and violence prevention, human rights, laws and leadership , sexual orientation +20
My name is Dr. Mark S. Simpson. I am a living example that homophobia is alive and well. I was a career educator at some of the finest institutions in the United States, including Director of the Upper School at Windward in Los Angeles and Trinity in New York. A very sad event occurred in 2008. The head of Trinity School, a friend, mentor and amazing leader passed away. I decided to ease my pain by moving on. I was offered a job as the headmaster at a school in Morocco. It seemed like destiny – to serve a school in an area of the world where so many were denied education. To lead an institution towards that most honorable goal – educating the young and giving them hope for a better future. This choice would ultimately lead to the devastation of my stunning career, the shattering of my personal well being and the destruction of my life.

When I arrived at the school, it was instantly apparent that it was infiltrated with shady, dishonest and criminal characters. Not a safe environment for children, and come to find out, not a safe environment for a person like me (while I had a genius IQ), unfortunately, I went through life without ever learning (what my partner calls) street smarts. So many horrible things happened; I did not even survive the first year. The major event that occurred; and for which I had no participation - a dual national (American and Moroccan) person was fired by the Board of Directors. Sadly for me, this religious fanatic and true homophobe, decided to focus his intense revenge on me - for three years now. He sent communications to schools I applied to; contacted the agency that represented me and put out terrible lies; most notably that I was a pedophile. Needless to say, in the world of education, even a lie about that issue ends your career. He didn’t stop there. He stalked me on email, Facebook and my blogs; he had infiltrated my computer in Morocco and obtained my contact lists and has also written 30 page diatribes about me; or in some cases pretended to be me – writing to former students saying I was sexually interested in them. I have continuously relocated around the world, concerned about my personal safety.

All of this has more than devastated me. I am being treated for PTSD, and in my mental state, I am unable even to search for or hold a basic (non-education) job. As if destroying my professional career and my personal life is not sufficient, he has now taken to filing suit against me for slandering him (what a joke that is).

Homophobia is alive and well. The one thing I have remaining is my ability to write. Truth be told, I am a good writer and it brings me some semblance of satisfaction. I write this story, not because I am looking for empathy but to tell gays and lesbians that not only is homophobia alive and well, but that it takes on many different faces. I have a strong and loving partner who gets me through each day. However, by sharing this story I hope I can give some support to others who share life altering experiences because of who they are.

I invite anyone that wants to read my blog (http://www.whitmanandrimbaudkissing.com/) and to join me as I continue to battle this deep rooted hatred and bigotry because of who I love.
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Faissal Azizi (user currently living in MOROCCO) posted for gay readers on 16/09/2012 tagged with lgbt families, human rights, religion, illegality of male to male relationships +5
I just want to know how to get married with my boy (?)
We both want badly to get married with each other, but we are in Morocco, and this is totally illegal...
I want your advices, your opinions. It's not only an impulsion or a crazy dream; we seriously want to marry. It's a life decision.

I can move to europe without problems, I work on cinĂŠma theater and music, I will be in Belgium (Wallonie) from october 10th for a project, so if somebody can help us realizing this or just leading us to an association specialized on this, contact me on pynhassjill@gmail.com

Thank you
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saad (user currently living in MOROCCO) posted for gay readers on 04/08/2012 tagged with sexual orientation +5
my story is a little bit heartbreaking .... for me ! well i am only 16 and i am gay living in morocco !! we all know that in morocco if you are gay FIRST you get picked on even though nobody knows it ! you ge tpicked on because of your bejavior , because of what you like, because you love art and stuff ! SECOND OF ALL,you never get to be yourself, i mean you are always lying to your family saying that you like that girl or that you will get married to one girl one day ! personnally when my grand mother says to me that she would find the perfect girl for me so that i can marry her i say to myself : if only i was normal ! i know my dad SO much ! one day we talked about gays and he was like : if i ever catch one of those people i would kill them ! so i know if he ever discovers my secret for sure i am going to be a dead boy ! i know that and we all know that in morocco it's legal to beat the hell out of your kids ! so i just want someone to come and tak eme away to the USA where i can be myself ! live my life as i want to ! please come and get me ! PLEASE ! i am BEGGING YOU !
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Wuist (user currently living in FRANCE) posted for gay readers on 19/04/2012 +5
Dear all

My Company is about to propose me a great job in Russia (Project Director in the infrastructure / transport business). I would like to get there as an expatriate with my boyfriend. Do you know if my boyfriend can follow me or how he can follow me or where to find information ?

Please note that we have a French Partnership (called PACS) together.

Thanks for your help

Note: It is getting seriously hard to do the job you like (Project Management of International Infrastructure Projects) as borders are often closed to family members of gay workers.
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medd (user currently living in MOROCCO) posted for gay lesbian readers on 01/09/2011 +3
I am from Morocco,29 years old, Looking for Marriage with lesbian women I wil pay for her,,Please Contact me Thanks
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enfance perdue (user currently living in MOROCCO) posted for gay readers on 31/03/2011 tagged with illegality of male to male relationships +15
j'ai , depuis toujours, su que je sus gay à l'age de 10 ans j'aivais déjà embrassé un mec.
ma vie a commencé à se compliqué quand j'etais en CE5, aimant les discussions des filles, des maitresses, les decorations de fetes , les travaux manuels tel: une boite à bijoux....(bref tous ce que les garçons detestent)
au college les choses se sont compliqué encore plus , mes camarades de classe se moquait de ma façon de marcher, de courir ou encore parce que j'etais incapable de jouer au foot.
deuxieme année du college , la pire année de toute ma vie , toujurs isolé, on me traitait de tous les noms possibles et imaginable et enfin batu de nombreuses fois , durant cette periode j'avais decouvert les sites pornographiques, ça me permettais d'avoir un petit monde gay, ce qui ne durera pas longtemps puisque mon pere decouvre mon petit secret sur l'historique de navigation . je me souviens de tous les etails il est venu me chercher à mon cour de Judo , et des que je suis monté ds la voiture m'a giflé , si fort que je ne sentait plus la moitié de mon visage, faible et peureux comme j'etais je ne pu lui demander pourquoi, mon coeur battait si fort mes mains tremblait et je savais que ça ne faisait que commencer , arrivé à la maison il pris ma cravache d'equitation m'enferma dans ma chambre et me frappa de toutes ses forces, il m'insultait et disait qu'il preferrait que je meurs plutot que d'etre son fils
depuis ce devenu pour lui une habitude de me corriger à coup de cravache je ne parlais jamais de mes problemes à personne et ma mere ne bougeait pas le petit doigt pour venir à mon aide , pire , elle m'a surprise sur internet des mois apres et m'a denoncé (comme si ça l'amusait) .
à 18 ans j'ai enfin pu tenir tete à mon pere et quitter la maison pour aller chez ma grand mere maternelle ou je suis resté 4 mois avant de decider d'arreter les etudes et de travailler en centre d'appel , j'ai economisé quelques milliers de dirham;
ce qui m'a permi d'aller aux USA pour demander l'asyle politique mais malheureusement ma mere eu une tumeur et j'ai du revenir pour etre au pres d'elle
je n'ai pas pu vous raconter d'autres scene encore plus horribles et plus choquante les unes que les autres
mais je peux vous dire qu'aujourd'hui je suis un jeune homme de 20 ans plein de desespoir, de deception de tristesse et de peur .
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