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The Your Stories section is all about you! Please take a minute to tell visitors of the ILGA website about what LGBTI life is like in reality. Please submit your personal story and share your experience!

Share your experiences in ITALY - Let others know what it’s like to be LGBTI in your country! If an experience is meaningful for you, it will probably be meaningful for someone else. On whatever topic, whether good or bad, your story is how the world knows about your country and LGBTI life. By selecting tags that mark the topic your story, others can learn from your experience.
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This is what people are saying about life for LGBTI people in ITALY...
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(user currently living in ITALY) posted for gay lesbian transgender bisexual intersex straight readers on 17/07/2014 +5
UNIONI CIVILI. Oggi pomeriggio il sindaco di Pistoia ha autenticato le firme per la registrazione dell’unione civile tra il presidente dell’Arcigay Pistoia e il suo compagno.
Si tratta della prima volta, a Pistoia, che a farlo è il sindaco, il quale ha voluto così testimoniare la sua personale attenzione e quella dell’Amministrazione comunale al riconoscimento delle unioni delle coppie non sposate, siano esse eterosessuali o omosessuali: un altro passo importante per la concreta affermazione di Pistoia come – davvero – “città di tutti”.
“Come ho già avuto di modo dire, anche pubblicamente, penso che i tempi siano maturi perché possa essere finalmente definita una soluzione normativa chiara per il pieno riconoscimento giuridico della molteplicità di famiglie, anche eterosessuali, che già di fatto formano la società italiana.
Per questo motivo sono stato lieto, oggi pomeriggio, di autenticare personalmente le firme per la registrazione dell’unione civile tra il presidente dell’Arcigay di Pistoia e il suo compagno. È questo un atto che rappresenta certamente un passaggio importante nella vita di due persone, ma che purtroppo, al momento, non statuisce alcun vincolo reciproco, non garantisce alcun preciso beneficio, né riconosce alla coppia in quanto tale alcun diritto o opportunità specifica. Anche per questo, forse, quella di oggi è soltanto l’ottava registrazione da quando nel 2005 il Comune di Pistoia istituì il registro.
Del resto, in assenza di una legge nazionale che riconosca le Unioni civili, i diritti che si acquisiscono con tale provvedimento sono di fatto limitati.
Intendo fin dalle prossime settimane, adottare tutti gli atti istituzionali necessari a potenziare lo strumento delle unioni civili, per renderlo finalmente utile a garantire diritti e benefici alle coppie registrate.
Rivolgo infine un caloroso invito a tutti coloro che, non volendo o non potendo sposarsi, volessero comunque ufficializzare la loro unione, a farlo segnandosi nel registro delle unioni civili del Comune di Pistoia”.
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Maureen Peterson (user currently living in ITALY) posted for readers on 29/05/2014

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Brandilyn (user currently living in TIMOR-LESTE) posted for readers on 05/03/2014
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Frenchie (user currently living in SRI LANKA) posted for readers in response to this story on 05/03/2014
With the exception of Quotes Chimp health insurance obtained through work, most people buy their insurance directly. But who sells it and under what circumstances? Let's take a look.
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Alyn (user currently living in SAN MARINO) posted for readers in response to this story on 05/03/2014
M. Quotes Chimp cost of motor vehicle insurance is excessive. It is known by customers. It is known by political Leaders. The insurance business understands this, also. Actually, because around 1986, automobile insurance rates have improved at greater than four occasions the price of inflation, with also greater quantities of growth in a few states.
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(user currently living in ITALY) posted for transgender straight readers on 18/12/2013 tagged with gender identity +5
coming soon (2014) the "UNIQUE" documentary (INFO www.uniquedocfilm.com)- 5 stories UNIQUE in the world about Transgender people
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Hi everyone!

Today I'm not here for review the situation of LGBTQI law in Italy, or prejudice, or discrimination. I'm here only for give you some information about the crap of the actual law process.

At the Governament, we approved a racist and homophic law, when we discuss about an anti-homopobhic law! That's crazy! Only for tutelate an ipotetic "opinion", for our 21 code of the Costitution.
Anyway, nobody want this law, because it's eterophobic too, so that will never pass to the next step of the organization of the law in Italy. I'm sure of that.

I'm 15 and I fight every day for our rights. Human rights. I think that's important a law, but it's important to change the human minds. The human rights it's not an opinion and it isn't an expression or something. It's a crime. A human crime. A crime about the entire world. Because I'm impressed to see about the country with the "mortal law". WHAT?! You kill someone because it's different to you and because he love someone? You are juest crazy!

So, I hope India won't come back to up 148 years. And I hope Russia will improve the intelligence of it's Premier (Putin) and will be a better place for every human in this planet.

I hope. I hope everything. I wish one day, in the world, there will not be enough ignorant and racist people to construct a culture around hate and dicrimination. I wish, one day, the entire world will be just more human, and less criminal.

Giorgio, Turin; Italy
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Rebekah (user currently living in BURKINA FASO) posted for readers on 14/10/2013
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Gloria (user currently living in EQUATORIAL GUINEA) posted for readers in response to this story on 13/10/2013
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Sara (user currently living in TAJIKISTAN) posted for readers in response to this story on 12/10/2013
To Alex} This has nothing do with the blog or <a href="http://zghztqipbm.com">annyoe</a>'s comments [glad you're feeling good about yourself,though],but about your language/spelling/etc,which I've occasionally noticed coming from other people:as an older guy ,I wonder if it's just a current style,possibly internet slang I'm not familiar with:Why naw for now,maby for maybe,realizes instead of realize? WTF does there is a prob earth mean? Just curious.
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Esraa (user currently living in VIET NAM) posted for readers on 12/10/2013
Alex,Thanks so much for responding.I'm sorry if I watuursfhl:I can be,often NOT meaning to be.I know that dyslexia is tough to live with.So many people are dyslexic and don't know it_One of my best friends,who is BRILLIANT, didn't find out he was dyslexic until he was in college.An observant & sympathetic prof noticed__Before that,everyone just thought my friend was stupid. Your story about the thug wanting to carve sin on your chest is horrifying! Bestof luck to you,Alex!! Love, bill(Guillermo3) http://dipydp.com [url=http://omrmazzpyrv.com]omrmazzpyrv[/url] [link=http://ncwvpbf.com]ncwvpbf[/link]
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Gio (user currently living in THAILAND) posted for readers on 11/10/2013
. I hear this all the time as well. I also like the comment above caimorpng mothers/fathers day to a kids day with every day being a kids day. And for those who judge our entire community by what they see at a gay pride parade, I always have this quote to say, Judging gay people by what you see at a gay pride parade is like judging straight people by what you see going on at Mardi Gras. I don't know who said it, but I have always loved it. Peace out for now!
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Sienna (user currently living in PITCAIRN) posted for readers in response to this story on 11/10/2013
, You're right.We are[thankfully] a diverse group,and this IS,after all,about feoderm. Mind two says, But each of us has her or his limits. While I don't believe in hostile exclusion/certainly not persecution of anyone,personally I'm bothered by S & M,despite very occasional masochistic fantasies. More to the point,is there no place we draw the line?Gary Heidnik?Jeffrey Dahmer?John Wayne Gacy?_different subject_What about coersive pedophilia? These are easy predelictions to hate,but the heart is a strange region.I'm bothered by the mechanics of transgendering,though certainly don't think the process should be condemned,criminalized,or limited.But as I've I've mentioned before in commenting on one of these blogs,a while back I was surprised,puzzled,and pleased to find myself very aroused when a [I think,in process ] male to female transgendered person asked me for a cigarette using a seductive female voice. http://jrmomhdi.com [url=http://jtbvntfj.com]jtbvntfj[/url] [link=http://miauupvgc.com]miauupvgc[/link]
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Henacy (user currently living in GERMANY) posted for readers in response to this story on 11/10/2013
Being born in a country of no eitlaquy for many things as well as Gay i have to say that you are totally right. I ve been to my first Gay Pride some weeks ago at Berlin and i was so surprised. Str8 ppl with their babies supporting this, gay with their loves and also their babies. It was amazing. Gay Prides will and should continue until each single person won't feel surprised as i was when they see these things, because they will be NORMAL. STR8 ppl don't need to fight for these rights because they were born with this gift. Gay ppl had to earn everything. In Cyprus being GAY stopped being illegal in '97-98. And one year ago we made our first LGTB NGO to support and gain these rights. SO-Food for thought !!! http://ucouxrowc.com [url=http://srebmtzsj.com]srebmtzsj[/url] [link=http://zpcijsztwe.com]zpcijsztwe[/link]
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Joao (user currently living in KENYA) posted for readers in response to this story on 10/10/2013
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Carly (user currently living in SAINT LUCIA) posted for readers in response to this story on 09/10/2013
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Elvira (user currently living in TURKS AND CAICOS ISLANDS) posted for readers on 09/10/2013
The Mormons are really the best place to go. And they aren't all scary- it's actaluly part of their church's social structure, they go and collect records of people's deaths and stuff at graveyards and public records places (i have mormon friends). I found out when my grandmother died through their website. Check it out!
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Rahul (user currently living in SAN MARINO) posted for readers in response to this story on 09/10/2013
Your grandparents may have getton their social security numbers through the railroad. Look up your grandparents names on the social security death index and it will tell you by saying long time rail road worker or retired rail road worker .(I have a grandparent who got their number though the rail road)You can then send off for their application information which may include personal info like their parent's names place of birth and the like. I think there is a fee of $27.Good Luck with this Project!
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Olga (user currently living in NETHERLANDS ANTILLES) posted for readers in response to this story on 09/10/2013
Agreed with the first person on syinatg in the Alps. The Dolomites in Italy that's my favorite, it's unearthly beautiful. And since its so far north, it almost doesn't seem like Italy anymore, but Switzerland, or even Germany. And while at it, why not Switzerland? It has the best of both (three!) worlds, with national languages of German, Italian, and French Switzerland is one of my favorite countries in this world. And since it's entirely in the middle of the Alps, you'll be guarenteed some snow. Try Lake Geneva or Lake Como, or Bern I've never been to Bern, but hear amazing things about it, all younger people I know who go there, love it. And I belive it's a german speaking town?
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Marco Mazzeschi (user currently living in ITALY) posted for gay lesbian readers on 06/03/2013 tagged with marriage / civil unions
My firm, www.mazzeschi.it, successfully assisted a same-sex US partner of an Italian national in obtaining one of the first long term Permits of Stay issued by the Italian authorities to same-sex couples. The application was filed pursuant to Decree 30/2007 and, to avoid any challenge with the authorities and expedite the processing time, was supported by the Directive of the Ministry of Interior of October 26th validating same-sex marriages as well as the recent judgement of the Reggio Emiliaâ&euro;&trade;s Court. The Permit of Stay, valid for five years, has been issued in less than one month. Marco Mazzeschi
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Andrea (user currently living in GERMANY) posted for gay readers in response to this story on 25/11/2012
As long as you bring money and leave tips everybody will love you in Italy.
The some people that smiled at you would lose instantly their smile if you were to work with them or take a flat in the some building were they live.
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Roland (user currently living in GUYANA) posted for gay straight readers in response to this story on 12/11/2012
your so right, i just wish i had the opertunity to leave Guyana and live in a more tolirable socity. well safer in my case. i can feel it comming for me.
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Andrea (user currently living in GERMANY) posted for gay readers on 10/11/2012 +5
Italy is a very homophobic country and all pressure from Europe to create laws toward the LGBT community have been ignored. I strongly reckon that LGBT rights have been always traded by our politicians to Vatican to conquer the Catholic vote.
I was forced to flee Italy many times toward other Europeans countries. The first time to be able to complete my university studies. Social pressure for my alleged homosexuality was so strong that I suffered for more than 10 years a deep depression that did not allowed me to concentrate in my studies. Finally I decided to move to England where I graduated.
After my degree I moved back to Italy. I was born in a big town in the south so I moved to Milan, "the gay Italian capital". Here the situation is good enough compared to the rest of Italy but not in working places. In the working places there is a strong competition and my alleged "homosexuality" (I look 100% straight but I was never seen or heard to be in pair with any woman, that was enough to spread rumors) was used to destroy me professionally (that's whenever highly educated, multilingual and I had studied in 3 different universities with the top of the marks). I was mobbed for the 6 years I worked for that company whenever the management (mostly made of Germans) took different actions to solve the matter. I decide to quit the job to protect my health. Since then I had to flee the country in other 4 occasions to try to recreate a new life in some more tolerant European country.
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Volodymyr (user currently living in UKRAINE) posted for straight readers on 30/11/2011 tagged with teaching lgbt rights in schools, human rights, religion
Dear friends,I'm from Ukraine, Lviv and I was going to attend your upcoming forum in Roma , in december 5.2011.Fist the organiser Alessandro Valera told me I was wellcome to attend, but later on Monday they refused me to atend this forum, telling me they don't have enough fund for my travel.Can you help me to attend this event as I'm doing aresech on LGTB in Ukraine and I'm going to create an organisation here in Ukraine.
Volodymyr Sadnytskyy
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Jorge (user currently living in UNITED STATES) posted for gay lesbian bisexual straight readers on 27/10/2011 tagged with adoption, lgbt families, human rights, laws and leadership , religion +15
Hi, I live in US, but I'm an Italian citizen. My partner and I adopted a beautiful baby 22 months ago. Today he is 22 months old, almost 2!
Well, I was trying to get his Italian citizenship for him. I went to the Italian consulate, they received all the papers and 2 months later they said that they can not proceed with his citizenship, because an Italian law from 1983 (Legge 4 maggio 1983 n. 184, art.44). This means, because Italy doesn't accept gay adoption, my son can not be Italian. I'm very frustrated about it. I'm not looking for an adoption in Italy, I just want my son to be Italian as his father. How should I proceed? any thought? I feel this is a discriminatory act, not just with me, but with my son.
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arcigay catania posted for readers in response to this story on 21/10/2011
here in sicily is not easy working on gay/lesbian/transexual people matters. we will be in Torino at Ilga Europe Conference.
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employed in gay/lesbian/transexual movement and pride organization in Sicily.
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posted for readers on 30/01/2011 +0
Dear ,

I write to you on behalf of the Associazione Radicale Certi Diritti, a LGBTE (E stands for hEtersosexual) Association committed to enhance LGBT Rights, trans rights and sexual rights (see attached file for more information) in Italy.

In the past years, we have conducted an important Same Sex Marriage campaign, called "Affermazione Civile" (Civil Affirmation)
Together with Avvocatura per i Diritti LGBT - Rete Lenford (the association of Italian lawyers for LGBT rights) we contacted and helped a number of couples to ask their City Councils to put up their banns and then to formally oppose the subsequent refusal.

Affermazione Civile has led to sentence 138/2010 of the Italian Constitutional Court that has increased the opportunity to move on to other strategic litigations. To do so we also decided to better consolidate our connection with ILGA Europe.
Today, especially after the very recent sentence of French Court on Same Sex Marriage, it has become really important to involve into â&euro;&oelig;Affermazione Civileâ&euro;? also the couples living abroad and that are discriminated against by Italy (because their marriage/civil union/ partnership is not recognized in Italy).
Although it would be preferable that at least one of the two members of the couple was Italian, it is not strictly necessary since every European citizen may be discriminated against by Italy. In general, we could refer also to heterosexual couples, as they may be limited in their freedom of movement as well.

For these reasons, we are asking you for any help to get in contact with couples living in your country and that are discriminated against by the Italian government because of their sexual orientation or because they are not married.
Any couple willing to contact us can write directly to affermazionecivile@certidiritti.it

We also would like to check with you the option to organize a meeting in Rome during the Europride week (1-12 June 2011). This meeting could be an important occasion for the representatives of all the associations that share our purposes to get in touch and exchange ideas about future strategies and events to be planned. Since we are sure that many of you are interested in the Europride, please let us know who is willing to attend the event organized in Rome and, as a consequence, share the opportunity to join our meeting.

If you want to help us, some other ideas could be:
1) Report of our campaign in your newsletter
2) Report of our campaign in the internet site
3) Help us translate this letter in your language, so we could publish it on our internet site too (www.certidiritti.it and www.affermazionecivile.it)
4) Help us reach heterosexual couples living under civil union / civil partnership (if they are discriminated against by Italy)
5) Any other support you may want to give to us
For any further information, do not hesitate to ask Gian Mario Felicetti,

We look forward to hearing from you.
Gian Mario Felicetti
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Nicol/Laura (user currently living in ITALY) posted for lesbian readers on 12/10/2010 tagged with human rights, laws and leadership , sexual orientation, religion, marriage / civil unions
If you also consider the psycological one as violence...yes..we are often victims!!!
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(user currently living in ITALY) posted for gay lesbian transgender bisexual intersex straight readers on 19/08/2010
Good news doesn’t make headlines: 2009 Torino Pride a huge success
50,000 demand equal rights and action against homophobia, transphobia and discrimination
Rainbow banner unfurled at City Hall
Pride season opens to cheering crowds

Heading the 2009 Torino Pride march through downtown Turin were two roll-outs – “Things are Different in Europe” and “Equality not Comprises” – both clearly signalling an urgent need for concerted action to bring forward legislation to combat discrimination. The demonstration drew an estimated 50,000 marchers and onlookers; nearly 5000 attended the post-demo party in the Cortile del Maglio in the Peace Arsenal, a former arms factory, and adjoining Balôn, Turin’s flea market, decorated in fuchsia for the occasion, with partygoers sporting Pride pins, T-shirts, and stickers.

At the focal point of the two weeks of events leading up to Saturday’s demonstration-celebration was the fight against homophobia, transphobia and discrimination. One of the initiatives, the UniPRIDE set for the day before at the Palazzo Nuovo, housing the liberal arts college of the University of Turin, was suspended when the Rector ordered the building closed for security reasons connected with the G8 University Rectors meeting. But thanks to the tenacious efforts of La Jungla, a newly formed LGBT association, a one-day program of seminars, film screenings, and performances was held the following Friday.

This year’s Pride took issue with Italy’s institutions which are still rife with homophobia and transphobia; but it also looked beyond the stalemate at home to see what other European countries and European Community instances have done as benchmarks for obtaining rights and legislation Italy has been reluctant to put on the political agenda.

Supported by the regional, provincial and municipal administrations, all events were fully self-financed by the Coordinamento Tornio Pride, which will publicly disclose a financial statement of its activities. True, it takes money to do politics and culture. But even more so, it takes people who are ready to pitch in with donations or by volunteering their time and energy.

The Coordinamento Torino Pride therefore wishes to thank:
- the countless people who rallied in support of equal rights and against discrimination, but also demonstrated the emotive-cohesive force of music and dance inherent in political action.
- the regional councillors of both the majority and the opposition who participated in a meeting with LGBT associations to explain why the draft of the regional bill against discrimination has not yet been discussed in the Regional Council. The outcome of this first-ever encounter holds promise for real change.
- the President of the Region of Piemonte, Mercedes Bresso, for keeping her promise to formally request that the bill be put on the agenda for the Regional Council’s next meeting.
- the mayor of Turin, Sergio Chiamparino, for granting permission to unfurl the 50-meter long rainbow banner from the balcony of City Hall where the enthusiastic crowd in the square below could proudly witness the final moment of the march.
- the Association of Workers in the Metallurgical Industries for having sent an official delegation to take part in the demonstration, as well as the General Federation of Italian Trade Unions, ARCI, the associations under the Council for Laicality of State Institutions, numerous other associations, social youth centres, political parties, personalities from the world of culture, entertainment, national and regional clubs and associations, the Public Assistance Organizations of Piemonte, Blackcat Italia Cheerleaders, and Hydra Service.
- the representatives of the immigrant communities in Turin, who responded to our appeal to join in the fight against homophobia and transphobia.
- the many, many volunteers who made the event possible.

The Coordinamento Torino Pride opens the Pride season in Italy in the hope that with the growing broad-based engagement in the fight against discrimination directed at gay, lesbian, bisexual and transsexual persons will come an adequate political response.

Coordinamento Torino Pride
May 2009
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(user currently living in ITALY) posted for gay lesbian transgender bisexual intersex straight readers on 19/08/2010 +5

Hatred toward homosexuals and transexuals has been the cause of acts of aggression and violence and murders all over the world.
During 2008, Italy has witnessed 9 murders, 45 aggressions and numerous acts of vandalism and bullying based on hatred against homosexuals and transexuals.


Homophobia and transphobia have a common origin in the hatred for whoever is considered different, whether because of their skin colour, ethnic origins, religious or personal beliefs, age, gender, or the different abilities or disabilities they might have.

We want Europe to be free of discrimination, racism, exploitation,
and to acknolwedge everybody's rights!

We believe that the fight against homophobia and transphobia should become a common objective for all those who have a more just and inclusive society at heart.

All of you are invited to the Turin Pride
on Saturday 16 May

at starting point: piazza Solferino
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Kat (user currently living in UNITED KINGDOM) posted for lesbian readers on 24/02/2010 tagged with tourism +5
My wife and I honeymooned in Rome in 2009 and found it to be very accepting as a cultural environment
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Elianu (user currently living in ITALY) posted for intersex readers on 20/01/2010 tagged with lgbt families, health, gender identity, sexual orientation +0
My story isn't a complete story yet. Officially, at italian Anagraphic Office, I'm a girl born in 1989. My body has shown me that I am intersexual; I don't think semen pollution is normal for young women. More on, in the last year my body is changing; something is developing and growing out where it wasn't before. I never had a diagnosis or medical help for this issue; I know that if I try to catch the attention of doctors, simply telling them "I think I'm intersexual" the more they will do will be sending me to a psychiatrist, specialized in people who don't want to recognise themselves. I don't think one of them will believe me. In Italy, as far as I know, there isn't any active association who helps intersexual people on the ground of medical help and assistance, neither in the legal and social one. My story is simply that I don't have a story; I don't have where to start it. Just to say, if I am a man, and if my semen is fertile, if in any way I can be the father of my son, I already know whose mother son's father I will be. This is a good reason for going on fighting, for she, for me, for our baby. Hope to send you another story, complete, the sooner possible...
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Valentina Vandilli (user currently living in ITALY) posted for lesbian readers on 19/01/2010 tagged with marriage / civil unions +10
Appeal Italian boys: 16° days hunger strike for the acknowledgment of homosexual wedding.

My name is Valentina Vandilli from Rome,
I’m an Italian lesbian who has decided to act in first person in the fight for rights, believing that direct participation is essential.

I would like inform about the case of Manuel and Francesco, two gay men of Savona who have decided to do a hunger strike from January 4 to request the scheduling of a law on civil marriage in Italy.

Italian media gave little attention to an initiative such blatant obscuring literally a couple who have decided to put to the corner Italian politics fasting until MPs agree to consider one of the dozens of laws that lie in Parliament for the recognition of marriages between persons of the same sex.

This would be an important step to begin to ensure to all the citizens the fundamental principle of equality and equal social status, as stipulated in our Constitution, enshrining the right to register their union, regardless of their sex and their sexual orientation.

Finally, I think that striving for such recognition is an affirmation of freedom to all those who share aspirations inclusive, secular and based on equal rights, fighting against all forms of prejudice, exclusion or discrimination, the same as the Charter of Fundamental Rights’ European Union prohibits in any form!

I invitate you to take acquaintance of the event, reading the article attached (link) and also published on my site, and to spread it more wide possible!

Thank you for the help.

You found the full story and the documents here: http://www.blog-show.com/vandilli/?p=349

Valentina Vandilli
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Valentina Vandilli (user currently living in ITALY) posted for gay straight readers on 09/01/2010 tagged with hate crime and violence prevention, human rights, sexual orientation, marriage / civil unions, illegality of male to male relationships
Francesco Zanardi, 38, entrepreneur in the computer industry, founder of the movement “Gay Italiani”, and Manuel Incorvaia, 22, precarious are living together since 2007 in Savona. They are very active and engaged, and some days ago they decided to make an extreme gesture: an hunger strike.

The two boys are not new to the press: their public battle began when Francesco was
attacked by unknown assailants outside a gay nightclub in Mykonos

continued managing to get an audience with the mayor of Savona Berruti, hoping to marry in Municipality

in October they wrote a memoir to the same Berruti and

chose a letter to the President of the Republic Giorgio Napolitano.

In October they invitated to hang to balconies and windows a blue flag from balconies from dawn to dusk throughout the city of Savona, as an invitation for all people who truly believe in the cause of their union, the first civil union between two homosexuals in Italy,
they deposited an appeal to the court of Savona to declare the illegality because of the measure with which the official of marital status of the Municipality of Savona has rejected the demand for wedding publication (http://www.ivg.it/2009/12/12/savona-matrimonio-negato-a-coppia-gay-ricorso-in-tribunale), and received the official support of Paola Concia

On January 4, 2010 they began a hunger strike in Montecitorio,
continued at their home in Savona. It can be monitored 24on24h on http://www.glbt-tv.it.

On January 6, 2010 was released a medical bulletin with certificates attached of one of two boys, Francesco Zanardi, because of an illness stress:

<< 'Medical bulletin issued on the third day because of an illness during the night.
Yesterday evening at 23.37 there was the intervention of an ambulance and to order a precautionary intensive care units due to anaphylactic shock in which I was the victim of illness that I am aware that I happens very rarely, especially in times of stress. I enclose the medical certificates, the note has only the aim to inform you that the incident will not affect the hunger strike. Marco Visconti, the doctor who assist us during the strike was briefed 10.05 hours of 6 January 2010. Sincerely Francesco Zanardi.'>>).
Despite the ill they don’t give up and continue with their protest!

All that these two guys ask is the recognition of their union as a civil marriage.
Their gesture may seem extreme, some have called it stupid or useless.
What is certain is that these guys were left alone, neither the institutions or associations or the media deal with their case.

We are facing a case of widespread conspiracy of silence, almost as if to justify this silence,
the same that the media and major organizations are adopting LGBT Italian with the case of Manuel Incorvaia, Francesco Zanardi.

Manuel and Francis have also sent an appeal up to suggest some ways to help them concretely.

Facebook group for practical support:

<< "I indicate in such event a few ways we can helped, thank you from Manuel and me to be offered so many. The main problem is visibility, media are limiting what we do within the GLBT community; it’s necessary to get her out because we all know perfectly what happens, the problem is that the others don’t konw and the press is silent.

In this regard, it could also take part making many small demonstrations of solidarity, if it is succeeded to come down in public square would be the ideal, otherwise there are other ways such as writing to newspapers denouncing what is happening.
Another way would be to write via email to the President of the Republic, the Council of the House and Senate, in this case should send a copy to me so that we can rely on the initiative, my address is f.zanardi@gayitaliani.eu, below I show you the addresses of the presidents.

Any other initiative you think you can propose!
For now we thank: FraManu.

President of the Republic:
President of the Council: berlusconi_s@camera.it
President of the Senate: schifani_r@posta.senato.it
Speaker of the House:fini_g@camera.it

I remind you to send mail even to f.zanardi@gayitaliani.eu">>

Among the supporters of the strike indicated by Zanardi there are:

- Don Franco Barbero, a member of basic Christian communities;
- Sergio Rovasio, Secretary Radical association Certi Diritti;
- Donatella Poretti, radical Senator - Pd;
- Anna Paola Tanning, MEP Pd;
- Vladimir Luxuria, former parliamentary;
- Franco Grillini already parliamentary Director of Gaynet;
- Alessandro Cecchi Paone, journalist;
- The regional representatives of the movement Gay Italiani and of the movement Europa Intervieni.

Certainly there are many reports which give daily attention, but as ever, to date, associations as important as Arcilesbica, Arcigay and Mario Mieli have not written anything on their sites?

Arcigay National
Top News: Trip to Gay & Lesbian Life in the city
hosting the XIII National Congress Arcigay.
Yet they speak of their courage in the year of homophobic violence!

Arcilesbica National
Top News: Pride 2010 in Naples - Europride 2011 in Rome.
Yet they published an article on a pair of lesbians, that did appeal to the District Court of Bologna for the recognition of their wedding!

Mario Mieli
Luxuria anti scanner: the question of security at airports.

Top News: I've always loved with the same intensity, 'both men and women.

Few people are interested:

GayLib Tuscany
Requests that will ignite the spotlight on the initiative of Francesco and Manuel, an initiative for the civil rights.
All. Luisella Audero, National Councilor GayLib

Secretary of Bari KE
the indignation of the secretary of KE Bari, asks us to stop the strike, is very worried.

And after a brief review national press:

* http://roma.repubblica.it/dettaglio/unioni-gay-sciopero-della-fame-in-piazza/1820347
* http://roma.corriere.it/roma/notizie/cronaca/10_gennaio_5/matrimonio-gay-sciopero-fame-desantis-1602246629473.shtml
* http://roma.corriere.it/roma/notizie/cronaca/10_gennaio_4/gay-sciopero-fame-xmatrimonio-1602241634472.shtml
* http://www.gay.it/channels/foto_articolo.php?id=27808
* http://www.gaywave.it/articolo/savona-francesco-zanardi-soccorso-dal-118/8863/
* http://www.savonanews.it/it/internal.php?news_code=67229
* http://www.parmadaily.it/Notizie/Dettaglio.aspx?pda=PGY&pdi;=28718
* http://www.barimia.info/modules/article/view.article.php?23149
* http://www.savonanews.it/it/internal.php?news_code=67188
* http://www.cittadigenova.com/Genova/Cronaca/Sciopero-della-fame-per-una-coppia-gay-17707.aspx
* http://www.gaynews.it/view.php?ID=83822
* http://www.gaywave.it/articolo/coppia-gay-savona-inizia-lo-sciopero-della-fame/8793/
* http://www.newnotizie.it/2010/01/06/sciopero-della-fame-sul-web-francesco-e-samuel-vogliono-sposarsi/

And an international press review:

* - commentArea
* http://www.eradio.com.mx/enews/?noticia=5751
* http://www.sentidog.com/lat/?p=26661


It isn’t this a good opportunity to try to mend
the various divisions within the national movements trying
to bring a cohesive and constructive
"Scheduling for Parliament proposed laws on civil unions and gay marriage,"
as reported by the two boys?

For many this may seem a mere fiction staged for a moment of visibility. I instead believe that we would not have an ulterior lacked occasion:
without instrumentalizing in some way the suffering and insisting on the suggestion of the case, I consider that if they decided to arrive to a so extreme gesture
it is because it was no longer confidence in those representatives and those same institutions
which should give a serious and concrete answer!

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(user currently living in ITALY) posted for gay readers on 09/01/2010 +5
A homosexual couple in Savona, Francesco Zanardi and Manuel Incorvaia, began a hunger strike to urge the parliament to consider the draft laws on civil unions and gay marriage

They started the hunger strike affiché parliament sets up a calendar proposed laws on civil unions and gay marriage. Francesco Zanardi and Manuel Incorvaia, arrived from Savona, have received the solidarity of the Radical certain rights, which joined the protest organized in Piazza Montecitorio. Some members of the association will begin the strike with them.

Deputies in the square in the afternoon were also expected Don Franco Barbero, a member of the Christian base communities, Sergio Rovasio, secretary Association radical Some rights Donatella Poretti, radical senator, Anna Paola Concia MEP pd, Vladimir Luxuria, former Member, Franco Grillini, a former parliamentarian and director of Gaynet, Alessandro Cecchi Paone, a journalist, regional representatives of the gay movement.

Yesterday evening at 23.37 hours was necessary to operate in a
ambulance and conservativeness of a united purpose 'of resuscitation due to a
anaphylactic shock in and 'having been the victim Francesco Zanardi, who together
Manuel Incorvaia started a strike because of the fame Manuel '
want to get married 'but Parliament seems to have forgotten about the project
civil unions'.
'The illness of which I am aware that I very rarely happens, especially
in times of stress-says Zanardi-L'accaduto does not affect 'the
hunger strike.
Marco Visconti, the doctor who assist us during the strike and 'state
informed this morning '. Francesco Zanardi, 38, entrepreneur
computer industry, founder of the Italian gay movement, and Manuel Incorvaia,
22 years, precarious living from 2007 to Villapiana. They have a dream, getting married:
MPs had raised hopes that she would soon be launched in a
law for civil unions and even the mayor of Savona had promised that
was formalized their cohabitation, but the words have been lost in
wind and by political design and 'for now' frozen '.
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(user currently living in UNITED STATES) posted for gay readers on 02/10/2009 +20
Great country. Been there five times with my partner. Major regions from the North (Lombardy) to South (Sicily). We have always been warmly welcomed at hotels, restaurants, tours/attractions, retail stores, performing arts venues, etc. In fact, we find the hospitality of the Italians to be head and shoulders above any other place we've been. Tourism is their business, yet their interest does seem quite genuine. My bet is their 'desire' is to have laws at least as open as France.
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