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The Your Stories section is all about you! Please take a minute to tell visitors of the ILGA website about what LGBTI life is like in reality. Please submit your personal story and share your experience!

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This is what people are saying about life for LGBTI people in MOROCCO...
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Real Othmane (user currently living in MOROCCO) posted for readers on 20/10/2013 tagged with teaching lgbt rights in schools +10
In addition to all those who want to get others to worship them, they have to appreciate that they must love their selves’ first then start thinking about getting others to love them. Don’t be feeling shame of what you are and hide your right to be heard, let everyone here your voice, be overconfident of yourself and keep your head up to the blue. Do more of what will make you blissful, and don’t let people’s unawareness of the particulars destroy your life. Realize that life is a rough journey, but God’s attendance is constantly there in every pace you acquire; present to assist you and let you identify that life can be unsophisticated when you keen on God.
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Real Othmane (user currently living in MOROCCO) posted for gay readers on 20/10/2013 tagged with teaching lgbt rights in schools +15
God is the compassionate of them all; every instance you’ll find yourself along, descending to the edging, and heart broking, comeback to your maker and you will discover cheerfulness and supersensible soothe while doing so. Life can literally be ugly, but that’s why God is there, to make it good-looking for us. God is love, thus don’t you ever say that he abhorrence you because of what you are. God compose differences so we can be able to know how to reside all collectively in a nonviolent world, not to loathe and annihilate each other. Get to know people first then judge them because of what they perform not because of what they meant to be. After all it’s no more than my view, you always have the right to choose what to do, it’s your life not mine. Your crossroad at this juncture is to opt between liking people even with the subtractive differences or not, I expect you’ll take the correct pick.
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(user currently living in MOROCCO) posted for gay readers on 20/10/2013 tagged with teaching lgbt rights in schools +20
“Erase Hate”, two expressions that did caught my notice for an extended time. The connotation of the verdict is not just about people erasing their abhorrence to others, but also regarding how to. I’ll tell you how; however would you have the bravery to concern that? Don’t judge people that you don’t know it doesn’t matter who they are. Don’t judge people because of what they are. Don’t like people if you don’t desire to, but respect the fact that they are humans just like you are. Don’t hate anyone until he hates you or disrespect you. Keep in mind only these four lessons and pertain them; and you’ll be erasing hate. You have here a crossroad: Choosing between expunging hate and erasing yourself; you don’t have to be mastermind to know what to select.
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