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The Your Stories section is all about you! Please take a minute to tell visitors of the ILGA website about what LGBTI life is like in reality. Please submit your personal story and share your experience!

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This is what people are saying about life for LGBTI people in MEXICO...
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Dania Garcia Oviedo (user currently living in MEXICO) posted for lesbian readers on 26/07/2014
hola mi nombre es Dania Garcia Oviedo mi pareja mi hijo y yo estamos siendo victimas de discriminacion necesito ayuda por favor a quien contacto. para que devuelvan a mi hijo y todo esto se aclare en los medios han publicado una infinidad de falsedades al parecer ya no se en quien confiar. mi num 2421201485. daniagarovi@hotmail.com
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Mario (user currently living in FRANCE) posted for gay lesbian readers on 21/04/2014 +5
I planned to suicide and I almost did!
Because I couldn't do anything and I felt bad because I didn't have the power to defend myself.
I'm still feel bad about it all the time and I feel like everyone in my family hates me!
I would like to think that someday I will get better.
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elizabet (user currently living in MEXICO) posted for lesbian readers on 30/12/2013 tagged with illegality of female to female relationships +5
Hola saludos hace dos meses que vine a vivir a ensenada mexico, yo siempre hice activismo para el beneficio de la comunidad LGBT y me doy cuenta que aqui en baja california norte la homofobia es muy fuerte, y me eh sentido mucho mas descriminada que hace 25 anos que fue cuando parti a estados unidos, me hace falta orienctacion para hacer un cambio en este estado gracias elizabeth
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(user currently living in MEXICO) posted for gay lesbian readers on 17/12/2013 tagged with teaching lgbt rights in schools
Actualmente vivo en el sureste de México, un lugar que ocupa el 2a. lugar en actos de discriminación en México. Sin embargo, compañeras lesbianas y gays, nos dimos a la tarea de ir a la Universidades públicas y privadas para consientizar a los estudiantes sobre la homofobia y la discriminación. El impacto durante un año de esfuerzo llegó hasta hace un mes, cuando muchas personas, en su mayoría heterosexuales se unieron para pedir al Congreso, que modifique el Código Civil del Estado de Chiapas, para dar lugar a la unión de personas, con el mismo nombre: Matrimonio. Aún hoy, seguimos llevando quejas de detenciones arbitrarias a gente de la población LGBTTI, de asesinatos por razones de preferencia sexual, sin embargo, hemos, poco a poco, construído una cultura de respeto hacia lo diverso. Les envío un fuerte abrazo a todas ustedes querido hermanos y hermanas.
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Lau (user currently living in MEXICO) posted for lesbian readers on 06/08/2012 tagged with sexual orientation, religion +10
Reading all those people suffering because of their sexual orientation in countries like Morocco, Uganda, etc. makes me sad; But it also makes me realize that my problems are nothing compared to them. I live in mexico. Recently they allowed, in mexico city (Federal District), marriage between gay couples and also adoption. Though is a big step in gay rights, the thing is that people still are not very fond of this idea yet. I live in a very religious family and even though i know my parents will never inflict any kind of physical abuse on me, if i were to come out, i know they'll give me their back. My parents laugh at gay people, judge gay people, and feel happy reading articles that justifies "gay behavior" as some psychological illness. I don't feel with the strength or courage to come out; i hope one day i can come out with someone by my side giving me strength.

Sorry if it was too long, just wanted to let it out.
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servando cardenas (user currently living in MEXICO) posted for gay lesbian transgender bisexual intersex straight readers on 21/03/2012 +5

My name is Servando Cardenas and i am writing to you because i would like your help. I've always accepted my homosexuality and i am proud of who i am. Unfortunately there is still alot of stereotypes about gay people like being promiscuous, having some kind of disease, or just judge us like we are not part of the society and keep us from having a regular life just like any other human being. i guess many consider us trash. Since i was small i knew who i was and my sexual orienation, and it was back then when i promised myself that i wanted to make a difference in all this stereotypes, i wanted to demonstrate everyone that we are also human beings, that we all want to have our own families and find someone to share our lives with. I completed my task guys and i found my true love and know that i have accomplished it, i want to have my gay wedding and make it public. I am currently living in Reynosa, Mexico and me and my boyfriend want to marry but unfortunately we dont have the means to make our wedding, we are asking you for your help guys, we are asking you to help us make the difference and demonstrate people that being gay is not a crime, that being gay is not what they think, that being gay is about a sexual orientaton but that at the end we all are just looking for the same as the heterosexuals our soulmates. We have attached some of our love story pictures guys hoping to hear from you, and see if you can help us any mean. Thank you for your time and hope to hear from you soon! chachodude@hotmail.com
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PRESS RELEASE 03/10/2011

Subject: The Red Universitaria de la Diversidad Sexual (University Network of Sexual Diversity of the University of Guadalajara, Mexico) promotes local manifestation in the local Congress in opposition to the popular initiative to "shield" the family. The demonstration will take place peacefully, giving its arguments and positions.

The Red Universitaria de la Diversidad Sexual of the University of Guadalajara, in the Mexican State of Jalisco, invites media, NGOs, human rights activists and the general public to rally against the citizen initiative promoted by the neoconservative organization "Mexicanos por la vida de todos" chaired paradoxically by a citizen minister of the Commission on Human Rights of Jalisco, Norma Edith Martinez Guzman.

We believe that such citizen initiatives contravene the general principles of law and the essence of the legal framework for the extension of civil liberties and human rights recognition. The proposed amendments to the Civil Code of Jalisco, far from ensuring the prevalence of a traditional family model, provide the basis for the law to exclude and inhibit the different expressions of human relations that exist today.

The Red Universitaria de la Diversidad Sexual will held that peaceful and orderly manifestation in the Legislative Palace during the presentation of the initiative to the local House of Congress at its regular meeting on Wednesday October 5 at 11:00 am. It will inform the development of the manifestation and the session in the accounts on Twitter @RedUdeG and in the Facebook page: https://www.facebook.com/groups/233889565232/

Contact: Karina Michel Velasco, President of the University Lesbian Collective
Twitter: @ karina_michel

Contact: Nahum Hernรกndez Gallegos, Public Relations of the Red
Twitter: @ NapsterX4
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Majo (user currently living in MEXICO) posted for gay lesbian readers on 11/08/2010 tagged with teaching lgbt rights in schools +5
I'm 17 years old and I've been born and raised in Monterrey city one of the 3 biggest citys in mexico. Most of the people think that in the country gay people its not usually accepted, at least in my city we are, there are alot of asociations for GLBT comunity, one for almost any characteristic of ur own, youth, mother, discriminated, etc.

In every school i've been there have been seminaries and different kind of instructions about homosexuality there is some homophobic people but there are not as many an other places.
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Art (user currently living in MEXICO) posted for gay lesbian transgender bisexual intersex straight readers on 16/03/2010 tagged with adoption, lgbt families, hate crime and violence prevention, human rights +5
Famous Mexican singer, Paquita la del Barrio, states "I´d rather see a child die, than adopted bye a gay couple"
Watch in spanish http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=WBW4eA8_Ngc&feature;=player_embedded#
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Aydee (user currently living in MEXICO) posted for lesbian readers on 03/02/2010 tagged with lgbt families, sexual orientation
I live here in Tijuana Mexico, used to live in EEUU California.
I am 22 years old and i live with my beautiful gf Lorena, we both live at my parents house, since we're kinda young to live by ourselves in here, Tijuana... but probably we'll do that sometime this year, we both are trying to go to school and we work at a call center for Customer Service. My life in here is kinda hard since Mexico stills very conservative about LGTB not accepted yet all the way, there are two cities where you can get married, but stills you need to be certain age and have certain things, not an easy thing, as many other countries, well religion is not in our part, they're versus us, since we're doing something that aint right and oh well... I believe here in Mexico we still far from being open minded BUT not far from being accepted.
Family is okay, they wont admit it all the way to everyone but stills they accepted since there's nothing else to do, they cant change me, they tried but failed, thinking this was something psychological fixable, but make my effort to keep up and seems it worked, my gf's family is very open minded and they they love me <3 Im glad, my mom likes lorena as well even thou she doesnt really shows, she's not very demonstrative.

Hope my life gets better with better life chances and choices, to stay with the person I love and i know i might b kinda young but trust me ive been through a lot with lore and I can tell I love her.
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