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The Your Stories section is all about you! Please take a minute to tell visitors of the ILGA website about what LGBTI life is like in reality. Please submit your personal story and share your experience!

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This is what people are saying about life for LGBTI people in JAPAN...
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Akiko (user currently living in JAPAN) posted for straight readers on 04/01/2011 tagged with hate crime and violence prevention +40
I’m a student in Japan. I’m not good at use English. So there must be many mistakes in my E-mail. But please lead all this mail. I would like to tell you about a matter in Japan. The Governor of Tokyo whose name is Shintaro Ishihara made inappropriate remarks that discriminate gays and lesbians. That was last December. Last December a expression control question happened in Tokyo. The Governor in Tokyo made a municipal ordinance that control sexual expressions in publications and met with strong opposition from residents because the control was too tyrannical and the freedom of expression is guaranteed constitutionally in Japan. So Shintaro Ishihara gave an interview about the question. Then he made the inappropriate remarks. He said “There are many gay and lesbian entertainers in TV shows. We shouldn’t let this rampancy run.” And he said “Gays and lesbians run short for something.” I got angry at what he said. But Japanese mass media didn’t take up these inappropriate remarks big.
Then I have a favor to ask of you. Would you announce an official statement that criticize what the Governor of Tokyo said to Japanese mass media and tell all Japanese how discriminative and hateful what he said was.
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2boy (user currently living in JAPAN) posted for straight readers on 14/12/2010 tagged with human rights +25






毎日新聞 2010年12月8日 東京朝刊

I would like you to know the article below.
I translated by google translation.

Ishihara: gay, "too bad"

Tokyo Governor Shintaro Ishihara is 07 for homosexuals "have the feeling that somewhere still missing. Like it because of genetics.'m In the minority, I feel sorry," he said.

Ishihara February 3 PTA when the lobby for tighter regulation of cartoon sex organizations, "You do not hesitate to come out a bunch of homosexuals in something television. Japan is be too recklessly," he said has responded to a reporter's question to determine the real intention.

Ishihara 7 days, as memories of the past when it visited San Francisco, "I saw a gay parade, I thought it look really sorry. A pair of men, but a pair of women still missing somewhere you feel, "he said.

TV appearance for homosexual, "and particularly for selling it to Shoappu, and that I Dounokouno of the TV, I'll no cases of foreign" and again mentioned. [Work] Mano Mori

Tokyo on December 08, 2010 Morning Mainitishinbun
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