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The Your Stories section is all about you! Please take a minute to tell visitors of the ILGA website about what LGBTI life is like in reality. Please submit your personal story and share your experience!

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This is what people are saying about life for LGBTI people in KENYA...
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A short documentary about gay Ugandan refugees in The Netherlands, who fled their home country due to anti gay laws in Uganda. I hereby send you the link of the video on Vimeo.

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zanella211 (user currently living in KENYA) posted for gay readers on 28/09/2011 tagged with illegality of male to male relationships +5
Somewhere in kisii-kenya....life fealt confusing all along, not knowing what to do and what not to do, loving girls was the in-thing for my peers but unfortunately i dint have a feeling for them.I found an excuse and scape goat xristianity...so i passed the test and the whole village knew mw as the virgin boy.
But deep inside it fealt different....then boys became appeling. but how could i tell yet it was a abomination,....till this one time when i had this neighbour friend whom i was so close with and since our parents trusted in us so much, they always left us on our own.. then at the age of 13 this guy beying older than me by two years, brouhgt it on. he was exposed in highschool and wken what this unusual feeling was..then i discovered ny self...lol at the age of 13.
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