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The Your Stories section is all about you! Please take a minute to tell visitors of the ILGA website about what LGBTI life is like in reality. Please submit your personal story and share your experience!

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This is what people are saying about life for LGBTI people in ITALY...
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Marco Mazzeschi (user currently living in ITALY) posted for gay lesbian readers on 06/03/2013 tagged with marriage / civil unions
My firm, www.mazzeschi.it, successfully assisted a same-sex US partner of an Italian national in obtaining one of the first long term Permits of Stay issued by the Italian authorities to same-sex couples. The application was filed pursuant to Decree 30/2007 and, to avoid any challenge with the authorities and expedite the processing time, was supported by the Directive of the Ministry of Interior of October 26th validating same-sex marriages as well as the recent judgement of the Reggio Emilia’s Court. The Permit of Stay, valid for five years, has been issued in less than one month. Marco Mazzeschi
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Nicol/Laura (user currently living in ITALY) posted for lesbian readers on 12/10/2010 tagged with human rights, laws and leadership , sexual orientation, religion, marriage / civil unions
If you also consider the psycological one as violence...yes..we are often victims!!!
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Valentina Vandilli (user currently living in ITALY) posted for lesbian readers on 19/01/2010 tagged with marriage / civil unions +10
Appeal Italian boys: 16° days hunger strike for the acknowledgment of homosexual wedding.

My name is Valentina Vandilli from Rome,
I’m an Italian lesbian who has decided to act in first person in the fight for rights, believing that direct participation is essential.

I would like inform about the case of Manuel and Francesco, two gay men of Savona who have decided to do a hunger strike from January 4 to request the scheduling of a law on civil marriage in Italy.

Italian media gave little attention to an initiative such blatant obscuring literally a couple who have decided to put to the corner Italian politics fasting until MPs agree to consider one of the dozens of laws that lie in Parliament for the recognition of marriages between persons of the same sex.

This would be an important step to begin to ensure to all the citizens the fundamental principle of equality and equal social status, as stipulated in our Constitution, enshrining the right to register their union, regardless of their sex and their sexual orientation.

Finally, I think that striving for such recognition is an affirmation of freedom to all those who share aspirations inclusive, secular and based on equal rights, fighting against all forms of prejudice, exclusion or discrimination, the same as the Charter of Fundamental Rights’ European Union prohibits in any form!

I invitate you to take acquaintance of the event, reading the article attached (link) and also published on my site, and to spread it more wide possible!

Thank you for the help.

You found the full story and the documents here: http://www.blog-show.com/vandilli/?p=349

Valentina Vandilli
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Valentina Vandilli (user currently living in ITALY) posted for gay straight readers on 09/01/2010 tagged with hate crime and violence prevention, human rights, sexual orientation, marriage / civil unions, illegality of male to male relationships
Francesco Zanardi, 38, entrepreneur in the computer industry, founder of the movement “Gay Italiani”, and Manuel Incorvaia, 22, precarious are living together since 2007 in Savona. They are very active and engaged, and some days ago they decided to make an extreme gesture: an hunger strike.

The two boys are not new to the press: their public battle began when Francesco was
attacked by unknown assailants outside a gay nightclub in Mykonos

continued managing to get an audience with the mayor of Savona Berruti, hoping to marry in Municipality

in October they wrote a memoir to the same Berruti and

chose a letter to the President of the Republic Giorgio Napolitano.

In October they invitated to hang to balconies and windows a blue flag from balconies from dawn to dusk throughout the city of Savona, as an invitation for all people who truly believe in the cause of their union, the first civil union between two homosexuals in Italy,
they deposited an appeal to the court of Savona to declare the illegality because of the measure with which the official of marital status of the Municipality of Savona has rejected the demand for wedding publication (http://www.ivg.it/2009/12/12/savona-matrimonio-negato-a-coppia-gay-ricorso-in-tribunale), and received the official support of Paola Concia

On January 4, 2010 they began a hunger strike in Montecitorio,
continued at their home in Savona. It can be monitored 24on24h on http://www.glbt-tv.it.

On January 6, 2010 was released a medical bulletin with certificates attached of one of two boys, Francesco Zanardi, because of an illness stress:

<< 'Medical bulletin issued on the third day because of an illness during the night.
Yesterday evening at 23.37 there was the intervention of an ambulance and to order a precautionary intensive care units due to anaphylactic shock in which I was the victim of illness that I am aware that I happens very rarely, especially in times of stress. I enclose the medical certificates, the note has only the aim to inform you that the incident will not affect the hunger strike. Marco Visconti, the doctor who assist us during the strike was briefed 10.05 hours of 6 January 2010. Sincerely Francesco Zanardi.'>>).
Despite the ill they don’t give up and continue with their protest!

All that these two guys ask is the recognition of their union as a civil marriage.
Their gesture may seem extreme, some have called it stupid or useless.
What is certain is that these guys were left alone, neither the institutions or associations or the media deal with their case.

We are facing a case of widespread conspiracy of silence, almost as if to justify this silence,
the same that the media and major organizations are adopting LGBT Italian with the case of Manuel Incorvaia, Francesco Zanardi.

Manuel and Francis have also sent an appeal up to suggest some ways to help them concretely.

Facebook group for practical support:

<< "I indicate in such event a few ways we can helped, thank you from Manuel and me to be offered so many. The main problem is visibility, media are limiting what we do within the GLBT community; it’s necessary to get her out because we all know perfectly what happens, the problem is that the others don’t konw and the press is silent.

In this regard, it could also take part making many small demonstrations of solidarity, if it is succeeded to come down in public square would be the ideal, otherwise there are other ways such as writing to newspapers denouncing what is happening.
Another way would be to write via email to the President of the Republic, the Council of the House and Senate, in this case should send a copy to me so that we can rely on the initiative, my address is f.zanardi@gayitaliani.eu, below I show you the addresses of the presidents.

Any other initiative you think you can propose!
For now we thank: FraManu.

President of the Republic:
President of the Council: berlusconi_s@camera.it
President of the Senate: schifani_r@posta.senato.it
Speaker of the House:fini_g@camera.it

I remind you to send mail even to f.zanardi@gayitaliani.eu">>

Among the supporters of the strike indicated by Zanardi there are:

- Don Franco Barbero, a member of basic Christian communities;
- Sergio Rovasio, Secretary Radical association Certi Diritti;
- Donatella Poretti, radical Senator - Pd;
- Anna Paola Tanning, MEP Pd;
- Vladimir Luxuria, former parliamentary;
- Franco Grillini already parliamentary Director of Gaynet;
- Alessandro Cecchi Paone, journalist;
- The regional representatives of the movement Gay Italiani and of the movement Europa Intervieni.

Certainly there are many reports which give daily attention, but as ever, to date, associations as important as Arcilesbica, Arcigay and Mario Mieli have not written anything on their sites?

Arcigay National
Top News: Trip to Gay & Lesbian Life in the city
hosting the XIII National Congress Arcigay.
Yet they speak of their courage in the year of homophobic violence!

Arcilesbica National
Top News: Pride 2010 in Naples - Europride 2011 in Rome.
Yet they published an article on a pair of lesbians, that did appeal to the District Court of Bologna for the recognition of their wedding!

Mario Mieli
Luxuria anti scanner: the question of security at airports.

Top News: I've always loved with the same intensity, 'both men and women.

Few people are interested:

GayLib Tuscany
Requests that will ignite the spotlight on the initiative of Francesco and Manuel, an initiative for the civil rights.
All. Luisella Audero, National Councilor GayLib

Secretary of Bari KE
the indignation of the secretary of KE Bari, asks us to stop the strike, is very worried.

And after a brief review national press:

* http://roma.repubblica.it/dettaglio/unioni-gay-sciopero-della-fame-in-piazza/1820347
* http://roma.corriere.it/roma/notizie/cronaca/10_gennaio_5/matrimonio-gay-sciopero-fame-desantis-1602246629473.shtml
* http://roma.corriere.it/roma/notizie/cronaca/10_gennaio_4/gay-sciopero-fame-xmatrimonio-1602241634472.shtml
* http://www.gay.it/channels/foto_articolo.php?id=27808
* http://www.gaywave.it/articolo/savona-francesco-zanardi-soccorso-dal-118/8863/
* http://www.savonanews.it/it/internal.php?news_code=67229
* http://www.parmadaily.it/Notizie/Dettaglio.aspx?pda=PGY&pdi;=28718
* http://www.barimia.info/modules/article/view.article.php?23149
* http://www.savonanews.it/it/internal.php?news_code=67188
* http://www.cittadigenova.com/Genova/Cronaca/Sciopero-della-fame-per-una-coppia-gay-17707.aspx
* http://www.gaynews.it/view.php?ID=83822
* http://www.gaywave.it/articolo/coppia-gay-savona-inizia-lo-sciopero-della-fame/8793/
* http://www.newnotizie.it/2010/01/06/sciopero-della-fame-sul-web-francesco-e-samuel-vogliono-sposarsi/

And an international press review:

* - commentArea
* http://www.eradio.com.mx/enews/?noticia=5751
* http://www.sentidog.com/lat/?p=26661


It isn’t this a good opportunity to try to mend
the various divisions within the national movements trying
to bring a cohesive and constructive
"Scheduling for Parliament proposed laws on civil unions and gay marriage,"
as reported by the two boys?

For many this may seem a mere fiction staged for a moment of visibility. I instead believe that we would not have an ulterior lacked occasion:
without instrumentalizing in some way the suffering and insisting on the suggestion of the case, I consider that if they decided to arrive to a so extreme gesture
it is because it was no longer confidence in those representatives and those same institutions
which should give a serious and concrete answer!

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