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The Your Stories section is all about you! Please take a minute to tell visitors of the ILGA website about what LGBTI life is like in reality. Please submit your personal story and share your experience!

Share your experiences in KENYA - Let others know what it’s like to be LGBTI in your country! If an experience is meaningful for you, it will probably be meaningful for someone else. On whatever topic, whether good or bad, your story is how the world knows about your country and LGBTI life. By selecting tags that mark the topic your story, others can learn from your experience.
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This is what people are saying about life for LGBTI people in KENYA...
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adera (user currently living in KENYA) posted for lesbian bisexual readers on 17/03/2012 +12
i fell in love with my cousin when i was younger i know it is wrong but she was my first.. my first real kiss, my first real ecstasy and release was experienced in her arms.. i loved her for many years, then the inevitable occurred we were caught in the act and from then on i had to play the role of a straight woman. but, i still dream of her, she is my release in my dreams.. i have not seen her in years and i know we can never be, but she introduced me to my sexuality.. sex has never been that amazing ever.. i am very attracted to women but i compress that side of me.i doubt myself and convince myself that i am straight.. "it was only a faze" but, when i am drunk.. my inner desires come out and all i want is the warm embrace of a woman, the scent of a woman..to caress a woman's breasts and to explore what makes her a woman.. to take her to that place where there is no inhibition, you know that place that seems like heaven on earth.. i want to fall in love with a woman, take care of her and grow old with her.. my inner most desires are to be loved by this woman.. i just wish i could find this woman.. because it is so hard to meet women in Kenya.. or maybe its just me. i don't know.. i am not getting younger but i hope.. someday soon i will meet her.
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jane doe (user currently living in KENYA) posted for lesbian readers on 14/11/2011 +10
i am 22 years old and i first discovered that i was ay when i was in high school...i never did anything about because of the fear and stigmatisation that was attached to it.after high school i still kept my sexuality on the low as i was afraid of judgement and the wrath of epecially my family.i come from a very deep set religious background and my mum especially believes in curses and whenever i do something wrong she threatens me with a curse.so the option of me coming out to them is not really an option as i dont want to be disowned.
i tried dating guys and to be honest fell in love with one to the point that i thought maybe my gay feelings were just a passing phase.but my then boyfriend mistreated my heart so bad that after giving him more than three chances of him cheating on me i had to let him go.
not later after,my dad was having trouble with my mum and he found a friend in me to listen to.i would give him a listening ear and he would tell me everything to the deepest of things between him and my mum.i never knew he was in the process,falling in love with me untill one day in the middle of the night when he called me and confessed.i felt so guilty asking myself what i could have done to have made him feel so.i blamed myself for having lead him on by being so close and kind to him.i got so scared.i mean thats my father.was i going to be another statistic of incest?so i told him i didnt feel the same and that maybe if he doesnt love my mum anymore he should look for a good girl and it will be our little secret...just as long as he got me out of his mind as a lover.for heavens sake am his daughter.
after that episode i lost so much trust in men that i was single for the longest time till i met a girl...we went out for sometime like around eight months untill i met another girl who i fell in love with right from the start.
but there was a problem.she had a fiance...a man..i was okay with it at the beginnong and we decided that we were just having fun but things got serious along the way.she fell in love with me and i suggested we commit ourselves to each other and she agreed.to cut the long story short she went on ahead to marry her fiance though she fell out of love with him.
now they fight everyday and i fully know why and so does she but she cant get out of her marriage because she is scared of her family and friends and colleagues.she is scared what they might do to her if they found out.she is still fully in love with me and she begs me never to leave her.i also dont wanna lose her but i also cant stand sharing her epecially with a man that she hates.they dont even have sex.
she says that if she got a job and i a university in another country where we cant be judged,she can feel free to hold my hand,kiss me,hold me and just love me then she would go without thinking twice.
so now here we are,two lovers,the source of each others hapiness,separated by a judgemental society.
i dont know if we will ever be together.i cry myself to sleep every night when i imagine what she has to go through when he demands for sex and she has to fulfill his conjugal rights.one thing i know she does after that is she pukes her guts out.and it pains me knowing there is nothing i can do about it except wait till the day she decides to be happy......with me.
and if you are a visitor in this country...make sure that you dont do any gay acts in front of a maasai especially.i had a run in once with a colleague and he and his girlfriend beat me up because they were told am gay.i wasnt even with a gal that night but just the thought of it drove him crazy.
thing is..maasais are just not in kangas and lesos. there are also learned maasais out there who dress formally.but a maasai is maasai at the end of the day.
so basically in Kenya...you cant go around saying you are gay.but you can live peacefully and happily with your patner if you are stable and if you are secretive about it in public.
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Denis Nzioka (user currently living in KENYA) posted for gay readers in response to this story on 05/04/2011 tagged with sexual orientation +5
Seriously, we need to have moderation in this forum!
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GMAK-KENYA (user currently living in KENYA) posted for gay lesbian transgender bisexual intersex straight readers on 28/01/2010 tagged with human rights +5
The Gay Movement Alliance of Kenya is a new organization that is coming up with a view to empower the LGBTQ socially, economically and healthwise, the organization welcomes all the support other groups can offer and in partnership, we hope we can strengthen our soviety for a better future
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Sissy (user currently living in UNITED STATES) posted for transgender readers on 08/05/2013 +5
I will be traveling to Kenya the first of June. As a cross-dresser )I am male, but dress as a woman)will I be harassed or arrested?
Thanks for your comments.
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Nancy (user currently living in KENYA) posted for lesbian readers on 15/04/2012 tagged with illegality of female to female relationships +5
Life of a Kenyan Lesbian

In kenya sex is a social taboo topic to speak about. The community is so christian and makes it hard to adress the day to day lie of lesbians.
Sexual acts between two women is illegal and is penishable under Section 162 of the penal code states that “any person who has canal knowledge of another person against the order of nature is guilty of a felony and is liable to imprisonment for fourteen years� Any person – includes both male and female.
How ever if an elderly woman can not have children she is allowed under the customary law of kenya to marry other young women for thee purpose of having children. No sexual intercoures is involved
Lesbians can not join the amy forces and they can not get married or adopt children.
In Kenya many lesbians hide from the public and the few bold ones like sylvia, pouline, faith, yvonne,jounior,akinyi, kathrine, maryanne anome others are harrased by the public, police, family. Some are extorted money, detained, beaten,jailed with but the charges are altered.
Its a hard life of a kenyan lesbian.
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zanella211 (user currently living in KENYA) posted for gay readers on 28/09/2011 tagged with illegality of male to male relationships +5
Somewhere in kisii-kenya....life fealt confusing all along, not knowing what to do and what not to do, loving girls was the in-thing for my peers but unfortunately i dint have a feeling for them.I found an excuse and scape goat xristianity...so i passed the test and the whole village knew mw as the virgin boy.
But deep inside it fealt different....then boys became appeling. but how could i tell yet it was a abomination,....till this one time when i had this neighbour friend whom i was so close with and since our parents trusted in us so much, they always left us on our own.. then at the age of 13 this guy beying older than me by two years, brouhgt it on. he was exposed in highschool and wken what this unusual feeling was..then i discovered ny self...lol at the age of 13.
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(user currently living in FRANCE) posted for readers in response to this story on 05/04/2011 +5
Im not wrong when I say this guy needs some pyscho-social therapy.
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(user currently living in KENYA) posted for straight readers on 02/04/2011 tagged with tourism +0
I have more than 10years under threat from Kenya and Tanzania which form the East Africa Community this is as a result of having s similar name to that used by Tanga tribe in Tanzania.I started by taking a Tour and travel course in Nairobi Kenya 10 floor at Afya Centre 1998. I performed well but i was denied the chance to get employment so i had to cross to Tanzania to take another course in Front office operation and i trained at Serena mountain village while i was at Arusha Hotel Training Institute. I came to realize that my life was in danger since i was being poisoned so that i can loose my mind but due to God's grace i had some ideas of taking home anti poison.That was in 2002 until 2004 in Tanzania. I was the best student in East Africa and instead of getting a job i was taken back to Kenya under heavy escort of U.S Marine that 2005 that is the time i came to the real situation of real War rebels from Somali,Ethiopia,Sudan,Democratic Republic of Congo, were almost taking over the Kenya government this situation was not put under control it is what lead to the politically motivated violence 2005-2006-{2007-2008}-2009-2010 This is what led the International Criminal Court read the names of the 6 Suspect of crime against humanity which will be taken to Nether land Hague for hearing from 07-04-2011. Since that time i was branded a blacklisted rebel so my life is danger am living in fear day and night i have no friends i have lost weight and am on my last days to my creator God the Father my stories were covered by international media B.b.c C.n.n Aljazerza the bottom line was that i used to be very good in sports of cycling so when i proposed cycling tourism it led me to suffer
but today the truth stands the fuel prices have risen and life has become very expensive now the Kenyan Government might be planning to finish me very soon. I hope to get a girl friend and get married and start a family i can comfortability start an online company which will help to support the family i hope to read from you soon. Thank you and God Bless you.

warm regards.
Mr Ben.K.S

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Herbee (user currently living in UGANDA) posted for bisexual readers in response to this story on 23/07/2013 +0
Its me herbee again I would love to attend this conference next year in kenya since its nearby
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Francis Adongo Otieno (user currently living in KENYA) posted for transgender readers on 28/03/2014 +0
I was sacked and almost lynched. I am living with HIV for 14 years. I am a single parent and now all my children can not go to school due to lack of school fees. I and my children are starving. my sin is is my sex orientation can somebody help please my email adongof@gmail.com
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Herbee (user currently living in UGANDA) posted for bisexual readers on 23/07/2013 +0
I've hidden myself for 20 years in order to "fit" in society though I'm still in hiding I think
It all began when I joined secondary school when I realized that I had an attraction to a fellow student and he too was indeed attracted to we would spend lots of time together that other students started saying lots of stuff about us which led us to stop seeing each other more often but the real event that puts off completely was expulsion of the then school head prefect from school on charges of homosexuality we were all close friends so for the next 3 years it was hell for us we would meet only during holidays which went on till finished 'O' levels.
When we came back for A levels there was some freedom since here we had our own rooms but that was short-lived another student was expelled for the same reason by the way this was an all boys school later when we finished the A levels we lost contact since technology those days wasn't as it is now but we established contact when we joined university much as they were different geographical locations so somehow our relationship was strained that after he married and he has a daughter I also got a partner since there were demands from my family but it didn't last we separated I really didn't love this lady we had 4 kids together so I now live alone
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